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Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Note:Design of Computing Systems
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy; Richard J. Koubek
Location:San Francisco, California
Dates:1997-Aug-24 to 1997-Aug-29
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-82183-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII97-2
Links:Publisher Page
  1. HCII 1997-08-24 Volume 2
    1. Cognitive Modeling
    2. Interface Design and Evaluation
    3. Multimedia, Virtual Reality and World-Wide Web
    4. Virtual Reality

HCII 1997-08-24 Volume 2

Cognitive Modeling

Cockpit Systems Design in Future Military Aircraft BIB 3-6
  A. Schulte
The Crew Assistant Military Aircraft (CAMA) BIB 7-10
  M. Strohal; R. Onken
ELICO: A Platform for Dynamic Adaptation of User-System Interaction BIB 11-14
  F. R. Monclar; I. Jacob; J. P. Krivine
A Decision Support System for Production Scheduling and Control BIB 15-18
  M. B. Chen; S. L. Hwang
A Time-Based Interface for Electronic Mail and Task Management BIB 19-22
  K. S. Yiu; R. Baecker; N. Silver; B. Long
User Modeling by Graph-Based Induction BIB 23-26
  K. Yoshida
LaboUr-Machine Learning for User Modeling BIB 27-30
  W. Pohl
An Interactive Environment for Dynamic Control of Machine Learning Systems BIB 31-34
  E. M. Nguifo
From Informative Patterns to Information Architecture BIB 35-38
  K. Englmeier; E. Mang
Building Joint Cognitive Systems: A Case of Horses for Courses? BIB 39-42
  E. Hollnagel
Communication and Shared Knowledge in Human-Computer Systems BIB 43-46
  D. Benyon
Problems in Human-Machine Interaction and Communication BIB 47-50
  L. J. Bannon
Machine Intelligence in HCI Revisited: From Intelligent Agents to Intelligent Systems BIB 51-54
  L. Balint
Are Interactive Media as Large as Life and Half as Natural? BIB 55-58
  L. E. Merkle; R. E. Mercer
Can We Trace Back Cognitive Processes in Root Cause Analysis? BIB 59-62
  M. Pedrali; R. Bastide
Integrating System's Functional Model and its Structional Model Toward Denotational Dialogue Specification BIB 63-66
  K. Matsubayashi; Y. Tsujino; N. Tokura
Modeling the Sources and Consequences of Errors and Delays in Complex Systems BIB 67-70
  C. K. Garg; V. Riley; J. W. Krueger
Task Netwoerk Modeling of Human Workload Coping Strategies BIB 71-74
  J. F. Lockett
Predicting Human Performance in Complex Systems-A Method and Case Study BIB 75-78
  R. Laughery; B. Plott
Multi-Agent Performance Modeling in OMAR BIB 79-82
  S. Deutsch
Mapping Instructions onto Actions: A Comprehension-Based Model of Display-Based Human-Computer Interaction BIB 83-86
  M. Kitajima; P. G. Polson
The Human Scheduler's Mental Models and Decision Aids of the Interactive Scheduling System BIB 87-90
  N. Nakamura; J. Takahara; T. Kamigaki
The Role of Interaction Modeling in Future Cognitive Ergonomics: Do Interaction Models Lead to Formal Specification of Involved Machine Intelligence? BIB 91-94
  C. Stary
Do People in HCI Use Machine Learning? BIB 95-98
  Vassilis S. Moustakis
Modeling the User's Problem-Solving Expertise for Effective Decision Support BIB 99-102
  C. Chiu
Technology Needs for Web-Based Technical Training BIB 103-106
  T. A. Plocher; S. L. Hillman
A Knowledge-Based Approach to Creating Adaptive Electronic Textbooks BIB 107-110
  P. Brusilovsky
Using Multiple Technologies for Distance Learning BIB 111-114
  L. Neal
PEBBLES: Providing Education by Bringing Learning Environments to Students BIB 115-118
