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Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Note:Crete University Press - Adjunct proceedings ISBN 9-6052-4166-8 - 304 pages
Editors:Julie Jacko; Constantine Stephanidis
Location:Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Dates:2003-Jun-22 to 2003-Jun-27
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISBN 0-8058-4930-0; hcibib: HCII03-1
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  1. HCII 2003-06-22 Volume 1
    1. Human factors and ergonomics

HCII 2003-06-22 Volume 1

Human factors and ergonomics

Use Case Maps: A Visual Notation for Scenario-Based User Requirements BIB 3-7
  A. Alsumait; A. Seffah; T. Radhakrishnan
A Socio-centric Model of User Interactions BIB 8-12
  D. Ambaye
Tools for task-based interaction and collaboration analysis BIB 13-17
  N. Avouris; G. Fiotakis; N. Tselios; V. Komis
The Semiotic Engineering Use of Models for Supporting Reflection-in-Action BIB 18-22
  S. Barbosa; C. S. de Souza; M. G. de Paula
Levels of Guidance BIB 23-27
  A. Basden
Guidelines and Freedom in Proximal User Interfaces BIB 28-32
  A. Basden
It's all in a days work of a software engineer BIB 33-37
  I. Boivie; J. Gulliksen; B. Goransson
Semiotic Conference: Work Signs and Participatory Design BIB 38-42
  R. Bonacin; M. C. Baranauskas
Creative Design of Interactive Products and Use of Usability Guidelines - a Contradiction? BIB 43-47
  M. Burmester; J. Machate
Study of Spatial Biological Systems using a Graphical User Interface BIB 48-52
  N. Burroughs; G. Tsibidis; W. Gaze; L. Wellington
The use of Metaphors for Interaction between Children and Children's sites BIB 53-57
  A. Carusi; V. Nojima
Can novice designers apply usability criteria and recommendations to make web sites easier to use? BIB 58-62
  A. Chevalier; M. Ivory
Learning from Museum Visits: Shaping Design Sensitivities BIB 63-67
  L. Ciolfi; L. Bannon
Scenarios in the model-based process for design and evolution of cooperative applications BIB 68-72
  B. David; R. Chalon; O. Delotte; G. Vaisman
Configuring the Design Process - Applying the JIET Design Process Framework BIB 73-77
  H. Degen; S. Pedell; S. Schoen
Finding Decisions Through Artefacts BIB 78-82
  A. Dix; D. Ramduny-Ellis; P. Rayson; V. Onditi; I. Sommerville; A. Mackenzie
The Constrained Ink Metaphor BIB 83-87
  B. Eiderback; S. Lindquist; B. Westerlund
Meta-Design: Beyond User-Centered and Participatory Design BIB 88-92
  G. Fischer
Usability Patterns in Software Architecture BIB 93-97
  E. Folmer; J. Bosch
Bridging the Gap between Scenarios and Formal Models BIB 98-102
  P. Forbrig; A. Dittmar
A Layered Approach for Designing Multiple User Interfaces from Task and Domain Models BIB 103-107
  E. Furtado; J. J. a. Furtado; Q. Limbourg; J. Vanderdonckt; W. B. Silva; D. W. T. Rodrigues; L. da Silva Taddeo
A Pattern Framework for Eliciting and Delivering UCD Knowledge and Practices BIB 108-112
  A. Gaffar; H. Javahery; A. Seffah
Towards virtual intuitive tools for computer aided design BIB 113-117
  Y. Gardan; E. Malik; E. Perrin
Engineering the HCI profession or softening development processes BIB 118-122
  J. Gulliksen; S. Blomkvist; B. Goransson
Experiences with User Centered Development (UCD) for the Front End of the Virtual Medical Campus Graz BIB 123-127
  A. Holzinger
Interface Metaphors for Automated Mobile Phone Services BIB 128-132
  M. Howell; S. Love; M. Turner; D. Van Laar
Ecological Interface Design in Practice: A Design for Petrochemical Processing Operations BIB 133-137
