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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction -- Program

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) -- Poster Sessions: Abridged Proceedings
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93-3

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) -- Poster Sessions: Abridged Proceedings
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93-3

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction -- Poster Sessions: Abridged Proceedings

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) -- Poster Sessions: Abridged Proceedings
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93-3
  1. HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 3
    1. Plenary Paper
    2. Conceptual and Theoretical Aspects of HCI
    3. Case Studies and Applications
    4. Health, Safety and Ergonomic Considerations
    5. Experimental Studies
    6. Learning, Education and Training
    7. User Participation and Cooperative Work
    8. Cognitive Aspects of HCI
    9. Software
    10. Decision Support and Expert Systems
    11. Hardware Interfaces
    12. Interface Tools
    13. Visual Interfaces, Graphics and Icons
    14. Verbal Interfaces

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 3

Tutorials BIB --

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 3

Plenary Paper

Human Computer Interaction and Lean Management BIB --
  Hans-Jorg Bullinger
How Will Information Technology Change the Ways We Work Together? BIB --
  Thomas W. Malone

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 3

Some Second Thoughts About Computers BIB 1-5
  Henry C. Mayer

Conceptual and Theoretical Aspects of HCI

Integration: Multiple Applications to Multiple Users BIB 7
  B. S. Murray; E. A. Edmonds
Non-Monotonicity in User Modeling -- A Reflective Approach BIB 8
  Pierre Bonzon; Huang Lianjin
From Syntax to Semantics and Back: The Problem of Information Selection in GDSSs BIB 9
  E. Egger; H. Hanappi
Situations, Intuition, and Direct Manipulation BIB 10
  Michael Lewis; Charlotte Weise
Two Concepts of Human Computer Interaction -- A Dialectical Analysis BIB 11
  Peng Han
Considerations on Information System Strategies Based on an Empirical Study BIB 12
  Franz Lehner; Hubert F. Hofmann
Impact of Computer Based Information Technology on Human Resources and Work Systems -- A Middle Management Perspective BIB 13
  B. Kayis; I. Sellathurai
Harmony in Computer Aided User Interface Design BIB 14
  S. Howard; J. H. Sumiga
A Challenge to Current Interface Strategies BIB 15
  Pamela E. Mead
Composition of Direct Manipulation User Interfaces BIB 16
  Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt; Martin Brenner
Rapid Prototyping for User Interface Design Needs Rational Planning BIB 17
  Claus S. Hansen; Jacob Buur
Conceptual Modelling of the Control/Navigation in Videotex Applications BIB 18
  E. Dominguez; M. A. Zapata; I. Escario; M. J. Lapena; A. Cebollada
A Proposition for Layered Ergonomic Criteria in Design/Evaluation BIB 19
  Francois Bodart; Roland Lesuisse; Jean M. Vanderdonckt
Historical Aspects of Computer Technology: Implications for Developing Countries BIB 20
  Abu Rasaq
Computer Design Logistics for Developing Countries BIB 21
  Tunji Odebiyi
The African Personality in Computer Hardware Design BIB 22
  Okunlola Tajudeen
Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Problem-Solving BIB 23
  Akinwekomi Collins
Man-Machine-Systems Concept in Human-Computer Interaction BIB 24
  Ezikiel Ec-Obasi
Human-Factor Aspects in HCI BIB 25
  Eyure Sterling
Information Technology for Social Development Policy Issue for Developing Countries BIB 26
  Alexander Akinyele
Options for Advanced Control System in Socio-Economic Development in Developing Countries BIB 27
  Obinna A. Okeke
Sociological Perspectives of Applying Computer Technology BIB 28
  Okhukpe Alumhe Patrick
Women and Management in Computer Age BIB 29
  Virginia Ify Ezievuo
The Administrators of Tomorrow BIB 30
  Amoo Lukman Ayobami
Job Design and Organisational Wellbeing BIB 31
  Omo-Amen Eliton
The Understanding of Computer-Controlled Work Conditions BIB 32
  Frank Atuegbu
Child Development in Rural Communities in the Computer Age BIB 33
  Lawal Olufemi
Care of the Elderly in Computer Age BIB 34
  Samuel O. Jiboku
Communication Logistics in Safety BIB 35
  Nnamdi Alexander Anierobi
Computer in Communication: Managing Business in Motion BIB 36
  Femi Omole Femi-Taiwo
Environment, Infrastructure and Technology BIB 37
  John Ndukwe
Computers in Small Business BIB 38
  Onyeka Maduka Okechukwu
The Blind in Scientific Research Work BIB 39
  A. Recuero
Clinical Observation on the Wound Healing Properties of Honey BIB 40
  A. O. Fajinmi
Grey Correlation Analysis of Medical and Health Administrative Development in China BIB 41
  Ke Chen; Fengtiao Tian; Yuhua Wang; Fengyu Zhang