  L. A. Williams; D. I. Fels; G. Smith; J. Treviranus
Computer Based Learning: GroupSystems[R] in the Wireless Classroom BIB 119-122
  C. C. Keating
Evaluating Effects of Self-Directed Ergonomics Training BIB 123-128
  B. G. F. Cohen
Effects of Ergonomic Training as an Ergonomic Intervention BIB 129-132
  M. H. Dainoff; M. J. Dainoff
A Model for Ergonomics Training Evaluation BIB 133-138
  M. Robertson
Ergonomics Training in Industrially Developing Countries: Case Studies from `Roving Seminars' BIB 139-144
  P. A. Scott; H. Shahnavaz
Comparative Hypertext Approaches to Ergonomic Training BIB 145-148
  W. Xu; M. J. Dainoff
Enhancing the Interface to Provide Intelligent Computer Aided Language Learning BIB 149-152
  M. Murphy; A. Krueger; A. Grieszl
The Role of Case-Based Reasoning in Instructional Design: Theory and Practice BIB 153-156
  B. Asiu; M. D. McNeese
Designing Interactions for Guided Inquiry Learning Environments BIB 157-160
  N. Enyedy; P. Vahey; B. Gifford
Granular Interface Design: Decomposing Learning Tasks and Enhancing Tutoring Interaction BIB 161-164
  A. Patel; A Kinshuk
A Collaborative Distance Learning System and its Experimental Results BIB 165-168
  T. Dasai; H. Koizumi; K. Yokochi
Transporting Honey Bears: A Cognitive Analysis of the Effects of Interface Manipulation Style on a Constraint-Based Planning Task BIB 169-172
  S. Holst; E. Churchill; D. Gilmore
Discount Usability Engineering BIB 173-176
  P. J. Santos; A. N. Badre
Age Differences Between Elderly and Young Workers in Effectiveness of Computer Skill Training and Task Cognition BIB 177-180
  H. Umemuro
Design Principles for a Training Software Agent: Issues Concerning Agent-User Interaction BIB 181-184
  A. Farias; T. N. Arvanitis
Action Workflow Loops in Distance Education-Design Principles for Integrating CAL and CMC BIB 185-188
  P. Johannesson
Reducing Restriction of Activity in Media Communication with Demand Driven Viewer BIB 189-192
  N. Kohtake; Y. Yamamoto; Y. Anzai
Lock-On Pointer: A Foundation for Human-Object Interaction BIB 193-196
  N. Matsushita; M. Morohashi; Y. Anzai
A Sensor Network Management System-An Overview and Example BIB 197-200
  M. Ohta; Y. Anzai
A Fundamental Mechanism of Intelligent Sensor-Actuator Networks BIB 201-204
  S. Shimada; Y. Yamamoto; Y. Anzai
ROIS: A New Concept to Change into Safe and Comfortable World BIB 205-208
  M. Kohno; Y. Anzai
Information Presentation and Control in a Modern Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator BIB 209-212
  R. F. Haines; S. Doubek; B. Rabin; S. Harke
Information Engineering: Creating an Integrated Interface BIB 213-216
  M. J. Albers
Designing for Complexity BIB 217-220
  E. Hollnagel
Twenty-Five Years of Operator-Process Communication: Lessons Learned and Problems Solved? BIB 221-224
  E. Hollnagel; J. O. Hol
Application of a Newly Developed Eye Sensing Head-Mounted-Display to a Mutual Adaptive CAI for Plant-Diagnosis BIB 225-228
  S. Fukushima; H. Yoshikawa
Development Strategies on an Intelligent Software System for Total Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants BIB 229-232
  S. H. Chang; H. G. Kim; S. S. Choi
Simulation-Based Interface Evaluation Method of Equipment in Power Plants BIB 233-236
  T. Nakagawa; M. Kitamura; Y. Nakatani; N. Terashita
Associate Systems: A Framework for Human-Machine Cooperation BIB 237-242
  N. D. Geddes
Control Versus Dependence: Striking the Balance in Function Allocation BIB 243-246
  E. Hollnagel