  G. Jamieson; W. Ho; D. V. Reising
Lightweight Contextual Design - a Case Study in Process Control Environment BIB 138-142
  K. Kontio; J. Rauhamaa; M. Nieminen; T. Koskinen
Process Snapshots Supporting Operators' Expertise Management BIB 143-147
  T. Koskinen; M. Nieminen; H. Paunonen; J. Oksanen
Aspect Model-Based Methods for Scenarios and Prototype Development BIB 148-152
  Y.-k. Lim; K. Sato
DESK-H: Building Meaningful Histories in an Editor of Dynamic Web Pages BIB 153-157
  J. A. M. Iglesias; P. C. Azpilicueta
MetroWeb: a Tool to Support Guideline-Based Web Evaluation BIB 158-162
  C. Mariage; J. Vanderdonckt
Deriving Manuals from Formal Specifications BIB 163-167
  M. Massink; D. Latella
Towards a Systematic Empirical Validation of HCI Knowledge Captured as Patterns BIB 168-172
  E. Metzker; A. Seffah; A. Gaffar
User-centered Design in the Software Engineering Lifecycle: Organizational, Cultural and Educational Obstacles to a Successful Integration BIB 173-177
  E. Metzker; A. Seffah
Delegation Systems: Staying in Charge of Highly Flexible Automation BIB 178-182
  C. Miller; R. Goldman; H. Funk; R. Parasuraman
Designing for Proficient Users: Drawing from the Realities of Practice BIB 183-187
  D. Nathanael; N. Marmaras; B. Papantoniou
Mindtape - a Technique in Verbal Protocol Analysis BIB 188-192
  J. Nielsen; N. Christiansen; T. Clemmensen; C. Yssing
Development of GUI Design Consistency Auto-Scoring System BIB 193-197
  H. Okada; T. Asahi
Automatic Generation of Interactive Systems: Why A Task Model is not Enough BIB 198-202
  P. Palanque; R. Bastide; M. Winckler
Loosing Reality in the Modeling Process BIB 203-207
  J. Persson
Metaphors in Design - out of date? BIB 208-212
  A. Pirhonen
A Theory of Information Scent BIB 213-217
  P. Pirolli
Social Network Analysis of a Participatory Designed Online Foreign Language Course BIB 218-222
  M. S. Rajasekaran; P. Zaphiris
A Comprehensive Process Model for Usable Information Architecture Systems: Integrating Top-down and Bottom-up Information Architecture BIB 223-227
  A. Reichenauer; T. Komischke
A New Approach to Software Reuse Based on Interpretative Approach to Analogical Reasoning BIB 228-232
  N. Reyhani; K. Badie
MenuSelector: Automated Generation of Dynamic Menus with Guidelines Support BIB 233-237
  J. Spoidenne; J. Vanderdonckt
From Scenarios to Interactive Workflow Specifications BIB 238-242
  C. Stary
Synthesising Creativity: Systems to support interactive human processes for aesthetic product design BIB 243-247
  M. Stavrakis; T. Spyrou; J. Darzentas
Task-Object Models for the Development of Interactive Web Sites BIB 248-252
  G. Szwillus; B. Bomsdorf
Coordination Patterns -Towards Declarative Modeling of Coordination Requirements within Cooperative Work Arrangements BIB 253-257
  P. Thies
System Development Influenced by Rituals and Taboos BIB 258-262
  K. T. Levinsen
TOMBOLA: Simulation and User-Specific Presentation of Executable Task Models BIB 263-267
  H. Uhr
Development of a Crew Station Design Tool BIB 268-272
  B. Walters; S. Archer; S. Pray
A Methodology for the Component-Based Development of Web Applications BIB 273-280
  M. Wissen; J. Ziegler
Eighteen Classes of Functionality: The D.EU.PS. Model of Information Systems Use BIB 281-285
  P. Agerfalk; E. Eliason
Use Cases and User Interface Artefacts BIB 286-290
  T. Balfe; F. O'Connor
Delta: Modelling Cognitive Performance BIB 291-295
  L. Bayssie; L. Chaudron
Expanding HCI Methodologies to Incorporate Motivational Evaluation BIB 296-300
