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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan)
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93
  1. HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 1
    1. VI. Longitudinal Studies
    2. VII. Health Issues
    3. VIII. Psychosocial and Stress Issues

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 1

VI. Longitudinal Studies

Longitudinal Observations of Stress Index among Software Engineers BIBA 691-696
  Yuko Fujigaki; Kazuko Mori
Finnish Longitudinal Studies of Job Design and VDT Work BIBA 697-702
  K. Lindstrom
Mastering the Changes in Information Technology: A Follow-Up Study of Insurance Tasks BIBA 703-708
  P. Huuhtanen; T. Leino; T. Niemela; K. Ahola
Methodological Aspects of Longitudinal Studies -- Experiences from a HCI-Study BIBA 709-714
  Ch. Korunka; K. H. Huemer; B. Karetta
A Diary Study of Computer Use and Worker Stress: Preliminary Results BIBA 715-720
  Pascale Carayon; Catherine Hajnal

VII. Health Issues

Eye Discomfort and "VDT" Work BIBA 722-727
  Piccoli Bruno
The Occupational Overuse Syndrome at VDT Work -- Medical Management BIBA 728-733
  F. W. Darby
Skin Symptoms and VDT Work BIBA 734-739
  B. Stenberg
Is the Outcome of a Woman's Pregnancy Influenced by Her Work at a VDU? BIBA 740-745
  Ulf Bergqvist; Bengt Knave
Stress Related Health Effects and VDT Work BIBA 746-749
  Bengt B. Arnetz
Gaze Direction and Ocular Surface Area in VDT Work BIBAK 750-755
  Midori Sotoyama; Shin Saito; Sasitorn Taptagaporn; Toru Suzuki; Susumu Saito
Characteristics of Vertical Eye Movements in the Workstation Used Flat Panel Display BIBA 756-761
  Shin Saito; Midori Sotoyama; Sasitorn Taptagaporn; Toru Suzuki; Susumu Saito
An Evaluation of Information Highlighting Methods on Computer Screens Using an Eye Movement Monitor BIBA 762-767
  Reza Pouraghabagher; Douglas Bish
Longitudinal Survey of Ocular Disorders and General Complaints in VDU Operators BIBA 768-773
  G. F. Rubino; G. Maina; G. Piolatto; A. Sonnino; M. Turbati
Acupressure for Eyestrain Relief in VDT Operators BIBA 774-779
  Yoshinori Horie; Takao Ohkubo; Olov Ostberg
VDT Repetitive Motion Health Concerns in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry BIBA 780-785
  D. E. LeGrande
VDTs in Offices: A Field Study BIBA 786-790
  H. Lu; J. Caylor; F. Aghazadeh
Of Mice and Pens: Low Risk Healthy Postures for Modern Computing BIBA 791-796
  Michael G. Martin
Image Processing of Office Documents -- Ergonomic Evaluation of the User Interface of a New System BIBA 797-802
  G. Cakir; A. Cakir

