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Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Note:Crete University Press - Adjunct proceedings ISBN 9-6052-4166-8 - 304 pages
Editors:Constantine Stephanidis; Julie Jacko
Location:Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Dates:2003-Jun-22 to 2003-Jun-27
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISBN 0-8058-4931-9; hcibib: HCII03-2
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  1. HCII 2003-06-22 Volume 2
    1. Human factors and ergonomics

HCII 2003-06-22 Volume 2

Human factors and ergonomics

MobiGuiding, an European Multimodal and Multilingual System for Ubiquitous Access to Leisure and Cultural Contents BIB 3-7
  C. Aliprandi; M. Athenour; S. C. Martinez; N. Patsis
Advanced User Interface for the SAFEGUARD professional driver seat BIB 8-12
  A. Amditis; I. Karaseitanidis; O. Stefani; S. Sartor
Key Issues in Automotive HMI for Elderly and Disabled Drivers - The CONSENSUS Approach BIB 13-17
  G. Baten; M. Panou
Developing In-Car PDA-Based Tour Guides BIB 18-22
  F. Bellotti; R. Berta; M. Margarone; A. De Gloria
Providing Traffic and Route Guidance Information to Tourists BIB 23-27
  S. Breker; K. Brookhuis; P. Rama
Delivery of Services on Any Device From Java Code to User Interface BIB 28-32
  D. Carboni; A. Piras; S. Sanna; G. Paddeu; S. Giroux
Function analysis and control panel design of in-car computer systems (E-Car) BIB 33-37
  J.-K. Chiu; S.-L. Hwang
Architecture for a full-dynamical Interaction in Pervasive Computing BIB 38-42
  M. Courant; S. Maffioletti; B. Hirsbrunner; S. Le Peutrec
Effective Warning of a Drowsy Driver - the AWAKE Experience BIB 43-47
  M. Dangelmaier; D. Spath; E. Bekiaris; C. Marberger
Pen-based Ubiquitous Computing System for visually Impaired Person BIB 48-52
  N. Ezaki; K. Kiyota; H. Takizawa; S. Yamamoto
Design Principles For A Collaborative Hypervideo User Interface Concept In Mobile Environments BIB 53-57
  M. Finke; M. Grimm; M.-R. Tazari
Developing a Ubiquitous reception-hall using the User-Centred design Usability Engineering Process Model BIB 58-62
  T. Granollers; J. Lores; J. Sola; X. Rubio
User Interface Techniques for Mobile Agents BIB 63-67
  M. Grimm; M.-R. Tazari; M. Finke
Ambient Interfaces: Design Challenges and Recommendations BIB 68-72
  T. Gross
Interacting with Mobile Intelligence BIB 73-77
  L. Hall; A. Gordon; R. James; L. Newall
Embedded versus portable interfaces for personalizing shared ubiquitous devices BIB 78-82
  D. Hilbert; J. Trevor
Supporting ubiquitous information on very small devices is harder than you think BIB 83-87
  D. Hilbert; J. Trevor; B. Schilit
COMUNICAR: Subjective Mental Effort when driving with an Information Management System BIB 88-92
  M. Hoedemaeker; R. Schindhelm; C. Gelau; F. Bellotti; A. Amditis; R. Montanari; S. Mattes
Destination entry while driving: The benefit of constrained options to act in multitask situations exemplified by two route guidance systems BIB 93-97
  G. Jahn; A. Keinath; J. Krems; C. Gelau
Interface or Interspace? Mediated Communication for Nomadic Knowledge Workers BIB 98-102
  S. Kammas; S. Foley; D. Rosenberg
Telemurals: catalytic connections for remote public spaces BIB 103-107
  K. Karahalios; J. Donath
Visual Interfaces for Mobile Handhelds BIB 108-112
  B. Karstens; R. Rosenbaum; H. Schumann
Collaborative Visual Jockey using Mobile Phones BIB 113-117
  H. Katayose; T. Miyamichi; N. Mitsuda
A Circular Fashion Menu System Based on Human Motor Control Knowledge for the Pen-based Computer BIB 118-122
  K. Kiyota; N. Ezaki; H. Takizawa; S. Yamamoto
Evaluating the Usability of Mobile Systems: Exploring Different Laboratory Approaches BIB 123-127
  J. Kjeldskov; M. Skov
Towards a model for an Internet content pre-caching agent for small computing devices BIB 128-132
  A. Komninos; M. Dunlop
Adaptive Smart Home System BIB 133-137
  V. Lauruska; P. Serafinavicius
Effects of Chinese Character Font and Size on Visual Performance between Different Age Groups BIB 138-142
  T.-Z. Lee; J.-Z. Huang
Pitfalls in International User Testing, and How to Avoid (some of) Them - A Case Study BIB 143-147
  M. Lif
Browsing and Visualisation of Recorded Collaborative Meetings on Small Devices BIB 148-152
  S. Luz; M. Masoodian; G. Weng
