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Publishers of books, journals, and conference proceedings in HCI.

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PUBLISHERS : Publishers of books, journals, and conference proceedings in HCI

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  1. Ablex Publishing
    In 1997, Ablex Publishing became an affiliated company of JAI Press. Ablex Publishing no longer publishes the "International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction", which is now published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
  2. Academic Press United Kingdom, Kent
    Publisher of HCI books and IJHCS: International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (ISSN 0020-7373) (formerly International Journal of Man-Machine Studies (IJMMS))
  3. ACM Press United States, New York, New York
    1998-06-05 acmhelp@acm.org Help Line
    Publishers of many conference proceedings and journals in HCI, including: Transactions on HCI (ISSN 1160-9400) and interactions (ISSN 1072-5520)
  4. Addison-Wesley Publishing United States, Massachusetts, Reading
    Publisher of books on HCI.
  5. Amazon.com
    A good place to buy books online.
  6. Artech House United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge
    Publisher of high-tech books, including those related to software usability
  7. Bosko Books - books on interaction design United Kingdom, Bristol
    Peter Richards 2005-04-21 Bosko Books info@boskobooks.com
    New, niche publishing company focusing on interaction design in the broadest sense with a slant on the digital. From web to buildings, from products to languages.
  8. Cambridge University Press United States, New York, New York
    Publishers of books on HCI including British Computer Society HCI (People and Computers) conference proceedings.
  9. CogSci: Cognitive Science Society United States, Ohio, Cincinnati
    1998-08-17 cogsci@umich.edu
    The Cognitive Science publishes a journal and the proceedings of its annual conference.
  10. Computing and Computer Science Publishers
  11. CRC Press
    Publishers of books on: * Ergonomics & Human Factors * Information Technology * Software Engineering & Systems Development * Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Visualization * Intelligent Systems * Internet & Web-based Computing * Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making * Communications * Ergonomics & Psychology * Human Computer Interaction * Human Performance Modeling
  12. Elsevier Science Publishers
    Publisher of HCI books: * Helander's Handbook of HCI conference proceedings: * HCI International * Interact and journals: * Interacting with Computers
  13. HFES: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society United States, California, Santa Monica
    1998-06-05 info@hfes.org
    Publishers of: Human Factors (ISSN 0018-7208) and Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting Proceedings
  14. ICSTI: International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information Russia, Moscow
    Publishers of proceedings on human-computer interaction, including: Moscow International HCI Workshop (1991) and East-West International Conference on HCI (1992-)
  15. Idea Group Publishing (IGP) United States, Pennsylvania, Hershey
    Idea Group Publishing (IGP) is an innovative international publishing company, founded in 1987, specialized in information science, technology and management books, journals and cases.
  16. IEEE Computer Society Press United States, California, Los Alamitos, 10662 Los Vaqueros Circle, PO Box 3014, 90720-1264
    1998-06-05 cs.books@computer.org
    Publishers of conference proceedings and several professional magazines: * Computer (ISSN 0018-9162) * Software (ISSN 0740-7459) * Internet Computing
  17. IEEE Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers United States, New York, New York
  18. Intellect United Kingdom, Bristol
    Robin Beecroft 1999-09-07 bristol@intellect-net.com
    A multidisciplinary UK publisher tracking contemporary developments in HCI and cultural issues through books and journals.
  19. Interaction Design Foundation Denmark
    2013-01-09 mads@interaction-design.org
    Interaction Design Foundation
  20. John Wiley & Sons United States, New York, New York
    Publisher of books on HCI, including Salvendy's Handbook of Human Factors.
  21. Kluwer Academic Publishers United States, Massachusetts, Norwell, 101 Philip Drive, 02061
    1998-06-05 kluwer@wkap.com
    Publishers of the proceedings of the ECSCW conferences and the journal Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ISSN 0925-9724).
  22. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates United States, New Jersey, Mahwah, 10 Industrial Avenue, 07430-2262
    1998-06-05 orders@erlbaum.com
    Publisher of HCI books and journals: Human-Computer Interaction (ISSN 0737-0024) and International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (ISSN 1044-7318)
  23. McGraw-Hill
  24. Microsoft Press
  25. MIT Press United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge
    1998-06-06 mitpress-orders@mit.edu
    MIT Press publishes science and technology books and journals, including books on HCI, AI, and cognitive science.
  26. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc. United States, California, San Francisco, 340 Pine Street, Sixth Floor; 94104
    1998-06-05 mkp@mkp.com
    Publishers of books on HCI. The "Readings in" books are especially good value and well done.
  27. New Riders Publishing United States, Indiana, Indianapolis, 201 W. 103rd Street, 46290
    Publisher of books on Web Development and Design
  28. O'Reilly & Associates
    Publisher of Nutshell and other development reference books.
  29. Prentice Hall
  30. Sage Publications
    "international publisher of books, journals, software, newsletters, university papers, and annual series"
  31. Springer-Verlag United Kingdom, Surrey
    1998-06-06 postmaster@svl.co.uk Email Orders
    Publishers of HCI books, proceedings such as the BCS HCI Conferences, and journals: HCI Letters; Virtual Reality
  32. Taylor & Francis United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
    Publishers of journals: Behaviour and Information Technology; Ergonomics
  33. Taylor Graham Publishing United Kingdom, England, London
    Publishers of journals and books on information management, information technology and computer studies, including: "Hypermedia" (ISSN 0955-8543) "Expert Systems for Information Management" "The International Journal of Information and Library Research"

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