  W. Burleson
Event Cycle and Knowledge Development in NASA Mission Control Center BIB 301-305
  B. Caldwell; E. Wang
Need for Action Oriented Design and Evaluation of Information Systems BIB 306-310
  S. Cronholm
Interaction Literacy: Form, Function and Fitness at the Interface BIB 311-315
  E. Davenport
Web Design, Interface Design, Usability, Software Ergonomics: Mixing All Those Approaches BIB 316-320
  A. de Moraes; R. Santos
Integrating Data Analysis, Navigation and Knowledge Transfer by Visualizing Conceptual Models BIB 321-325
  M. Eibl
The Copernican Shift: HCI Education & the Design Enterprise BIB 326-330
  A. Faiola
Conceptualising an Experience Framework for HCI BIB 331-335
  S. Fiore
Improving Knowledge Transfer Through Ubiquitous Multimedia Applications BIB 336-340
  S. Giff
The New Demographic: Transforming the HCI Curriculum BIB 341-345
  W. Gribbons
A Tentative Model for Procuring Usable Systems BIB 346-350
  S. Holmlid; H. Artman
Conceptual Modeling for Interaction Design BIB 351-355
  Q. Hua; H. Wang; M. Hemmje
The HCI landscape: a historical perspective BIB 356-360
  A. Jorgensen
Interaction and Distance Education BIB 361-365
  S. Levialdi; M. De Marsico
The Etiquette Perspective on Human-Computer Interaction BIB 366-370
  C. Miller
The Imaginative Powers of the User'S Mind - a prerequisite in human-computer interaction BIB 371-375
  J. Nielsen
CII: A Taxonomic Model of Innovations in Human-Computer Interaction BIB 376-380
  T. Partala
End-User Requirements for Seamless and Transparent Middleware BIB 381-385
  P. Poyry; L. Repokari
The Role of Voluntary Attention in HCI BIB 386-390
  G. Pravettoni; S. Bagnara
The Challenges of Teaching HCI Online: It's Mostly About Creating Community BIB 391-395
  J. J. Preece; C. Abras
"A Role With No Edges": The Work Practices of Information Architects BIB 396-400
  T. Robertson; C. Hewlett; S. Harvey; J. Edwards
Problem-Based Learning in New Media Education: The Case for Human-Computer Interaction BIB 401-405
  H. Rosenbaum; M. Swan
Human-system Interaction Container Paradigm BIB 406-410
  C. Sedogbo; P. Bisson; O. Grisvard; T. Poibeau
Measuring the Immeasurable: System Usability, User Satisfaction and Quality Management BIB 411-418
  M. Sikorski
Coping with Increasing SW Complexity - Stepwise Feature Introduction and User-Centred Design BIB 419-423
  H. Anttila; R.-J. Back; P. Ketola; K. Konkka; J. Leskela; E. Rysa
User-Centered Software Design and Development: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction BIB 424-428
  N. Aykin
Accreditation of Usability Professionals BIB 429-433
  N. Bevan
Usability Net Methods for User Centred Design BIB 434-438
  N. Bevan
Usability Design for the Home Media Station BIB 439-443
  K. Chorianopoulos; D. Spinellis
Usability Support for Managers BIB 444-448
  N. Claridge
Usage-Centered Design: Scalability and Integration with Software Engineering BIB 449-453
  L. Constantine; H. Windl
User Research at Adobe: Establishing a User-Centered Culture BIB 454-458
  S. Ehrlich
Usability Evaluation as a Component of the OPEN Development Framework BIB 459-463
  J. Eklund; M. Baker; D. Lowe
How to Integrate Usability and Functional Requirements: A Usability Requirements Model BIB 464-468
  J. Fransson; E. Bosson; E. Svensson
ObSys - a Tool for Visualizing Usability Evaluation Patterns with Mousemaps BIB 469-473
  M. Gellner; P. Forbrig
Lightweight Usability Engineering Scaling Usability-Evaluation to a Minimum? BIB 474-478
  R. Hartwig; C. Darolti; M. Herczeg