Case Studies and Applications

PandA: Multimedia Discussion Environment for Researchers BIB 43
  Yoshinobu Yamamoto; Mitsuru Sato; Yuichiro Anzai
Usage Aspects of the Personal Services Communication Space BIB 44
  Kerstin Keil
An Immersive Synthetic Environment for Observation of a Large Volume of Interest BIB 45
  Rex G., II Haddix; Martin R. Stytz
Leisure: Computer Application and Reality BIB 46
  Chidi Atuegbu
Resources Management of the 21st Century: The Limitations of the Computer? BIB 47
  Etute Joseph
Cost-Effectiveness Strategies in Computer Installation BIB 48
  Agness A. Ogunseitan
Economics in Computer Acquisition BIB 49
  John Obi Ejimokonye-Mordi
Computer Application in Cost-Effective Engineering in Developing Countries BIB 50
  Uyamadu Nonso
"Implementation-Problems in Complex Working Environments" Interdisciplinary Capability and Organizational Learning: Premises for Computer Integrated Manufacturing BIB 51
  Lise Busk Kofoed; Harry Sogaard Mortensen
Impacts of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System on Logistic Operations BIB 52
  Takashi Kondoh; Tatsuo Suzuki; Shigenobu Nomura
Modelling, Identification and Development of an Automated Robot System for Bodyside Panel Welding on a Motor Vehicle BIB 53
  A. Ajmal
Technical Issues in Computer Servicing BIB 54
  Kehinde Idris O. Azeez
Hypertext Information and Consultation System "Kiev Monuments Destroyed in the XX-th Century" BIB 55
  T. Grinchenko; V. Bondarovskaya; O. Chemeris; V. Shevchenko
Integrated Office Procedures on the Basis of Distributed Information Systems -- Designing Work Flow Management from the Organizational and Technical View BIB 56
  Michael Rathgeb
Information Technology's Impact on Work Roles in the Office BIB 57
  Daniel Levi; Charles Slem
The Legal Aspect of Computer Application BIB 58
  Folorunsho. S. Somefun
Defamation and the Computer BIB 59
  M. A. Jaiyesimi
Strategic Planning for Computer Marketing in Nigeria BIB 60
  Maxwell O. Okenwa
Economics, Environment, Culture and Technology in Computer Application in Nigeria BIB 61
  Falaye Olufemi
Problems of Computer Application in Nigeria BIB 62
  Gregory Anabironye
An Empirical Study of the Role of Human-Computer Interaction: IS Planning in Taiwan BIB 63
  Jeung-Tai Eddie Tang; Michael T. Tang
Harmonization Strategies of Public Housing and Population Growth: The Role of Information Management BIB 64
  J. A. Adeniyi
Computer Science in Town Planning, Estate Management and Architecture in Developing Countries BIB 65
  Odunayo K. Ogunmoyero
Computers in Social Development and Administration BIB 66
  Folusho-Craig Atenidegbe
Backup Mechanism in Social Services BIB 67
  Olamiposi Oluwatosin Ojomo
Maintenance of Infrastructure: Utility & Design BIB 68
  S. A. Omotoso
Managing Dangerous Work Environment Through Technology BIB 69
  Oluwole Elliott
Computer Technology in Road Safety BIB 70
  Dieke A. Sunday
Psychological Aspects of Safety in Aviation Industry BIB 71
  Okwudili O. Justin
Scenarios for Health Research in the Nigerian Aviation Industry: Nigerian Airport Authority as Case Study BIB 72
  N. K. Akinmayowa; I. A. Akintunji
Enhancing Safety in Engineering Construction Through Computers BIB 73
  Idahor Oghogho