Human Electronic Crew Teamwork: Cognitive Requirements for Compatibility and Control with Dynamic Function Allocation BIB 247-250
  R. M. Taylor

Interface Design and Evaluation

Natural User Interface (NUI): A Case Study of a Video Based Interaction Technique for a Computer Game BIB 253-256
  M. Rauterberg
A Formal Method for Deriving Command Production Language from Human Intents BIB 257-260
  C. A. Ntuen
Hierarchical Ordering of Internet Mental Model Categorisations BIB 261-266
  M. Greyling; A. Thatcher
Ecological Display Design for the Control of Unmanned Airframes BIB 267-270
  J. B. F. Van Erp; B. Kappe
User Interface Agents in a Public Information System BIB 271-274
  N. Pridun; P. Purgathofer
An Automatic Document Coloring and Browsing System BIB 275-278
  T. Uchida; H. Tanaka
Free vs. Guided Programming by Discovery BIB 279-282
  H. A. Ramadhan
An Active Gazing-Line System for Improving Sign-Language Conversation BIB 283-286
  S. Lu; K. Imagawa; S. Igi
A Hierarchical Browsing System for Sign Language Video BIB 287-290
  S. Higashino; H. Kasahara
Transfering Experts' Jobs to Novices and Computers by Information Sharing in Office Work BIB 291-294
  T. Enkawa; H. Umemuro
An Interface Model for Evaluating Task-Interface Congruity BIB 295-298
  W. C. Yoon; J. Park
Managing Information by a New Compound Noun Analysis BIB 299-302
  I. H. Jung; S. Y. Yang
Interactive Interfaces to Detect Conceptual Difference for Knowledge Acquisition BIB 303-306
  T. Kondo; N. Saiwaki; T. Yoshida; S. Nishida
Transformation of Human-to-Human Interaction into Asymmetric and Lightweight Computer-Mediated Interaction BIB 307-310
  A. Nakajima; F. Ando; Y. Furui
TacTool v2.0: An Object-Based Multimodal Interface Design Platform BIB 311-314
  D. V. Keyson; L. Van Stuivenberg
A New Form of Programming in the Light of Cognitive Dimensions BIB 315-318
  H. J. Borron
Human Computer-Interaction: Graphic Designers X Graphic Softwares BIB 319-322
  A. De Moraes; S. Padovani; C. Mendes
Heuristics and Biases in the Evolution of a Robust Human-Machine Interface Methodology BIB 323-326
  J. C. Lowry; P. E. Van Hemel; S. Z. Knizhnik
A Highly Extensible Graphical User Interface in a Software Development Environment BIB 327-330
  Y. Sugiyama
The Effect of Internet Delay on the Design of Distributed Multimedia Documents BIB 331-334
  A. Sears; M. S. Borella
The Effect of Internet Delay on the Perceived Quality of Information BIB 335-338
  A. Sears; J. A. Jacko; M. S. Borella
Human Factors Principles for Variable Message Signs Utilized in Intelligent Transportation Systems BIB 339-342
  A. Zanotti; M. L. Resnick; G. Cestari
Safety Management: Some Issues and Limitations BIB 343-346
  V. G. Duffy
Interface Requirements: An Analysis of Technologies Designed for Individual and Group Work BIB 347-350
  J. A. Jacko; V. G. Duffy
AMF: A New Design Pattern for Complex Interactive Software? BIB 351-354
  F. Tarpin-Bernard; B. T. David
Modular Dialogue Units: A Software Architecture for Programming Human-Computer Dialogues BIB 355-358
  M. A. Perez-Quiones; J. L. Sibert
Optimizing Cut-and-Paste Operations in Directed-Graph Editing BIB 359-362
  B. Ibrahim
New Modeling/Analyzing Architecture and Simulation Mechanism for Complex Structure BIB 363-366
  T. Sawa; M. Yasuda
Designing the User Interface for a Natural Spoken Dialogue System BIB 367-370
  S. J. Boyce
Allowing Multiple Experts to Revise a Thesaurus Database BIB 371-374
  N. Nishikawa; H. Tsuji
CyberForum on InterSpace BIB 375-378