User-Interface Design and Culture BIB 153-157
  A. Marcus; V.-J. Baumgartner; E. Chen
Vehicle UI and Information-Visualization Design BIB 158-162
  A. Marcus
User Requirements and Customer Benefit Analysis in the Design of a Novel Driver Support System for Night Vision BIB 163-167
  M. Mariani; S. Palmieri; L. Andreone; F. Tango
ARK: Augmented Reality Kiosk BIB 168-172
  N. Matos; P. Pereira; A. Marcos
End-user programming tools in ubiquitous computing applications BIB 173-177
  I. Mavrommati; A. Kameas
Visibility and accessibility of a component-based approach for Ubiquitous Computing applications: the e-Gadgets case BIB 178-182
  I. Mavrommati; A. Kameas; P. Markopoulos
Vehicle navigation systems: case studies from VDO Dayton BIB 183-187
  I. Mavrommati
Off Board Networking of Car Navigation Systems & Services BIB 188-192
  F. McKimm
GUI for graphical data retrieval by means of semantic filtering BIB 193-197
  Z. Mikovec; M. Klima; R. Foldyna
A Framework for Transferring Desktop Images and Remote Operations in Multiple Computer Environments BIB 198-202
  M. Miura; B. Shizuki; J. Tanaka
The Effects of Display Orientation and Target Position on Target Pointing Tasks on a PDA BIB 203-207
  M. Ogasawara; S. Mizobuchi; X. Ren
An Evaluation of Text Entry Methods in a Standing Posture for Application to an Immersive Virtual Environment BIB 208-212
  N. Osawa; X. Ren; M. Suzuki
A Simple Learning Procedure for Gesture Based Control of Robot Arm Movement BIB 213-217
  P. Pandiyan; G. Sainarayanan; R. Nagarajan; S. Yaacob
Novice Drivers Training in ADAS HMI The TRAINER Results BIB 218-222
  M. Panou; E. Bekiaris; J. F. Dolls; C. Knoll; T. Falkmer
Wireless Input Devices and Their Communication Module for Wearable Computers BIB 223-227
  K. H. Park; J. W. Jeon
Development of Ergonomic Mock-Ups for Usability Testing of In-Vehicle Communicating Systems BIB 228-232
  A. Pauzie
Travel Planning on the Web: A Cross-Cultural Case Study of Where Differences Become Evident Within the Design Process BIB 233-237
  S. Pedell; H. Degen; K.-L. Lubin; J. Zheng
Warning Strategies Adaptation in a collision avoidance/vision enhancement system BIB 238-242
  A. Polychronopoulos; D. Kempf; M. Martinetto; A. Amditis; H. Widlroither; P. C. Cacciabue; L. Andreone
A Study of Navigation Support Tools for Mobile Devices BIB 243-247
  P.-L. P. Rau; Y.-J. Wang
Short Span Interaction in Mobile Phone Answering Situations BIB 248-252
  L. Repokari
Cross Cultural Usability: An International Study on Driver Information Systems BIB 253-257
  P. Roessger; J. Hofmeister
Designing a Speech Operated Calendar Application for Mobile Users BIB 258-262
  S. Ronkainen; J. Kela; J. Marila
Basics of Intercultural Engineering: Analysis of User Requirements in Mainland China BIB 263-267
  K. Rose
Web-based applications using pen-based interfaces and network-based on-line handwriting recognition BIB 268-272
  T. Sakurada; M. Yorifuji; M. Onuma; M. Nakagawa
Information Hiding with a Handwritten Message on PDA BIB 273-277
  N. Segawa; Y. Murayama; M. Miyazaki
An Intuitive Information Space Navigation Method based on the Window Metaphor BIB 278-282
  Y. Shibuya; T. Narita; T. Yoshida; I. Kuramoto; Y. Tsujino
Optical Stain: Amplifying vestiges of a real environment by light projection BIB 283-287
  Y. Shirai; T. Owada; K. Kamei; K. Kuwabara
Evaluation of a Text Entry Method for Mobile Devices BIB 288-292
  P. Tarasewich
Modelling User Context BIB 293-297
  M.-R. Tazari; M. Grimm; M. Finke
Mobile contexts of use: Socio-spatial attributes BIB 298-302
  K. Toiskallio; S. Tamminen
Blind-handwriting Interface for Wearable Computing BIB 303-307
  J. Tokuno; N. Akira; M. Nakai; H. Shimodaira; S. Sagayama
A Run-time System for Context-Aware Multi-Device User Interfaces BIB 308-312
  J. Van den Bergh; K. Luyten; K. Coninx
Location-Transparent User Interaction for Heterogenous Environments BIB 313-317
  C. Vandervelpen; K. Luyten; K. Coninx
An Event-Based Communication Mechanism to Realize a Mobile Collaborative AR Environment BIB 318-322
  R. Wichert; M. Finke; M. Hamadou
On designing automotive HMIs for elderly drivers: the AGILE initiative BIB 323-327
  H. Widlroither; L. Hagenmeyer; S. Breker; M. Panou
A Human-Computer-Interface Concept for Mobile Devices to support Service & Maintenance Staff in Industrial Domains BIB 328-332