The Future of Safety and Security at the Sea: Computer to the Rescue BIB 74
  Mosuro Abimbola
Marketing Errors in Fault Diagnosis BIB 75
  Nwokedi Emeka
Computer and the Registry BIB 76
  Falaye Olasimbo
The Think-Tank in Finance Administrations Options to Computer Hardware BIB 77
  Oliver Ekwulusi
Problems and Prospects of Accounting with Computers BIB 78
  Adeyemo Abiola
Can Computers Save Us from Faulty Accounting? BIB 79
  Uzoma O. Onyeoziri
Competitive Financial Benchmarking with Hyperknowledge BIB 80
  Hannu Vanharanta
Merchant Banks of the 21st Century in Nigeria BIB 81
  Jaiye Oyedotun
Human Aspects of Information Management Through Computers in Frauds in the Banking Industry BIB 82
  Fredrick Akinfala
Computer Technology in Project Financing: Variables and Options for the Banking Industry BIB 83
  Alex Uzowulu
Computer-Aided Banking: Prospects and Problems BIB 84
  Uzo Ebejuo
Computers in Customer-Bank Relations BIB 85
  Tomi O. Fajoyomi
Computer in Business Administration BIB 86
  J. T. Akinmayowa
Local Government Administration and Information Technology BIB 87
  Eji Ike Iwu
Problems of Project Management in Nigeria BIB 88
  Emeka F. Okoye
Computer in Food and Drug Administration BIB 89
  Edna Egwu Ikeri
Relevance of HCI to Insurance BIB 90
  David O. Osita
The Benefits of Computer in Printing and Publishing BIB 91
  Taiwo Bello
Abuse of the Computer in Printing and Publishing BIB 92
  O. J. Olowookere
Producer-Sales-User Interaction in Computer Consultancy and Marketing BIB 93
  Ogunbanjo Olusegun-Olushola
The Role of Human-Computer Interaction in Oil Survey of the 21st Century in Nigeria BIB 94
  F. Overare
Computer in the Reception Office of Tomorrow's Business World BIB 95
  Akpata Victor
Computer-Aided Control of Student's Records and Examination Results: University of Port-Harcourt as Case Study BIB 96
  E. M. Ichendu
Computer in Traffic Ergonomic Programmes in Tropical Climate BIB 97
  Ogunleye Olukayode
Computer Integrated Medical Database: Design Optimization for Better Human Interaction, Health, Social, and Legal Aspects BIB 98
  Adel Ali
A Comparison of Computer Implementation Models within the Public Health Sector in the United Kingdom BIB 99
  Alan Gillies
CTMX -- A Friendly Computerised System for Telephone Operators BIB 100
  Vasantha Raju
A Fuzzy Knowledge-Based System Based on the Design Feature Recognition of Freehand Illustrations: The Case of a Task in a Sewing Shop BIB 101
  Noriko Maki; Takayuki Kumakura; Tsutomu Tabe
Work Motivation of Construction Workers BIB 102
  Hidekazu Sawada
Human-Computer Interaction System in Railway Management Administration Network BIB 103
  Gao Lan
The Self-Projection in the Perception of Flight in the Automated Cockpit BIB 104
  Pedro Gomez Arroyo
A Synthetic Environment for Displaying High Resolution Satellite Models and Their Orbital Motion BIB 105
  David L. Pond; Martin R. Stytz
CANDU Retube Control System BIB 106
  Mike Borsch; Scott Walters
IVHS: The Effect of Real-Time Traffic Updates on a Congestion Avoidance Capability and Possible Saving in Travel Time BIB 107
  C. H. Lee; P. J. McAlindon
Using Multimedia Technology to Develop a Psychological Treatment Application for Test Anxiety BIB 108
  Nicholas E. Heyneman

