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Sites with lists of HCI sites.

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INDEXES : Sites with lists of HCI sites

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  1. comp.human-factors Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) File
    Edgar Matias 1995
    Answers to frequently asked questions on the comp.human-factors newsgroup.
  2. Dray & Associates Link Collection United States, Minnesota, Minneapolis
    Susan Dray 2002-01-11 Dray & Associates, Inc. dray@acm.org
    Links to information on User Interface Design, Usability, Ethnography and Field Studies, International and Global design, The Digital Divide, and Accessibility and "universal usability" of the Web
  3. EServer Technical Communication Library United States, Iowa, Ames
    Geoffrey Sauer 2005-06-02 EServer gsauer@iastate.edu
    A comprehensive web portal built by and for students, professionals and enthusiasts of technical, professional and scientific communication. A single access point to all TC-related knowledge available online.
  4. Findability Links
    Peter Morville 2004-05-25
    Findability refers to the quality of being locatable or navigable. At the item level, we can evaluate to what degree a particular object is easy to discover or locate. At the system level, we can analyze how well a physical or digital environment supports navigation and retrieval.
  5. HCI Index no longer maintained
    Hans de Graaff
    After a good 14 years I have decided to stop maintaining the HCI Index. While the interaction between people and computers it still something I care for, that interest is taking a different form, and maintaining the HCI Index just doesn't fit anymore. I'd like to thank the many people who contributed information, without you the HCI Index would have contained a lot less. My intention is to leave the HCI Index as-is until the end of 2009, at which point I'll most likely remove the information to keep it from going more stale than it already is.
  6. HCI OverSite
    John Cady bing@umich.edu
  7. HCIRN: Human-Computer Interaction Resources Network
    Thomas Wolfmaier
    Index of information on Human-Computer Interaction.
  8. Recommended Other Websites
    Jakob Nielsen
    Recommended websites, including spotlighted links.
  9. Resources on HCI
    Gary Perlman 1995/1996
    HCI resources columns from interactions magazine. Contains some outdated links but the content may still be worthwhile. The updated links are maintained in the HCI Bibliography at http://hcibib.org
  10. Sites and Resources on HCI
    1998-03-20 HCI Webliography
    Links to over 1500 HCI resources in many categories.
  11. Usability First Resources
    Diamond Bullet Design
    "essential information to help make websites and other software easier to use" "online guide to usability resources"
  12. Usability Views
    Chris McEvoy 2002-10-20 chris@firstcircle.co.uk
    Sortable index of usability and UCD articles from around the web.
  13. Usable Web Link Collection United States, Ohio, Bowling Green
    Keith Instone 1998-2002
    "970 links and accompanying information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web." No longer being updated (2002).

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