  T. Sadakata; T. Yamana; T. Tajiri; H. Hadeishi
A Bullseye Menu With Sound Feedback BIB 379-382
  N. Friedlander; K. Schlueter; M. Mantei
User Interface Modeling for the Design of Administrative Information Systems BIB 383-386
  M. Lif
Direct Interaction with Flexible Material Models BIB 387-390
  M. Bordegoni; G. Frugoli; C. Rizzi
Reducing Operator Mental Load Through Dynamic Icons Interfaces and Process Notice BIB 391-394
  B. Boussoffara; P. F. Elzer
Information Retrieval Supported by Rich and Redundant Indices BIB 395-398
  K. Satoh; S. Akamine; K. Muraki; A. Okumura
Retrieving and Transmitting Real World Oriented Information by Simple Interaction Through Augmented Electrical Stick BIB 399-402
  S. Iga; M. Yasumura
Evaluation of a Theory-Based Display Guide BIB 403-406
  A. H. Joergensen; J. May
Potential Key Stress Factors Among Academic Library Assistants BIB 407-410
  A. Morris; S. Holmes
Physiological Analysis of Entrainment in Face-to-Face Communication BIB 411-414
  T. Watanabe; M. Okubo
Expression Recognition and Synthesis for Face-to-Face Communication BIB 415-418
  S. Morishima
Remote and Local Camera Works in Media Communication BIB 419-422
  H. Tamura; R. Zhang
Quick Address Search System with Handwriting Using Character Transition Information BIB 423-426
  K. Gunji; S. Kuzunuki; K. Katsura
A System for Eliciting and Helping to Score Test Answers Input Through a Handwriting Interface BIB 427-430
  T. Souya
Form Input System by Pen Interface BIB 431-434
  Y. Nishimura; M. Nakagawa
Prototyping of Digital Ink E-Mail System Based on a Common Ink Format BIB 435-438
  H. Tanaka; N. Kato; M. Nakagawa
Strategies for Integrating and Separating Pen-Based Operational States BIB 439-442
  S. N. Krishnan; S. Moriya
A System for Real-time Groupware Using a Pen Interface for Creative Thought Support BIB 443-446
  K. Nakajima; E. Hayakawa; M. Namiki; N. Takahashi
Pen-Based Japanese Character Entry System for Visually Disabled Persons BIB 447-450
  K. Kiyota; T. Morita; S. Yamamoto
Enhancing Handwriting Interfaces BIB 451-453
  M. Nakagawa
Idea Memo PDA in Scalable Handwriting Interfaces BIB 454-458
  K. Oomika; A. Naito; M. Nakagawa
Improvement of Hand-Grasp Measurement System BIB 459-462
  Y. Seki; S. Sato; S. Shimizu; M. Shimojo
Pen-Computing and Groupware: A Chance to Improve Collaborative Writing BIB 463-466
  O. M. Gonzalez; M. J. Verdu; Y. A. Dimitriadis; M. T. Blasco
The Conceptual Framework of Preference-Based Design BIB 467-470
  M. Ujigawa
Revealing of Preference Structure by the Evaluation Grid Method BIB 471-474
  J. Sanui; G. Maruyama
Conjoint Analysis of Consumer Preferences in Cyber Space BIB 475-478
  M. Mizuno
Interactive Support for Decision Making BIB 479-482
  N. Matsuda; K. Nakamura
A Design and Implementation of Cyber Laboratory BIB 483-486
  T. Tsunoda
Situation Awareness Modeling and Pilot State Estimation for Tactical Cockpit Interfaces BIB 487-490
  S. Mulgund; G. Rinkus; C. Illgen; G. Zacharias
Mapping Physiology to Cognition in Adaptive Interface Design BIB 491-494
  W. J. Ray; S. Hess; J. Goldberg
Adaptive Interfaces as an Approach to Human-Machine Cooperation BIB 495-500
  R. G. Eggleston
Aid Methodology for Designing Adaptive Human Computer Interfaces for Supervision Systems BIB 501-504
  C. Santoni; E. Furtado; P. Francois
Toward an Adaptive Command Line Interface BIB 505-508
  B. D. Davison; H. Hirsh
Integrating Human Factors with Software Engineering for Human-Computer Interaction BIB 509-512