Health, Safety and Ergonomic Considerations

Working with Computers: ISPESL Research-Italy BIB 110
  Carlo Fanelli; Antonio Bergamaschi
The Future of Ergonomics in Tropical Africa BIB 111
  Anthony C. Onyesonwu
An Ergonomic Field Study of VDT Operations in a Developing Country BIB 112
  Wei Xu; Marvin J. Dainoff; Leonard S. Mark
Psychological and Physiological Impact of Human-Computer Interaction Among Auditing Staff of Banks BIB 113
  Rita N. Anene
Disturbance of Mental Capacity in Prolonged Limitations of Mobility BIB 114
  E. A. Shaposhnikov; V. I. Myasnikov
Occupational Stress in Printing Assisted by Computer Technology BIB 115
  Akinyeye Olumide
Musculoskeletal Problems Among VDU Workers -- Are They Work-Related? BIB 116
  Tak Sun Ignatius Yu; Chin-Han Olga Ma; Miu-Ling Maureen Chui
Visual Comfort in VDT Work: Physiological Aspects of the Eye BIB 117
  Sasitorn Taptagaporn; Shin Saito; Toru Suzuki; Midori Sotoyama; Susumu Saito
Viewing Distance and Gaze Depression for Two Basic Structural Configurations BIB 118
  Edward Trautman; Patrick Moskal; John Deaton
On the Assortment of Ophthalmological Tests in Periodical Eye Check-Ups for VDT Workers in Japan BIB 119
  Hitoshi Nakaishi
Human-Microcomputer Physiological Test System BIB 120
  Li Zhaopeng
A Data Recording System of Dynamic Relation between Transition of Indoor Thermal Environment and Action to Control the Environment BIB 121
  Haruyuki Fujii
Ergonomics of Record-Analysis in Health Security BIB 122
  Remi Odufolarin
A Computerised System for Analyzing Ergonomical Data BIB 123
  Stefan Pinzke
The Representative Sample Determination for the Anthropological Area of Yugoslavia and the Method of Using Correlation in Surveying It BIB 124
  Milivoj Klarin
Human-Computer Interaction and Measurement of Perceived Efforts BIB 125
  Okechukwu Okoye
Ergonomics for Managers in Insurance Business BIB 126
  Sobowale. A. Wakeel
Job-Rotation in Machine-Paced (Computer-Aided) Jobs BIB 127
  Dele A. Olatunji
Influences of Five Layout on Employees Acceptance and Economic Aspects BIB 128
  Wilhelm Bauer; Jorg Kelter; Peter Kern
Developing an Ergonomics Program: A Case Study at Rocky Flats Plant BIB 129
  Angelic L. Sebok; Carol S. Somers
A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Several Methods of Treating the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome BIB 130
  E. A. Shaposhnikov; K. K. Ioseliani
Visual-Dispal Units and Performance BIB 131
  Oladele Abiodun Owolabi
A Review of Active Controls for a Biped Mechanism: An Aspect of Human-System Interface BIB 132
  Patrick Ozoh

Experimental Studies

Behavioral Effects of Delayed and Displaced Visual Feedback Using Computer-Mediated Perturbation Forcing Functions BIB 134
  Peter K. Mathison; Eric J. Koehler; Thomas J. Smith
Human-Computer Interaction Task Learning BIB 135
  S. J. Packebush; D. A. Mitta
Human Errors in the Searching Targets Task of a Visual Display Unit BIB 136
  Yoshio T. Ikeda; Zenjiro Sawada
An Experimental Comparison of the Effectiveness of Computer versus Manually Generated Links in Hypertext Systems BIB 137
  Bryan A. Carpenter
Drivers' Processing of Auditory and Visual Messages in In-Car Advanced Aiding Systems BIB 138
  Murielle Valat; Monique Vernet
The Learning Curves in Multiple Level Iconic Menu Navigation BIB 139
  Ping Zhan; Ram R. Bishu; Michael W. Riley
Towards a Fully Integrated Multimodal Interface: A Preliminary User Study BIB 140
  Carla Huls; Edwin Bos; Han Damen
The Optimal Solution to the Initial Cursor Position on a Menu Screen BIB 141
  Ping Zhan
Positioning Accuracy in Virtual Environments BIB 142
  Martin H. Fischer; Loukia D. Loukopoulos
An Alternative Interface for the Young Music Learner BIB 143
  R. C. MacGregor

