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Design guidelines, principles, standards, rules, ...

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GUIDELINES : Design guidelines, principles, standards, rules, ..

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  1. Apple User Experience Guides
  2. Bad usability calendar Norway, Oslo
    2008-01-17 Netlife Research anders@netliferesearch.com
  3. BlackBerry UI Guidelines English
    Explore the BlackBerry 10 design guidelines and discover how you can bring them into your app.
  4. Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
    2001-12-13 W3C WAI
    Provides a list of all checkpoints from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, organized by concept, as a checklist for Web content developers.
  5. GNOME Human Interface Guidelines
    Calum Benson 2009-10-20 GNOME Usability Project
    These guidelines are meant to help you write applications that are easy to use and consistent with the Gnome desktop.
  6. GUI Bloopers (Booksite) United States, California, San Francisco
    Jeff Johnson 2002-05-20 UI Wizards, Inc. jjohnson@uiwizards.com
    Booksite for GUI Bloopers book.
  7. Guidelines for Designing User Interface Software (Report) United States, Massachusetts, Bedford
    Sidney L. Smith 1986-08 The MITRE Corporation
    This report offers guidelines for design of user interface software in six functional areas: data entry, data display, sequence control, user guidance, data transmission, and data protection.
  8. Guidelines for Developing a Multilingual Interface English
    Gary Perlman 2008-05-16 perlman@acm.org
    Some guidelines with examples to avoid problems translating user interfaces, particularly for web pages. Topics include gender agreement, word order, punctuation, variables, embedded markup, text on images, expression length, and language selection. Based on over 10 years experience with OCLC FirstSearch, WorldCat, and other online systems.
  9. HCI Specification Open Knowledge German Germany, Munich
    Paul Chlebek 2005-06-21 p.chlebek@benutzeroberflaeche.de
    Whitepapers und Essays uer Methoden und Werkzeuge der Oberflahenentwicklung.
  10. Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines (version 2)
    This book sets standards for the use of the Java look and feel. By following these guidelines, you can create Java applications that effectively support all users worldwide, including those with physical and cognitive limitations.
  11. Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics
    This book provides guidelines for designing applications with the Java look and feel. All the guidelines are intended to help you create a well-designed application.
  12. KDE Usability Project
    2002-03-25 KDE: K Desktop Environment webmaster@usability.kde.org
    The KDE Usability Project is an initiative to find defects and problems in areas of usability and KDE.
  13. Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines
    National Cancer Institute 2010-07-22
  14. SGI Indigo Magic User Interface Guidelines
    This guide is intended for developers of software products used on Silicon Graphics workstations, including software engineers, user interface (UI) designers, and human factors specialists. Its purpose is to help you create products that are consistent with other applications and that integrate seamlessly into the Indigo Magic Desktop environment. This guide contains two major parts: Part I describes how users might want to interact with your application from the Desktop. It covers the Desktop, icon design, application windows, Indigo Magic Desktop services, and interoperability among applications. Part II describes the individual components of the Silicon Graphics interface, such as menus, dialogs, and controls, and presents examples of appropriate and inappropriate ways to use them.
  15. Software Human Factors LLC United States, California, Silicon Valley
    B. Lauber 2005-01-27 Software Human Factors LLC bennett@_NOSPAM_SoftwareHumanFactors.com
    At Software Human Factors LLC, we work with you and your entire organization to create websites or other software products that have your end users in mind. We provide a wide range of services, including heuristic evaluations, formal usability testing, focus groups, information architecture and nomenclature consultation, Interaction and Interface Design.
  16. Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
    2001-12-13 W3C WAI
    Gateway to a series of related documents that provide techniques for satisfying the requirements defined in "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0"
  17. Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
    2010-10-14 W3C WAI
    Gateway to a series of related documents that provide techniques for satisfying the requirements defined in "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0"
  18. Thought Leadership | The Usability People
    The Usability People provide recruiting, job placement and User Experience (UX) consultation services.
  19. Usability.gov
    2001-09-10 NCI: National Cancer Institute
    "Your resource for designing usable, useful and accessible Web sites and user interfaces."
  20. User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
    2002-12-23 W3C
    This document provides guidelines for designing user agents that lower barriers to Web accessibility for people with disabilities (visual, hearing, physical, cognitive, and neurological). User agents include HTML browsers and other types of software that retrieve and render Web content.
  21. User Interface Guidelines | Android Developers English, Japanese
    The Android UI team has begun developing guidelines for the interaction and visual design of Android applications. Look here for articles that describe these guidelines as we release them.
  22. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
    1999-05-09 W3C WAI
    World-Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative; includes a checklist
  23. Web Literacy Standard - Mozilla Webmaker English
  24. Web Usability Tips India, Pune
    Dinesh Gajbhiye 2005-08-10 dineshgajbhiye@sify.com
    The blog provides tips and guidelines on making the website usable.
  25. Yale Web Style Guide
    Patrick J. Lynch 2009-01-15 Yale Center for Advanced Instructional Media
    A widely used and widely praised Web style guide, available online of in book form.

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