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Sources of information on HCI.

Includes websites on human-computer interaction, usability, user interfaces, etc.

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RESOURCES : Sources of information on HCI

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  1. A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology
    Brad A. Myers 1998
  2. Accessibility Links
    2001-09-07 HCI Webliography director@hcibib.org
    Over 200 links to information about making computers and software more accessible to persons with disabilities. Generated from the HCI Bibliography.
  3. ACM SIGCHI HCI Education Survey
    Gary Perlman 1993
    A survey of about 76 programs, 190 faculty, and 169 courses.
  4. Adaptive Technology Computing Site United States, Michigan
    2009-11-22 University of Michigan
    Adaptive Technology Computing Services meets the computing and information technology needs of U-M students, faculty and staff with temporary or ongoing physical, visual, learning or ergonomic impairments.
  5. Aging and HCI
    2011-02-04 HCI Webliography director@hcibib.org
    Links to information about making computers and software more usable for older users. Generated from the HCI Bibliography.
  6. Apple User Experience Guides
  7. Bad Human Factors Design
    Michael J. Darnell darnell@baddesigns.com
    Examples of bad human factors and suggested improvements.
  8. bobgoodman.net United States, Massachusetts, Boston
    Bob Goodman 2003-03-10 bobgoodman.net inc. bob@bobgoodman.net
    Bob Goodman is a Boston-based Internet professional offering a unique integrated model of consulting and creative services, including user testing, usability analysis, internet strategy, information architecture, creative direction, and copywriting. The usability glossary offers concise, and sometimes funny, real-world definitions of HCI and usability issues culled from the experience of Boston-based usability consultant Bob Goodman.
  9. Captology: The Study of Computers as Persuasive Technologies United States, California, Stanford
    BJ Fogg 1998-08-17 Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab bjfogg@stanford.edu
    a clearinghouse for information on technologies designed to change attitudes and behaviors. The Persuasive Technology Lab investigates the theory, design, and analysis of computers as persuasive technologies (an area we call "captology").
  10. CHARM : Choosing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Appropriate Research Methods United States, Maryland, College Park
    A.Sasha Giacoppo 2001-11-27 University of Maryland asgiacoppo@yahoo.com
    provides an index of the methods and methodologies used in HCI research. The goal is to assist the user in selecting the most appropriate method for a researcher's specific interest.
  11. CIDM Conferences and Events
    2006-07-18 info@infomanagementcenter.com
    The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) brings together managers in the field of information development from across the US and internationally to facilitate the sharing of information about current trends, best practices, and developments within the industry, from information development to training and support.
  12. ClickInsight Corp. Web Analytics Consulting Canada, Ontario, Toronto
    June Li 2005-09-08 ClickInsight Corporation June.Li@ClickInsight.ca
    Web analytics consultant providing Web site and analytics assessments. Recommendations integrate usability and HCI design with online marketing and search.
  13. Collaborative HCI UI Prototyping Software English, German
    2010-11-12 Pidoco GmbH contact@pidoco.com
    Collaboration software for creating mockups, clickable wireframes and GUI prototypes for website, web applications, mobile apps and computer software without programming. Includes real-time collaboration and specification export.
  14. Color Blender
    Eric A. Meyer 2004-06-02 eric@meyerweb.com
    Set a dark color and a light color and it fills in up to 10 midpoints.
  15. c|net online
  16. Data annotation, data management, data analysis and data visualization tool United States, Missouri, Chesterfield, PMB # 207,226, THF Blvd
    2004-05-11 CytoGenomics Inc. sales@silicocyte.com
    SilicoCyte is a microarray analysis platform designed for image analysis, data annotation, data analysis and data visualization.
  17. e-Newsletter: UI Design Update United States, Iowa, Fairfield
    Robert Bailey 2001-07-12 Human Factors International hfi@humanfactors.com
    Every month this free newsletter reviews useful developments in user interface research from major conferences and publications. We cover the full range of human-computer interaction, including development, HCI issues, I/O devices, multimedia, documentation, and training.
