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Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:Michael J. Smith
Location:New Orleans, USA
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISBN 0-80583607-1 0-80583610-1; hcibib: HCII01
  1. HCII 2001-08 Volume 1
  2. HCII 2001-08 Volume 2

HCII 2001-08 Volume 1

An Evaluation of Gesture Recognition for PDAs BIB 1-5
  A. Sears; R. Arora
Investigating PDA Web Browsing Through Eye Movement Analysis BIB 6-10
  H. S. Bautsch-Vitense; G. J. Marmet; J. A. Jacko
Development of a Gesture-Based Interface for Mobile Computing BIB 11-15
  J. M. Vice; C. E. Lathan; J. Sampson
Data Entry for Mobile Devices Using Soft Keyboards: Understanding the Effect of Keyboard Size BIB 16-20
  Y. Zha; A. Sears
Vibrotactile Feedback for Handling Virtual Contact in Immersive Virtual Environments BIB 21-25
  R. W. Lindeman; J. N. Templeman
Guided Design and Evaluation of Distributed Collaborative 3D interaction in Projection Based Virtual Environments BIB 26-30
  G. Goebbels; V. Lalioti; T. Mack
3D Interaction and Visualization in the Industrial Environment BIB 31-35
  S. Goose; I. Gruber; S. Sudarsky; K. Hampel; B. Baxter; N. Navab
Interfacing Tangible Input Devices to a 3D Virtual Environment for Users with Special Needs BIB 36-40
  S. V. Cobb; T. Starmer; R. C. Cobb; S. Tymms; T. P. Pridmore; D. Webster
A Study of the Relative Importance of Visual Cues in Desktop Virtual Environments BIB 41-45
  S. Morar; R. D. Macredie; T. Cribbin
HCI Challenges in Designing for Users with Disabilities BIB 46-50
  J. C. Muzio; M. Serra
Mathaino: Simultaneous Legacy Interface Migration to Multiple Platforms BIB 51-55
  R. V. Kapoor; E. Stroulia
A User Interface for Accessing to Information Spaces by the Manipulation of Physical Objects BIB 56-60
  M. Sugimoto; F. Kusunoki; H. Hashizume
Towards an Interactive Systems Design Based on the User Task with Petri Nets BIB 61-65
  D. Tabary; R. Bastide; P. Palanque; M. Abed
Proposition for an Automatic Design of SOHTCO Interfaces from Cooperative Process Simulation BIB 66-70
  E. Adam; D. Tabary; M. Abed
Agents Oriented Specification of Interactive Systems BIB 71-75
  H. Maoudji; H. Ezzedine; A. Peninou
Contribution of the Petri Nets and the Multi Agent System in HCI Specification BIB 76-80
  M. Riahi; F. Moussa
The Task-to-Presentation-Dialog Mapping Problem BIB 81-85
  Q. Limbourg; J. Vanderdonckt
Knowledge Discovery in Human-Machine Systems BIB 86-90
  J. Murray
Designing Mobile Applications: Challenges, Methodologies, and Lessons Learned BIB 91-95
  R. Longoria
Lessons Learned in Developing Human-Computer Interfaces for Infantry Wearable Computer Systems BIB 96-100
  T. V. Hromadka
Recent Investigations of User Interface Improvements for a Military Wearable Computer System BIB 101-105
  L. E. Stallman
Internationalization of Websites: The Next Great Challenge in Interface Design BIB 106-110
  L. E. Burgee
An Exploratory Study of Situational Error on the Web BIB 111-114
  J. Lazar; A. F. Norcio
Designing for Effective Information Presentation: The Effects of Cultural Differences on Speed, Accuracy, and Perceptions on Usability and Aesthetics BIB 115-119
  J. Noiwan; A. F. Norcio
Abstract Interfaces in Three-Dimensional Space BIB 120-124
  D. K. Jennings
Practical Approaches to Fuzzy Object-Oriented User Modeling BIB 125-129
  T. Piyawat; A. F. Norcio
Color as Communication: Nontextual Methods for the Conveyance of Information BIB 130-133
  D. Denenberg
Augmenting Physical Tools: Bridging the Chasm of Late Adoption with Multimodal Language BIB 134-138
  D. R. McGee; P. R. Cohen
Capabilities and Limitations of Wizard of Oz Evaluations of Speech User Interfaces BIB 139-143
  W. J. Sadowski
Intelligibility and Acceptability of Short Phrases Generated by Embedded Text-to-Speech Engines BIB 144-148
  H. Wang; J. R. Lewis
Psychometric Properties of the Mean Opinion Scale BIB 149-153
  J. R. Lewis
A Perspective on Intelligent Information Interfaces for Mobile Users BIB 154-158
  T. Rist
Post-Wimp Interactive Systems: Modeling Visual and Haptic Interaction BIB 159-163
  P. Mussio; U. Cugini; M. Bordegoni
The Sentient Map as a New Paradigm for Human-Computer Interface BIB 164-168
  S.-K. Chang
Internet-Based Electronic Data Exchange Interface for E-Business Integration BIB 169-173
  A. J. C. Trappey; S. Chen; P.-H. Ho
Storefront Interface Analysis and Evaluation for E-Commerce Applications BIB 174-178
  C. V. Trappey; A. J. C. Trappey; C. Y.-P. Chang
An Application of Lessons Learned in Virtual Reality to the Services Industry BIB 179-182
  V. G. Duffy
A Survey of Design Guidelines for Usability of Web Sites BIB 183-187
  C.-H. Wang
The Influence of Usability Principles on Developer's Performance BIB 188-192
  T.-Z. Lee; W.-Y. Lin
The Development of a Cognitive-driven Expert System Interface BIB 193-197
  K.-W. Su; S.-L. Hwang; T.-H. Liu
Speech Completion: New Speech Interface with On-demand Completion Assistance BIB 198-202
  M. Goto; K. Itou; T. Akiba; S. Hayamizu
A Support System for Visually Impaired Persons Using Acoustic Interface-Recognition of 3-D Spatial Information BIB 203-207
  Y. Kawai; F. Tomita
COMAP: A Content Mapper for Audio-Mediated Collaborative Writing BIB 208-212
  M. Masoodian; S. Luz
An Experimental Study on Potentiality of Voice Input Device for Human-Machine Interface in Industrial Plants BIB 213-217
  M. Nakanishi; Y. Okada
A Voice-Based Java Programming Environment BIB 218-222
  A. Bowers; C. Allen; M. Davis
Feedback Requirements for a Direct Voice Input System BIB 223-227
  P. S. E. Farrell; M. Perlin; G. W. Ho
A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective on the User Interface BIB 228-232
  I. Lytje
Simulating Recognition Errors in Speech User Interface Prototyping BIB 233-237
  M. Peissner; F. Heidmann; J. Ziegler
A Study on Real-time Gesture Classification Method BIB 238-242
  H. Shimoda; T. Sasai; H. Yoshikawa
Non-Verbal Communication System in Cyberspace BIB 243-247
  S. Morishima
Embodied Interface for Emergence and Co-share of "Ba" BIB 248-252
  Y. Miwa; S. Wesugi; C. Ishibiki; S. Itai
E-COSMIC: Embodied Communication System for Mind Connection BIB 253-257
  T. Watanabe
Unconstrained Gesture Recognition BIB 258-262
  J. Bellando; R. Kothari
Intermodal Differences in Distraction Effects While Controlling Automotive User Interfaces BIB 263-267
  M. Geiger; M. Zobl; K. Bengler; M. Lang
An Intuitive Pen-Gestural Interface for Syntactic-Semantic Annotation of Non-Cursive Handwritten Input BIB 268-271
