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Quotations on Usability, User Experience, Design, ...

Sites that collect quotes and quotations to inspire and promote good design.

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QUOTATIONS : Quotations on Usability, User Experience, Design, ..

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  1. Best usability quotes, by The Linux Information Project (LINFO) English
    Best Usability Quotations.
  2. Engineering Design Quotations English
  3. Favourite user experience quotes | Pat's Point of View English
    A discussion at work revealed some cracking quotes that are worthy of sharing. The ones I like best are those that were originally coined in an entirely other context, but ring true when applied to something like website usability.
  4. History of HFI Buttons
    2010-01-12 Human Factors International
    Human Factors International has been giving away free usability buttons since around 1982.
  5. inspireUX - words to inspire user experience designers English
    inspireUX provides quotes from people who truly understand the importance of a positive user experience. Download the quote cards and print them out on 4x6" cards or on standard sized pieces of paper to help inspire you when creating your own user experience.
  6. Jeff Brace - Usability and User Interface Consulting - Simplicity quotes English
    Jeff Brace specializes in business analysis, information architecture, user interface design, and usability evaluations of web sites and applications.
  7. LukeW: Interface Design Quotes English
    Bits of inspiration culled from interface designers, architects, authors, jazz greats, and more. What brings them together here is their affinity to our design philosophy.
  8. Pithy Design Quotes English
    A collection of pithy quotations related to usability, communication and design. They were collected by colleagues on a usability discussion list and are loosely grouped by topics.
  9. Quotations with a user experience design theme English
  10. Translation services - Warehouse Translations English, Spanish Argentina, Buenos Aires
    Warehouse Traducciones 2012-10-14 Warehouse Traducciones info@whtraducciones.com.ar
    Translation services of diferent types of texts such as movies, videos, websites, etc
  11. Usability Quotes English
    Some great quotes from different sources. They make a fascinating and educational read...or grab one for your next PowerPoint presentation on user experience!
  12. Usability Quotes -- World of Usability English
    A few usability quotes that I like to use in presentations and such.
  13. User Experience Quotes English
    Theo Mandel 2012-08-03
    Web usability, user interface design, Website usability, Web page usability, application interface design, consulting, education
  14. User Experience Quotes - Vox English
    Howie Change 2009-12-17
    A list of quotes which inspires me in one way or another. I hope to compile a longer list in the near future but at the mean time, chew on these:
  15. User Experience: quotes English
  16. UX Quotes -- Useful Quotes on User Experience English

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