  C. Wittenberg; B. Otto
What Tasks are Suitable for Handheld Devices? BIB 333-337
  S. Xu; X. Fang; S. Chan; J. Brzezinski
SAMIR: A Jack of all Trades Clerk BIB 338-344
  F. Zambetta; G. Catucci; F. Abbattista; G. Semeraro
Using context information to generate dynamic user interfaces BIB 345-349
  X. Alaman; R. Cabello; F. Gomez-Arriba; P. Haya; A. Martinez; J. Martinez; G. Montoro
Web site adaptation: a model-based approach BIB 350-354
  N. Avouris; M. Koutri; S. Daskalaki
User Modelling Based on Topic Maps BIB 355-359
  W. Beinhauer; F. Koller
Practice of Gathering Requirements with Focus Group in China BIB 360-364
  B. Chen; W. Yang
Use-centered interface design for an adaptable administration system for chemical process design BIB 365-369
  C. Foltz; B. Westfechtel; L. Schmidt; H. Luczak
A Toolkit for Exploring Affective Interface Adaptation in Videogames BIB 370-374
  K. M. Gilleade; J. Allanson
Envisioning Systems Using a Photo-Essay Technique and a Scenario-Based Inquiry BIB 375-379
  K. Go; Y. Takamoto; J. M. Carroll; A. Imamiya; H. Masuda
User Learning Modeling in Learnware Design - Case Study with Dynamic Geometry Software BIB 380-384
  A. S. Gomes; A. E. de Melo Queiroz; F. Assis Tenorio de de Carvalho; F. Alves
Incorporating Adaptivity in User Interface for Computerized Educational Systems BIB 385-389
  A. Granic; V. Glavinic
Model of Intention Inference Using Bayesian Network BIB 390-394
  N. Hatakeyama; K. Furuta; K. Nakata
User Centred Design Utilizing Sensory Analysis BIB 395-399
  N. Hosono; H. Inoue; Y. Tomita; Y. Yamamoto
Adaptive Fuzzy Inference Neural Network BIB 400-404
  H. Iyatomi; M. Hagiwara
Adaptive Help for e-mail Users BIB 405-409
  K. Kabassi; M. Virvou
A Kansei-based Color Conspicuity Model and Its Application to the Design of Road Signs BIB 410-414
  K. Kamei; E. Cooper; N. Fujiiwara
A design and evaluation of the user authentication system by using characteristics of mouse movements on a soft keyboard BIB 415-419
  K. Kotani; K. Horii
Field Methods Applied to the Development of e-Learning System BIB 420-424
  M. Kurosu
A Framework for Dynamic Adaptation in Information Systems BIB 425-429
  T. Mandl; M. Schudnagis; C. Womser-Hacker
Constructing the user BIB 430-434
  L. Nielsen
UISB - The User Interface Specification Browser BIB 435-439
  M. Nieminen; T. Koskinen; M. Johnson
Development of Radiological Emergency Assistance System "MEASURES" - Situation Awareness Support Tool for Nuclear Emergency Response Activities - BIB 440-444
  S. Nukatsuka; O. Watanabe
GUI Navigator/Cover: GUI Transformation Systems for PC Novice Users BIB 445-449
  H. Okada; T. Asahi
On the Role of User Models and User Modeling in Knowledge Management Systems BIB 450-454
  L. Razmerita; A. Angehrn; T. Nabeth
An Adaptive Human-Computer Design Method Led By Objectives BIB 455-459
  C. Santoni; P. Aubert
Mutual Awareness as a Basis for Defining and Assessing Team Situation Awareness in Cooperative Work BIB 460-464
  Y. Shu; K. Furuta; K. Nakata
The Role of Adaptable Context Representations in Computer Aided Design Activities BIB 465-469
  M. Stellingwerff
Scenario-Based Acceptability Research BIB 470-474
  H. Tahira; H. Urokohara
Integrating Machine Learning Methods throughout the Temporal Extent of a Web-based Student Model BIB 475-479
  V. Tsiriga; M. Virvou
Relating Error Diagnosis and Performance Characteristics for Affect Perception and Empathy in an Educational Software Application BIB 480-484
  M. Virvou; G. Katsionis
Acting User Scenario for User Centered Design Team BIB 485-492
  K. Yamazaki
Walkable shared virtual space with avatar animation for remote communication BIB 493-497
  K. Fujita; T. Shimoji
"Moving" Avatars: Emotion Synthesis in Virtual Worlds BIB 498-502
  K. Karpouzis; A. Raouzaiou; S. Kollias
Personality Engineering for Emotional Interactive Avatars BIB 503-507
  S. Lock; P. Rayson; J. Allanson
Design of Co-existing space by Shoji interface showing Shadow BIB 508-512
  Y. Miwa; C. Ishibiki; T. Watanabe; S. Itai
Co-creation in Human-Computer Interaction BIB 513-517
  Y. Miyake
Anthropomorphic Dialog Agent Development Tool Using Facial Image Synthesis and Lip Synchronization BIB 518-522
  S. Morishima
Developing life-like Agent and Personality that is Familiar with the User-Comic strip for child- BIB 523-527