  J. Husinger
An Automatic, Adaptive Help System to Support Gestural Operation of an Automotive MMI BIB 272-276
  R. Nieschulz; M. Geiger; K. Bengler; M. Lang
Interface Design of Video Scout: A Selection, Recording, and Segmentation System for TVs BIB 277-281
  J. Zimmerman; G. Marmaropoulos; C. van Heerden
A Pattern-Supported Approach to the User Interface Design Process BIB 282-286
  A. Granlund; D. Lafreniere; D. A. Carr
Effects of Time Delay and Manipulator Speed on a Telerobotic Peg-in-Hole Task BIB 287-291
  J. C. Lane; C. R. Carignan; D. L. Akin
Absolute Thresholds of Perception for Changes in a Graphical User Interface BIB 292-296
  J. R. Dabrowski; E. V. Munson
Extending Kaindl's Scenario-based Requirements Derivation Technique for User Interface Design BIB 297-301
  G. Raikundalia
Assessing Head-Tracking in a Desktop Haptic Environment BIB 302-306
  C. Raymaekers; J. DeBoeck; K. Coninx
EasyCom: Designing an Intuitive and Personalized Interface for Unified Realtime Communication and Collaboration BIB 307-311
  H. Hohl; M. Burger
Using a Brain-Computer Interface in Virtual and Real Worlds BIB 312-316
  J. D. Bayliss; B. Auernheimer
PODS: Interpreting Spatial and Temporal Environmental Information BIB 317-321
  E. Biagioni
ADAPT: Predicting User Action Planning BIB 322-326
  S. M. Doane
Capturing Students' Note-Taking Strategy with Audio Recording Techniques BIB 327-331
  M. E. Crosby; M. K. Iding; T. Speitel
Predicting User Task with a Neural Network BIB 332-336
  L. King
Student Usage of a Statistical Web-DB BIB 337-341
  J. Nordbotten; S. Nordbotten
Activity Theory as a Basis for the Study and Redesign of Computer-Based Task BIB 342-346
  G. Bedny; W. Karwowski; M. Seglin
Analysis of Visual Search Requirement Addressed in Current Usability Testing Methodologies for GUI Applications-An Activity Theory Approach BIB 347-351
  O.-J. Jeng; T. Sengupta
Professionally Important Personality Traits and Psychophysiological Conditions Related to Efficiency of Activities Factors of Ship Operators BIB 352-356
  V. N. Levytskiy; M. H. Seglin; A. M. Karpukhina
Theories and Methods in Affective Human Factors Design BIB 357-361
  M. G. Helander
Cross Cultural Issues in Affective Design BIB 362-364
  S.-F. M. Liang
Customer Needs in Web Based Interaction: A Macro View of Usability BIB 365-369
  R. S. Goonetilleke; C. Duffy; D. Jacques
Towards Affective Collaborative Design BIB 370-374
  H. M. Khalid
Usability and Beyond: Experiential Aspects of Web Interaction BIB 375-379
  P. Jamting; I. C. M. Karlsson
Designed for Enablement or Disabled by Design? Choosing the Path to Effective Speech Application Design BIB 380-384
  J. Lai; S. Srinivasan
Inclusive Design at the Royal College of Art (RCA) BIB 385-389
  R. Coleman; J. Myerson
When Non-Human is Better than Semi-Human: Consistency in Speech Interfaces BIB 390-394
  L. Gong; C. Nass; C. Simard; Y. Takhteyev
Wireless Spaces: Enabling Technological Freedom and Creating Invisible Borders BIB 395-399
  A. Saulsbury; I.-M. Jonsson
Context-Aware Mobile Phones: The Differences Between Pull and Push, Restoring the Importance of Place BIB 400-404
  P. Rankin
Natural Interaction Using the Adaptive Agent Oriented Software Architecture (AAOSA) BIB 405-409
  B. Hodjat; M. Amamiya
Simulating User Integration During Software Development BIB 410-414
  I. Raue; C. Leutloff
Web Document Ranking by Differentiated Expert Group Evaluation BIB 415-419
  S.-W. Kim; C.-W. Chung
The Development of a Usability Measure for Flight Management Systems BIB 420-424
  K. P. Lane; D. Harris
An Industrial Case Study of Usability Evaluation in Market-Driven Packaged Software Development BIB 425-429
  J. N. o. Dag; B. Regnell; O. S. Madsen; A. Aurum
Supporting Organizational Learning in Usability Engineering: Requirements of Software Development Organizations and Implications for Tool Support BIB 430-434
  E. Metzker
Practicality of Handwritten Japanese Input Interface with and without a Writing Frame BIB 435-439
  H. Tanaka; K. Ishigaki
Programming Education on an Electronic Whiteboard Using Pen Interfaces BIB 440-444
  T. Ohara; N. Kato; M. Nakagawa
Supporting Individual and Cooperative Work Using Scalable Pen Interfaces BIB 445-449
  Y. Otsuki; H. Bandoh; N. Kato; M. Nakagawa
Pen-based Electronic Mail System for the Blind BIB 450-454
  N. Ezaki; K. Kiyota; S. Yamamoto
User Adaptation in Handwriting Recognition by an Automatic Learning Algorithm BIB 455-459
  T. Yokota; S. Kuzunuki; K. Gunji; N. Hamada
A Neuro-Fuzzy Adaptive Control of Interactive Systems BIB 460-464
  H.-G. Lindner; A. Nikov; T. Georgiev
Adaptive Tutoring in Business Education Using Fuzzy Backpropagation Approach BIB 465-468
  A Kinshuk; A. Nikov; A. Patel
An Algorithm and a System for User Interface Adaptation BIB 469-473
  A. Nikov; S. Stoeva; M. Tzekov
WEDIS: A Toolkit for Adaptable Creation and Support of Workshop Production Structures BIB 474-478
  H. Enderlein; A. Nikov; B. Keil
Interaction with Agents Systems: Problematics and Classification BIB 479-483
  E. G.-L. Strugeon; A. Peninou
The User is an Agent BIB 484-488
  G. Hutzler
Interaction with Agent Systems for Technological Watch BIB 489-493
  E. Adam; E. Vergison; R. Mandiau; C. Kolski
Interaction with Agent Systems for Intermodality in Transport Systems BIB 494-498
  C. Petit-Roze; E. G.-L. Strugeon
Designing for Affective Interactions BIB 499-503
  C. Reynolds; R. W. Picard
Interactive Arts as the Frontier of Future Communication Media - Learned Lessons from ATR MIC Installations BIB 504-508
  K. Mase; R. Nakatsu
Kansei Interaction in Art and Technology BIB 509-513
  H. Katayose; S. Hirai; C. Horii; A. Kimura; K. Sato
The Impact of Social Context on Perceptions of Computing Activities BIB 514-518
  D. C. Dryer
Visualization Techniques Producing Communication in the Creative Community: Self-Propagating Map with an Annual Ring Metaphor BIB 519-523
  H. Noda; T. Asahi
Collaborative Work Support on Networked Heterogeneous Platforms--Shared Augmented Interior Design Space BIB 524-528
  K. Minami; T. Korpipaa; T. Shuzui; T. Kuroda; Y. Manabe; K. Chihara
Extracting Relations Among Files by User's History BIB 529-533
  Y. Iwai; M. Yamada; M. Yachida
Life-Like Agent Interface on a User-Tracking Active Display BIB 534-538
  H. Dohi; M. Ishizuka
Realistic 3D Facial Expression Modeling for Man-Machine Interaction BIB 539-543
  Y. Zhang; E. Sung
Integrated Multimedia Recognition and Motion Synthesis for Generation of 3D Sign-Language Animations BIB 544-548
