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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan)
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93
  1. HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 2
    1. IV. Help and Learning
    2. V. Hardware Interfaces

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 2

IV. Help and Learning

Animated Help as a Sensible Extension of a Plan-Based Help System BIBA 712-717
  Markus A. Thies
An Adaptive Intelligent Help System BIBA 718-723
  Chi-Tien Chiu; Chaochang Chiu; A. F. Norcio
A Usability Evaluation of Text and Speech Redundant Help Messages on a Reader Interface BIBA 724-729
  E. M.-Y. Wang; H. Shahnavaz; L. Hedman; K. Papadopoulos; N. Watkinson
Development of a Processflow Manager for an IC-Diagnosis System BIBA 730-735
  Holger Retz; Axel Hunger
Intelligent Task Based Model for the Design of Screen Review Systems for People with Blindness BIBA 736-741
  J. Gunderson
The Use of Computer Simulated Cases to Study Factors that Influence Clinical Practice Styles BIBA 742-747
  James G. Anderson; Stephen J. Jay; Christine Beville; Marilyn M. Anderson
A Computer-Based Integrated Instruction and Design for Teaching Aesthetic Design BIBA 748-753
  Rungtai Lin
Student Modelling in Hybrid Training Systems BIBA 754-759
  D. Milech; B. Waters; S. Noel; G. Roy; K. Kirsner
Role of Analogical Reasoning as a Tool for Training BIBA 760-765
  D. M. Boase-Jelinek; D. Milech
Computer Technology in the Educational Curriculum Development in Nigeria in the 21st Century BIBA 766-771
  Noah K. Akinmayowa
Control of Cosmonauts Training to Overcome Operational Complexity BIBA 772-777
  Yuri Glazkov; Alex Rudchenko; Alex Vislotsky; Alex Vankov
Use of Multimedia Technology in Teaching Engineering Design BIBA 778-783
  S. Hsi; A. M. Agogino
An Adaptive User-Oriented Message Prioritization Scheme BIBA 784-789
  Wei-Ping Wang
Medical Diagnostic Expert System BIBA 790-795
  Renu Vig; Deepak Bagai; Y. C. Chopra
Supporting Instead of Replacing the Planner -- An Intelligent Assistant System for Factory Layout Planning BIBA 796-801
  Jurgen Herrmann; Matthias Kloth
Preventing Human Errors in Skilled Activities Through a Computerized Support System BIBA 802-807
  M. Masson; V. De Keyser
Audicon: Easy Access to Graphical User Interfaces for Blind Persons -- Designing for and with People BIBA 808-813
  O. Martial; A. Dufresne
Development of a Simulation-Based Intelligent Tutoring System for Assisting PID Control Learning BIBA 814-818
  Takeki Nogami; Yoshihide Yokoi; Ichiro Yanagisawa; Shizuka Mitui
The Use of Expert Systems for Training Humans in Rule-Based Reasoning BIBA 819-824
  J. Sharit; S. Chen
A Situated Cognition Approach to Problem Solving with Implications for Computer-Based Learning and Assessment BIBA 825-830
  Michael F. Young; Michael McNeese
A Computer-Assisted Instruction System for Beginner's Crude Charge Schedulers BIBA 831-836
  Kotaro Saito; Tsutomu Tabe; Katsuo Furihata
Human-Computer Interaction and the Automation of Work BIBA 837-842
  Karl U. Smith; Thomas J. Smith
Social Implications of Feedback and Delay Characteristics in Electronic Communications Usage BIBA 843-848
  Barrett S. Caldwell
A Human Memory Model Based on Search Patterns BIBA 849-854
  Tomoko Saka; Hideaki Ozawa; Naoki Kobayashi
Control of Complex System by Situated Knowledge: The Role of Implicit Learning BIBA 855-860
  A. Rizzo; O. Parlangeli; C. Cambiganu; S. Bagnara
A Model of Behavioral Techniques for Representing User Interface Designs BIBA 861-866
  J. D. Chase; H. Rex Hartson; Deborah Hix; Robert S. Schulman; Jeffrey L. Brandenburg
A New Paradigm for Diagnostic Expert System Based on Designer's Knowledge BIBA 867-872
  Yasufumi Kume; Hyun Seok Jung; Gavriel Salvendy
Introducing Problem Solving Strategies of Users into the Interface Design BIBA 873-878
  Nong Ye; Gavriel Salvendy
Development of a Methodology for Optimizing the Elicited Knowledge BIBA 879-884
  C.-J. Chao; G. Salvendy
A Taxonomy for Human Behaviour and Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 885-890
  William H. Edmondson
Task Analysis Method using the GOMS Model with Grouping BIBA 891-896
  Kanji Kato; Katushiko Ogawa
Task-Dependent Descriptions: A Preliminary Study BIBA 897-902
  Laurent Karsenty
Dealing with the Dilemma of Disparate Mental Models BIBA 903-908
  Wm. J. Garland
An Associative Approach in Dynamic User Modeling BIBA 909-914
  Qiyang Chen; A. F. Norcio
Information Tools: A New Approach to Interface Design and Development BIBA 915-920
  Andrew Michael Cohill
Design Issues of Bilingual Editor BIBA 921-926
  Miwako Doi
Coordinating an Interface Agent with Direct Manipulation Environments BIBA 927-932
  Takashi Sonoda; Fumitaka Matsumoto; Kengo Omura; Mitsuhisa Kamei
The Fifth Generation Fallacy: Looking Back from 1993 BIBA 933-938
  J. Marshall Unger
KJ-Editor: A Collaboration Environment for Brain Storming and Consensus Forming BIBA 939-942
  H. Ohiwa; K. Kawai; A. Shiomi; N. Takeda
Use of Bi-Directional Image Exchange in Facilitating Precontact Communication BIBA 943-948
  Yu Shibuya; Hiroshi Tamura
Human Centred Collaborative Design in System Development -- Intelligent Back Scratcher to be Attentive to User's Needs BIBA 949-954
  Yoshihiro Sato
Cooperative Work Analysis of Plant Operator Crew BIBA 955-960
  Hiroshi Ujita; Ryuji Kubota; Kouji Ikeda; Ryutaro Kawano
Group Communication Support System for Software Development Project Based on Trouble Communication Model BIBA 961-966
  Shoichi Takeda; Mie Nakatani; Shogo Nishida
A Meeting Support System Based on Analyses of Human-Communication -- Using the Context and Contents of Meetings BIBA 967-972
  T. Uetake; M. Nagata; K. Takeuchi; H. Takagi
Doing by Understanding: Embedded Systems for Understanding Coordinated Work BIBA 973-978
  Timo Kakola
Computer Simulation Model of Cognitive Process in Group Works BIBA 979-984
  K. Furuta; S. Kondo
Negotiability: A Metafunction to Support Personalizable Groupware BIBA 985-990
  V. Wulf
An Analysis Technique for User Centered Design BIBA 991-996
  John Kirby; Heather A. Heathfield
Cooperating Partners: Investigating Natural Assistance BIBA 997-1002
  Francoise Darses; Pierre Falzon; J. M. Robert