  M. Mushiake
The Implementation of RobotPHONE BIB 528-532
  D. Sekiguchi; M. Inami; S. Tachi
2.5D Video Avatar for Networked VRPhoto System BIB 533-537
  Y. Suh; D. Hong; W. Woo
Social Influence of Agent's Presence in Desktop Interaction BIB 538-542
  Y. Takeuchi; K. Watanabe; Y. Katagiri
Construction of Meaning Acquisition Model Using Prosodic Information: Toward a Smooth Human-Agent Interaction BIB 543-547
  A. Utsunomiya; T. Komatsu; K. Suzuki; K. Ueda; K. Hiraki; N. Oka
Anthropomorphic characteristics of Interface agents BIB 548-552
  M. V. Cea; E. E. Izquierdo; J. Canas
AVICE: Evolving Avatar's Movements BIB 553-557
  H. Wakaki; H. Iba
SAKURA: Voice-Driven Embodied Group-Entrained Communication System BIB 558-562
  T. Watanabe; M. Okubo
Intimate virtual communication place supported with networked "lazy Susan" BIB 563-570
  S. Wesugi; K. Ishikawa; Y. Miwa
Keyboard Encoding of Hand Gestures BIB 571-575
  N. Adamo-Villani; G. Beni
Multimodality and learning: linking science to everyday activities BIB 576-580
  S. Anastopoulou; M. Sharples; C. Baber
Making Machines Understand Facial Motion & Expressions Like Humans Do BIB 581-585
  A. A. del Valle; J.-L. Dugelay
Human Information Retrieval Based on Face Recognition in Video Image through Multi-modal Interaction Using Speech and Hand Pointing Action BIB 586-590
  Y. Ariki; M. Fujimoto; N. Yamamoto; M. Kumano
Arbitrating Multimodal Outputs: Using Ambient Displays as Interruptions BIB 591-595
  E. Arroyo; T. Selker
Parallel Versus Sequential Grammar Systems for Modelling Dialogues BIB 596-600
  S. Aydin; H. Jurgensen
Non Hierarchical Mergeable Dialogs BIB 601-605
  E. Blechschmitt; C. Strodecke
The Development of 'Hybrid' Multimodal Shopping Systems Within a 'Rapid Ethnographic' Methodology BIB 606-610
  S. Booth; S. Westerman; K. Khakzar; T. Berger; H.-M. Pohl; K. Dubracova
A rhetorical model to augment the functionality of adaptive interfaces BIB 611-615
  L. Calvi
Designing Auditory Spaces: The Role of Expectation BIB 616-620
  P. Chueng; P. Marsden
Blending Speech and Touch Together to facilitate Modelling Interactions BIB 621-625
  J. De Boeck; C. Raymaekers; K. Coninx
When Marketing meets HCI: multi-channel customer relationships and multi-modality in the personalization perspective BIB 626-630
  A. Derycke; J. Rouillard; V. Chevrin; Y. Bayart
Temporal Context and the Recognition of Emotion from Facial Expression BIB 631-635
  R. El Kaliouby; P. Robinson; S. Keates
Tablet PC - Using Field Trials to Define Product Design BIB 636-640
  E. Feldman; E. Pennington; J. Ireland
Using Confidence Scores to Improve Hands-Free Speech-Based Navigation BIB 641-645
  J. Feng; A. Sears
Foresight Scope: An Interaction Tool for Quickly and Efficiently Browsing Linked Contents BIB 646-650
  S. Fukatsu; A. Akutsu; Y. Tonomura
Magic Pages - Providing Added Value to Electronic Documents BIB 651-655
  M. Gotze; S. Schlechtweg
Interface Issues for Accessing and Skimming Speech Documents in Context with Recorded Lectures and Presentations BIB 656-660
  W. Huerst; L. S. K. A. Venkata
TOOL DEVICE: Handy Haptic Feedback Devices Imitating Everyday Tools BIB 661-665
  Y. Ikeda; A. Kimura; K. Sato
Tangible Media Player with embedded RF tags BIB 666-670
  S. Jang; N. Zhang; W. Woo
Multi-Modal Fusion Model, a design based on D.A.I.M. the Decoupled Application Interaction Model BIB 671-675
  I.-M. Jonsson
Multi-Session Group Scenarios for Speech Interface Design BIB 676-680
  K. Kanto; M. Cheadle; B. Gamback; P. Hansen; K. Jokinen; H. Keranen; J. Rissanen
Speech-based cursor control: Understanding the effects of variable cursor speed on target selection BIB 681-685
  A. Karimullah; A. Sears; M. Lin; R. Goldman
The Optimal Sizes for Pen-Input Character Boxes on PDAs BIB 686-690
  T. Kato; X. Ren; Y. Sakai; Y. Machi
A User Study On Advanced Interaction Techniques in the Virtual Dressmaker Application BIB 691-695
  M. Keckeisen; S. Stoev; M. Wacker; M. Feurer; W. Strasser
Visually Supported Design of Auditory User Interfaces BIB 696-700
  P. Klante
VRIO: A Speech Processing Unit for Virtual Reality and Real-World Scenarios - An Experience Report BIB 701-705
  D. Kranzlmueller; A. Ferscha; P. Heinzlreiter; M. Pitra; J. Volkert
Flow of action in mixed interaction modalities BIB 706-710