  T. Ozawa
CRT Screens or TFT Displays? A Detailed Analysis of TFT Screens for Reading Efficiency BIB 549-553
  M. Ziefle
Pictures in Mobile Communication BIB 554-558
  P. Isomursu; M. Makarainen
Micro Teleoperation System Considering Visual Registration BIB 559-563
  A. Sano; H. Fujimoto; T. Kitagawa
Small User Interfaces: Challenges in Designing Holistic Mobile User Expectations BIB 564-568
  K. Konkka
Using Alternative Realities as Communication Aids in the Participatory Design of Work Environments BIB 569-573
  R. C. Davies; E. Hornyanszky-Dalholm; B. Rydberg-Mitchell; T. Wikstrom
Design, Virtual Reality and Peircean Phenomenology BIB 574-578
  J.-M. Orliaguet
Computer Games in Collaborative Architectural Design BIB 579-583
  P. Frost; M. Johansson; P. Warren
Latency Compensation in Head Tracked Virtual Environments: Motion Component Influences on Predictor Discriminability BIB 584-588
  B. D. Adelstein; J. Y. Jung; S. R. Ellis
Development of a Collaborative Environment for Finite Element Simulation BIB 589-593
  M. K. Abdul-Jalil; C. L. Bloebaum
Issues and Non-Issues in the Production of High-Resolution Auditory Virtual Environments BIB 594-598
  F. Wightman; D. Kistler; P. Zahorik
Rendering Sound Sources in High Fidelity Virtual Auditory Space: Some Spatial Sampling and Psychophysical Factors BIB 599-603
  S. Carlile; C. Jin; J. Leung
Creating Three Dimensions in Virtual Auditory Displays BIB 604-608
  B. Shinn-Cunningham
Creating Auditory Presence BIB 609-613
  R. H. Gilkey; B. D. Simpson; J. M. Weisenberger
Using Virtual Auditory Environments to Study Sound Localization BIB 614-618
  K. Hartung
The Role of System Latency in Multi-Sensory Virtual Displays for Space Applications BIB 619-623
  E. M. Wenzel
NeuroRehabilitation Using "Learning by Imitation" in Virtual Environments BIB 624-628
  M. K. Holden
Using Pinch Gloves™ for both Natural and Abstract Interaction Techniques in Virtual Environments BIB 629-633
  D. A. Bowman; C. A. Wingrave; J. M. Campbell; V. Q. Ly
Virtual Reality and Transfer of Learning BIB 634-638
  M. M. North; J. R. Mathis; A. Madajewski; J. T. Brown; S. M. Cupp
Presence in Altered Environments: Changing Parameters & Changing Presence BIB 639-643
  R. C. Allen; M. J. Singer
Presence in Distributed Virtual Environments BIB 644-648
  P. Commarford; M. J. Singer; J. P. Kring
Perceptual and Performance Issues in the Integration of Virtual Technologies in Demanding Environments BIB 649-653
  E. Haas
Effects of Vection on the Sense of Presence in a Virtual Environment BIB 654-658
  M. Olsson; K. Vien; E. Ng; R. So; H. Alm
Comparing Perception of Safety in Virtual and Real Environments BIB 659-663
  F. F. Wu; V. G. Duffy
Impact of Dynamic Virtual and Real Objects on Perception of Hazard and Risk BIB 664-668
  P. P. W. Ng; V. G. Duffy
Determining the Impact of Task Complexity on Decision-Making and Retention in Virtual Industrial Training BIB 669-673
  G. T. C. Leung; V. G. Duffy
Considering Individual Differences in Perception and Performance in Virtual Environments BIB 674-677
  C. M. Duffy; V. G. Duffy
Haptic Cueing of a Visual Change-Detection Task: Implications for Multimodal Interfaces BIB 678-682
  H. Z. Tan; R. Gray; J. J. Young; P. Irawan
Virtual Glassboat: For Looking Under the Ground BIB 683-687
  I. Siio
The Classroom of the Future: Enhancing Education Through Augmented Reality BIB 688-692
  J. R. Cooperstock
Physical-Virtual Knowledge Work Environments--First Steps BIB 693-697
  T. Pederson
Dynamic Assignment of Virtual Functions on Physical Objects: Toward the Free Metaphor User Interface BIB 698-702
  K. Azuma; H. Mori; M. Kosugi
Development of a Visual Display System for Humanoid Robot Control BIB 703-707
  H. Hoshino; K. Suzuki; T. Nishiyama; K. Sawada
Virtual Collaborator as Personified Interface Agent for Visualizing Plant Operator's Cognitive Behavior in NPP Plant Control Room BIB 708-712
  W. Wu; T. Nakagawa; H. Ishii; H. Yoshikawa
A System for Synthesizing Human Motion in Virtual Environment BIB 713-717
  H. Ishii; K. Sharyo; D. Komaki; H. Yoshikawa
Development of a Group Training System for Plant Workers Using Networked Virtual Environment BIB 718-722
  T. Nagamatsu; M. Yamamoto; S. Shiba; D. Iwata; H. Yoshikawa
Open Simulator: Architecture for Simulating Networked Virtual Environment by Utilizing Online Resources BIB 723-727
  M. Yamamoto; Y. Osaka; T. Nagamatsu; H. Ishii; H. Yoshikawa
Configurability and Dynamic Augmentation of Technology Rich Environments BIB 728-732
  T. Binder; J. Messeter
An Interface for a Continuously Available, General Purpose, Spatialized Information Space BIB 733-737
  R. Kooper; B. MacIntyre
Augmented Reality and the Disappearing Computer BIB 738-742
  N. A. Streitz
Using Augmented Reality to Support Collaboration in an Outdoor Environment BIB 743-747
  B. H. Thomas
Augmented Reality Approaches to Sensory Rehabilitation BIB 748-752
  S. Weghorst
Experiential Recording by Wearable Computer BIB 753-757
  R. Ueoka; M. Hirose
VR on Gigabit Network: Video Avator Technology BIB 758-762
  T. Ogi; T. Yamada; M. Hirose
Embodied Spaces: Designing Remote Collaboration Systems Based on Body Metaphor BIB 763-767
  H. Kuzuoka; K. Yamazaki; J. Yamashita; S. Oyama; A. Yamazaki; H. Kato; H. Suzuki; H. Miki
Novel Haptic Texture Interfaces BIB 768-772
  Y. Ikei; N. Aoki; M. Shiratori
Object Model for Haptic Interaction BIB 773-776
  K. Hirota; M. Hirose
Wearable Interface Device BIB 777-781
  R. Kijima
Prop-based Interaction in Mixed Reality Applications BIB 782-791
  H. T. Regenbrecht; M. T. Wagner
Issues for Application Development Using Immersive HMD 360 Degree Panoramic Video Environments BIB 792-796
  A. Rizzo; U. Neumann; T. Pintaric; M. Norden
Collaboration With Tangible Augmented Reality Interfaces BIB 797-801
  M. Billinghurst; H. Kato; I. Poupyrev
Converging User Interface Paradigms Using Collaborative Augmented Reality BIB 802-804
  D. Schmalstieg; G. Hesina
Augmented Reality Interface for Electronic Music Performance BIB 805-808
  I. Poupyrev; R. Berry; M. Billinghurst; H. Kato; K. Nakao; L. Baldwin; J. Kurumisawa
Sensory Augmented Wearable Computing and its Potential for Human-Computer Interaction BIB 809-812
  B. Schiele
Symbiotic Interfaces for Wearable Face Recognition BIB 813-817
  B. Singletary; T. Starner
Experiments in Interaction Between Wearable and Environmental Infrastructure Using the Gesture Pendant BIB 818-822
  D. Ashbrook; J. Auxier; M. Gandy; T. Starner