Learning, Education and Training

The Role of Information Technology in Youth and Development BIB 145
  Amusan Ramoni
Indigenizing Computer Software for Africa Educational Development BIB 146
  Mogor Benjamin Kenne
Computer in Nigeria School Curriculum BIB 147
  Johnson Adeyemo
Computer Education in Nigeria: Psychological Strategies of Teaching Children BIB 148
  A. Bukola Elusiyan
Computer in the Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools BIB 149
  I. A. Gbadamosi
Impasse-Oriented Explanation Planning Based on Explanation Effect Model BIB 150
  Akihiro Kashihara; Tsukasa Hirashima; Jun'ichi Toyoda
Computers in Education: Psychology, Ergonomy and Hygiene BIB 151
  V. Bondarovskaya
Learning Emotional Motivative Ensuring in Human-Computer Interaction System BIB 152
  Alexei Y. Chebykin
The Computer Testing System of a Group and Psychological Correction of Teaching Methods BIB 153
  A. E. Kiv; V. A. Molyako; V. G. Orischenko; I. G. Zaharchenko; I. A. Polozovskaya; A. M. Solodovnikov
A Characterization and Evaluation of Instructional Software Interfaces BIB 154
  Mei Chen; Guy Groen
Human-Computer Interface Design to Access and Control Complex Multimedia Documents in Learning Environments BIB 155
  Michel Decary; Carl H. Frederiksen
Animation as a Psychological Base of Didactic Materials Presentation in the Instruction Informatic System BIB 156
  A. P. Chustrak; N. V. Zakharchenko; A. Y. Chebykin
Teaching Human-Computer Interaction at the Graduate Level BIB 157
  Laurie P. Dringus
Lessons Generation and Execution Environment BIB 158
  Dorian Gorgan; Dan Rusu
Investigating Crew-Systems Interaction in Aviation: Implications for Designing Training Scenarios BIB 159
  Maria Mazzara; Randall L. Oser
Action Learning for Information Technology Professionals BIB 160
  Kay Fielden
Management Training and Information Technology BIB 161
  John Aina
Teaching Students a User's Perspective BIB 162
  Ira S. Winkler

User Participation and Cooperative Work

Replacing the Whip with the Carrot -- Coaxing Users into the 21st Century: Software Support for Semi-Structured Meeting Processes BIB 164
  Karen E. Lacomis-Cote; Jacqueline M. DeSimone
An Organizational Structure to Support User-Centered Design BIB 165
  Ira S. Winkler
User-Centered Software Development and Evaluation BIB 166
  Monika Hoge; Andrea Hohmann; Khai Le-Hong; Renate Mayer
Human Factor Evaluation of Computer Usage BIB 167
  C. V. Emehelu
Publicly Expressed Confidence Ratings in Computer-Mediated-Communication BIB 168
  Tammy N. Lowry; David Lane
Cooperative Learning Dialogues BIB 169
  Conn Mulvihill
A Semantic Model for Defining Workspaces in Cooperative Work BIB 170
  Igor Hawryszkiewycz
Group Communication at a Distance Online BIB 171
  Laurie P. Dringus
The 4-Level-Model of Telecooperation BIB 172
  Ruth Bartels; Dieter Scheidhauer; Astrid Scheller-Houy
Crossing Borders: Putting Interdisciplinary System Design into Practice BIB 173
  Richard Badham; Stephen Little
Development of a Research Paradigm to Study Collaboration in Multidisciplinary Design Teams BIB 174
  Maryalice Citera; Jonathan A. Selvaraj; Clifford E. Brown; Brian S. Zaff; Michael D. McNeese
Frameworks for Modelling the Real World: Object Orientation, Bandwidth and Representations of the Group BIB 175
  Martin Lea; Richard Giordano
An Experimental Results on Meetings to Develop Software Specifications BIB 176
  Haruhiko Kaiya; Matoshi Saeki
Can Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) Help in Committee? BIB 177
  A. M. Irving; M. Read; A. Gear
Sharing Screens and Keyboards Among Multi-Users: A Distributed Input/Output System for Collaborative Work BIB 178
  Xie Li; Du Xing