  E. Kruijff; S. Conrad; A. Mueller
Clues for the Identification of Implicit Information in Multimodal Referring Actions BIB 711-715
  F. Landragin
Specifying the User Interface as an Interactive Message BIB 716-720
  J. Leite
Gesture-based Interaction in Digital Museum BIB 721-725
  Z. Li; X. Meng; H. Xiang; C. Yang
Sivit ShopWindow - a video-based interaction system BIB 726-730
  M. Lutzeler; J. Racky; H. Rottger
Pointing Gesture Recognition and Indicated Object Detection BIB 731-735
  T. Mashita; Y. Iwai; M. Yachida
Laser Pointer Interaction with Hand Tremor Elimination BIB 736-740
  S. Matveyev; M. Goebel; P. Frolov
Influential Words: Natural Language in Interactive Storytelling BIB 741-745
  S. Mead; M. Cavazza; F. Charles
Interactive Sight: A New Interaction Method For Real World Environment BIB 746-750
  Y. Mitsudo; K. Mogi
Sounds@Work - Auditory Displays for Interaction in Cooperative and Hybrid Environments BIB 751-755
  C. Mueller-Tomfelde; N. Streitz; R. Steinmetz
Human Cognitive Characteristics in Speech Control for Virtual 3D Simulation on 2D Screen BIB 756-760
  M. Nakanishi; Y. Okada
An XML Based Interactive Multimedia News System BIB 761-765
  I. Pandzic
Speech-based Text Entry for Mobile Devices BIB 766-770
  K. Price; A. Sears
Proposal of Grasping Force Interface as Realtime Mickey Ratio Adjuster for Pointing Tasks of Mouse BIB 771-775
  S. Sato; M. Kitajima; Y. Fukui
Novel Interaction Techniques for Virtual Heritage Applications using Chinese Calligraphy Brush and Virtual Avatar BIB 776-780
  M. Song; T. Elias; W. Mueller-Wittig; T. Chan
DynaGraffiti: Hand-written Annotation System for Interactive and Dynamic Digital Information BIB 781-785
  S. Tano; D. Ogisawa; M. Iwata; Y. Sasaki
EDEMO-Gesture Based Interaction with Future Environments BIB 786-790
  J. Vehmas; S. Kallio; J. Kela; J. Plomp; E. Tuulari; H. Ailisto
Malleable Paper: A User Interface for Reading and Browsing BIB 791-795
  J. Wang; C. Jiang
FreeDraw: a Drawing System with Multimodal User Interface BIB 796-800
  Y. Wang; W. Yue; J. Tan; H. Wang; S. Dong
Enhancing Tangible User Interfaces with Physically Based Modeling BIB 801-805
  J. Weidenhausen
Modelling Emphatic Events from Non-Speech Aware Documents in Speech Based User Interfaces BIB 806-810
  G. Xydas; D. Spiliotopoulos; G. Kouroupetroglou
A Direct Manipulation Interface with Vision-based Human Figure Control BIB 811-815
  S. Yonemoto; R.-i. Taniguchi
Combining Usability with Field Research: Designing an Application for the Tablet PC BIB 816-820
  W. Zhu; L. Birtley; N. Burgess-Whitman
A Universal Approach to Multimodal User Interfaces BIB 821-828
  P. Zikovsky; Z. Mikovec; P. Slavik
Evaluating an Online Academic Community: 'Purpose' is the Key BIB 829-833
  C. Abras; D. Maloney-Krichmar; J. J. Preece
Socio-Technical Evaluation of Computer Supported Work and Learning Systems BIB 834-838
  E. Akar; J. H. E. Andriessen; J. Attema; B. Tuncer
FLIRT: Social services for the urban context BIB 839-843
  D. Bell; B. Hooker; F. Raby
Approaches to the Design and Measurement of Social and Information Awareness in Augmented Reality Systems BIB 844-848
  F. Biocca; J. Rolland; G. Plantegenest; C. Reddy; C. Harms; C. Owen; W. Mou; A. Tang
An interface for supporting versioning in a cooperative editor BIB 849-853
  M. Borges; A. Meire; J. Pino
Suspenseful User Experiences in Collaborative Virtual Spaces, Enabled by Interactive Narration BIB 854-858
  N. Braun; O. Schneider
Collaboration and Core Competence in the Virtual Enterprise BIB 859-863
  R. Breite; H. Vanharanta
Supporting Operations-Reference Knowledge Development Cycles for Collaborative, Distributed Research BIB 864-868
  B. Caldwell; S. Ghosh
Data Analysis and Visualization for Usability Evaluation for Collaborative Systems BIB 869-873
  J. Campbell; E. Stanziola; A. Sears
Capillary CSCW BIB 874-878
  B. David; R. Chalon; G. Vaisman; O. Delotte
Man Machine Cooperation BIB 879-883
  B. David; A. Skaf
Requirements for Intelligent Access to Mankind's Collective Memory in I-Mass BIB 884-888
  G. de Haan
Creating social presence through peripheral awareness BIB 889-893
  B. De Ruyter; C. Huijnen; P. Markopoulos; W. Ijsselstein
Shared displays to increase social presence BIB 894-898
  M. Divitini; B. A. Farshchian