Conversational Speech Recognition for Creating Intelligent Agents on Wearables BIB 823-827
  B. A. Wong; T. E. Stamer
Modeling Mobility: Exploring the Design Space for Enabling Seamless Ongoing Interaction for Mobile CSCW BIB 828-832
  M. Wiberg
Information Architecture of a Customer Web Application: Blending Content and Transactions BIB 833-837
  M. W. Vaughan; K. M. Candland; A. M. Wichansky
Designing and Evaluating a Web-Based Collaboration Application: A Case Study BIB 838-842
  W. Zhu
E-Commerce User Interface Design for the Web BIB 843-847
  L. J. Najjar
Design for Better Information Searching BIB 848-852
  X. Fang; S. Xu
Increasing Access of Visually Disabled Users to the World Wide Web BIB 853-857
  Y. Yang; M. R. Lehto
Transaction Security in B2C eCommerce: Perceptions and Reality BIB 858-862
  J. Rees
The Effect of Positive and Negative Information in Notes to Web-Based Financial Statements BIB 863-867
  A. A. Baldwin; R. B. Dull; A. W. Graham
Adaptive Web Interfaces for Electronic Commerce BIB 868-872
  N. J. Lightner; J. Jackson
Validating and Refining User Models of E-Commerce Customers with Usability Test Data BIB 873-877
  C. W. Turner
Decision Support Systems for ECommerce BIB 878-882
  W. Rivadeneira; M. Resnick
Usability Evaluation Methods: What is Still Missing for the Web? BIB 883-887
  M. Winckler; M. Pimenta; P. Palanque; C. Farenc
Modeling Interactive Information Retrieval (IR): An Information Seeking Approach BIB 888-892
  A. Spink; A. R. Hurson
Using Text Learning to Help Web Browsing BIB 893-897
  D. Mladenic
Web Searching Behavior: Selection of Search Terms BIB 898-902
  X. Fang
An Adaptive Agent for Web Exploration Based on Concept Hierarchies BIB 903-907
  S. Parent; B. Mobasher; S. Lytinen
Information Agents in Astronomy BIB 908-912
  A. Accomazzi; M. J. Kurtz; G. Eichhorn; C. S. Grant; S. S. Murray
Interactive Visual User Interfaces to Databases BIB 913-917
  T. Taskaya; P. Contreras; T. Feng; F. Murtagh
Textual Document Mining Using a Graphical Interface BIB 918-922
  G. Hubert; J. Mothe; A. Benammar; T. Dkaki; B. Dousset; S. Karouach
Users Bootstrap Better Searching the Web Through Interactive Agents Supporting Personalisation and Experience Sharing BIB 923-927
  K. Englmeier; J. Mothe; B. Pauer
Mining Coherence in Time Series Data BIB 928-932
  V. Moustakis; G. Potamias
How to Integrate Different Text Data and Fact Information. A Conceptual Transfer Problem in Digital Libraries and its Connection to Agent Theory BIB 933-937
  J. Krause
User Interest Correlation Through Web Log Mining BIB 938-942
  F. Tao; P. Contreras; B. Pauer; T. Taskaya; F. Murtagh
Constraint-based Immersive Virtual Environment for Supporting Assembly and Maintenance Tasks BIB 943-947
  T. Fernando; L. Marcelino; P. Wimalaratne
A Study of Navigation Strategies in Spatial-Semantic Visualisations BIB 948-952
  T. Cribbin; C. Chen
Virtuality in Human Supervisory Control BIB 953-957
  N. A. Stanton; A. D. Roberts; M. Ashleigh; F. Xu
Augmented Reality in Museums and Art Galleries BIB 958-962
  C. Baber
Browsing Patterns in a Virtual Information Space Representation of a Document Database BIB 963-967
  J. Collins; S. J. Westerman
Task Analysis: The Best First Step in User Interface Design BIB 968-972
  G. Pearson; P. Weeks
The Comovie Movie Recommender - An Interoperable Community Support Application BIB 973-977
  M. Koch; M. S. Lacher
Usability Testing of Data Access Tools BIB 978-982
  J. J. Bosley; F. G. Conrad
A Visual Development Environment for Meta-Computing Applications BIB 983-987
  P. Boulet; J.-L. DeKeyser; F. Devin; P. Marquet
Managing Human-Centered Design Artifacts in Distributed Development Environment with Knowledge Storage BIB 988-992
  M. Nieminen
Acquiring Emotion Mappings Through the Interaction Between a User and a Life-Like Agent BIB 993-997
  S. Yamada; T. Yamaguchi
Quantitative Evaluation of Effect of Embodied Conversational Agents on User Decisions BIB 998-1002
  K. Shinozawa; J. Yamato; F. Naya; K. Kogure
A Distance Learning Case Study in Turkey: An Example from Istanbul Technical University BIB 1003-1006
  M. M. Yenisey
Realising Virtual Trading: What Price Virtual Reality? BIB 1007-1011
  S. Maad; M. Beynon; S. Garbaya
Test Bed System of Image-Based Rendering as VRML Extension BIB 1012-1016
  H. Kim; S. Kim; B. Koo; B. Choi; W. Oh
Four Ways of "Being There": Combined Effects of Immersion and Pictorial Realism on the Sense of Presence in Virtual Environments BIB 1017-1021
  J. Hofmann; H. Bubb
Subjective Intensity Scaling to Vibrotactile Stimulation on the Hand for a Glove System BIB 1022-1025
  S. Lee; H. S. Lee
Empirical Studies on an Augmented Reality User Interface for a Head Based Virtual Retinal Display BIB 1026-1030
  O. Oehme; S. Wiedenmaier; L. Schmidt; H. Luczak
Influence of Different Visualization Techniques of 3D Free-Form Surfaces on Perceptual Performance in a CAVE BIB 1031-1035
  R. Breining; W. Bauer; A. Gaggioli; H. Widlroither
The Virtual Process Visualization Method for Industrial Process Control BIB 1036-1040
  C. Wittenberg
Changes in Subjective Well-Being Associated with exposure to Virtual Environments (VEs) BIB 1041-1045
  B. D. Lawson
The Use of Real or Apparent Body Motion to Enhance Virtual Displays BIB 1046-1050
  B. D. Lawson
Human Performance in Virtual Environments: Examining User Control Techniques BIB 1051-1055
  K. M. Stanney; K. Kingdon; R. S. Kennedy
Toward a Theory of Affordance Based Design of Virtual Environments BIB 1056-1060
  D. C. Gross; K. M. Stanney
Use of a Motion Experience Questionnaire to Predict Simulator Sickness BIB 1061-1065
  R. S. Kennedy; N. E. Lane; K. M. Stanney; S. Lanham; K. Kingdon
How do Designers of Web Sites Take into Account Constraints and Ergonomic Criteria? BIB 1066-1070
  N. Bonnardel; A. Chevalier
Task-Based Analysis of Internet Search Output Fields BIB 1071-1075
  R. Lergier; M. Resnick
Signs of Trust BIB 1076-1080
  K. Karvonen
An Analysis of Technology Leaders' Attitude Toward Virtual Cyberspace Technology BIB 1081-1085
  S. M. North; M. M. North
The Effect of Changes in Information Access Times on Hypertext Choices BIB 1086-1090
  D. S. McCrickard
Matching Navigational Aids to the Task BIB 1091-1095
  S. Padovani; M. W. Lansdale
The Influence of Language Proficiency on Web Site Usage with Bilingual Users BIB 1096-1099
  W. G. Hayward; K.-K. Tong
Visualising and Animating Visual Information Foraging in Context BIB 1100-1104
  C. Chen; T. Cribbin
