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Personal web pages and other contact information for people working in HCI.

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PEOPLE : Personal web pages and other contact information for people working in HCI

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  1. Mark Ackerman University of Michigan ackerm@si.umich.edu
    Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, and Information Access
  2. Anthony D. Andre andre@interface-analysis.com
    Founder and Principal of Interface Analysis Associates, San Jose, CA
  3. Kaladhar Bapu UsabilityMatters.Org kbapu@usabilitymatters.org
    Kaladhar Bapu is a user experience designer.
  4. Christoph Bartneck IPO - Institute for User-System Interaction christoph@bartneck.de
    Usability expert at the IPO.
  5. Ben Bederson University of Maryland bederson@cs.umd.edu
    Assistant Professor, Director of Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL)
  6. Tom Brinck Diamond Bullet Design tom@diamondbullet.com
    usability consultant; interests include website design, groupware, and information visualization
  7. Elizabeth Buie Computer Sciences Corporation ebuie@csc.com
    HCI standards, integration with system and software engineering, government systems.
  8. Javier Canada javier@terremoto.net
    Human-computer interaction specialist, strategy, design and usability testing for digital interfaces
  9. Matthew Cibelli UI Architect matt@uiarchitect.com
    User Interface design focusing on an effective execution to meet the business, user and technology requirements. Contributed to many windows products including, Windows 2000, SQL 7 Server, Windows XP and Small Business Server
  10. Reuven Cohen ruv@ruv.net
    Reuven Cohen, A.K.A. "ruv" specializes in Usability, Interface design, Graphic Design and Information Management for the Data Storage Industry.
  11. Jëelle Coutaz University of Grenoble joelle.coutaz@imag.fr
    Professor, Head of the HCI group at CLIPS-IMAG Laboratory
  12. Pedro Cubillo Pedro Cubillo pcubillo@alumni.carnegiemellon.edu
    Pedro Cubillo is an independent consultant in HCI focused on usability engineering for software, web and hardware design.
  13. Mary Czerwinski Microsoft Research marycz@microsoft.com
    Member of Microsoft User Interface Research Group.
  14. Amit Deshpande cybabah @ rediifmail . com
    Design Portfolio...Witness metamorphosis...
  15. Francesco Di Nocera University of Rome "La Sapienza" francesco.dinocera@uniroma1.it
  16. Susan M. Dray Dray & Associates dray@acm.org
    User centered design consultant with the motto "If the USER can't use it, it doesn't work"
  17. Florian N. Egger IPO, Center for User-System Interaction egger@ecommuse.com
    ecommUSE: Usability, user experience and trust in B2C e-commerce: design principles and user-centred design method.
  18. Tom Erickson snowfall@acm.org
    A directory of former & current Apple HI folk.
  19. Tom Erickson IBM T.J. Watson Research Center snowfall@acm.org
    Tom Erickson's Site (various resources)
  20. Louise Ferguson Digital Habitats louise@louiseferguson.com
    User experience consultant with a special interest in qualitative approaches to considering users in context.
  21. Scott Fitchet f i g i t a l scott@figital.com
  22. Morten Fjeld Swiss Federal Institute of Technology morten@fjeld.ch
    Site on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Cognitive Ergonomics (CE)
  23. BJ Fogg Stanford University bjfogg@stanford.edu
    Contact and affiliation information
  24. Ferruccio Fossati ferrucciofossati@yahoo.com
    The internet site of Ferruccio Fossati, an IT professional, based in Belgium, with strong interests on usability engineering that promote the user centered approach to computer technology development.
  25. Zef Fugaz Zefamedia zef@zefamedia.co.nz
    Zef is an information and interaction designer specialising in user-centered design techniques.
  26. Michael Good Recordare good@recordare.com
    Focuses on usability of complex industrial and business systems.