VIII. Psychosocial and Stress Issues

Coping with Malfunctions of Computer Aided Equipment from a Stress Perspective BIBA 804-808
  G. Aronsson; A. Stromberg
Disturbances in Production -- A Safety Risk or a Chance for Development in the Human-Computer Interaction Context BIBA 809-814
  M. Doos; T. Backstrom
Production Deviations: Opportunities for User-Based Technological Development BIBA 815-820
  Peter Friedrich
Near-Accidents in the Use of Advanced Medical Equipment BIBA 821-826
  Carin Sundstrom-Frisk
Designing the Human-Computer Interface for a Medical Informatics Workstation BIBA 827-832
  Neville Stanton
The Simultaneous Attack on Several Work Environment Factors -- An Organizational Change Project Inspired by Occupational Health Research Findings BIBA 833-838
  Gunnela Westlander
How the Design of the Premises Supports a New Organizational Structure as Viewed by Full-Time Operators in Large-Scale Teleservices BIBA 839-844
  Inger Soderberg
Models of Job Enlargement Tested and Evaluated from the Point of View of Physical Health and Job Satisfaction BIBA 845-850
  B. Cocke; G. Westlander; E. Aberg
The Outcome of Experimentation with Flexible Working Hours BIBA 851-856
  E. Aberg; B. Cocke; I. Soderberg; G. Westlander
The Success of an Ambitious Broad QWL Strategy -- Our Methods of Evaluation and Interpretation of the Findings BIBA 857-862
  G. Westlander; I. Soderberg; B. Cocke; E. Aberg
Effect of Job Control on the Design of Jobs and Stress among Computer Users BIBA 863-868
  Pascale Carayon; Eila Jarvenpaa; Catherine Hajnal
Towards a Knowledge Sharing Organization BIBA 869-873
  Gunilla Bradley
A Cross-Cultural Framework for the Study of Stress among Computer Users: Comparison of the USA and Finland BIBA 874-879
  Eila Jarvenpaa; Pascale Carayon; Catherine Hajnal; Soo-Yee Lim; Chien-Lin Yang
An Integrated Approach to Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Computerized Offices: The Role of Psychosocial Work Factors, Psychological Stress and Ergonomic Risk Factors BIBA 880-885
  Soo-Yee Lim; Pascale Carayon
Data-Preparation Clerks in Brazilian Data Processing Centres: The Unskilled and Unhealthy New Jobs BIBA 886-890
  A. Soares
Techno-Stress: Psycho-Physiological Consequences of Poor Man-Machine Interface BIBA 891-896
  Bengt B. Arnetz; Mats Berg
Topographic EEG Study of VDT Performance with Special Reference to Frontal Midline Theta Waves (Fm Θ) and Mental Work BIBA 897-902
  Sakae Yamamoto
Analysis of Uric Properties for Stress Caused by VDT Work and Relationship among CFF, HRV and VEP BIBA 903-908
  Masaharu Takeda; Yoshio Hayashi; Kaoru Suzuki
Physiological Indices of Visual Fatigue and Visual Comfort Related to VDT Work BIBA 909-913
  S. Saito; S. Taptagaporn; Sh. Saito; M. Sotoyama; T. Suzuki
On a Simple and Effective Method to Analyze Heart Rate Variability BIBA 914-919
  Kaoru Suzuki; Yoshio Hayashi
New Analysis of HRV Through Wavelet Transform BIBA 920-924
  H. Tsuji; H. Mori; T. Numao; T. Daimon
A Study of Additive and Interactive Effects of Work and Extra-Organizational Factors on Female VDT Workers BIBA 925-930
  Catherine Hajnal; Pascale Carayon
Effects of Computer System Performance and Job Support on Stress among Office Workers BIBA 931-936
  Chien-Lin Yang; Pascale Carayon
Mental Workload Measurement and its Application for Prospective System Design BIBA 937-942
  Rainer Wieland-Eckelmann; Ronald Schwarz
Job Stress, Fatigue, Job Involvement and Satisfaction of Manual and Computerized Bank Employees BIBA 943-948
  A. Khaleque
Women, Gender and Computers BIBA 949-954
  E. Gunnarsson
Communication Between People Using a Computer-Mediated Communication System BIBA 955-960
  Erland Hjelmquist
Management Professionalization: Do Computers Matter? BIBA 961-965
  Bengt Abrahamsson
The Ergonomic Design Process -- The User Involved in Problem Solving and the Design Evolution BIBA 966-969
  Hans I. J. Hayanhjelm
Human Competence, Work Organisation, and Knowledge Based System BIBA 970-975
  P. Holm; G. Bradley
Communication -- A Key Factor in Implementation of Library Automation BIBA 976-981
  P. Huuhtanen; M. Vattulainen; I. Laamanen
The Impact of Computer Technology on Job Characteristics and Workers' Health BIBA 982-987
  T. Asakura; Y. Fujigaki
Experiences on Computerization in Different Occupational Groups: A Study in Municipal Workplaces BIBA 988-993
  P. Seppala
The Relationship of Working Posture to Performance in a Data Entry Task BIBA 994-998
  Naomi G. Swanson; Steven L. Sauter
Follow-Up After Implementation of a New Data System and Health Aspects in an Insurance Company BIBA 999-1004
  M. Puhakainen; I. Torstila; K. Lindstrom
Follow-Up of Job Demands and Strain Symptoms After Implementation of New VDT Applications in an Insurance Company BIBA 1005-1010
  K. Lindstrom; T. Leino; M. Puhakainen
Electronic Performance Monitoring and Stress: The Role of Feedback and Goal Setting BIBA 1011-1016
  John R. Aiello; Yang Shao
Recent Research Findings on Stress and Electronic Performance Monitoring BIBA 1017-1022
  Pascale Carayon; Soo-Yee Lim; Chien-Lin Yang; Michael J. Smith; Katherine J. Sanders; David LeGrande
The Influence of Electronic Performance Monitoring on Speed and Accuracy in a VDT-Based Data-Entry Task BIBA 1023-1028
  T. L. Galinsky; L. M. Schleifer; C. S. Pan
Formal Modelling of the Ergonomicity Level Evaluation of Man-Microcomputer Systems BIBA 1029-1032
  Leszek Pacholski; Malgorzata Wejman