How Rich is the World-Wide-Web? BIB 1105-1109
  H. Franz
Panchronic for Active Media BIB 1110-1114
  F. V. Cipolla-Ficarra
Promoting On-line Customer Confidence through Page Design BIB 1115-1119
  R. Montania; M. Resnick
Navigability in Search Sites of Brazilian Internet BIB 1120-1124
  M. N. Medeia; L. Viana; V. M. Ehmman; C. R. Mont Alvao
Development and Evaluation of an Information Retrieval System for User Groups and the WWW BIB 1125-1129
  M. Mase; S. Yamada
User Appropriate Plan Recognition for Adaptive Interfaces BIB 1130-1134
  M. Hofmann; M. Lang
Interactive Discovery for Acquiring Trends of Web Information BIB 1135-1139
  W. Sunayama; M. Yachida
Assistance of Web Browsing by Indicating the Future Web Pages BIB 1140-1144
  N. Nagino; S. Yamada
Evaluating Visualizations: A Method for Comparing 2D Maps BIB 1145-1149
  T. Mandl; M. Eibl
Visual Information Retrieval for the WWW BIB 1150-1154
  H. Reiterer; T. M. Mann; G. Mussler
Toward a Human-Web Interface BIB 1155-1159
  K. Zhang; J. Cao
iScape: A Collaborative Memory Palace for Digital Library Search Results BIB 1160-1164
  K. Borner
User Behavior in Hypertext Based Teaching Systems BIB 1165-1169
  A. Naumann; J. Waniek; J. F. Krems; D. Hudson-Ehle
Mutual Evaluation and Situation Map to Encourage the Participation in Web-based Conferencing BIB 1170-1174
  Y. Shibuya; Y. Tsujino
MURBANDY: A Dynamic One-Screen User Interface to GIS Data BIB 1175-1179
  M. Stempfhuber; B. Hermes; L. Demicheli; C. Lavalle
The Relation of Usability and Branding of Financial Web Sites BIB 1180-1184
  S. Duda; M. Schiessl; R. Fischer
Log Files Analysis to Measure the Utility of an Intranet BIB 1185-1189
  S. Vokar; C. Mariage; J. Vanderdonckt
Too Many Tools - Overtooling the Web: A Usability Study on Internet Viewbars BIB 1190-1194
  A. Ahrend; S. Duda
A Corpus of Design Guidelines for Electronic Commerce Web Sites BIB 1195-1199
  C. Pribeanu; C. Mariage; J. Vanderdonckt
Getting Off to a Good Start: The Tricky Business of the Discovery and Design Phase BIB 1200-1202
  V. Frank; P. Osburn
User Expectations and Iterative Design: A Case Study BIB 1203-1207
  C. Lutsch; B. Ertle
Kids' Space BIB 1208-1211
  M. Schiessl; S. Duda; R. Fischer
Some Preliminary Investigation about the Organization of User Interface Design Guidelines BIB 1212-1217
  J. Vanderdonckt
User Interface and Other Features of a Videotelephone Set Aimed at the Elderly-A Pilot Assessment of Depth and Breadth Trade-off of Screen Menus BIB 1218-1221
  S. Vayrynen; M. Tormanen; V. Tornberg; T. Prykari
The Usability of On-Line Shop in China BIB 1222-1226
  X. Fu; G. Zhou; M.-P. Tham
A Study of Evaluating E-Commerce Web From the Viewpoint of Usability Engineering: A Case Study of TicketSelling System of Taiwan Railway Web BIB 1227-1231
  S.-S. Guan
The User Interface of an Engineering Data Management System on WWW BIB 1232-1236
  C.-C. Hsu; S.-L. Hwang
Internationalization and Localization: Designing for Asian Users BIB 1237-1241
  P.-L. P. Rau; S.-F. M. Liang
Cultural Differences in Web Development BIB 1242-1246
  P.-L. P. Rau; X. Fang
Why Do Experts Predict False Alarms? An Empirical Investigation into the Validity of Expert Evaluations of Instructional Multimedia Software BIB 1247-1251
  M. Dimitrova; H. Sharp; S. Wilson
Wireless Interaction for Large Screen Displays BIB 1252-1256
  W. D. Bora; P. A. Jedrysik; J. A. Moore; T. A. Stedman
The AOF (Authoring on the Fly) System as an Example for Efficient and Comfortable Browsing and Access of Multimedia Data BIB 1257-1261
  W. Huerst; R. Mueller
Combining Speech with Sound to Communicate Information in a Multimedia Stock Control System BIB 1262-1266
  D. Rigas; H. Yu; D. Memery; D. Howden
North American Videotex: Bringing Computer Networks to the Public Too Soon BIB 1267-1271
  E. Lee
From the Ashes of Disaster into a Human Factors Boom: The Legacy of Large Databases BIB 1272-1276
  G. Lindgaard
Political, Social and Commercial Problems of Rolling Out ISDN in the UK BIB 1277-1281
  J. Griffiths
Next Big Things That Were Not BIB 1282-1286
  T. E. Whalen
Human-Computer Interaction System Design BIB 1287-1291
  J. E. L. Hollis; H. W. Choo; S. Takel; J. Morrison
Effects of Computer Freezes on Physiological Measures BIB 1292-1295
  K. Suzuki
A Study of Ergonomic Requirements for Japanese Character Sizes and Matrixes on Computer Displays BIB 1296-1300
  R. Yoshitake; M. Satoh
A New Index for Characterizing the Respiratory Heart Rate Variability BIB 1301-1303
  H. Mizuta; Y. Aoki; K. Yana
Evaluation of Keyboards for Personal Computers--Performance, Subjective Evaluation and EMG Study BIB 1304-1308
  S. Fukuzumi; M. Kobayashi
On the Usability of User Manuals BIB 1309-1313
  L. Groh; M. Bocker
Semantic Lenses: Exploring Large Information Spaces More Efficiently BIB 1314-1317
  C. Rathke; M. A. Wischy; J. Ziegler
Using Eye Tracking Data to Indicate Team Situation Awareness BIB 1318-1322
  H. B. Andersen; C. R. Pedersen; H. H. K. Andersen
Combined Analysis of Verbal Protocols and Eye Movements BIB 1323-1327
  J. P. Hansen; G. Hauland; H. B. Andersen
Eye-Tracking Applications to Design of New Train Interface for the Japanese High-speed Railway BIB 1328-1332
  K. Itoh; M. Arimoto; Y. Akachi
Empirical Evaluation of a Novel Gaze-Controlled Zooming Interface BIB 1333-1337
  M. Pomplun; N. Ivanonic; E. M. Reingold; J. Shen
An Assessment of a Live-Video Gaze-Contingent Multi-Resolutional Display BIB 1338-1342
  E. M. Reingold; L. C. Loschky; D. M. Stampe; J. Shen
Pilots' Eye Fixations During Normal and Abnormal Take-Off Scenarios BIB 1343-1347
  S. Weber; H. B. Andersen
A Spacing Method for Readable Arrangement of Characters BIB 1348-1352
  M. Miyoshi; Y. Shimoshio; H. Koga; M. Shimoda; K. Uchimura
Eye-Tracking Analysis of Priming Effects of Pre-Watched Television Commercials on Reading Patterns of Printed Advertisements BIB 1353-1357
  H. Aoki; K. Itoh
Building Bridges from Theory to Practice BIB 1358-1362
  S. Dumais; M. Czerwinski
The Effectiveness of Visual vs. Auditory Cues in Visual Search Performance: Implications for the Design of Virtual Environments BIB 1363-1367
  T. Z. Strybel; D. L. Guettler
Stimulus-Response Compatibility in Interface Design BIB 1368-1372
  K.-P. L. Vu; R. W. Proctor
Cognition in a Dynamic Environment BIB 1373-1377
  F. T. Durso; J. M. Crutchfield; P. J. Batsakes
Keeping Up with Busy Schedules: Using Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) Effectively BIB 1378-1381
  D. Herrmann; C. Yoder
