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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan)
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93
  1. HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 2
    1. III. Media

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 2

III. Media

An Eventful Approach to Multi-Media, Multi-User Applications BIBAK 428-433
  Matthias Ressel; Hubertus Hohl; Jurgen Herczeg
Designing Coherent Multimedia Presentations BIBA 434-439
  Thomas Rist; Elisabeth Andre
Aspects of Multimodal and Multimedia Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 440-445
  K.-P. Fahnrich; K.-H. Hanne
LAYLAB -- A Constraint-Based Layout Manager for Multimedia Presentations BIBA 446-451
  Winifried H. Graf
Toward a Walkthrough Method for Multimedia Design BIBA 452-457
  Peter Faraday; Alistair Sutcliffe
Multi-Media Support for Up-Stream User Interface Design Activities BIBA 458-463
  K. Mouzakis; S. Howard
Navigational Issues in Multimedia Case Studies of Engineering Design BIBA 464-469
  S. Hsi; A. M. Agogino
Contingency Models for Architectural Design BIBA 470-475
  Dave Bell
On the Relationships between Hypermedia and the Psychotherapeutic Process BIBA 476-481
  Pablo Boczkowski; Fernando Das Neves; Gustavo Rossi
An Analysis of Hypermedia Program Architecture with Individual Differences of Learners BIBA 482-487
  Susan Gautsch
Snapshots from the Eye: Toward Strategies for Viewing Bibliographic Citations BIBA 488-493
  D. L. Howard; M. E. Crosby
A Model of Learning with Hypermedia Systems BIBA 494-499
  G. A. Hutchings; W. Hall; C. J. Colbourn
Changing Persona: University Student to Museum Visitor BIBA 500-506
  Trevor H. Jones; Margaret Christensen
Individual Differences in the Use of Hyper/Multimedia by Undergraduate Students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa BIBA 507-512
  T. N. Kamala; Jan Stelovsky; Martha E. Crosby
Implementation and Design Issues in Interactive Multi-Media Knowledge Based Systems for Criminal Intelligence Analysis: The Mycroft Perspective BIBA 513-518
  K. Morgan; P. Hardy; J. Casey; L. Holland; T. Quinn; R. Mead; R. Oldfield
The Development of a Plan Based Tutor to Aid in Transfer between Programming Languages BIBA 519-524
  Jean Scholtz; Adrienne Cleveland
Use of Parameters to Facilitate the Implementation of Reusable Hypermedia Modules BIBA 525-530
  Jan Stelovsky
Using Multimedia to Teach Visual Literacy: A Systematic Approach BIBA 531-536
  Raymond P. Kirsch; Robert M. Aiken
Multimedia Development Platforms and Authoring Tools: Practical and Theoretical Frontiers BIBA 537-542
  Wita Wojtkowski; W. Gregory Wojtkowski
Using Animated Demonstrations in Multimedia Applications: Some Suggestions Based upon Experimental Evidence BIBA 543-548
  P. E. Waterson; C. E. O'Malley
A Design Model for Multimedia Computer-Based Training BIBAK 549-554
  Garry Patterson; Terry J. Anderson; Fabian C. Monds
Visualizing Multidimensional Process Control Relationships BIBA 555-560
  S. K. Habibi; D. S. Ranson
3-D Diagrams for Knowledge Engineering: An Early Estimation of Utility BIBA 561-566
  S. Jones
Romeo: Robot-Mediated Cooperative Work for Handling 3-Dimensional Physical Objects BIBA 567-572
  Kenji Kawasugi; Takashi Yoshino; Yasushi Nakauchi; Yuichiro Anzai
Eye-Gaze and Intent: Application in 3D Interface Control BIBA 573-578
  J. C. Schryver; J. H. Goldberg
A User Interface to a True 3-D Display Device BIBA 579-584
  Bruce A. Hobbs; Martin R. Stytz
An Interactive Design Environment for Graphical Browsers BIBAK 585-590
  Hubertus Hohl; Jurgen Herczeg; Matthias Ressel
HelpDraw Graphical Environment: A Step Beyond Data Parallel Programming Languages BIBA 591-596
  Akram-Djellal Benalia; Jean-Luc Dekeyser; Philippe Marquet
Improving the Quality of Computer-Generated Charts BIBA 597-602
  Ralph Marshall
OOQBE*: An Intuitive Graphical Query Language with Recursion BIBA 603-608
  F. Staes; L. Tarantino
Sketching Editor for Engineering Design BIBAK 609-614
  M. Stolpmann; D. Roller
Contextual Help for Free with Formal Dialogue Design BIBA 615-620
  Ph. A. Palanque; R. Bastide; L. Dourte
A Method for Generating Messages of the On-Line Help System Based on a User Model and a Situational Model BIBA 621-626
  Y. Kobayashi; M. Nagata
User Responses to an Editor Supporting Syntactic Selection Method BIBA 627-632
  Alice Dijkstra; Carla Huls; Han Damen
Cognitive Processing and Hypermedia Comprehension: A Preliminary Synthesis BIBA 633-638
  David G. Payne; Michael J. Wenger; Maxine S. Cohen
Using Argumentation to Overcome Hypertext's HCI Failings BIBA 639-644
  J. A. A. Sillince; R. H. Minors
Surface Display and Synthetic Force Sensation BIBA 645-650
  Michitaka Hirose; Koichi Hirota
A Six Degree-of-Freedom Pen-Based Force Display BIBA 651-656
  Hiroo Iwata
Virtual Kitchen System using Kansei Engineering BIBA 657-662
  N. Enomoto; M. Nagamachi; J. Nomura; K. Sawada
Simulated World of Hypothetical Life Forms -- Virtual Creatures BIBA 663-668
  Takushi Fujita; Kayuru Itoh; Hitomi Taguchi; Toshiyuki Fukuoka; Souichi Nishiyama; Kazuyuki Watanabe
Virtual Space Teleconferencing System -- Real Time Detection and Reproduction of 3-D Human Images BIBA 669-674
  Fumio Kishino; Jun Ohya; Haruo Takemura; Nobuyoshi Terashima
A Virtual Reality System Using Physiological Data -- Application to Virtual Sports CAI BIBA 675-680
  Ken'ichi Kamijo; Akihisa Kenmochi
The Basic Study of Natural Operation in Virtual Space BIBA 681-686
  Nobuko Kato; Miwako Doi; Akio Okazaki
New Techniques for Interaction in Virtual Worlds -- Contents of Development and Examples BIBA 687-692
  Wilhelm Bauer; Oliver Riedel
Awareness, Focus, and Aura: A Spatial Model of Interaction in Virtual Worlds BIBA 693-698
  Steve Benford; Lennart E. Fahlen
The Sense of Presence within Virtual Environments: A Conceptual Framework BIBA 699-704
  Woodrow Barfield; Suzanne Weghorst
The Art of the Belly BIBA 705-710
  Wolfgang Slany; Christian Stary