  18. Earcons home page United Kingdom, Glasgow
    Stephen Brewster Glasgow Interactive Systems Group (GIST), University of Glasgow stephen@dcs.gla.ac.uk
    All you want to know about non-speech audio and HCI.
  19. Education in HCI
    1997-04-10 HCI Webliography
    Links to over 100 resources for students and educators interested in Human-Computer Interaction.
  20. Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction
    Welcome to a new type of encyclopedia! It's free, it includes videos, commentaries, and lots more. All chapters are written by leading figures within each subject. As such, it's different from the Wikipedia.
  21. Ergonomics in Australia Australia
    2000-02-10 Mark Dohrmann and Partners Pty Ltd mark@ergonomics.com.au
    "workplace planning and injury prevention"
  22. Ergonomie web French
    2011-03-26 hello@ergognome.com
    Ergognome is a French blog about web usability.
  23. EServer Technical Communication Library United States, Iowa, Ames
    Geoffrey Sauer 2005-06-02 EServer gsauer@iastate.edu
    A comprehensive web portal built by and for students, professionals and enthusiasts of technical, professional and scientific communication. A single access point to all TC-related knowledge available online.
  24. evolt.org - Browser Archive
    Adrian Roselli 2003-02-25
    Archived versions of many browsers.
  25. Flat design vs rich ("skeuomorphic") design - The bibliography Russia, Moscow
    2016-02-16 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Laboratory of Work Psychology info@flatisbad.com
    Bibliography of research on flat design vs realistic (rich, "skeuomorphic") design. The majority of articles presented here show that flat design is a harmful trend in modern user interfaces.
  26. Foolproof User Experience Blog United Kingdom
    2011-02-21 Foolproof Ltd
    User experience blog about user-centred design, experience design, user research and all things digital
  27. Glossary on Usability
    2001-09-10 Diamond Bullet Design
    The Usability First glossary has over 1000 terms, alphabetized, categorized, searchable.
  28. GNOME Human Interface Guidelines
    Calum Benson 2009-10-20 GNOME Usability Project
    These guidelines are meant to help you write applications that are easy to use and consistent with the Gnome desktop.
  29. Graphical User Interface Gallery
    Nathan Lineback 2005-05-18
    Screenshots of graphical user interfaces including a GUI timeline.
  30. Guide to Usability for Software Engineers
    University of Maryland mswe613-guse@python.org
    "The collection is intended for software engineers and usability engineering practitioners to find relevant resources on the Web."
  31. Guidelines for Designing User Interface Software (Report) United States, Massachusetts, Bedford
    Sidney L. Smith 1986-08 The MITRE Corporation
    This report offers guidelines for design of user interface software in six functional areas: data entry, data display, sequence control, user guidance, data transmission, and data protection.
  32. HappyUser Spanish
    Resources about Usability and User Experience
  33. HCC Human-Centered Computing Education Digital Library English United States, Georgia, Atlanta
    2005-12-07 Georgia Tech hccedl@cc.gatech.edu
    This library and web portal contain material useful for undergraduate and graduate education in Human-Centered Computing, Human-Computer Interaction and related areas.
  34. Human Computer Interaction (Booksite)
    Alan Dix 2002-03-19
    Booksite to accompany Dix, Finlay, Abowd, and Beale book "Human Computer Interaction" (third edition)
  35. Human Factors Perspectives on Human-Computer Interaction (Booksite)
    Gary Perlman 1995
    Site for the HFES collection of HCI papers from the HFES/HFS proceedings from 1982-1994.
  36. Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand New Zealand, Canterbury, Christchurch
    2003-05-18 Canterbury University info@hitlabnz.org
  37. Human Systems Integration Information Analysis Center (HSIIAC) United States, Ohio, Dayton
    A government owned, contract operated agency that deals with the interface between the human component of a system and its hardware and software using a total system approach
  38. Human-computer interaction English German Spanish Korean Italian Japanese Norwegian Portuguese Swedish Chinese
    2006-12-28 Wikipedia
    Human-computer interaction (HCI), alternatively man-machine interaction (MMI) or computer-human interaction (CHI), is the study of interaction between people (users) and computers.
