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The HCI Webliography collects and categorizes over 2000 Internet resources on Human-Computer Interaction.
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Category Created Links Updated Description
Accessibility Links 2001-09-07 216 2014-09-25 Over 200 links to information about making computers and software more accessible to persons with disabilities. Generated from the HCI Bibliography.
Aging and HCI 2011-02-04 26 2012-07-30 Links to information about making computers and software more usable for older users. Generated from the HCI Bibliography.
Companies in HCI 2000-01-18 320 2015-03-03 Links to over 300 companies working in HCI.
Conferences on HCI 2004-01-17 132 2015-03-03 Links to conferences on HCI.
Consultants in HCI 2000-01-18 386 2015-03-03 Links to over 400 consultants working in HCI.
Education in HCI 1997-04-10 127 2015-03-03 Links to over 100 resources for students and educators interested in Human-Computer Interaction.
Guidelines on HCI 2007-05-06 25 2015-03-03 Links to user interface design principles, guidelines, standards, rules, ....
Intercultural Resources 1998-05-18 359 2015-05-04 Over 300 links to information on intercultural issues in human-computer interaction, including but not limited to: internationalization/internationalisation (i18n), globalization/globalisation, localization/localisation, language and translation, and standards.
Kids & Computers 1998-03-21 86 2014-05-27 Links to resources for designers, producers, researchers, and practitioners of interactive media for children and adolescents.
Laboratories of HCI 2000-01-18 132 2015-03-03 Links to over 100 laboratories working on HCI.
Organizations for HCI 2000-01-18 91 2015-03-03 Links to over 75 organizations working in HCI.
Publications on HCI 1997-04-10 141 2014-01-07 Links to over 100 online columns, journals, publishers, and digital libraries with material on Human-Computer Interaction.
Sites and Resources on HCI 1998-03-20 1754 2015-03-03 Links to over 1500 HCI resources in many categories.