Automating Measurements of Team Condition through Analysis of Communication Data BIB 1382-1386
  P. A. Kiekel; N. J. Cooke; P. W. Foltz; S. M. Shope
Strategies for Designing Usable Interfaces for Internet Applications BIB 1387-1389
  N. J. Lightner
Enabling Universal Access--Minimum Requirements for Content Preparation BIB 1390-1394
  H. Weber; C. Stephanidis
Industry Design Practices: Differences in the Approach to Design Conceptualization BIB 1395-1399
  K. M. Stanney
Bringing System Requirements into Focus: The Power of Knowledge Structures BIB 1400-1404
  S. P. Gott
A Meaning Processing Approach to Analysis and Design BIB 1405-1409
  J. M. Flach
I Didn't Do It: Accidents of Automation BIB 1410-1414
  M. S. Young; N. A. Stanton
Air-to-Ground, Ground-to-Air: Warfare or Technology Transfer? BIB 1415-1419
  D. Harris
From Fly-By-Wire to Drive-By-Wire BIB 1420-1424
  N. A. Stanton; M. Young
Using Aerospace Technology to Improve Obstacle Detection under Adverse Environmental Conditions for Car Drivers BIB 1425-1429
  A. Amditis; L. Andreone; E. Bekiaris
Cognitive Flight-Deck Automation for Military Aircraft Mission Management BIB 1430-1434
  A. Schulte; P. Stutz; W. Klockner
Speech Recognition in the Joint Air Operations Center-A Human-Centered Approach BIB 1435-1439
  D. T. Williamson; T. P. Barry
Designing Dynamic Human-Machine Task Allocation in Air Traffic Control: Lessons Drawn from a Multidisciplinary Collaboration BIB 1440-1444
  S. Debernard; J.-M. Hoc
Development of a Real-time Thinking State Monitoring System for Plant Operation BIB 1445-1449
  H. Nishitani; Y. Yamashita; T. Kurooka
Case Study: Incident Reporting in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit BIB 1450-1454
  D. K. Busse
Predicting Situation Awareness Errors Using Cognitive Modeling BIB 1455-1459
  T. D. Kelley; D. J. Patton; L. Allender
Alarm Resolution Training and Job Aid for Explosives Detection System Operators BIB 1460-1464
  M. W. Dixon
Axiomatic and Pragmatic Approaches to Modelling of Cognition BIB 1465-1469
  E. Hollnagel
Human Model Simulation of Plant Anomaly Diagnosis (HUMOS-PAD) to Estimate Time Cognitive Reliability Curve for HRA/PSA Practice BIB 1470-1474
  W. Wu; T. Nakagawa; H. Yoshikawa
Integration of a Driver Cognitive Model into a Traffic Micro-Simulation Tool BIB 1475-1478
  D. Delorme
Modeling and Prediction of Human Driver Behavior BIB 1479-1483
  A. Liu; D. Salvucci
Applications of Cognitive Architectures: Limits and Potential BIB 1484-1488
  C. Lebiere; D. Wallach
Evolution of Socio-Cognitive Models Supporting the Co-Adaptation of People and Technology BIB 1489-1492
  G. Boy
Evaluation of the HMI Suggested by Simulations of Operator Team Behavior and its Applications BIB 1493-1497
  K. Takano; T. Sano; K. Sasou
Experimental Study on Expert Behavior for Situation Comprehension BIB 1498-1502
  M. Takahashi; D. Karikawa; A. Ishibashi; M. Kitamura
Ontology Processing for Technical Information Retrieval BIB 1503-1507
  T. Ogure; K. Nakata; K. Furuta
Creativity or Diversity in Command and Control Environments BIB 1508-1512
  M. Persson; B. Johannson
Levels of Automation in Emergency Operating Procedures for a Large-Complex System: Probabilistic Analysis on Human-Automation Collaboration BIB 1513-1517
  H. Furukawa; Y. Niwa; T. Inagaki
Performance Recovery and Goal Conflict BIB 1518-1522
  M. Kaarstad
Cognitive Gearing: A Measure of System Effectiveness? BIB 1523-1527
  C. D. B. Deighton; I. S. MacLeod
Basic Principles to Design an Advanced Human Adapted Supervisory System BIB 1528-1532
  B. Riera; S. Triki
An Integrated Framework for Tactical Human-Machine Systems Engineering BIB 1533-1537
  A. Worm
The Galvactivator: A Glove that Senses and Communicates Skin Conductivity BIB 1538-1542
  R. W. Picard; J. C. Scheirer
Homepages with Emotions BIB 1543-1547
  J. Lee; J. Kim; D. Choe
Trust in the Online Environment BIB 1548-1552
  C. Corritore; B. Kracher; S. Wiedenbeck
Intrinsic Motivation, Ease of Use and Usefulness Perceptions as Mediators in Computer Learning BIB 1553-1557
  S. Wiedenbeck; S. Davis
Cross-Cultural Studies of the Computers are Social Actors Paradigm: The Case of Reciprocity BIB 1558-1562
  Y. Katagiri; C. Nass; Y. Takeuchi

HCII 2001-08 Volume 2

Quality of Working Life and Information and Communication Technologies BIB 1-5
  E. Jarvenpaa; S. Immonen
Psychosocial Issues in Call Center Work BIB 6-9
  P. Huuhtanen; T. Ristimaki; T. Leino
Use of Information Technology in the Retail and Wholesale Trade, and the Quality of Work Life BIB 10-13
  K. Lindstrom; E. Kyla-Setala
The Fatal Choice: Machine Competence or Human Control BIB 14-18
  D. W. Haines
The Use of Computers on the European Work Floor and the Quality of Working Life BIB 19-23
  F. Andries; P. G. W. Smulders
Company Broad ICT's and Production System Practiced: Consequences for Occupational Health BIB 24-28
  K. Kraan; G. van Sloten
Possibilities and Problems for Stimulating Work Process Knowledge in Companies BIB 29-33
  M. Fischer
Enforcing Benefits of Workplace Learning in an Era of Temporary Jobs BIB 34-37
  M. Mariani
Sociotechnical Systems Development and Concurrent Engineering BIB 38-42
  P. Broedner
Means of Organizational Memory to Increase the Redundancy of Functions in Work Systems BIB 43-47
  M. Vartiainen; J. J. J. Kasvi
Temporal Planning and Scheduling from a Sociotechnical Perspective-From HCI to OCI BIB 48-52
  T. Waefler
The Changing Face of America: Culture and Diversity and its Impact on Information Technology BIB 53-57
  L. Newman
Transporting the Elephant: Women of Color and the Selection of IT Academic Programs BIB 58-62
  C. Brooks
Technology Revolution and Ergonomics Evolution: A Case for Cultural Synergy BIB 63-66
  T. Sen
Turnover and Retention of the Information Technology Workforce: The Diversity Issue BIB 67-70
  P. Carayon; M. C. Haims; S. Kraemer
Building Cultural Models for Adaptive Interaction: On the Applicability of User Modeling Approaches BIB 71-75
  F. Yetim
Theoretical Perspective on the Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on our Psychosocial Life Environment BIB 76-80
  G. Bradley
The Home as a Virtual and Physical Space--Experiences from USA and South East Asia BIB 81-85
  L. Bradley; G. Bradley
Using Participatory Ergonomics to Develop a Workshop on Computer Ergonomics for Young Knowledge Workers BIB 86-90
  M. Robertson; B. C. Amick; N. Hupert; E. Cha; M. Pellerin; J. Katz
Training and Learning Through the Process of Implementing a Work Organization Intervention in Office/Computer Work BIB 91-95