  39. IBM Design
    Links to sections that describe IBM design principles and guidelines, the user experience design services we provide, the books we've written, and the registration form for our studies.
  40. Illustrative Risks to the Public in the Use of Computer Systems and Related Technology
    Peter G. Neumann 2007-01-24 SRI International
  41. Indian Usability and HCI Scenario English India, Pune
    Dinesh Katre 2007-07-19 dineshkatre@yahoo.co.in dineshkatre@yahoo.co.in
    HCI Vistas e-Journal presents insights into various multi-disciplinary aspects of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability through brief articles, research papers and Comptoons. It is meant to encourage and support the budding HCI/Usability practitioners.
  42. Interaction Design (Booksite)
    Harry Brignull 2002-03-19 harrybr@cogs.susx.ac.uk
    Booksite to accompany Preece, Rogers, and Sharp "Interaction Design" book
  43. InteractionArchitect
    Sim D'Hertefelt 2000-01-07 sim@InteractionArchitect.com
    A knowledge base and meeting space on designing usable and useful interactive systems.
  44. Intercultural Resources
    1998-05-18 HCI Webliography
    Over 300 links to information on intercultural issues in human-computer interaction, including but not limited to: internationalization/internationalisation (i18n), globalization/globalisation, localization/localisation, language and translation, and standards.
  45. International Interactive Communications Society (IICS) United States, California, Fremont, 39355 California Street, Suite 307, 94538
    Cutting edge, new media, etc.
  46. Interruptions in Human-Computer Interaction English Russia, Moscow
    Ivan Burmistrov 2005-10-26 Moscow State University ivan@psychology.ru
    Interruptions.net is the primary resource on the study of interruptions in HCI
  47. KDE Usability Project
    2002-03-25 KDE: K Desktop Environment webmaster@usability.kde.org
    The KDE Usability Project is an initiative to find defects and problems in areas of usability and KDE.
  48. Kelogger software English India, Ghaziabad
    2007-06-20 KeyLogger Software keylog@ddipro.com
    Keystroke monitoring software record and save typed URL, user's chat information and other activities
  49. Keylogger English India /Delhi
    2009-03-03 Sanmaxi kruhela@gmail.com
    Keylogger keyboard tracking monitoring record email passwords keystroke logging microphone sound recording key logger monitor track employee child spouse user pc activity secrete hidden email password chat conversation website urls hidden passwords emails keystroke key character keys log file data utility recover previously typed text like forget emails passwords.
  50. Kids & Computers
    1998-03-21 HCI Webliography
    Links to resources for designers, producers, researchers, and practitioners of interactive media for children and adolescents.
  51. Library Terms That Users Understand
    John Kupersmith 2008-03-26 jkup@jkup.net
    Collection of usability test data evaluating terminology used on library websites.
  52. Libros para la web (Books for the web) Spanish Spain, Madrid
    Rafael Lopez Callejon 2006-09-23 (Personal) lopezcallejon@gmail.com
    Briefings about books that could be useful for constructing better websites.
  53. LookTracker: Eye Tracking Company English United States, New Jersey
    2014-01-13 Look Tracker kristin.connolly@looktracker.com
    LookTracker, an eye tracking company, uses eye tracking technology to provide actionable insights through eye tracking research & studies.
  54. LUCID Computing
    "The L.U.C.I.D. Computing Movement has been formed to fight for software usability."
  55. LukeW Interface Designs English United States, California, Campbell
    Luke Wroblewski 2007-02-07 LukeW Interface Designs info@lukew.com
    LukeW Interface Designs provides interface design services for Web applications, Rich Internet applications, Web sites, and Web-based multimedia.
