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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan)
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93
  1. HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 2
    1. Plenary Paper
    2. I. Software Interfaces
    3. II. Software Tools

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 2

Plenary Paper

Human-Robot-Computer Interaction in Multiagent Environment BIBA 2-7
  Yuichiro Anzai

I. Software Interfaces

Is User Interface Design Just Common Sense? BIBA 9-14
  Thomas S. Tullis
The Need for New Application Specific Interface Elements BIBA 15-20
  J. Gulliksen; M. Johnson; M. Lind; E. Nygren; B. Sandblad
Development of a Usable Graphical User Interface Design Guide BIBA 21-26
  Robert M., Jr. Schumacher; Arnold Lund
A Design Guideline Search Method that Uses a Neural Network BIBA 27-32
  Kaori Ueno; Katsuhiko Ogawa
Designing of Highly Effective "Human-Computer" Systems, Based on Multifunctional Elements BIBA 33-37
  S. Tsiramua; R. Kashmadze
Dynamic Representation of Icons in Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 38-43
  Kazunari Morimoto; Takao Kurokawa; Takeshi Nishimura
A User-Oriented Test of Icons in an Educational Software Product BIBA 44-49
  S. Fullerton; A. J. Happ
Design of the User Interface of a Collaborative Text Writing System BIBA 50-55
  Jose A. Pino; Edgardo Fabres
Visualizing Search Results: User Interface Development for the Project Envision Database of Computer Science Literature BIBA 56-61
  Lucy Terry Nowell; Deborah Hix
Effect of Image Presentation to the Cognition of Plural Speech BIBA 62-67
  Hiroshi Tamura; Yue Chen; Yu Shibuya
A Pen-Based System to Input Correct Answers to Assist in the Development of Recognition and Understanding Algorithms of Ink Data BIBA 68-73
  Yasuhiro Cho; Toshihiro Morita; Seiichi Higaki; Shinji Moriya
A New Approach to Visual Programming in User Interface Design BIBAK 74-79
  Jurgen Herczeg; Hubertus Hohl; Matthias Ressel
Visual Interference with User's Tasks on Multi-Window System BIBA 80-85
  Hirohiko Mori; Yoshio Hayashi
Designing Interfaces of Autonomous Agents BIBA 86-91
  Takahiro Yakoh; Nobuyuki Yamasaki; Yuichiro Anzai
A Knowledge Representation for Large Scale Integrated Circuit Failure Analysis BIBA 92-97
  Yuko Takeguchi; Takashi Torii; Shinichi Okabe
A Dialogue Manager as Interface between Aircraft Pilots and a Pilot Assistant System BIBA 98-103
  M. Gerlach; R. Onken
A Taxonomy of Distortion-Oriented Techniques for Graphical Data Presentation BIBA 104-109
  Y. K. Leung; M. D. Apperley
An Information-Based User Interface Architecture BIBA 110-115
  H. Diel; J. Uhl; M. Welsch
The Impact of the Design of the Software Control Interface on User Performance BIBA 116-121
  John R. Carlson; Laura L. Hall
Computer-Aided Adaptation of User Interfaces with Menus and Dialog Boxes BIBA 122-127
  U. Malinowski; T. Kuhme; H. Dieterich; M. Schneider-Hufschmidt
Interactive Scenarios for the Development of a User Interface Prototype BIBA 128-133
  Mona M. Kaddah
Intelligent User Interface for Very Large Relational Databases BIBA 134-139
  Paul E. Reimers; Soon M. Chung
Spoken Language Interaction: Effects of Vocabulary Size and Experience on User Efficiency and Acceptability BIBA 140-145
  Thomas W. Dillon; A. F. Norcio; Michael J. DeHaemer
Screen Layout and Semantic Structure in Iconic Menu Design BIBA 146-151
  Ping Zhan; Ram R. Bishu; Michael W. Riley
Realtime Synthesis of a Realistic Anthropomorphous Agent Toward Advanced Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 152-157
  Hiroshi Dohi; Mitsuru Ishizuka
Iterative Prototyping of User Interfaces BIBA 158-162
  D. Felix; H. Krueger
Integrating Analytical and Creative Processes for User Interface Re-Design BIBA 163-168
  Yosuke Kinoe; Hirohiko Mori; Yoshio Hayashi
Three Usability Enhancements to the Human Factors-Design Interface BIBA 169-174
  R. G. Bias; D. J. Gillan; T. S. Tullis
Effects of Hypertext Topology on Navigation Performance BIBA 175-180
  Sanjay Batra; R. R. Bishu; Brian Donohue
The Relative Effectiveness of Hypertext and Text BIBA 181-186
  Mark R. Lehto; Wenli Zhu; Bryan Carpenter
Implementing Adaptable Hypermedia in a Relational Database BIBA 187-189
  William Leigh; James Ragusa
Interactive Haptic Interface: Two-Dimensional Form Perception for Blind Access to Computers BIBA 190-195
  S. Lee; S. F. Wiker; G. C. Vanderheiden
Sharing Customization in a Campus Computing Environment BIBA 196-201
  Craig E. Wills; Kirstin Cadwell; William Marrs
An Intelligent User Interface for Multimedia Mineral Retrieval System BIBA 202-207
  Dusan Cakmakov; Danco Davcev
Selecting Colors for Dialog Boxes and Buttons in a Text Interface BIBA 208-213
  Stanley R. Page
An Interactive Information Filter or a Trip in Hyperspace BIBA 214-219
  Constantin Thiopoulous
Dialogue Design Through Modified Dataflow and Data Modelling BIBAK 220-225
  Soren Lauesen; Morten Borup Harning
Task Analysis in Design of a Human-Computer Interface for a Ward Based System BIBA 226-230
  T. Frascina; R. A. Steele
The Effect of Direction on Object-Oriented Cursor Control Actions BIBA 231-236
  Joseph D. Chase; Sherry Perdue Casali