V. Hardware Interfaces

The Context-Based Graphic Input System: T-Board BIBA 1004-1009
  Yasuo Endo; Shinji Akimichi; Murray Milne
Segmentation of Handwritten Text and Editing-Symbols from Ink-Data BIBA 1010-1015
  S. Navaneetha Krishnan; Shinji Moriya
User Interface Development Tools for Pen Computer Applications BIBA 1016-1021
  Isamu Iwai; Yoshiyuki Miura
Cordless Pen and Electronic Stationery BIBA 1022-1027
  Azuma Murakami
The Minimal Sizes and the Quasi-Optimal Sizes for the Input Square During Pen-Input of Characters BIBA 1028-1033
  Xiangshi Ren; Shinji Moriya
Concept of Minute Operation and its Application to Pen-Based Computers BIBA 1034-1039
  Shinji Moriya; Hiroshi Taninaka
Real-Time Multi-Hand Detection for Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 1040-1045
  Koichi Ishibuchi; Haruo Takemura; Fumio Kishino
Pen-Based Interfaces for Drawing Figures with 'Stationery Metaphors' BIBA 1046-1051
  Masaki Nakagawa; Shinya Kazama; Takashi Satou; Natsuko Fukuda
Gesture Specification and Structure Recognition in Handsketch-Based Diagram Editors BIBAK 1052-1057
  Rui Zhao
Musculoskeletal Discomfort and Job Performance of Keyboard Operators BIBA 1058-1063
  I. T. S. Yu; H. S. C. Ting
Evaluating Performance, Discomfort, and Subjective Preference between Computer Keyboard Designs BIBA 1064-1069
  S. D. Douglas; A. J. Happ
Intelligent Keyboard Layout Process BIBAK 1070-1074
  Chin-Chuang Lin; Tzai-Zang Lee; Fu-Shing Chou
A Comparison of Keyboard-Integrated Pointing Devices BIBA 1075-1078
  David F. Loricchio
Performance Measures in an 'Ergonomically' Designed Keyboard BIBA 1079-1084
  P. J. McAlindon
Facial Animation Synthesis for Human-Machine Communication System BIBA 1085-1090
  Shigeo Morishima; Hiroshi Harashima
Voice-Responsive Eye-Blinking Feedback for Improved Human-to-Machine Speech Input BIBA 1091-1096
  Tomio Watanabe
Enhancing Speech Intelligibility Using Visual Images BIBA 1097-1102
  Christopher Greaves; Martin Warren; Olov Ostberg
Evaluation of a Gaze Using Real-Time CG Eye-Animation Combined with Eye Movement Detector BIBA 1103-1108
  Kiyohiro Morii; Fumio Kishino; Nobuji Tetsutani
Bidirectional Translation between Sign Language and Japanese for Communication with Deaf-Mute People BIBA 1109-1114
  Takao Kurokawa; Tooru Morichi; Shigeaki Watanabe