  M. C. Haims; P. Carayon; N. G. Swanson
Introducing Ergonomics to the Industrially Developing Countries BIB 96-100
  H. Shahnavaz
Leveraging the Knowledge of an Ergonomics Community of Practice BIB 101-103
  P. Allie
Delighting the Customer-Merlin (Helicopter) Mk1: A Candid Human Factors Case Study BIB 104-108
  M. Fuchs
Reading Financial News from PDA and Laptop Displays BIB 109-113
  J. Laarni; I. Kojo
Ergonomic Improvements of New E-Commerce and Conventional Retail Shopping Systems from Users' Points of View in Malaysia BIB 114-118
  R. N. Sen; C. Ifarn; M. I. Ahmad
Creativity Support in System and Process Design BIB 119-123
  M. Wissen; J. Ziegler
Hybrid Modeling of Team-Oriented Processes BIB 124-128
  P. Thies; J. Ziegler
Information Economics Based Strategies of Protecting Intellectual Property in the Internet-Age BIB 129-133
  M. Nippa; J. Hachenberger
Creating the Customer Experience: Holistic Interaction Design from Website to Call Center and Beyond BIB 134-136
  N. Millard
Technology Makes You Feel Better? Attempts to Mediate Social Support Through Technology in Health Care BIB 137-141
  M. Jakala; L. Mikkola
The Effect of Air/Ground Data Link on Communication Within the Cockpit BIB 142-146
  T. Mueller
Managing User Interface Specifications in Distributed Development Environment: A Case Study BIB 147-151
  T. Koskinen; M. Nieminen; L. Repokari
The Implementation of Chip Card Technologies: Management Control and Employee's Control Perceptions BIB 152-156
  C. Korunka; C. Haiden
Experiences in the Use of Integrated Information Systems in Lean Organizations BIB 157-161
  P. Seppala; S. Klemola
Lilienthal - An Approach to Distance Learning for European Pilot Training BIB 162-166
  O. Strauss; S. Frings
Computer-Supported Usability Evaluation in Field Settings Based on Visualization of User Actions and MissiorHistory BIB 167-171
  J. Fransson; M. Axelsson
Task and Information Modeling for Cooperative Work BIB 172-176
  C. Foltz; S. Killich; M. Wolf; L. Schmidt; H. Luczak
Influence of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Information in Mobile Phone Answering Situation BIB 177-181
  L. Repokari; K. Hyyppa; V. Salmela
Decision Models for Macroergonomics Advance of Manufacturing Company BIB 182-186
  L. Pacholski
External and Internal Virtuality of Company BIB 187-191
  S. Trzcielinski
Organizational Document Management Systems BIB 192-196
  E. Pawlowski
Innovative Aspects in Design and Manufacturing of Products BIB 197-201
  A. Kawecka-Endler
Analysis of Virtuality of Organizational Structure--Case of Manufacturing Company BIB 202-206
  J. Janowicz
Computer Aided Management of Marketing in Manufacturing Company BIB 207-211
  M. Siemieniak; A. Borucki; L. Pacholski
A Simulation Approach: Comparative Assessment of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities in Autonomous Production Cells BIB 212-216
  R. Reuth; C. Schlick; H. Luczak
The Design of Process Schedule for Enterprise Automation Based on Virtual Reality BIB 217-221
  T. Wang; M. Fei; G. He
VISOR - Towards a Three-Dimensional Shop Floor Visualisation BIB 222-226
  G. Zulch; S. Stowasser
User-Oriented Definition of Branch-Spanning Building Blocks for Industrial Process Control BIB 227-231
  T. Komischke
Safe HCI Design as Part of Safe Organizational Change Processes BIB 232-235
  G. Grote
When Safety is a Matter of Redundant Information! BIB 236-240
  G. Boy
Performance Monitoring as a Way to Increase Reliability of Performance BIB 241-245
  Y. Niwa; E. Hollnagel
Overconfidence Loop of Causality, and Defence-in-Depth in Organizational Accidents BIB 246-250
  M. Itoh
Significance of International Guideline for the Safety of Computer-Based Systems for NPP from Organizational Aspect BIB 251-254
  H. Yoshikawa; T. Miyazawa; S. R. Oh; P. H. Seong; S. Nakanishi; S. Makino; Y. Ohga; T. Matsuki; T. Sivertsen
Competence Needs in Software Industry BIB 255-258
  S. Immonen; E. Jarvenpaa; N. Kokko
New Collaboration Forms in Media Industry: A Case Study of Story Exchange and Concurrent Narrating in Newspaper Network BIB 259-262
  K. Lahenius; S. Immonen; E. Jarvenpaa
Interpersonal Trust and Knowledge Intensive Work BIB 263-267
  E. Maki; E. Jarvenpaa
Testing a Theoretical Model for Enterprise System Adoption BIB 268-271
  S. H. Teh; F. F.-H. Nah; M. Beethe
Integration and IT: Research in Progress BIB 272-276
  L. Singletary; E. Watson
The Management of Cross-Functional Coordination in ERP Implementations BIB 277-281
  S. Gosain; Y. Kim; Z. C. Lee
E-Value Chain Integration BIB 282-286
  K. Siau
Integrated Platform Solutions in Work-Oriented Learning Environments BIB 287-291
  H.-J. Bullinger; K. Mueller; F. Kempf
The Role of Web Portals in Information Sharing and Knowledge Transfer Among State Government Personnel BIB 292-296
  D. B. Gant; J. P. Gant
Webtank Design: Intranet Support for Collaborative Problem-Solving BIB 297-300
  Z. Gill
Development and Validation of Intranet Portal Organizational Memory Information System for Improving Organizational Learning BIB 301-305
  Y. G. Ji; G. Salvendy
Computational Environments for Organisational Learning BIB 306-309
  D. Akoumianakis; C. Stephanidis
Collaborative Knowledge Management, Social Networks, and Organizational Learning BIB 310-314
  P. M. Jones
Perspectives of Kansei Engineering/Kansei Ergonomics BIB 315-319
  M. Nagamachi
Basic Kansei Database for Kansei Engineering BIB 320-324
  T. Nishino; M. Nagamachi; S. Ishihara
An Analysis of Non-Linearity Characteristic on Kansei Data BIB 325-328
  S. Ishihara; K. Ishihara; M. Nagamachi; T. Nishino; K. Komatsu
Evaluation of Food Advertisement in Terms of Genetic Algorithm BIB 329-332
  T. Tsuchiya; Y. Matsubara; S. Ishihara; M. Nagamachi
A Study of Kansei on Human Meal Tendency BIB 333-337
  T. Kanda
Suspension and Damping of a Lowlifter Platform-An Application of Kansei Engineering BIB 338-342
  J. R. C. Axelsson; J. Eklund; M. Nagamachi; S. Ishihara; K. Rydman; J. Sandin
A Study on Team Effectiveness in Chemical Plant Operations BIB 343-347
  A Myreshka; N. Nakamura; K. Takahashi; K. Morikawa
Task Selection Rules for Collaborative Work in Serial Production Lines BIB 348-352
  T. Ohiro; K. Takahashi; K. Morikawa; N. Nakamura
A Human-Computer Interactive System for Collaborative Scheduling BIB 353-357
  K. Morikawa; N. Nakamura
Decision Support Using Activity-based Costing for the Coordination of Smaller Wholesale Firms BIB 358-362
  T. Kataoka; K. Morikawa; K. Takahashi; N. Nakamura