  J. Long
Microsoft Interactive Media Products: Worldwide Usability and Design Practices BIB 513-516
  J. G. Corso
A Closed-Loop Approach for Integrating Human Factors into Systems Development: A Case Study Involving a Distributed Database System BIB 517-520
  R. H. Y. So; C. M. Finney; M. Tseng; C. J. Su
Usability Engineering and Software Engineering: How Do They Relate? BIB 521-524
  S. Hakiel
Integrating HCI Engineering and Software Engineering: A Call to a Larger Vision BIB 525-530
  E. A. Buie; A. Vallone
Structured Methods for Human Factors Research and Development BIB 531-534
  A. Stork; J. Long
History Lesson: The Web Discovers User Interface Design BIB 535-538
  A. Marcus
User-Centered Design at AT&T Labs BIB 539-542
  D. J. Dooling
Human Interface Research and Practice at Apple Computer BIB 543-546
  P. F. Strijland
A New Design Concept and Method Based on Ergonomics and Kansei Engineering and So On BIB 547-550
  T. Yamaoka
Toward Rehabilitation Cognitive Engineering-Gap Between Theory and Practice in the Human Interface of Information Processing Devices for People with Disabilities BIB 551-554
  A. Okamoto
Dilemma of Usability Engineering BIB 555-558
  M. Kurosu
Understanding HCI Requirements: Expertise and Assistance to Imagery Analysis BIB 559-562
  I. S. MacLeod; A. J. McClumpha; E. Koritsas
User Centred Design: The Application of the LUCID Interface Design Method BIB 563-568
  A. Smith; L. Dunckley
Muse, a Rapid Prototyping Tool BIB 569-572
  H. Kamio; M. Amamiya; H. Matsu'ura; T. Nitta
Participatory Interface Design: From Naive Models to Systems BIB 573-576
  N. Bianchi; P. Bottoni; P. Mussio; G. Rezzonico
Project Development Staff-Decision-Support System for Software Development BIB 577-580
  T. Tabe; T. Chikara; Y. Taguchi
Developing Usability in the Software Life-Cycle: Experiences from a Large European Government Software Contract BIB 581-584
  A. Giannetti; R. Mignosi; G. Taglialatela
Software Prototyping of Hardware Interfaces BIB 585-588
  G. Breinholt
An Analyzing and Modelling Tool Kit for Human-Computer Interaction BIB 589-592
  M. Rauterberg; M. Fjeld
Software Durability-Is it Important? Can it be Achieved? BIB 593-596
  S. G. Archer; L. Allender; C. Richer
Evaluating REAL Users, Using REAL Software, Performing REAL Tasks, in REAL Contexts BIB 597-600
  I. Posner; R. Baecker; A. Mitchell
The Contribution of Usability Analysis to the Design of Medical Devices: A Case Study BIB 601-604
  S. Earl; M. Young; B. Meek; R. Koubek
Networking and Urban Forms in the Electronic Age-Towards Flexible Location Decisions in Stockholm BIB 605-608
  R. Kazemian
Asking Users About What They Mean: Two Experiments & Results BIB 609-612
  H. Blanchon; L. Fais
Ergonomic Evaluation of Some Brazilian Hypertext Systems BIB 613-616
  S. Padovani; A. De Moraes
Design and Usability Evaluation of a Novice User-Oriented Control Panel for Lighting and Air Conditioning BIB 617-620
  K. Morimoto; T. Kurokawa; M. Hata; N. Kushiro
Usability in the Perspective of Work Environment BIB 621-624
  K. D. Keller
Experimental Method for Usability Test of Industrial Plant Operation System BIB 625-628
  H. Nishitani; T. Kurooka; T. Kitajima; C. Satoh
An Informal Usability Study of a Videoconferencing System BIB 629-632
  B. Auernheimer; C. Chongcharoen; S. Arritt

Multimedia, Virtual Reality and World-Wide Web

Method and Techniques for the Evaluation of Multimedia Applications BIB 635-638
  F. V. Cipolla-Ficarra
Multimedia Communication for Family BIB 639-642