An Interactive Ontology-Based Query Formulation Approach for Exploratory Styles of Interaction BIB 899-903
  E. Garcia; M. A. Sicilia; P. Diaz; I. Aedo
Modeling Collaborative Environment BIB 904-908
  M. Gea; F. Gutierrez; J. L. Garrido; J. Canas
Ontology Based Search for Distributed Agent Platforms BIB 909-913
  V. Glavinic; M. Cupic
The Treatment of Collaboration in the Usability Evaluation Models for Collaborative Virtual Environments BIB 914-918
  I. Heldal
A Support System for Collaborative Decision Making by People of Different Countries BIB 919-923
  Y. Hong; M. Nagata; T.-S. Kim
Staying in Touch Social Presence and Connectedness through Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Media BIB 924-928
  W. Ijsselstein; J. Van Baren; F. van Lanen
Development of an Education System for Surface Mount Work of a Printed Circuit Board BIB 929-933
  H. Ishii; T. Kobayashi; H. Fujino; Y. Nishimura; H. Shimoda; H. Yoshikawa; W. Wei; N. Terashita
Virtual manufacturing approach to collaborative design and production for hard-tissue implants BIB 934-938
  T. Ito; T. Sato
MetaChart - Using Creativity Methods in a CSCW Environment BIB 939-943
  D. Janssen; T. Schlegel; M. Wissen; J. Ziegler
Designing Online Communities: Community-Centered Development for Intensively Focused User Groups BIB 944-948
  E. Kalaitzakis; G. A. Dafoulas; L. A. Macaulay
Collaborative searching and browsing with a large interactive display BIB 949-953
  C. Knowles; S. J. Cunningham
CoVitesse: A Groupware Interface for Collaborative Navigation on the WWW BIB 954-958
  Y. Laurillau; L. Nigay
Engineering and Evaluation of Community Support in useworld.net BIB 959-963
  S. Leuchter; L. Urbas; K. Rose
An End Users Dedicated New Language for Geographical Information Retrieval BIB 964-968
  M. Limam; M. Gaio; J. Madelaine
Study on A Retrieval Method which Reflects Individual Preferences by Preference Analysis with Mediation Variables BIB 969-973
  T. Mitsuishi
Developing of an Interactive Virtual Space Station BIB 974-978
  T. Mujber; T. Szecsi; M. S. J. Hashmi
A Tsunami Hazard Mitigation System from the Viewpoint of Human Interface BIB 979-983
  Y. Nakatani
Investigating Intra-Family Communication Using Photo Diaries BIB 984-988
  H. Nassla; D. Carr
Teaching Teamwork Online BIB 989-993
  L. Neal; E. Entin; F. Lai
Providing Access to Humour Manipulation for Individuals with Complex Communication Needs BIB 994-998
  D. O. Mara; A. Waller; J. Todman
GraphSQL: a Visual Query Specification Language for Relational Databases BIB 999-1003
  M. Porta
Sociality of an Interface Agent for Sharing Mutual Beliefs in Collaborative Monitoring of Complex Artifact Systems with a Human Operator BIB 1004-1008
  T. Sawaragi; Y. Horiguchi; Y. Nishimoto
Integration of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems BIB 1009-1013
  H. Suguri; E. Kodama; M. Miyazaki
Transparent Community: Creating a Novel Community Framework Using P2P Technologies BIB 1014-1018
  H. Tamura; T. Hidaka; T. Oishi; K. Kikuma
A Proposal for Under-the-Door Communications on the Network BIB 1019-1023
  T. Tomita; Y. Murayama
CMS: A Collaborative Work Environment for the Assurance of Conference Proceedings Quality BIB 1024-1028
  D. T. Fernandez; S. O. Barriales; M. G. Rodriguez; J. R. P. Perez
Collaboration Table: An Alternative Medium for Multi-user Multi-site Cooperation BIB 1029-1033
  H. Umemuro
The Design of a Recollection Supporting Device A Study into Triggering Personal Recollections BIB 1034-1038
  E. van den Hoven; B. Eggen
Evaluating technologies in domestic contexts: extending diary techniques with field testing of prototypes BIB 1039-1043
  H. van Vugt; P. Markopoulos
A Collective of Smart Artefacts Hopes for Collaboration with the Owner BIB 1044-1048
  E. Vildjiounaite; E.-J. Malm; J. Kaartinen; P. Alahuhta
Integrated Information System for Supporting Maintenance Activities of Nuclear Power Plants BIB 1049-1053
  W. Wei; T. Ohi; Y. Ozaki; Y. Zhou; H. Yoshikawa
Advanced methods of search query refinement in web environment BIB 1054-1060
  P. Zikovsky; P. Slavik
A Training System for Coronary Stent Implant Simulation BIB 1061-1065
  G. Aloisio; L. De Paolis; L. Provenzano; M. Cafaro
prototyping.ppt - Power Point for interface - simulation of complex machines BIB 1066-1070
  B. Bonisch; J. Held; H. Krueger