  27. Saul Greenberg Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary saul@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
    Researcher in Human Computer Interaction and Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  28. Jonathan Grudin Microsoft Research
    Interacting through Digital Technology in Organizations - I've examined the design, adoption, and use of group support technologies. In recent years I've focused on views toward, and use of, emerging technologies--social networking sites, wikis, weblogs, messaging, games--in organizational contexts. The History of Human-Computer Interaction - The best chance to anticipate events that will affect us is to understand how we got here. This research includes an examination of the origins and current state of our publication culture. I maintain pages with links to history and publication culture resources.
  29. Jacek Gwizdka Rutgers University hci_research AT gwizdka DOT com
  30. Michael Heraghty Heraghty Internet Consultants mike@mediajunk.com
  31. Paul D. Hibbitts Hibbitts Design paul@paulhibbitts.com
    Interaction designer Paul D. Hibbitts of Hibbitts Design provides user interface design services, including usability evaluations and education, to local and national clients.
  32. Hans-Juergen Hoffmann Darmstadt University of Technology hjhoffmann@acm.org
  33. Jim Hollan University of California, San Diego hollan@cogsci.ucsd.edu
  34. Andreas Holzinger Institute of Medical Informatics Graz University andreas.holzinger@meduni-graz.at
    Research and Consulting to realize easier, simpler and faster usable Information Systems.
  35. Edwin Hutchins University of California, San Diego hutchins@cogsci.ucsd.edu
  36. Wijnand IJsselsteijn w.a.ijsselsteijn@tue.nl
    My interest and expertise centers around how humans experience and interact with advanced media technologies, such as stereoscopic television, virtual environments, or mobile communication services.
  37. Keith Instone
    This is my professional site where I blog, post presentations and writings, and fold in content from my other sites.
  38. Rob Jacob Tufts University jacob@eecs.tufts.edu
  39. Steve Jacobs University of Southern California steve.jacobs@ngc.com
  40. Janice James Simply Usable through Design janice@simplyusable.com
    Provides user centered design services including user interface design and research, heuristic (expert) evaluations, contextual inquiry and task analysis studies, competitive evaluations, and usability mentoring and training.
  41. James Jarrett Jarrett Interaction Design Jim@JarrettInteractionDesign.com
    Jim Jarrett's personal/professional weblog site with continuously updated content on interaction design, usability, software development, and other topics.
  42. Jeff Johnson UI Wizards, Inc. jjohnson@uiwizards.com
    Product Usability Consulting: UI Design, Expert Design Review, Usability Testing, Training.
  43. Lyle Kantrovich Cargill lyle_kantrovich@bigfoot.com
    Daily commentary on web usability, web design, information architecture and related topics from a practicing usability professional. Includes pointers to usability news and research.
  44. Kevin O'Brien, Kim O'Brien O'Brien Consulting, Inc. kevin@obrien-consulting.com
    Human Factors Engineering for Useful & Usable Computing: Task Analysis, Interaction Design, and Usability Testing.
  45. Christopher Khalil Christopherkhalil@yahoo.co.uk
    Chris is a user experience designer based in Melbourne, Australia whose skills include user research, usability, HCI, interaction design, activity-centered design, user-centered design and agile methodologies. He has 10 years experience in the field and PhD in HCI.
  46. Agnes Kukulska-Hulme Institute of Educational Technology a.m.kukulska-hulme@open.ac.uk
    Language and communication specialist
  47. Alberto Lacalle albertolacalle.com hola@albertolacalle.com
  48. Lam, Ho Cheong The University of Hong Kong hclam@hkucs.org
    A software designer and educational researcher, specialized in designing interface for educational software.
  49. Alison Lee IBM TJ Watson Research Center alisonl@acm.org
  50. Hilary Little Hilary Little Ideation & Design Hilary@hilarylittle.com
    Hilary Little Ideation & Design provides user experience design services for small busineses, start-ups, bloggers, non profits and educational institutions. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, I work with clients both near and far.
  51. Michael Mahemoff michael@mahemoff.com
    Researcher and Analyst-Developer with articles on HCI patterns and knowledge reuse.
  52. Jens Meiert jens@meiert.com
  53. Matthias Muller-Prove Sun Microsystems mprove@acm.org
    Still looking for a personal dynamic medium for creative thought.