  A. Kimura; H. Kato; S. Inokuchi
Computer-Generated Presentation Scripts for Life-Like Interface Agents BIB 643-646
  E. Andre; J. Mueller; T. Rist
Supporting Task Performance: Is Text or Video Better? BIB 647-650
  B. E. Norris; W. B. L. Wong
Mobile Multimedia Communication: A Task- and User-Centered Approach to Future Systems Development BIB 651-654
  F. W. G. Van den Anker; A. G. Arnold
Animated Paper Documents BIB 655-658
  P. Robinson; D. Sheppard; R. Watts; R. Harding
Presentation Jockey: Multimedia Authoring System Using Structured Document Parsing BIB 659-662
  H. S. Shin; W. J. Yoo; K. J. Yoo
Individual User Differences in Data Model Comprehension BIB 663-666
  J. C. Nordbotten; M. E. Crosby
ALAWAI: Agent Languages and AgentWare for Agent Invention BIB 667-670
  K. Takeda; M. Inaba
Modeling Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction: Semiotics, Proxemics and Kinesics BIB 671-674
  R. Marshall
Evaluating Multi-User Interfaces (EMI) BIB 675-678
  M. E. Crosby; D. N. Chin
A Multicast Algorithm in a Distributed Multimedia Conference System BIB 679-682
  A. Hac; D. Wang
All Object-Oriented Uncertainty Retrieval Approach for Graphics Databases BIB 683-686
  S. Y. Itoga; X. Ke; Y. Liu
Multimedia Communication and Technology: A Semiotic Perspective BIB 687-690
  H. C. Purchase
ISO 14915: A Standard on Multimedia User Interface Design BIB 691-694
  K. P. Faehnrich; F. Koller
Multimedia HCI Addressed by ETSI BIB 695-698
  M. Boecker
Navigation Design for Interactive Multimedia BIB 699-702
  F. Koller; A. Woehr
Generating Adaptable Multimedia Software from Dynamic Object Oriented Models: The ObjectWand Design Environment BIB 703-706
  C. Maertin; M. Humpl
Multimodal Display for Enhanced Situation Awareness Based on Cognitive Diversity BIB 707-710
  M. Takahashi; S. Takei; M. Kitamura
Modeling and Evaluating Multimodal Interaction Styles BIB 711-714
  B. E. R. De Ruyter; J. H. M. De Vet
Seven Rules in a Theory of Consistency BIB 715-718
  A. M. Olson
CZWeb: Fish-Eye Views for Visualizing the World-Wide Web BIB 719-722
  B. Fisher; M. Agelidis; J. Dill; P. Tan
Teaching Information Literacy in Technical Courses Using WWW BIB 723-726
  Y. Shibuya; G. Kuwana; H. Tamura
A Dynamic Linkage Method for Hypermedia and Its Design Support Tool BIB 727-730
  Y. Hijikata; N. Saiwaki; T. Yoshida; S. Nishida
Table Expander: Hypertabular Interaction with Query Results BIB 731-734
  G. Santucci; L. Tarantino
An Environment for Modelling and Designing Hypertext Applications BIB 735-738
  S. Goll; J. Lorenz; W. Hesse
HyperBBS: Towards Smooth Navigation BIB 739-742
  E. Niwano
The `History' as a Cognitive Tool for Navigation in a Hypertext System BIB 743-746
  S. G. Schaer
Decision Support for Indexing and Information Retrieval: Implications for Hypertext Systems BIB 747-750
  W. Zhu; M. R. Lehto
Vizualization of Knowledge Model Used for Plant Operation BIB 751-754
  K. Furuta; K. Nakanishi; S. Kondo
A WWW Environment for Visualizing User Interactions with Java Applets BIB 755-758
  J. Stelovsky; M. E. Crosby
A System for Exploring Information Spaces BIB 759-762
  M. Sugimoto; N. Katayama; A. Takasu
Flip Zooming: A Practical Focus+Context Approach to Visualizing Large Data Sets BIB 763-766
  L. E. Holmquist; C. Ahlberg
Evaluating the Usability of Application Tools in Transferring Multimedia Information Across ATM Communication Networks Within the Fashion Industry in Europe BIB 767-770
  G. Patterson; R. Donnelly