II. Software Tools

CoDesk -- An Interface to TheKnowledgeNet BIBAK 238-243
  Konrad Tollmar
The Software Architecture of DIGIS BIBA 244-249
  Hans de Bruin; Peter Bouwman
Cooperative Musical Partner System: JASPER (Jam Session Partner) BIBA 250-255
  Hirokazu Kato; Sanae Wake; Seiji Inokuchi
ESSAI -- Interactive Sales System on an IBC-Network BIBA 256-260
  D. Felix; H. Krueger
Design-to-Cost Support with ASCET BIBA 261-266
  J. Warschat; J. Frech
An Algebraic System that Symbolic Expressions Can Interact with Graphical Representations for Understanding Mathematics BIBA 267-272
  H. Saito; M. Nagata
Preliminary Experiment with a Distributed and Networking Card-Handling Tool Named KJ-Editor BIBA 273-278
  Naohiko Takeda; Akichika Shiomi; Kazuhisa Kawai; Hajime Ohiwa
HCI Aspects of the CASSY-Environment BIBA 279-284
  Erdmuthe Meyer zu Bexten; Claudio Moraga
The TOM Approach to System Development: Methods and Tools for Task Oriented Modelling of Real-Time Safety Critical Systems BIBA 285-290
  C. P. Warren
Integrating CASE and UIMS for Automatic Software Construction BIBA 291-296
  Christian Martin; Christian Winterhalder
Problem Solving Support System as Thinking Acceleration Tools BIBA 297-302
  Takashi Nakamura
A Software Architecture for Cooperative Knowledge Based Systems BIBA 303-308
  A. Hadj Kacem; J.-L. Soubie; J. Frontin
The Implementation of Knowledge Structures in Cognitive Simulation Environments BIBA 309-314
  D. V. Benysh; R. J. Koubek
Experimental Method for Construction of a Knowledge-Based System for Shipping Berth Scheduling BIBA 315-320
  Masaichiro Ogawa; Norio Saito; Tsutomu Tabe; Shinji Sugimura
Development of Knowledge Eliciting Techniques for Expert Systems BIBA 321-324
  Shigenobu Nomura; Yoshinori Huruichi; Tatsuo Suzuki; Takashi Kondoh
Structured Notations for Human Factors Specification of Interactive Systems BIBA 325-331
  K. Y. Lim; J. B. Long
The System is the Expert: Architecture for a Model-Based Tutor BIBA 332-337
  Michael Pearce
Knowledge Acquisition for a Domain-Independent Intelligent Training System BIBA 338-343
  Ronald W. Broome; Marijke F. Augusteijn
A Framework for Building a Knowledge Based System Using Several Experts -- With an Application for Curriculum Design of Engineering Degree Courses BIBA 344-349
  M. N. Borges; Y. Benett; M. Lewis; M. T. Thorn
Knowledge Support Systems for Conceptual Design: The Amplification of Creativity BIBA 350-355
  Ernest Edmonds; Linda Candy
A Conceptual Model of Human Skill Requirements for Advanced Manufacturing Settings BIBA 356-361
  R. J. Koubek; G. Salvendy
Heuristics for Generating Informative Responses to Failing User's Queries in Natural Language Database Interfaces BIBA 362-367
  Z. Trabelsi; Y. Kotani; H. Nisimura
Natural Language Interfaces for Integrated Network Management BIBA 368-372
  Raymond Chau
Natural Language as Object and Medium in Computer-Based Learning BIBA 373-378
  S. Leclerc; S. de Maisonneuve
Intelligent Help Facilities: Generating Natural Language Descriptions with Examples BIBA 379-384
  Vibhu O. Mittal; Cecile L. Paris
Natural Language Interfaces: Specifying and Using Conceptual Constraints BIBA 385-390
  Elizabeth Godbert; Robert Pasero; Paul Sabatier
Making Information Systems Fit Users Needs BIBA 391-396
  A. C. Gillies
Presentation and Editing of Structured 3-D Graphics BIBA 397-402
  Steven P. Reiss
Rapid 3-D Editing Through Hierarchical Constraints BIBA 403-408
  John R. Rankin
Reducing Repetition in Graphical Editing BIBA 409-414
  David Kurlander
Automated Construction of Application-Specific Graph Editors in an Object-Oriented Paradigm BIBA 415-420
  M. Chen; P. Townsend; C. Y. Wang
Using Domain Knowledge to Support Graphical Editing BIBA 421-426
  Jonas Lowgren