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Top resources in hci-sites.

Includes many categories of websites relevant to human-computer interaction.

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1ST CHOICE : Top resources in hci-sites

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  1. ACM SIGCHI: Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction United States, New York, New York, 1515 Broadway, 10036
    ACM sigchi_infodir@acm.org
    SIGCHI is the world's most prominent HCI group. Sponsored conferences: * CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing * CSCW: Computer Supported Cooperative Work * DIS: Designing Interactive Systems Co-Sponsored Conferences: * UIST: User Interface Software and Technology (SIGGRAPH) * GROUP: Supporting Group Work (SIGGROUP - disbanded 2005) * IUI: Intelligent User Interfaces (SIGART) The SIGCHI site has links to many mailing lists and publications.
  2. Apple User Experience Guides
  3. Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction
    Welcome to a new type of encyclopedia! It's free, it includes videos, commentaries, and lots more. All chapters are written by leading figures within each subject. As such, it's different from the Wikipedia.
  4. Graphical User Interface Gallery
    Nathan Lineback 2005-05-18
    Screenshots of graphical user interfaces including a GUI timeline.
  5. GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery
    Marcin Wichary 2005-05-11 mwichary@aresluna.org
    Website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces, as well as various materials related to them.
  6. History of the graphical user interface English
    The graphical user interface, or "GUI", is a computer interface that uses graphic icons and controls in addition to text. The user of the computer utilizes a pointing device, like a mouse, to manipulate these icons and controls. This is considerably different from the command line interface (CLI) in which the user types a series of text commands to the computer.
  7. Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines
    National Cancer Institute 2010-07-22
  8. Task-Centered UI Design (Book) United States, Colorado, Boulder
    Lewis & Rieman 2001-07-16 University of Colorado, Boulder
    Shareware book converted to HTML.
  9. Usability & UX Articles
    1986- Nielsen Norman Group
    Research-based articles about web usability, user testing, user interface design, and user experience (UX) by Nielsen Norman Group authors, including Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman, Bruce 'Tog' Tognazzini, and other group members.
  10. User Interface Engineering Articles
    Jared Spool et al User Interface Engineering

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