Re-Engineering a Complex Network Interface BIB 771-774
  M. Lucas; J. F. Meech; C. Purcell
Web Mediator: Providing Social Interaction on the WWW BIB 775-778
  A. Ishihara
From System Evaluation to Service Redesign: A Case Study BIB 779-782
  P. Marti; A. Rizzo; S. Bagnara; P. Lomagistro
Agent-Based Support for Personalized Information with Web Search Engines BIB 783-786
  E. S. Lee; R. Okada; I. G. Jeon
VIOLA: A Visual Programming Tool for the Development of Web Applications BIB 787-790
  C. S. Cho; P. S. Mah; G. S. Shin; S. J. Yoon
WWW Visualization Giving Meanings to Interactive Manipulations BIB 791-794
  H. Shiozawa; Y. Matsushita
Book Based View and Scroll Based View: Which is Suited for HTML Viewers? BIB 795-798
  K. Ueno; K. Suzuki; H. Ozawa
Web Pages: Designing with Rhetorical Techniques BIB 799-802
  C. Dormann
Usability Issues in Web Site Design BIB 803-806
  N. Bevan
Integrated User Interfaces for the Home Environment BIB 807-810
  J. Ziegler; J. Machate
Interacting with Electronic Healthcare Records in the Information Society BIB 811-814
  I. Iakovidis
Mobile Communication User Interfaces for Everyone BIB 815-818
  K. Vaeaenaenen-Vainio-Mattila; S. Haataja
A Model of the Informational Affordances of Media Spaces in Community Networks BIB 819-822
  D. T. Singh; P. P. Singh; J. Durlak
Semantic Stimulus Structure in World Wide Web Interface Design for Navigation by Novice Users BIB 823-826
  S. Z. Knizhnik; P. E. Van Hemel; M. Miller; G. Goldfield
GUI Evaluation Through Web BIB 827-830
  J. Sanchez; O. Alonso
Estimating User Interests from their Navigation Patterns in the WWW BIB 831-834
  J. Favela; A. Carreon
Page Design Guidelines for Improving World Wide Web Navigation BIB 835-838
  N. J. Rodriguez; J. A. Borges; I. Morales

Virtual Reality

MARTI: Man-Machine Animation Real-Time Interface: The Illusion of Life BIB 841-844
  C. M. Jones; S. S. Dlay
Perception-Oriented Stereo Rendering: A New Approach to Control the Third Dimension BIB 845-848
  L. Reichert
Do Three Dimensional Realtime Interfaces Really Play Important Roles? BIB 849-852
  M. Shirabe; Y. Baba
Integrating Version Control and Module Management Using Three-Dimensional Visualization BIB 853-856
  H. Koike; H. C. Chu
Using VR-VIBE: Browsing and Searching for Documents in 3D-Space BIB 857-860
  E. F. Churchill; D. Snowdon; S. Benford; P. Dhanda
Display of Conversation Partners Using 3D-Facial Model in the Multiparty Video Communication System BIB 861-864
  T. Murai; H. Kato; S. Inokuchi
3D Interactive Information Visualization: Guidelines from Experience and Analysis of Applications BIB 865-868
  R. Brath
Presentation and Interaction of Virtual 3D Objects Without Geometrical Model BIB 869-872
  S. Uchiyama; H. Yamamoto; A. Katayama; H. Tamura
In Search of Equivalence Classes in Subjective Scales of Reality BIB 873-876
  S. R. Ellis; N. S. Dorighi; B. M. Menges; B. D. Adelstein
Effects of Lighting on Human Performance in Training BIB 877-880
  J. Maida; A. Aldridge; J. Novak
The Effect of Different Viewing Devices for the Sense of Presence of Immersion in Virtual Environments: A Comparison of Stereoprojections Based on Monitors, HMDs and Screens BIB 881-884
  J. Deisinger; C. Cruz-Neira; O. Riedel; J. Symanzik
Presence: Where Are We Now? BIB 885-888
  M. J. Singer; B. G. Witmer
Presence and Side Effects: Complementary or Contradictory? BIB 889-892
  J. R. Wilson; S. Nichols; C. Haldane
Circumventing Side Effects of Immersive Virtual Environments BIB 893-896
  P. DiZio; J. R. Lackner