  54. R. Muthukumar muthuonline@gmail.com
  55. Brad A. Myers Human Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University bam@cs.cmu.edu
  56. Carl Myhill General Electric carl.myhill@litsl.com
    Head of User Experience for General Electric's Network Reliability Products and Services Division
  57. Jakob Nielsen Nielsen Norman Group jakob@useit.com
    Web usability guru
  58. Jean-Francois Nogier Usabilis nogier@usabilis.com
    Jean-Francois Nogier is a French specialist in web usability and user interface design.
  59. Donald A. Norman don@jnd.org
    "my goal is to humanize technology, in part by making it disappear from sight, replaced by a human-centered, task-based family of information-appliances"
  60. Judith S. Olson University of Michigan jsolson@umich.edu
    Researches CSCW with a psychological approach, both cognitive and social. Both field and lab work.
  61. Charles William Palmer The Land of Objects bill.palmer@landofobjects.net
    The Land of Objects is the cyberspace location for Mr. Charles William Palmer. Mr. Palmer performs specialized independent consulting in human-computer interaction and is an expert in object-oriented development and distributed system architectures.
  62. John F. Pane Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science Department pane+hci-sites@cs.cmu.edu
  63. Guido Parlato Higui . Interaction design guido@higui.it
    Designer focused on the mobile interaction design
  64. Fabio Paterno CNUCE-C.N.R. fabio.paterno@cnuce.cnr.it
    research interests include Methods and Tools for User Interface Design and Usability Evaluation
  65. Steven Pemberton CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science) Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl
    Researcher, Editor in Chief ACM/interactions
  66. Gary Perlman OCLC Online Computer Library Center perlman@acm.org
    Compulsive organizer of HCI resources.
  67. Kyle Pero kylepero@usableinterface.com
    HCI/Usability/IA consultant. I offer consulting in the areas of user experience, information architecture and usability. View my portfolio, resume and articles I have written.
  68. Regnard Kreisler C. Raquedan regnard@raquedan.com
    Consultant/researcher focusing on web usability, user experience and interaction design.
  69. Jef Raskin jef@jefraskin.com
    This is the official site about Jef Raskin, author of The Humane Interface (Addison-Wesley 2000), creator of Apple's Macintosh, the Canon Cat, click-and-drag selection and other inventions. He coined the term and the concept of "information appliances."
  70. Matthias Rauterberg Eindhoven University of Technology G.W.M.Rauterberg@tue.nl
  71. John S. Rhodes WebWord.com john@WebWord.com
    Founder, Principal and Editor of WebWord.com
  72. Scott P. Robertson University of Hawaii at Manoa scottrob@acm.org
    Associate Professor, Department of Information and Computer Sciences
  73. Derek Rogerson
    Able to find, examine, elucidate, learn of, show, and teach user-experience.
  74. Anita Salem SalemSystems Inc. asalem@salemsystems.net
    Usability consulting services, including customer research, interface design, and usability testing.
  75. Penelope Sanderson University of Queensland psanderson@humanfactors.uq.edu.au
    Human-system interaction for complex sociotechnical systems
  76. Bill Schilit Google Research schilit@computer.org
  77. David D. Stubbs Usability Architects, Inc. david.stubbs@usability-architects.com
    Consultation, training, and down-in-the-trenches work with user-centered methods for product requirements, user interface design, and usability.
  78. Pinky Thakkar thakkarpinky@gmail.com
    Experience in Paper, Web Usability. IVR usability testing experience too.
  79. John Thomas Truthtable truthtable@aol.com
  80. Bruce Tognazzini tog@asktog.com
  81. Richard Whitehand Nomos Management AB richard.whitehand@usabilitypartners.se
    Usability consultant - working with interactive web applications as well as 'traditional' user interfaces.
  82. Terry Winograd Stanford University winograd@cs.stanford.edu
    Professor of CS
  83. Ada Yuen www.coolgranite.com ada@coolgranite.com
    Usability consultant in Hong Kong.
  84. Jiajie Zhang University of Texas at Houston jiajie.zhang@uth.tmc.edu

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