  56. Measuring Usability with the USE Questionnaire
    Arnold (Arnie) M. Lund 2008-09-05
  57. MenUA: a design space of menu techniques English France, Paris
    Gilles Bailly 2010-06-01 Telecom ParisTech gilles.bailly@telecom-paristech.fr
    MenUA is a design space and a review of existing menu techniques
  58. MONKEYmedia, Inc. United States, Texas, Austin
    Eric J. Gould 1999-10-07 MONKEYmedia, Inc. eric@monkey.com
    Award winning interaction design, information architecture and interface technology.
  59. MouseSite
    "a resource for exploring the history of human computer interaction" Contains links to many pioneering publications.
  60. MUMMS: Measuring the Usability of Multi-Media Software Ireland, Cork
    2009-07-14 Human Factors Research Group, University College Cork
  61. Natural Interaction Homepage Italy, Florence
    Alessandro Valli 2003-03-18 Media Integration and Communication Center, University of Florence valli@micc.unifi.it
    Natural interaction research is related to the study and development of systems and methods to allow people to interact with computers and machines in a simple, natural and satisfactory way.
  62. NCSTRL: Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
    Computer science technical reports online from many institutions. Pronounced "ancestral".
  63. No Dither Netscape Color Palette
    Victor Engel 2001-05-04 lights@onr.com
  64. No Solo Usabilidad e-Magazine Spanish Spain
    Yusef Hassan 2004-01-26 info@nosolousabilidad.com
    Magazine about Usability, User Centered Design and Information Architecture.
  65. Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers
    Lynda Weinman 2001-05-04
  66. Nooface: In Search Of The Post-PC Interface
    Tony Iams 2002-07-22 tony@nooface.net
    Discussion site for post-PC interfaces. The goal of the site is to promote unconventional thinking about truly next-generation user interfaces that are designed for nee types of users and computing devices, and go beyond the WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointing Device) method that most current interfaces are based on.
  67. On-line Library of Information Visualization Environments
    University of Maryland
    "eight categories of information visualization environments"
  68. OpenUsability English Germany, Berlin
    Jan Muehlig 2008-05-08 OpenUsability e.V. jan@openusability.org
    Open Usability. OpenUsability is an initiative that promotes usability in free and open source software (F/OSS) development. Aiming to become an online community that connects usability people and F/OSS developers, provides usability resources and a platform to discuss usability issues on a expert level, OpenUsability today is a group of people who share the same mindset of an "Open Usability": Make usability transparent, share methods and best practices, and support open source software.
  69. Palm OS Programmer's Companion
    2000-06-13 Palm OS
    "The Palm OS is the standard for handheld computing."
  70. Personal Information Management English United States, Washington, Seattle
    William Jones 2005-12-09 University of Washington, Information School williamj@u.washington.edu
    Personal information management or PIM is attracting increasing attention as an area of study. In the ideal world, we have the right information at the right time, in the right place, in the right form, and of sufficient completeness and quality to perform the current activity. Tools and technologies help so that we spend less time with burdensome and error prone actions of information management (such as filing). We then have more time to make creative, intelligent use of the information at hand in order to get things done
  71. Platform-Independent GUI Development Kits Frequently Asked Questions (PIGUI FAQ)
    Ross McKay rosko@zeta.org.au
    The portable UI tool FAQ originated by Wade Guthrie.
  72. Positive Technology Italy, Milan
    Andrea Gaggioli 2005-07-22 Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Lab gag4all@hotmail.com
    Positive Technology is a discipline that investigates how interactive technology can be used for enhancing well-being and health. Topics include, but are not limited to, virtual reality, ambient intelligence, and telemedicine services.
  73. Productivity Through Technology, Inc.: The GUIguy United States, California, Union City
    Ken Schiff 1998-09-17 ken@guiguy.com
    "Creating obvious, discoverable, and usable Windows applications and Web sites for business productivity."
  74. ProtoDesign, Inc.: Creator of SansGUI Modeling and Simulation Environment United States, Illinois, Bolingbrook
    Greg Chien 2002-04-27 ProtoDesign, Inc. gchien@protodesign-inc.com
    Quality computer software products and services for human-computer interaction (HCI), applications design and development, software tools integration and support.