Aftereffects of Virtual Environment Exposure: Psychometric Issues BIB 897-900
  R. S. Kennedy; K. M. Stanney
Design Concept Based on Real-Virtual-Intelligent User Interface and its Software Architecture BIB 901-904
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Electronic Annotation Sheet BIB 905-908
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A Virtual Office Environment for Supporting Informal Communications and Securing Personal Space BIB 909-912
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Getting a Grip: Touch Feedback with Binary Stimulators BIB 913-916
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Stereopsis and Motion Parallax Cues in Virtual Reality Control Applications BIB 917-920
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Computing and Organizational Assessment in the Furniture Industry BIB 921-924
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Hybridization of Classical Documentary Techniques and Techniques of Three Dimensional Representation in Space: Dynamical Constitution of Virtual Scenes BIB 925-928
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Natural User Interfaces (NUI): A Case Study of a Video Based Interaction Technique for CAD Systems BIB 929-932
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Awareness Technology: Experiments with Abstract Representation BIB 933-936
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Manipulation Aid for Two-Handed 3-D Designing Within a Shared Virtual Environment BIB 937-940
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Requirements and Design of the Information Pod Interface BIB 941-944
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HCI Issues About Immersive Modeling BIB 953-956
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Assisting Remote Instruction Using Copied Reality BIB 957-960
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Texture Display for Tactile Sensation BIB 961-964
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Real-Time Numerical Simulation in Haptic Environment BIB 965-968
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Implementation of Elastic Object in Virtual Environment BIB 969-972
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Operator Interaction with Visual Objects: Effect of System Latency BIB 973-976
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3D-Rendering and the Eye: Aspects for Efficient Rendering Through Physiological and Anatomical Parameters of the Eye BIB 981-984
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Barriers to Industrial Application of Virtual Environments BIB 985-988
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Industrial Training Using Virtual Reality BIB 989-992
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Issues for Integrating Virtual Teaming into the Organization BIB 993-996
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Lag Compensation by Image Deflection and Prediction: A Review on the Potential Benefits to Virtual Training Applications for Manufacturing Industry BIB 997-1000
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Data Input Devices and Application in Virtual Reality BIB 1001-1004
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Quantification of Human Performance in Extreme Environments BIB 1005-1008
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Human Motor Strategies in Long Term Space Flights BIB 1009-1012
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