State of the Art: Approaches to Behaviour Coding in Usability Laboratories in German-Speaking Countries BIB 479-483
  B. Hofmann; M. Hummer; P. Blachani
Communication across the HCI/SE divide: ISO 13407 and the Rational Unified Process BIB 484-488
  B. John; L. Bass; R. J. Adams
Systematic Determination of Quantitative Usability Requirements BIB 489-493
  T. Jokela; N. Iivari
Diary as a Usability Testing Method BIB 494-498
  E. Kangas; J. Sinisammal; S. Paihonen
Usability of Ergonomics Softwares in the Design Process BIB 499-503
  S. Kaygin; C. Erbug; M. Alibaba
Why Can't Software Engineers and HCI Practitioners Work Together? BIB 504-508
  R. Kazman; J. Gunaratne; B. Jerome
Usability Support for EU Projects Experiences and Actions BIB 509-513
  J. Kirakowski; M. Tscheligi; V. Giller; P. Froehlich
Designing the UsabilityNet Web Site: A Case Study BIB 514-518
  J. Kirakowski
Usability Testing on All Products (UTAP): how it was incorporated into software development process BIB 519-523
  T. Kobayashi
Usability in India - An Uneven Journey BIB 524-528
  A. L. Chavan
An Account of Factors that Determine HCI Design Uptake in a Techno-Centered Country Like Singapore BIB 529-533
  K. Y. Lim
Promoting Usability Engineering in China BIB 534-538
  Z. Liu; H. Zhang; J. Chen; L. Zhang
Usability Metrics in Adaptive Agent-based Tutoring Systems BIB 539-543
  V. Lopez-Jaquero; F. Montero; A. Fernandez-Caballero; M. L. Perez
Procuring Usable Systems - An Analysis of a Commercial Procurement Project BIB 544-548
  E. Markensten
Usability of Software Online Documentation: A User Study BIB 549-553
  A. Moallem
The Common Industry Format: A Way for Vendors and Customers to Talk about Software Usability BIB 554-558
  J. Scholtz; E. Morse; S. Laskowski; A. Wichansky; K. Butler; K. Sullivan
Ten Factors Affecting Adobe's Overseas Research BIB 559-563
  L. Shade
Usability and HCI in India: cultural and technological determinants BIB 564-568
  A. Smith; K. Ghosh; A. Joshi
Usability Challenges in Social Projects in Brazil: Lessons Learned about the Digital Divide BIB 569-573
  C. S. de Souza; S. Barbosa; R. O. Prates
Example of a motorcycle manufacturer's approaches to usability BIB 574-578
  M. Sugizaki
Scenarios, Models and the Design Process in Software Engineering and Interactive Systems Design BIB 579-583
  A. Sutcliffe
A European Usability Forum Collaborating on Strategic Initiatives BIB 584-588
  M. Tscheligi; V. Giller; P. Froehlich
A Usability Study of an Object-Based Undo Facility BIB 589-593
  I. Vargas; J. Borges; M. Perez-Quinones
Usability Engineering in South Africa Today: Challenges and Opportunities BIB 594-598
  J. Wesson; D. Van Greunen
Usability of Usability Engineers: Usability Activities in Developing Office Products BIB 599-603
  M. Yamasaki; R. Shimamura; T. Inagaki
User Interface Design in Korea: Research Directions for a Digital Society BIB 604-610
  W. C. Yoon; S.-H. Yoo; D.-S. Lee
Establishing user requirements in HCI - a case-study in medical informatics BIB 611-615
  H. Andersen; V. Andersen
Too Many Hierarchies? The Daily Struggle for Control of the Workspace BIB 616-620
  R. Boardman; R. Spence; M. A. Sasse
Do Interrupted Users Work Faster or Slower? The Micro-analysis of Computerized Text Editing Task BIB 621-625
  I. Burmistrov; A. Leonova
Experimental evaluation of the effectiveness of expert online help strategies BIB 626-630
  A. Capobianco
Automatic vs. Intellectual Document Clustering: Evaluating 2D Topographic Maps BIB 631-635
  M. Eibl; T. Mandl