  75. Psychology of Cyberspace
    John Suler suler@voicenet.com
    "psychological dimensions of the environments created by computers and online networks"
  76. Questionnaires in Usability Engineering Ireland, Cork
    Jurek Kirakowski 2000-06-29 Human Factors Research Group jzk@ucc.ie
    FAQ on the use of questionnaires in usability engineering.
  77. QUIS Home Page
    The Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction (QUIS) was designed to assess users' subjective satisfaction with specific aspects of the human-computer interface.
  78. Resources in Human Computer Interaction Russian Russia, Moscow
    Konstantin Samoilov, HCI Consultant 2001-12-13 MIREA University samoilov@hci.ru
    Resources in Human Computer Interaction. Links, articles.
  79. Revealer Keylogger Free Edition English, French France
    2007-08-22 Revealer Keylogger contact@revealerkeylogger.com
    Free keylogger monitoring tool that logs every keystroke even passwords behind asterisks and conversations in common instant messengers.
  80. Safe Computing Tips on Office Ergonomics, Ergonomic Chair, Ergonomic Seating | Healthy Computing Exercises
    2007-09-24 info@safecomputingtips.com
    Know these Safe computing tips about Office Ergonomics, Workstation Ergonomics, Ergonomic PC, Laptop Ergonomics and Ergonomic seating. Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS), Repetitive Strain Injury(RSI) and other Muscle Pains while using your computer for longer periods of time.
  81. SAP Design Guild Germany
    Christine Wiegand 2000-08-30 SAP AG SAPDesignGuild@sap.com
    The SAP Design Guild offers design resources, be it style guides, methods or insights on how a user-centered development process should be carried out and institutionalized. It is also serves as a forum for active and open discussion on user- and business-related topics.
  82. Science of Usability United States, Oregon, Portland
    Frank Spillers 2004-01-19 Experience Dynamics frank@experiencedynamics.com
    The Science of Usability offers usability and user centered design resources.
  83. Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World
    2007-10-25 OCLC
    The practice of using a social network to establish and enhance relationships based on some common ground -- shared interests, related skills, or a common geographic location -- is as old as human societies, but social networking has flourished due to the ease of connecting on the Web. This OCLC membership report explores this web of social participation and cooperation on the Internet and how it may impact the library's role, including: * The use of social networking, social media, commercial and library services on the Web * How and what users and librarians share on the Web and their attitudes toward related privacy issues * Opinions on privacy online * Libraries' current and future roles in social networking
  84. SIGACCESS Master's Theses Repository
    A Resource of Master's Theses for PhD and Master's Candidates, Researchers, Scientists, and Engineers Who Are Actively Pursuing Advanced Research in Accessible Computing.
  85. Site Map Generator United Kingdom, London
    Matt Browne 2003-01-31 matt@site-map.co.uk matt@site-map.co.uk
    Explains the benefits of creating site maps both for human visitors and search engine spiders.
  86. Software Usability French France, Paris
    Jean-Francois Nogier 2001-09-06 Thales ATM jean-francois.nogier@thalesatm.com
    Introduction to Usability Engineering methods and tools
  87. Software User Assistance Resources and Tools
    Know-how, checklists, tools and links, which will help you to create user-friendly software documentation such as manuals, online help, software demos and other forms of software user assistance.
  88. Sources for Input Technologies
    Bill Buxton 2007-01-24
    Companies that make input devices and technologies.
  89. SpeechWorks: Spoken Dialog and Multi-modal Interface Design and Development United States, Massachusetts, Boston
    2002-04-11 SpeechWorks International, Inc
    With over 160 partners, SpeechWorks (Nasdaq: SPWX) delivers natural language speech recognition, speaker verification and text-to-speech (TTS) solutions to corporations, telecommunications providers, device manufacturers and government organizations worldwide.
  90. Statistics Done Wrong
    The woefully complete guide
  91. SUMI: Software Usability Measurement Inventory Ireland, Cork
    2009-07-14 Human Factors Research Group, University College Cork
    The Software Usability Measurement Inventory is a rigorously tested and proven method of measuring software quality from the end user's point of view.