Cognitive Aspects of HCI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Development BIB 180
  Adedeji Stephen Oluwole
Systems for Human Operator Intelligent Support BIB 181
  V. V. Kobzev
Automating the Cognitive Task Modeling Process: An Extension to GOMS for HCI BIB 182
  Kent E. Williams
Cognitive Content in CAD Modelling BIB 183
  Andrew E. Samuel; Ming Chao
Generation of Production Rules from Neural Networks BIB 184
  Daqun Qian
Self-Organizing Neural Network for Kansei Engineering Expert System BIB 185
  Shigekazu Ishihara; Keiko Hatamoto; Mitsuo Nagamachi; Yukihiro Matsubara
User Modelling with Neural Networks in a Multimodal Unix Environment BIB 186
  L. Julia; P. Lefebvre; F. Poirier; G. Duncan
Development of a Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Neural Network System for Tuning of Electric Circuits BIB 187
  Akio Ukita; Waldemar Karwowski; Gavriel Salvendy
Interface Design Techniques for Cognitive Prosthetic Software for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury BIB 188
  Elliot Cole; Parto Dehdashti
System Ambiguity and Mental Models BIB 189
  Soren Lauesen; Morten Borup Harning; Jan C. Clausen
How an Expert System Interface Can Facilitate the Development of a User's Mental Model BIB 190
  Sue Greenwood; John L. Nealon
AMME: An "Automatic Mental Model Evaluator" to Measure Complexity of User Behaviour Recorded on Logfiles BIB 191
  Matthias Rauterberg
A Performance Aid in Electronic Circuit Design BIB 192
  Shun-Fu Hsu; Sheue-Ling Hwang


A Presentation Strategy for Rigorous Software Development BIB 194
  Jun Han
Performance Evaluation of a Synthesis Approach to the Design of Programming Systems BIB 195
  Haider Ali Ramadhan
The Human Factor in Software Engineering BIB 196
  R. A. Haslam; D. M. Thompson; N. I. Beagley; K. D. Eason
A New Way of Interactive Software Development BIB 197
  Minchuan Huang
Pi-Technology: Concept of Multilanguage, Hypermedia, Multiequipment Human-Computer Interaction Organizing BIB 198
  Vladimir V. Prokhorov
A Discourse Schema-Based Composing Tool BIB 199
  S. M. A. Caldeira; M. G. V. Nunes
How Can Users be Made to Ask Questions? Computer User Support Through Natural Language Dialogue BIB 200
  Akira Ito; Tsuyoshi Ebina; Tadahiko Kumamoto
A Semantic Information Server for Interactive Information Systems BIB 201
  Sotiris A. Papantonopoulos; Peter Scott
An Object Oriented Medical Database with a Natural Language Interface BIB 202
  Adel Ali; Dia Ali
An Integrated Visual Environment for Relational Databases BIB 203
  C. Thomas Wu
A Software Architecture for a Computer-Aided Writing Environment BIB 204
  A. Carcia Neto; M. C. Ferreira de Oliveira; R. P. M. Fortes; S. M. A. Caldeira; O. N., Jr. Oliveira
Composition of Hypertext Nodes as Means for Supporting Authorship BIB 205
  T. Grinchenko; M. Olenin
Browsing in Survey Objects as Means of Navigation Support for Users BIB 206
  Thomas Grechenig; Stefan Biffl; Peter Purgathofer
D-Abductor: A Diagram Based Idea Organizer BIB 207
  Kazuo Misue; Kozo Sugiyama
Structure Modeling Hypergraphs: Basic Interaction Primitives BIB 208
  Tiziana Catarci; Laura Tarantino
Handi: A Framework for Building Handsketch-Based Diagram Editors BIB 209
  Rui Zhao
An Editor for the BOXER Computing Environment BIB 210
  James B. Uther
Recent Development of UIGMS System BIB 211
  Jing-Yun Cheng; Xue-Xian Gong; Yi-Quan Ni
A Join-Oriented Query Language for Object-Oriented Data Model BIB 212
  Wen-Wei Pan; Wei-Pang Yang
Dynamic Sliders: A Multiple Attributes Presentation Widget for Direct Manipulation of Databases BIB 213
  Max M. North; Sarah M. North
Bags and Viewers: A Metaphor for Intelligent Database Access BIB 214
  Robert Inder; Jussi Stader
A Usability Laboratory for Electronic Imaging: Collaboration Between Developers and Users BIB 215
  Elizabeth Rosenzweig
UI-Tester: A Tool for Measuring Usability BIB 216
  Toshiyuki Asahi; Osamu Iseki
Intelligent Adjustment (IntelAd) System for Computer Workstation BIB 217
  Suebsak Nanthavanij; David W. Venezia; Howard Gage
Software Architecture Based on Fixed-Length Multibyte Code for User Interfaces with Large Character Sets BIB 218
  Mitarou Namiki; Eiichi Hayakawa; Masaki Nakagawa; Nobumasa Takahashi
Adaptation Techniques in Computer Software BIB 219
  Molapo Alaba Adesanya