Computer simulations according to different learning theories BIB 1071-1075
  G. Broder
Simulation Supported Learning of Soft Computing Models BIB 1076-1080
  B. D. Basic; V. Glavinic; M. Cupic
Experimental Interfaces for Visual Browsing of Large Collections of Images BIB 1081-1085
  G. Demontis; M. Mosconi; M. Porta
The relationship between simulator sickness and presence: positive, negative, none? BIB 1086-1090
  H. Duh; J. Lin; D. Parker; T. Furness
Synergistic Use of Visualisation Technique and Web Navigation Model for Information Space Exploration BIB 1091-1095
  C. Freitas; R. Cava; M. Winckler; P. Palanque
Visualizing Activity in Shared Information Spaces BIB 1096-1100
  W. Grather; W. Prinz
The Development from Physical to Interaction based Simulation Procedures on the Example of Virtual Cables or Hose Simulations BIB 1101-1105
  E. Hergenrother
Visualizing Metadata: LevelTable vs. GranularityTable in the SuperTable/Scatterplot Framework BIB 1106-1110
  T. Limbach; P. Klein; F. Muller; H. Reiterer
'SnapShots' - A Household Visualisation and Planning Tool BIB 1111-1115
  J. Matthews
Development of an OS Visualization System for Learning Systems Programming BIB 1116-1120
  Y. Nishino; E. Hayakawa
Lessons Learned in Designing a 3D Interface for Collaborative Inquiry in Scientific Visualization BIB 1121-1125
  S. Olbrich; N. Jensen
Visualizing Social Navigation in Scientific Literature BIB 1126-1130
  P. Pu; P. Gupta
Visual Interfaces for Opportunistic Information Seeking BIB 1131-1135
  P. Pu; P. Janecek
Visualization and interaction in a SCADA throughout GIS components BIB 1136-1140
  M. S. Touza; J. T. Gonzalez; J. F. Gonzalez; J. Del Rio Cumbreno
Hybrid Visualization of Manufacturing Management Information for the Shop Floor BIB 1141-1145
  S. Stowasser
Visualizing aircraft properties: An empirical study BIB 1146-1152
  M. Tavanti; G. Flynn
Usability Tests with Interactive Maps BIB 1153-1157
  N. Andrienko; G. Andrienko
Supporting the Evocation Process in Creative Design BIB 1158-1162
  N. Bonnardel; E. Marmeche
The Use of m-Commerce Services and Technologies as an Instrument of Personnel Marketing - Conceptual Considerations and Empirical Studies BIB 1163-1167
  I. Bruns; O. Oehme; H. Luczak
Developing a Framework for HCI Influences on Creativity BIB 1168-1172
  W. Burleson
Direct Manipulation for E-commerce Sites: a New Approach BIB 1173-1177
  G. Capozzo; M. Mosconi; M. Porta
A Prototype of a Graphical Guiding System BIB 1178-1182
  Y.-T. Chen; Y.-n. Lai; Z.-Y. Xua; W.-L. Jian
Developing Interactive Art Using Visual Programming BIB 1183-1187
  E. Edmonds; L. Candy; M. Fell; R. Knott; S. Pauletto; A. Weakley
Persistent Cart Design: A Review of Implementations BIB 1188-1192
  D. Fletcher; M. Fletcher
Adaptive Plant Human-Machine Interface Based on State Recognition and Machine Learning BIB 1193-1197
  K. Furuta; I. Kataoka; K. Nakata
Development of a Dynamic Operation Permission System for CRT-based operation interfaces BIB 1198-1202
  A. Gofuku; Y. Ozaki; T. Ohi; K. Ito
Optimization of Instrument Calibration Intervals by On-line Sensor Monitoring Techniques BIB 1203-1207
  N. Hayashi; M. Nomura
Development of Maintenance Knowledge Management System for Power Plant BIB 1208-1212
  K. Hirai; T. Ohi
Customer Relationship Management in E-business BIB 1213-1217
  D. Horn; R. Feinberg; G. Salvendy
A Computerized Graphic Interface on Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP) BIB 1218-1222
  F.-H. Hwang; S.-L. Hwang
Usability of Spatial Decision Support Tools for Collaborative Water Resource Planning BIB 1223-1227
  P. Jankowski
An Interface for Mapping Spatio-Temporal Elements of Urban Air Pollution BIB 1228-1232
  A. Koussoulakou; D. Sarafidis
Attitudes Towards Technology Use in Public Areas: The Influence of External Factors on ATM use BIB 1233-1237
  L. Little; P. Briggs; D. Knight; L. Coventry
The Interface Design of Alarm Signals for Improving the Performance of the Second Vigilance BIB 1238-1242
  C.-L. Liu
Incorporating graphical interface technique into development of a training system for emergency response center BIB 1243-1247
  H. Liu; Y.-M. Gu; S.-L. Hwang
The automated construction of relevance maps using spatial data mining BIB 1248-1252
  M. May
Information Support for Annual Maintenance with Wearable Device BIB 1253-1257