  92. Task-Centered UI Design (Book) United States, Colorado, Boulder
    Lewis & Rieman 2001-07-16 University of Colorado, Boulder
    Shareware book converted to HTML.
  93. TaskZ.com: User-Centered Technology United States, New York, New York
    2001-07-24 MauroNewMedia, Inc. editorTZ@mauronewmedia.com
    Taskz.com is dedicated to increasing the awareness of User-Centered Design and serves as a valuable resource for technological solutions. The focus of our editorial content is screen-based products and services.
  94. The Keeping Found Things Found Project English United States, Washington, Seattle
    William Jones 2005-12-09 University of Washington, Information School williamj@u.washington.edu
    The classic problem of information retrieval, simply put, is to help people find the relatively small number of things they are looking for (books, articles, web pages, CDs, etc.) from a very large set of possibilities. This classic problem has been studied in many variations and has been addressed through a rich diversity of information retrieval tools and techniques.
  95. Tips & Tools WWW Resources: Human-Computer Interaction
    Kathy E. Gill keg@dotparagon.com
  96. Tools for HCI Education and Training
    Roger Chapman 2002-03-19 roger.chapman@acm.org
    Booksite to accompany Shneiderman book: "Designing the User Interface" (third edition)
  97. Trace Research and Development Center United States, Wisconsin, Madison
    "Making information technology more usable for everyone"
  98. Translation agency "TraDos" Ukraine, Kiev
    Quality translation and interpreting services in Kiev, Ukraine. Urgent official translation. Apostille & Legalisation.
  99. Translation services - Warehouse Translations English, Spanish Argentina, Buenos Aires
    Warehouse Traducciones 2012-10-14 Warehouse Traducciones info@whtraducciones.com.ar
    Translation services of diferent types of texts such as movies, videos, websites, etc
  100. TRUMP: Cost effective User Centred Design United Kingdom, London
    Nigel Bevan 2000-12-27 Serco Usability Services nbevan@usability.serco.com
    A comprehensive guide to simple and cost-effective methods for user centred design, produced for the EU TRUMP project. The resources on the site include case studies, lists of books and standards and information on usability assurance and justifying User Centred Design.
  101. UI Design Newsletter United States, Iowa, Fairfield
    Eric Schaffer 2001-09-04 Human Factors International, Inc. hfi@humanfactors.com
    Online articles gathered by HCI staff.
  102. University of Michigan: Usability in the Library English United States, Michigan, Ann Arbor
    2007-02-12 University of Michigan University Library: Usability Working Group ul-usability@umich.edu
    The usability studies represented here have been conducted by various groups throughout the UM Libraries as well as by the Usability Working Group.
  103. UPA Voting and Usability Project United States
    Louise Ferguson 2004-04-19 UPA louisiana@acm.org
    A large and frequently updated collection of resources covering usability and user-centred design in the context of voting technologies.
  104. Usability Consulting United States, California, San Francisco
    Deb McDonald 2002-01-28 McDonald Consulting debmcdsf@attbi.com
    Usability testing, design iteration consulting, market research services.
  105. Usability in Research English Philippines, Manila
    Regnard Kreisler C. Raquedan 2007-02-17 regnard@raquedan.com
    Search Engine on Usability from Academic Sources
  106. Usability Methods Toolbox
    James Hom jthom@best.com
    An overview of usability methods.
  107. Usability Toolkit Australia, Melbourne
    Gerry Gaffney 2000-04-04 Information & Design Gerry@InfoDesign.com.au
    Set of free resources, including one-page descriptions of usability testing, contextual enquiry, and others.
  108. Usability.gov
    2001-09-10 NCI: National Cancer Institute
    "Your resource for designing usable, useful and accessible Web sites and user interfaces."
  109. USABILITYMATTERS.ORG India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
    Kaladhar Bapu 2004-08-10 Usabilitymatters.org kbapu@yahoo.com
    This is a group of designers and design sensitive users from India to fight the battle for Usability. It discusses issues, events and develepments related to Usability of everyday things, Bad designs and Human-Computer Interface (HCI). This organization was founded by Kaladhar Bapu.