Evaluation of Story-Based Content Structure and Navigation for a Learning Module in SCORM BIB 636-640
  B. Gauss; C. Hausmanns; R. Zerry; G. Wozny; L. Urbas
Assessment and Improvement of the Integrated Hazard Avoidance System for General Aviation Interface BIB 641-645
  S.-L. Hwang; W.-Y. Chen
Usability Evaluation for the Commercial Aircraft Cockpit BIB 646-650
  D. Kaber; M. Clamann
A <> Approach in the Case of CBL Environment: The <> Experience BIB 651-655
  A. Karoulis; S. Demetriadis; A. Pombortsis
A Comparative Study of Design Solutions for Industrial Process Control Systems BIB 656-660
  T. Komischke; G. Govindaraj; K. Rose; M. Takahashi
Multimodal interfaces evaluation with virtual reality simulation BIB 661-665
  L. Le Bodic; P. Deloor; J. Kahn
A Remote Camera Control Interface to Decrease the Influence of the Delay Time BIB 666-670
  K. Murata; Y. Shibuya; I. Kuramoto; Y. Tsujino
Mobile and Stationary User Interfaces - Differences and Similarities Based on Two Examples BIB 671-675
  E. G. Nilsson; O.-W. Rahlff
Understanding the tradeoffs of Interface Evaluation Methods BIB 676-680
  J. L. Nogueira; A. C. B. Garcia
Live the Vision character- and plot-driven scenarios in case-based material BIB 681-685
  R. Orngreen
A Comparison of Four New Communication Technologies BIB 686-690
  R. Rettie
Design Process for Product Families - a case study of a software application package for hearing acousticians BIB 691-695
  N. Sandweg; H. Bergmeier; S. Pedell; B. Knapp; E. Kaiser
Impact of Cognitive Style upon Sense of Presence BIB 696-700
  C. Sas; G. O'Hare
3D Modelling Is Not for WIMPs BIB 701-705
  S. Scali; M. Wright; A. M. Shillito
PICK - A Scenario-based Approach to Sensor Selection for Interactive Applications BIB 706-710
  J. Sheridan; J. Allanson
A proposal of guideline for colour arrangement on screen design used in VDT works BIB 711-715
  M. Takemoto; Y. Okada
Development and Validation of a Tool for Measuring Online Trust BIB 716-720
  C. Thomas; C. Corritore; B. Kracher; S. Wiedenbeck
User Interface Evaluation Methods for Internet Banking Web Sites: A Review, Evaluation and Case Study BIB 721-725
  D. Wenham; P. Zaphiris
Analysis of interaction for shape modification during conceptual design BIB 726-732
  T. Wiegers; R. Dumitrescu; J. Vergeest; C. Wang
A Fuzzy Model to Measure Colour Contrast as an aspect of Web Usability BIB 733-737
  M. Abulkhair; S. North
Brazil: Corporate Web Sites and Human-Computer Interaction, a Case Study BIB 738-742
  L. Agner; A. de Moraes
Usability Evaluation of Architecture Based Web Sites BIB 743-747
  C. Akoglu; O. Ozcan
MiLE: a reuse-oriented usability evaluation method for the web BIB 748-752
  D. Bolchini; L. Triacca; M. Speroni
Evaluation of Tourism Website Effectiveness: Methodological Issues and Survey Results BIB 753-757
  A. Corfu; L. Manuel; C. Costa
At the Right Time: when to sort web history and bookmarks BIB 758-762
  A. Dix; J. Marshall
ANTS: An Automatic Navigability Testing System for Web Sites BIB 763-767
  M. G. Gallego; M. del Puerto Paule Ruiz; J. R. P. Perez; M. G. Rodriguez
Presenting Results of a Search Engine for Recorded Lectures in order to Support Relevance Decisions by the User BIB 768-772
  W. Huerst
Characteristics of Web Site Designs: Reality vs. Recommendations BIB 773-777
  M. Ivory
The Effects of Expertise in Web Searching BIB 778-782
  C. Jenkins; C. Corritore; S. Wiedenbeck
Web-site quality evaluation,a case study on European cultural web-sites BIB 783-787
  S. Z. Karagiorgoudi; E. G. Karatzas; T. S. Papatheodorou