Decision Support and Expert Systems

A Framework for Knowledge-Based Decision Support in User Interface Design BIB 221
  Ling Qin
Hypothetical Design in the Perfect World: Observations on Design Rationale in Knowledge Support System Development BIB 222
  Linda Candy
Human-Computer Interaction in Developing Decision Support System BIB 223
  Chau-Hung Wang; Shu-Hui Tsing
Technological Adaptability and Adaptable Technology BIB 224
  S. Bandyopadhyay; C. Bandyopadhyay
Dynamic Goal Net: A Problem Solving Architecture BIB 225
  T. Martelli; J. Miralles
Human and Computer Resource Synchronization BIB 226
  Robert A. Allen; John Youseffi
An Intelligent Interface for Managerial Decision Support Systems BIB 227
  Nikunj P. Dalal; Jayaram Ramanathan
Using the Field Service Dispatch Advisor: Orchestrating Activities in a Dynamic Environment BIB 228
  John M. Kruse
Multi-Knowledge Sources for a Generic Explanation Module in Diagnostic Expert Systems BIB 229
  Eric Georgin; Jim McDonald; Benoit Ricard; Jean-Paul Jacquot
Expert Knowledge Elicitation: A Bayesian Perspective BIB 230
  Deepak Bagai; Y. C. Chopra
Expert Systems Evaluation -- A Case Study Comparison of Different Methodologies BIB 231
  Anne Morris
Business Applications of Expert Systems: A Review of the Literature BIB 232
  Bo K. Wong; John A. Monaco
Dynamically Tracking a User's Progression Along Novice-Expert Continuum BIB 233
  Chaochang Chiu; A. F. Norcio
Simulating of a Software User: Researches, Technologies of Extracting Knowledge BIB 234
  V. Bondarovskaya; N. Poviakel; I. Niconova

Hardware Interfaces

A File System that Performs History Management by WORM Optical Disk for the Evaluation of User Interfaces BIB 236
  Mitarou Namiki; Eiichi Hayakawa; Nobumasa Takahashi
A Multimodal Interface for Incremental Graphic Document Design BIB 237
  Luc Julia; Claudie Faure
A Generic Multi-Media Concept for Eye Tracking Technologies BIB 238
  John Paulin Hansen
A Headtracking Device for the Eyegaze Eyetracking System BIB 239
  Dixon Cleveland; Nancy Cleveland
Incorporating Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition into Computer Applications BIB 240
  Andrew Girson
Pen-Oriented System Software Architectures for Handwriting Interfaces BIB 241
  Eiichi Hayakawa; Tsunehisa Kawamata; Yasushi Miyajima; Mitarou Namiki; Nobumasa Takahashi
A Pen-Based Japanese Front End Processor BIB 242
  Masatoshi Narishima; Shinji Moriya; Kunio Tsuruta; Tatsuhide Kimura; Yutaka Kumada
Minimal Target Size in a Pen-Based System BIB 243
  Marshall R. McClintock; Derek Hoiem
A Comparison of the Effects of Sensory Feedback by Tactile, Auditory and Visual Information in a Pointing Task Using a Mouse-Type Interface Device BIB 244
  Motoyuki Akamatsu; Sigeru Sato; Thierry Hasbroucq
User Evaluation of Mouse Models BIB 245
  D. F. Loricchio; R. K. Alo

Interface Tools

A High-Level, Structural Model of the User Interface BIB 247
  Martina Manhartsberger
Usability Evaluation Through Controlled Time Studies: The Use of Trainee Timing Tests for Interface Evaluation BIB 248
  Philip A. Pairitz
Personal Counselor: A Hybrid Adaptive User Interface for Tolerating the Individual User's Error Behavior BIB 249
  Max M. North; Sarah M. North; Jennifer Hamilton
Data Communication -- User Requirements vs. Services BIB 250
  Kai Jakobs; Wilko Reinhardt; Arno Spinner
Development and Application of Lockheed's Computer Human Interface Rapid Prototyping (CHIRP) Toolkit BIB 251
  Robert J. Remington
Micro Saint/HOS -- A Computer Modeling Tool for Evaluating the Human-Computer Interface BIB 252
  Lori Hood; Laurel Allender
User Interface Aspects in the Macrotec Toolset for Business Modelling and Simulation BIB 253
  Rudolf K. Keller; Richard Lajoie; Marianne Ozkan; Fayez Saba; Xijin Shen; Tao Tao; Gregor v. Bochmann
A GOMS Analyzer for Graphical User Interface of Data Processing Tasks BIB 254
  Hiroshi Takeno
Integrating Task Network Models and Anthropometric Models BIB 255
  Lori Hood; K. Ronald Laughery; Laurel Allender
The Development of Equation Models for Setting Display at VDT BIB 256
  Naotake Hirasawa; Hidenori Togami