  110. Usable Web Link Collection United States, Ohio, Bowling Green
    Keith Instone 1998-2002
    "970 links and accompanying information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web." No longer being updated (2002).
  111. useit.com Usable Information Technology
    Jakob Nielsen
    Usability on and off the web including the Alertbox articles.
  112. User Design
    Jeff Axup 2011-03-26 axup@userdesign.com
    Emerging technologies and user experience design.
  113. User Experience Design in Poland Polish Poland, Warsaw
    Maciej Lipiec 2007-12-09 Komitywa.com maciek@komitywa.com
    Blog on user experience design, interaction design and usability.
  114. User Interface Engineering United States, Massachusetts, Bradford
    Lots of good content on usability evaluation, particularly of Web pages.
  115. User Interface Software Tools
    Brad A. Myers bam@a.gp.cs.cmu.edu
    Information about 125 tools for building user interfaces.
  116. Usernomics - The Usability Company United States, California, Foster City
    Robert Kaplan 2002-07-26 Usernomics support@usernomics.com
    Consultants in user interface design, human factors, workplace ergonomics, training, and documentation.
  117. Visolve - Color conversion tool English Japanese Japan
    2005-08-29 Ryobi System Solutions visolve@ryobi-sol.co.jp
    Visolve is the software that transforms colors of the computer display into the discriminable colors for various people including people with color blindness.
  118. WAMMI: Website Analysis and MeasureMent Inventory Ireland, Cork
    Nigel Claridge 2009-07-14 sales@wammi.com
    WAMMI is a web analytics service to help web site owners accomplish their business goals by measuring and tracking user reactions to web site ease-of-use.
  119. Web Literacy Standard - Mozilla Webmaker English
  120. Web Pages That Suck
    Examples of bad web page design.
  121. Web Usability OverSite
    John Cady bing@umich.edu
    "Usability issues surrounding Web site development."
  122. Web-Based User Interface Evaluation with Questionnaires
    Gary Perlman 1998-10-10 perlman@acm.org
    question.cgi is a customizable Web-based perl CGI script to administer and collect data according to a few "standard" user interface evaluation questionnaire forms: * QUIS Questionnaire for User Interface Satisfaction (Chin et al, 1988) * PUEU Perceived Usefulness and Ease of Use (Davis, 1989) * CSUQ Computer System Usability Questionnaire (Lewis, 1995) * ASQ After Scenario Questionnaire (Lewis, 1995) * USE USE Questionnaire (Lund, 2001) * PUTQ Purdue Usability Testing Questionnaire (Lin et al, 1997) as well as Nielsen's attributes of usability, Nielsen's heuristic evaluation, etc.
  123. WebHCI: ACM SIGCHI World-Wide Web Special Interest Area
    Keith Instone 1997 instone@acm.org
  124. Webmaster Toolkit
    Will Board 2003-04-16 will@webmaster-toolkit.com
    Online tools for webmasters and web designers, including a tool for finding the closest websafe colour.
  125. Website Usability Guide and Resources
    The user-centered design revolution is over, and users are back at the center of the design process where they should have been all along. The resources and guides found in this article are some of the best the web has to offer. Learn from them and you will be to structure your design process properly by keeping users at the heart of it, right where they belong.
  126. websort.net: Card Sorting with results English
    2009-08-10 websort.net
    A web-based software application for remote online card sorting and analysis.
  127. Welie.com - Patterns in Interaction Design
    Welie.com. A pattern library with over 125 patterns for Interaction Design. All patterns are illustrated with examples and links to literature and occasionally code.
  128. Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines
  129. Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)
    2008-04-28 Yahoo!
    The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. The YUI Library also includes several core CSS resources. All components in the YUI Library have been released as open source under a BSD license and are free for all uses.
  130. Yale Web Style Guide
    Patrick J. Lynch 2009-01-15 Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media
    A widely used and widely praised Web style guide, available online of in book form.

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