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Periodically published articles/columns on HCI.

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COLUMNS : Periodically published articles/columns on HCI

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  1. A List Apart Articles
    2006-05-01 A List Apart Magazine
    A List Apart Magazine explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on techniques and benefits of designing with web standards.
  2. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin Column: World-Wide CHI
    Essays on international issues.
  3. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: Book Reviews
    Reviews of HCI books.
  4. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: Computers and Kids
    Essays on kids and computers.
  5. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: Education
    Essays on HCI education.
  6. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: Publications
    New publications on HCI.
  7. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: Standards
    Essays on HCI standards.
  8. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: The Real World
    Essays on HCI.
  9. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: Views and Feelings
    Essays on HCI, usually by the Bulletin Editor.
  10. ACM SIGCHI Bulletin: Visual Interaction Design
    Essays on visual interaction design.
  11. Ainda.info Spanish Spain, Barcelona
    Eduardo Manchon 2002-04-09 la Caixa eduardo@ainda.info
  12. Alertbox: Web Usability English German Japanese
    Jakob Nielsen 1995-06 useIt.com
    Bi-weekly column on current issues in Web usability
  13. Ask Tog
    Bruce Tognazzini 1998-07-27 Bruce Tognazzini tog@asktog.com
    Human Interface Evangelism & Practical Design. Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini's advice to the design-lorn.
  14. cheesebikini United States, California, San Francisco
    Sean Savage 2002-10-29 sean@cheesebikini.com
    HCI-related spoken-word MP3s and HCI related humor for HCI professionals, students, scholars and anyone who is curious about the "human" in Human Computer Interaction.
  15. Coding Horror: Programming and Human Factors
    Jeff Atwood 2007-02-13
  16. Croc O' Lyle United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis
    Lyle Kantrovich 2002-01-15 Cargill lyle_kantrovich@bigfoot.com
    Daily commentary on web usability, web design, information architecture and related topics from a practicing usability professional. Includes pointers to usability news and research.
  17. Design Articles United States, California, Brentwood
    2001-12-10 Classic System Solutions, Inc.
    Articles on user interface design.
  18. e-Newsletter: UI Design Update United States, Iowa, Fairfield
    Robert Bailey 2001-07-12 Human Factors International hfi@humanfactors.com
    Every month this free newsletter reviews useful developments in user interface research from major conferences and publications. We cover the full range of human-computer interaction, including development, HCI issues, I/O devices, multimedia, documentation, and training.
  19. Ergonomics Editorial
    Tom Stewart 2002-12-04 System Concepts Ltd.
    Monthly column on ergonomics, including articles on usability.
  20. eShopability France, Paris
    Luc Carton 2002-01-31 eShopability l.carton@eshopability.com
    How to convert browsers into buyers - Analysis and trends - Bi-weekly column on current issues in Web usability - Free email newsletter
  21. Ferguson, Louise: User Experience Consultant, City of Bits Blog United Kingdom, London
    Louise Ferguson 2004-04-19 Digital Habitats louise@louiseferguson.com
    User experience consultant with a special interest in qualitative approaches to considering users in context.
  22. Foolproof User Experience Blog United Kingdom
    2011-02-21 Foolproof Ltd
    User experience blog about user-centred design, experience design, user research and all things digital
  23. forUse: Usage-Centered Design
    Constantine & Lockwood 2001-07-12 Constantine & Lockwood, Ltd.
    Bi-Monthly newsletter on usage-centered design
  24. GUUUI: The Interaction Designer's Coffee Break
    Weekly postings and quarterly articles about interaction design.
  25. HCI Commentary: Thoughts and issues related to Human Computer Interaction United Kingdom, Midlands, Birmingham
    Russell Beale 2004-04-26 University of Birmingham R.Beale@cs.bham.ac.uk
    Blog on all aspects of HCI in research, society, science and technology.
  26. Interactions Magazine Blogs
    Weblogs from HCI luminaries
  27. internetworking Newsletter
    HFES Internet Technical Group
    HFES Internetworking Technical Group Newsletter
  28. Measuring Usability using Six Sigma
    Jeff Sauro 2004-01-09 Jeff_Sauro@peoplesoft.com
  29. Microsoft Developers Network United States, Washington, Redmond
    Scott Berkun 1999-12-04 Microsoft hfactor@microsoft.com
    Bi-monthly column and annotated list of Web and UI design resources.
  30. Moving WebWord United States, New York, Apalachin
    John S. Rhodes 1999-05-10 WebWord.com john@webword.com
    Unique web usability tips, ideas, and thoughts
  31. Nooface: In Search Of The Post-PC Interface
    Tony Iams 2002-07-22 tony@nooface.net
    Discussion site for post-PC interfaces. The goal of the site is to promote unconventional thinking about truly next-generation user interfaces that are designed for nee types of users and computing devices, and go beyond the WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointing Device) method that most current interfaces are based on.
  32. OK/Cancel
    Kevin Cheng 2004-02-04 kc@ok-cancel.com
    Weekly comic strip and regular insightful articles and commentary on HCI and usability.
  33. Positive Technology Italy, Milan
    Andrea Gaggioli 2005-07-22 Applied Technology for Neuro-Psychology Lab gag4all@hotmail.com
    Positive Technology is a discipline that investigates how interactive technology can be used for enhancing well-being and health. Topics include, but are not limited to, virtual reality, ambient intelligence, and telemedicine services.
  34. theory Canada, Ontario, Toronto
    Adam Baker 2001-04-01 merges adam@merges.net
    interaction design column exploring issues in product design, interface design, and web design.
  35. Thumbnails - Thoughts on User Experience Design
    George Olsen 2001-08-10 george@interactionbydesign.com
    Weblog on user experience design with links to longer essays and book reviews.
  36. UI Design Newsletter United States, Iowa, Fairfield
    Eric Schaffer 2001-09-04 Human Factors International, Inc. hfi@humanfactors.com
    Online articles gathered by HCI staff.
  37. Usability & UX Articles
    1986- Nielsen Norman Group
    Research-based articles about web usability, user testing, user interface design, and user experience (UX) by Nielsen Norman Group authors, including Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman, Bruce 'Tog' Tognazzini, and other group members.
  38. Usability News (BCS HCI)
    Ann Light 2012-07-25 British HCI Group
    "bringing you the latest within the field of usability"
  39. Usability News (SURL) United States, Kansas, Wichita
    Barbara Chaparro 2001-09-27 Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) barbara.chaparro@wichita.edu
    Newsletter of the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL)
  40. Usability Vlaanderen Dutch Belgium, Antwerp
    Edwin Waelbers 2010-06-12 Usability Vlaanderen edwin.waelbers@gmail.com
    Flemish website about usability.
  41. User Design
    Jeff Axup 2011-03-26 axup@userdesign.com
    Emerging technologies and user experience design.
  42. User Experience Design in Poland Polish Poland, Warsaw
    Maciej Lipiec 2007-12-09 Komitywa.com maciek@komitywa.com
    Blog on user experience design, interaction design and usability.
  43. User Experience Newsletter United Kingdom, London
    2011-11-01 Userfocus
  44. User Interface Engineering Articles
    Jared Spool et al User Interface Engineering
  45. UX Pioneers
    Tamara Adlin 2013-11-12
    Interviews with the people building the UX discipline
  46. WebWord.com Usability Newsletter United States, New York
    John S. Rhodes 1999-05-10 WebWord.com john@webword.com
    Pointers to usability articles, expert interviews, recommended books, and trends in HCI.

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