Improving web site usability through a clustering approach BIB 788-792
  M. Koutri; S. Daskalaki
Web Usability: Its Impact on Human Factors and Consumer Search Behaviour BIB 793-797
  B. Lydon; T. Fennell
Deconstructing Web Pages BIB 798-802
  A. Maidou; H. Polatoglou
A Quality Model For Testing the Usability of Web Sites BIB 803-807
  F. Montero; V. Lopez-Jaquero; M. L. Perez; P. G. Lopez
Usability Evaluation of a Web-based Authoring Tool for Building Intelligent Tutoring Systems BIB 808-812
  M. Moundridou; M. Virvou
WebTracer: Evaluating Web Usability with Browsing History and Eye Movement BIB 813-817
  N. Nakamichi; M. Sakai; J. Hu; K. Shima; M. Nakamura; K. Matsumoto
IOWA Intuitive-use Oriented Webtool for the creation of Adapted contents BIB 818-822
  S. O. Barriales; M. del Puerto Paule Ruiz; M. G. Rodriguez; J. R. P. Perez
From Web Usability to Web Comfortability: A Paradigm Shift BIB 823-827
  R. Okada; Y. Watanabe
Tools for Remote Web Usability Evaluation BIB 828-832
  F. Paterno
Feijoo.net: An Approach to Adapted Learning Using Learning Styles BIB 833-837
  M. del Puerto Paule Ruiz; J. R. P. Perez; M. G. Rodriguez; S. O. Barriales
WebSCORE Expert Screening - a low-budget method for optimizing web applications BIB 838-842
  M. Peissner; F. Heidmann; I. Wagner
Interactive Design Elements to Improve Information Presentation on Web Pages BIB 843-847
  C. Rathke; V. Schreiweis
Usability evaluation of e-commerce sites based on design patterns and heuristic criteria BIB 848-852
  M. Sartzetaki; Y. Psaromiligkos; S. Retalis; P. Avgeriou
A Web Agent for Automatic Extraction of Language Resources from Hypermedia Environments BIB 853-857
  K. Sgarbas; G. E. Londos; N. D. Fakotakis; G. K. Kokkinakis
Supporting Novices in Detecting Web Site Usability Problems: A Comparison of the Think-Aloud and Questionnaire Methods BIB 858-862
  M. Skov; J. Stage
Web Browsing Activity Visualization System For Administrator Assistance using Browsing Information BIB 863-867
  S. Togawa; K. Kanenishi; Y. Yano
Creating sophisticated web sites using well-known interfaces BIB 868-872
  F. Vitali
The Effectiveness of the Common Industry Format for Reporting Usability Testing: A Case Study on an Online Shopping Website BIB 873-877
  C. Y. Wong; M. Maguire
An Ergonomical Analysis of the Information Architecture of Websites: Developers vs Users; a Case Study of Brazilian University's Websites BIB 878-882
  R. Zilse; A. de Moraes
Automatic Web Resource Discovery for Subject Gateways BIB 883-890
  K. Zygogiannis; C. Papatheodorou; K. Chandrinos; K. Makropoulos
Social mechanisms for content quality control in web-based learning: An agent approach BIB 891-895
  N. Avouris; K. Solomos
Reinventing the Lecture: Webcasting Made Interactive BIB 896-900
  R. Baecker; G. Moore; A. Zijdemans
Development of an Instructional Training Model and Diagnostics in Support of e-Learning BIB 901-905
  P. Callahan
Rapid Development of IMS compliant - E-Learning Content BIB 906-910
  J. Caumanns; H. Elmasgunes
Context-Based Autonomous Monitoring Module for Web Educational Environments BIB 911-915
  T. Despotakis; G. Palaigeorgiou; P. Siozos
Shared 3D Internet environments for education: usability, educational, psychological and cognitive issues BIB 916-920
  N. Di Blas; P. Paolini; C. Poggi
Main Features of a CBIR Prototype supporting Cartoon Production BIB 921-925
  T. Di Mascio; L. Tarantino
Instructional Use of Engineering Visualization: Interaction-Design in e-Learning for Civil Engineering BIB 926-930
  M. Ebner; A. Holzinger