  T. Nagamatsu; T. Ohtuji; H. Ishii; H. Shimoda; H. Yoshikawa; W. Wei
Toward A Taxonomy of Interaction Design Techniques for Externalizing in Creative Work BIB 1258-1262
  K. Nakakoji; Y. Yamamoto
Dynamic Query Choropleth Maps for Information Seeking and Decision Making BIB 1263-1267
  K. L. Norman; H. Zhao; B. Shneiderman; E. Golub
Design and Prototype Development of Building Energy Management Agent System BIB 1268-1272
  F. Obayashi; Y. Tokunaga; J. Nomura
Development of an Advanced Human-machine Interface System to Enhance Operating Availability of Nuclear Power Plants BIB 1273-1277
  T. Ohi; W. Wei; Y. Ozaki; H. Yoshikawa; T. Sawaragi; M. Kitamura; K. Furuta; A. Gofuku; K. Ito
Supporting Creative Work BIB 1278-1282
  D. Oppenheim
Cell Phone vs. Computer: A Comparison of Electronic Commerce and Mobile Commerce from the User's Perspective BIB 1283-1287
  A. A. Ozok
How to Treat Your Customers: Guidelines for Consistency in E-Commerce BIB 1288-1292
  A. A. Ozok; G. Salvendy; K. Oldenburger
A Study of Culture Differences for Browsing Hypertext on Handheld Devices BIB 1293-1297
  P.-L. P. Rau; Y.-J. Chen
When Computers Fade... Pervasive Computing and Situationally-Induced Impairments and Disabilities BIB 1298-1302
  A. Sears; M. Lin; J. Jacko; Y. Xiao
Fostering Motivation and Creativity for Computer Users BIB 1303-1307
  T. Selker
Inspection and Condition Monitoring Service on the Web for Nuclear Power Plants BIB 1308-1312
  Y. Sonoda; Y. Hirose
Implication of Cognitive Style Questionnaire-MBTI in User Interface Design BIB 1313-1317
  K.-W. Su; S.-L. Hwang; S.-H. Lee
Information Provision for Maintenance Work with Distributed DB Framework BIB 1318-1322
  M. Takahashi; Y. Ito; H. Sato; M. Kitamura; W. Wei; T. Ohi
Navigating Data - Selections, Scales, Multiples BIB 1323-1327
  M. Theus
The Advanced Main Control Board for Next Japanese PWR Plants BIB 1328-1332
  A. Tsuchiya; T. Yano; K. Ito; M. Kitamura
The Evaluation of the Graphical User Interfaces of Four B2C E-commerce Websites in Taiwan BIB 1333-1337
  S.-T. Uang
Perception of E-commerce: A View from an Industrial Engineer's Perspective BIB 1338-1342
  M. M. Yenisey
An evaluation of Turkish e-commerce sites according to several guidelines: An empirical study BIB 1343-1350
  M. M. Yenisey; C. E. Bozdag; P. Nisari
Ergonomic Analysis of a Distributed System BIB 1351-1355
  A. Cakir
A Training System for Maintenance Personnel in Nuclear Power Plants BIB 1356-1360
  M. Fukuda; Y. Ohga
Evaluation of Workplace for People with Alternative Abilities BIB 1361-1365
  E. Gorska; J. Lewandowski
Symptoms of depression in the VDT - operators BIB 1366-1370
  A. Janocha; E. Salomon; L. Borodulin-Nadzieja; R. Skalik; M. Sobieszczanska
Human Factors as a Determinant of Quality of Work BIB 1371-1375
  A. Kawecka-Endler
Technostress, Quality of Work Life, and Locus of Control BIB 1376-1380
  K. Khan; J. Fisher
The Framework for Indirect Management Features of Process Control User Interfaces BIB 1381-1385
  T. Koskinen; M. Nieminen; H. Paunonen; J. Oksanen
The Assessment of the Working Computer Systems in the Enterprise Made by Computer Operators BIB 1386-1390
  K. Lis; J. Olszewski; M. Szczubelek
Operator's Contribution to the Success of Control Board Renewal Project of Genkai 1&2 of Japanese PWR Nuclear Power Plant BIB 1391-1395
  S. Miyanari; k. Tomita; K. Hattori
Definition and prototyping of ErgoMonitor - an online monitoring system for ergonomic evaluation of human-computer interaction in a Web environment BIB 1396-1400
  M. Morandini; W. de Abreu Cybis
The State of Ergonomic Consciousness of Employees as An Index of Safety Quality of the Organisation BIB 1401-1405
  T. Musiol
The Adaptation to Main Control Room of a New Human Machine Interface Design BIB 1406-1410
  Y. Niwa; H. Yoshikawa
A Phenomenon of Computer in Human Life BIB 1411-1415
  P. Nowakowski; J. Charytonowicz
Have Operators to Forget the Old System in Order to Acquire the New One? A Case Study in the Health Care Context BIB 1416-1420
  F. Rizzo; O. Parlangeli; S. Bagnara
An Operator Training System based on Man Machine Simulator BIB 1421-1425
  K. Sasou; K. Takano; M. Ebisu
Experimental Studies of Computerized Support System from Human-Centered Aspect BIB 1426-1430
  H. Yoshikawa; T. Ozawa