Visual Interfaces, Graphics and Icons

Visual Rhetoric in User Interfaces BIB 258
  Aaron Marcus
Intelligent Dialog Methods for the Next Generation of CAD Systems -- A Reference Model for CAD Systems BIB 259
  Marianne Koch
An Object-Oriented Model for Organizing Human-Computer Interface Guidelines BIB 260
  Jean M. Vanderdonckt; Francois Bodart
An Object Oriented Interface to the SAS System BIB 261
  Hedia Mhiri Sellami
An Image Retrieval System with a Context Dependency Mechanism BIB 262
  Masaomi Oda
SPIV: An Interactive Tool for Visualizing Sports Related Statistical Information BIB 263
  Dwight Hugget; Max North
A Visual Notation for User Interface Design BIB 264
  Ian Rogers
A Method for Visualizing Human-Computer Interactions and Checking Their Consistencies BIB 265
  Yoshihisa Nakaya; Shinji Moriya
Task-Oriented User Assistance for Interactive Graphical Environments BIB 266
  Markus A. Thies; Frank Berger
Solving Linear Graphical Constraint Expressions BIB 267
  Gerd Szwillus
Mapping Perceptual and Cognitive Processing for the Effective Use of Graphical Displays in Shop Floor Scheduling Tasks BIB 268
  Annette M. Danek; Richard J. Koubek
The Usability of Graphic Softwares: The Comprehensibility of Icons Among Graphic Designers BIB 269
  Anamaria de Moraes; Ricardo d'Albergaria Pamplona
The Management Organization for the Lay-Out and Rehearsal Mode in the GUI Builder YUZU BIB 270
  Takahiro Sugiyama; Yoichi Miyashita
GUI's as Conditioning Agents: The Genres of Interface Design BIB 271
  Mark E. Marquez; Matthew J. Stuve
A Graphical User Interface Editor BIB 272
  Shijie Cai; Qingwei Wu; Li Yue
TAE Plus: A Tool for Building and Managing Graphical User Interfaces BIB 273
  Sylvia B. Sheppard
Virtual Reality for Integrated Man-Machine Communications BIB 274
  Suash Deb; B. Uma Shankar; D. Dutta Majumder
The Transfer of Route and Configuration Knowledge Acquired in a Virtual Environment to the Actual Building BIB 275
  John H. Bailey; Bob G. Witmer
Virtual Reality as a Tool for Office Design Applications -- Visions and Realities BIB 276
  Wilhelm Bauer; Hans-Jorg Bullinger; Oliver Riedel
Models for Assessment of Display Format Characteristics BIB 277
  Stuart I. Brown; Ram R. Bishu
The Use of Colors in a Data Entry Environment BIB 278
  Anamaria de Moraes; Claudia Mourthe; Simone Guidine

Verbal Interfaces

Intention Recognition Based on Normal Use for Topic Object and Generation of Cooperative Responses BIB 280
  Koichi Yamada; Riichiro Mizoguchi; Naoki Harada; Akira Nukuzuma; Keiichi Ishimaru
Lexical Access for Spoken-Word Input Systems BIB 281
  James H. Graham; Michael D. Mattei
Speech Database Management for an Intelligent Telephone Answering System BIB 282
  Jill Hewitt; Mary Zajicek
Virtual Gain for Audio Windows BIB 283
  Michael Cohen; Nobuo Koizumi
Structural Analysis of Spoken Japanese Language and its Application to Communicative Intention Recognition BIB 284
  Tadahiko Kumamoto; Akira Ito
A Blackboard-Based Speech Interactive Interface for Robot Intelligent Control BIB 285
  Cui Yi; Li Qi
Parole: Voice Recognition and Synthesis in Air Traffic Control BIB 286
  Francois Marque
Human-Machine Dialogue in CAD System Environment BIB 287
  N. Deltchev