Multimedia in Education: Myths and Realities BIB 931-935
  A. Evaggelatos; M. Constantopoulou
Innovating Web Based Collaborative Learning by Applying the Case Method BIB 936-940
  C. Frank; L. Suhl
A prototype application for helping to teach how to read numbers BIB 941-945
  D. Freitas; H. Ferreira; V. Carvalho; D. Fernandes; F. Pedrosa
Usability Engineering in Computer Aided Learning Contexts Results from usability tests and questionnaires BIB 946-950
  R. Hartwig; I. Schon; M. Herczeg
Developing Context- and User Groups Sensitive Learning Scenarios with XML Configuration BIB 951-955
  M. Hellenschmidt; N. Braun
Integrating Shared and Personal Spaces to Support Collaborative Learning BIB 956-960
  K. Hosoi; M. Sugimoto
Exploring Medium-Tool Relations: Field Trials in Construction of Hypermedia in Schools BIB 961-965
  A. Kluge
Learning to Dance via Multiple Representations BIB 966-970
  L. Kolleros; A. Parkes
Educational Software Interfaces and Teacher's Use BIB 971-975
  W. C.-B. Lins; A. S. Gomes
Mindshifts - An adventure journey into the land of learning BIB 976-980
  C. Merkel
Designing Appropriate Technology for Group Learning BIB 981-985
  I. Mulder; J. Swaak; J. Kessels
Visual Knowledge Construction Algorithms for Supporting Learner-Instructor Interaction BIB 986-990
  S. Nakamura; K. Sato; Y. Miyadera; A. Koyama; Z. Cheng
Bringing History Online: Plimoth Plantation's Online Learning Center BIB 991-995
  L. Neal
User-Centered Design of Workflows in E-Learning BIB 996-1000
  G. Neto; A. S. Gomes
A case-study application of tour & time travel metaphors to structure an e-learning software BIB 1001-1005
  W. L. Ng; K. Y. Lim
Making the Network Visible to the User in Virtual Environments and Online Games BIB 1006-1010
  M. Oliveira; M. Slater; J. Crowcroft
Dream3D: Design and Implementation of an Online 3D Game Engine BIB 1011-1015
  T.-J. Park; S. H. Pyo; C. W. Chu; S. W. Ryu; D. Kim; K. H. Shim; B. T. Choi
Added-Value Functionality for Learning Management Systems: the selection process within a German insurance company BIB 1016-1020
  N. Reckmann; P. Swatman
Effects of WWW Cooperative Learning on Children Education BIB 1021-1025
  T. Roselli; E. Faggiano; A. Grasso; P. Plantamura
DSTool: A Reflection-based debugger for data structures comprehension in Computing Science Learning BIB 1026-1030
  S. S. Villanueva; J. R. P. Perez; S. O. Barriales; M. G. Rodriguez
Artificial Ant Colonies and E-Learning: An Optimisation of Pedagogical Paths BIB 1031-1035
  Y. Semet; Y. Jamont; R. Biojout; E. Lutton; P. Collet
The electronic bulletin board system "IS-Board" which supports the information education BIB 1036-1040
  Y. Shinozawa; T. Uetake; S. Takao
MARILYN: A Novel Platform For Intelligent Interactive TV (IITV) BIB 1041-1045
  M. Soha
Speech Interaction for Networked Video Games BIB 1046-1050
  E. Spyridou; I. Palmer; E. Williams
Is every kid having fun? A gender crossover approach to interactive toy design BIB 1051-1055
  M. Stienstra; J. Hoonhout
Investigating the Role of User Cognitive Style in an Adaptive Educational System BIB 1056-1060
  E. Triantafillou; A. Karoulis; A. Pombortsis
A system for e-learning via annotated audio/video clips and asynchronous collaboration BIB 1061-1065
  N. Tsoutsias; S. Retalis
Lecture Enhancement by Community Portal BIB 1066-1070
  H. Tsuji
SpyCam and RoboCam: An Application of the Future Technology Workshop Method to the Design of New Technology for Children BIB 1071-1075
  G. Vavoula; M. Sharples; J. Cross; C. Baber
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