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Mailing lists and aliases, Usenet newsgroups, and blogs on HCI topics.

Incorporating mail, news, and some other forums for human-computer interaction.

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DISCUSSION : Mailing lists and aliases, Usenet newsgroups, and blogs on HCI topics

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  1. Accessibility Weblog
    Anitra Pavka 2002-04-17
    I strive to raise awareness and foster learning about Web accessibility. My home page is a Weblog of breaking Web accessibility news, articles, and upcoming events. My accessibility resources are far from comprehensive, but they are among the best. I annotate resource links to make them more useful. Accessibility is an integral part of usability, so I also tie in major usability resources and information.
  2. ACM SIGCHI CHI-Announcements Mailing List
    chi-announcements@acm.org Post to the List
    Non-commercial announcements of general interest. Subscription requests go to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  3. ACM SIGCHI chi-Educators Discussion List
    chi-educators@acm.org Post to the List
    Discussions on HCI Education. Subscription requests to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  4. ACM SIGCHI CHI-II Mailing List
    Angel R. Puerta chi-ii@acm.org
    CHI-II covers Intelligent Interfaces. Subscription mailto:requests go to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  5. ACM SIGCHI CHI-Jobs Mailing List
    chi-jobs@acm.org Post to the List
    Announcements of HCI jobs. Subscription requests go to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  6. ACM SIGCHI chi-Social-Action Mailing List
    ACM SIGCHI Mailing List on Social Issues in HCI. Subscription requests to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  7. ACM SIGCHI CHI-Web Mailing List
    Keith Instone chi-web@acm.org Post to the List
    CHI-Web covers HCI issues on the web. Subscription requests go to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  8. ACM SIGCHI Mailing Lists
    Gary Perlman 1998-03-20
    Information for both users and owners of SIGCHI mailing lists and aliases.
  9. alt.comp.blind-users
    Computer technology for the visually impaired.
  10. alt.hypertext
    Hypertext and Hypermedia
  11. alt.hypertext FAQ
    Jamie Blustein jamie@csd.uwo.ca
    Hypertext and Hypermedia FAQ
  12. comp.ai
    Artificial Intelligence.
  13. comp.cog-eng
    Cognitive engineering.
  14. comp.graphics
    Computer Graphics.
  15. comp.graphics.visualization
    Computer Graphics Visualization.
  16. comp.groupware
    Groupware = software facilitating computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW).
  17. comp.groupware FAQ
    Groupware = software facilitating computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW).
  18. comp.human-factors
    Human factors in computing.
  19. comp.human-factors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) File
    Edgar Matias 1995
    Answers to frequently asked questions on the comp.human-factors newsgroup.
  20. comp.infosystems
    Information Systems.
  21. comp.infosystems.www
    World-Wide Web.
  22. comp.lang.visual
    Visual Programming Languages.
  23. comp.lang.visual FAQ
    Visual Programming Languages FAQ.
  24. comp.multimedia
    Multimedia on computers.
  25. comp.windows.misc
    General coverage of window systems.
  26. comp.windows.x
    X Windows.
  27. comp.windows.x FAQ
    X Windows FAQ
  28. comp.windows.x.motif
    Motif X windows.
  29. comp.windows.x.motif FAQ
    Motif X windows FAQ.
  30. Croc O' Lyle United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis
    Lyle Kantrovich 2002-01-15 Cargill lyle_kantrovich@bigfoot.com
    Daily commentary on web usability, web design, information architecture and related topics from a practicing usability professional. Includes pointers to usability news and research.
  31. de.alt.sci.ergonomie German
    German Newsgroup about Human Factors (German language)
  32. DL-Info: Digital Libraries
    Subscription requests to mailto:listproc#bush.cs.tamu.edu
  33. ergoihm@cru.fr - Ergonomie des Interfaces Homme-Machine French France
    Sebastien Medard 2000-09-15 smedard@waw.com
    French mailing list about man-machine interface and human factors. Echange d'informations sur l'ergonomie et le facteur humain.
  34. Ergonomie web French
    2011-03-26 hello@ergognome.com
    Ergognome is a French blog about web usability.
  35. Ferguson, Louise: User Experience Consultant, City of Bits Blog United Kingdom, London
    Louise Ferguson 2004-04-19 Digital Habitats louise@louiseferguson.com
    User experience consultant with a special interest in qualitative approaches to considering users in context.
  36. Foolproof User Experience Blog United Kingdom
    2011-02-21 Foolproof Ltd
    User experience blog about user-centred design, experience design, user research and all things digital
  37. FXPAL Blog English United States, California, Palo Alto, 94304
    Gene Golovchinsky 2009-07-15 FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc. gene@fxpal.com
    Blog on various topics related to HCI, IR, collaborative search, etc.
  38. Global User Experience blog English Belgium, Antwerp
    Peter Van Dijck 2007-10-22 290s petervandijck@gmail.com
    A blog and consultancy focused on global user experience and information architecture. Includes free reports and such.
  39. HCI Commentary: Thoughts and issues related to Human Computer Interaction United Kingdom, Midlands, Birmingham
    Russell Beale 2004-04-26 University of Birmingham R.Beale@cs.bham.ac.uk
    Blog on all aspects of HCI in research, society, science and technology.
  40. Heraghty, Michael Ireland, Dublin
    Michael Heraghty 2008-02-28 Heraghty Internet Consultants mike@mediajunk.com
  41. Human-Computer Interaction Jobs Yahoo Group English United States
    Beau Gould 2006-01-18 Superior Staffing Solutions beau@superiorss.com
  42. Infodesign: an Internet forum on information design
    Subscription requests to mailto:majordomo#uva.nl
  43. Internet FAQ Consortium
    An organization to help your find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  44. Jarrett, James United States, Ohio, Cleveland
    James Jarrett 2001-08-30 Jarrett Interaction Design Jim@JarrettInteractionDesign.com
    Jim Jarrett's personal/professional weblog site with continuously updated content on interaction design, usability, software development, and other topics.
  45. LITA: Human/Machine Interface Interest Group Discussion List
    Discussion on user interfaces and usability issues in library systems. Subscription requests go to listserv@listserv.ucop.edu
  46. sci.cognitive
    Cognitive Science.
  47. sci.psychology
  48. sci.psychology.research
    Psychology Research.
  49. sci.virtual-worlds
    Virtual Reality.
  50. sci.virtual-worlds FAQ
    Virtual Reality FAQ
  51. Thought Leadership | The Usability People
    The Usability People provide recruiting, job placement and User Experience (UX) consultation services.
  52. Thumbnails - Thoughts on User Experience Design
    George Olsen 2001-08-10 george@interactionbydesign.com
    Weblog on user experience design with links to longer essays and book reviews.
  53. uietips: User Interface Engineering
    Periodic gems from Jared Spool et al. Subscribe by sending a message containing: * subscribe uietips your@email.address
  54. Usability Vlaanderen Dutch Belgium, Antwerp
    Edwin Waelbers 2010-06-12 Usability Vlaanderen edwin.waelbers@gmail.com
    Flemish website about usability.
  55. User Design
    Jeff Axup 2011-03-26 axup@userdesign.com
    Emerging technologies and user experience design.
  56. User Interface Blog English Germany
    Marco Koch 2005-12-11 info@user-interface.org
    Weblog about design and patterns of user interfaces.
  57. Visual Design Mailing List
    Subscription requests to mailto:listserv#vtvm1.cc.vt.edu
  58. Web Usability Tips India, Pune
    Dinesh Gajbhiye 2005-08-10 dineshgajbhiye@sify.com
    The blog provides tips and guidelines on making the website usable.

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