Designing of Web-based User Interface System for Remote Human Supervisory Control in Manufacturing Systems BIB 363-367
  T. Kamigaki; N. Nakamura
Design of Web-based Manufacturer-Supplier Negotiation Process BIB 368-372
  A. Cakravastia; N. Nakamura
The Application of Computer Support of Management in a Company BIB 373-377
  J. Lewandowski
Supporting the Forearms in a Neutral Position when Working with Keyboard and Mouse. Laboratory and Field Studies BIB 378-382
  A. Aaras; O. Ro; G. Horgen
Will Visual Discomfort Among VDU-Users Change in Development When Moving from Single Vision Lenses to Special Designed VDU-Progressive Lenses? BIB 383-387
  G. Horgen; A. Aaras; M. Thoresen
Health Effects from Indoor Air Particles in the Office Environment. Experiences from Field Intervention Trials BIB 388-391
  K. Skyberg; K. Skulberg; K. Kruse; F. Levy
Towards Sustainable Housing-Ergonomics of Housing Stock Management Organization as Dematerialization Factor BIB 392-396
  J. Charytonowicz; L. Swiatek
Assessment of Visual Fatigue in VDT Operators BIB 397-400
  L. Borodulin-Nadzieja; M. Sobieszczanska; E. Salomon; A. Janocha
Automatic Balance in Computer Terminal Workers BIB 401-404
  A. Janocha; E. Salomon; L. Borodulin-Nadzieja; M. Sobieszczanska
Analysis of Work Tasks for Recruiting Employees with Limbs Impairment BIB 405-409
  E. Gorska
Ergonomic and Quality Aspects in Assembly BIB 410-413
  A. Kawecka-Endler
Improvements in Ergonomics and Safety by Implementing CC Switch to Touch Screen Displays Based on User Survey BIB 414-418
  M. Mamiya; T. Nishiki; Y. Tsuji; A. Okamoto; T. Fujita
A Study or the Design of Wristbands for Mouse Users BIB 419-422
  K. S. Lee; K. T. Shim
Iconic Visual Search Strategies: A Comparison of Computer Uers with AMD Versus Computer Users with Normal Vision BIB 423-427
  J. A. Jacko; I. U. Scott; A. B. Barreto; H. S. Bautsch; J. Y. M. Chu; W. B. Fain
Impact of IT-Training on Quality of Working Life BIB 428-432
  P. L. T. Hoonakker; P. Carayon; C. Korunka; M. McEniry
Usability Methodology in the Development of an Online Community Network BIB 433-437
  K. Fedde; A. Taveira
A Checklist as a Method for Assessing Conditions of Work with Computers - Implementation of Directive 270/90/EEC in Poland BIB 438-442
  A. Wolska; J. Bugajska; A. Najmiec
Monitoring the Usability of Interactive Systems BIB 443-447
  M. Morandini
Changing the Design Focus of Tools for Virtual Collaborative Learning Environments: From Content Course to its Actors BIB 448-452
  H. V. da Rocha; L. A. S. Romani; J. Y. Y. Oeiras
User Satisfaction Factors in Quality Management and Usability Evaluation of Interactive Products BIB 453-457
  M. Sikorski
Ergonomic Aspects of Using a Computer System for Hazard Registration and Occupational Risk Assessment BIB 458-462
  A. Najmiec; W. M. Zawieska; M. Suchecka; J. Kurowski
Improvement of Understanding of Icons by Label and Context BIB 463-467
  T. Miyoshi; A. Murata
An Attempt to Evaluate Cognitive Workload in Human-Computer Interaction BIB 468-472
  A. Murata; Y. Takahashi; T. Miyoshi
Constructing 3D Virtual Environment Using Images and 2D Map BIB 473-477
  H. Kamigouchi; Y. Nakamura
The Effect of Spatial Cues in Augmented Reality Video Conferencing BIB 478-481
  H. Kato; M. Billinghurst; K. Morinaga; K. Tachibana
The Characteristics in Silent Reading Japanese Language of the Cerebral Palsy Patients BIB 482-486
  M. Karashima; H. Nishiguchi
Analysis of Adaptive Driving Behavior under the Simulated Driving Environment BIB 487-491
  M. Okuwa; S. Doi; M. Akamatsu
Models of Office Ergonomics Measures: An Overview BIB 492-496
  M. Robertson
Flat Panel Potential for Conformance to the Display Location Requirements of ISO 9241 Parts 3 & 5 BIB 497-501
  D. R. Ankrum
Cross-Cultural User-Interface Design BIB 502-505
  A. Marcus
More than Content: Web Graphics, Crosscultural Requirements, and a Visual Grammar BIB 506-509
  E. W. Gould
Cross-Cultural User Interface Design: What, So What, Now What? Four Facets of Cultural Diversity BIB 510-513
  M. Kurosu
Babyface Design for Mobile Devices and the Web BIB 514-518
  A. Marcus
Comparative Study of the Internationalized Software--Do They Really Fit to the Targeted User? BIB 519-523
  M. Kurosu; K. Motoki; Y. Itoh
Understanding the Chinese User: Attitudes Toward Automation, Work, and Life BIB 524-528
  T. Plocher; Z. Chen; S.-F. M. Liang; S. Xianghong; Z. Kan
Points to Consider in Multilingual Telephone Messages BIB 529-531
  W. Hawkins
Design Issues for Mainland China in the Area of Human-Machine-Interaction Design BIB 532-536
  K. Rose; L. Liu; D. Zuhlke
International Standards: Their Scope, Quality, and Impact BIB 537-540
  H. E. Blanchard
Children and E-Commerce: Challenges and Opportunities BIB 541-545
  J. Clarke
Using Crosscultural Theory to Predict User Preferences on the Web BIB 546-547
  E. W. Gould
Legal Issues Reconsidered: Do the Country Boundaries Matter Anymore? BIB 548-552
  N. Aykin
Usability Triage for International Web Sites BIB 553-557
  K. A. Keough; R. G. Bias
Work Environment and the Development of Information Systems BIB 558-562
  J. Gulliksen; B. Sandblad
Stress and Mastery of Technology Changes BIB 563-566
  T. Endestad
How to Integrate Health and Satisfaction in the Development of Interactive Systems BIB 567-571
  C. Aborg
Integrating HCI, Human Factors and Occupational Health: An Exploratory Study BIB 572-576
  A. H. Jorgensen; B. R. Jensen; B. Laursen; A. H. Garde
Knowledge Production Processes for Optimal IT Use BIB 577-581
  I. Kavathatzopoulos
Integrating Organizational Development in Authorities with Human Centered Systems Development BIB 582-586
  J. Persson
A Holistic Approach to Usability BIB 587-591
  I. C. M. Karlsson
Cross Cultural Viewpoint Utilizing Sensory Analysis BIB 592-596
  N. Hosono; H. Inoue; Y. Tomita
Microsoft Usability Research in Japan-Our New Challenges Using the MSN Web Community Site and NetMeeting BIB 597-598
  S. Shibata
Localization of a User Interface for the Japanese Market: Nokia's Challenges in Mobile Terminals BIB 599-603
  S. Mizobuchi; F. Ichikawa; A. Shiraogawa
Differences in European and Japanese Operation Reactions: Results of Usability Testing in a Copier GUI Design Process BIB 604-608
  M. Sano; Y. Wakamiya; S. Kotaka
Globalization and Localization--Structure of the Diversity BIB 609-611
  M. Kurosu
Practice of Usability Evaluation in a Product Development Process Based on the Principle of Human-Centered Design and Future Subjects for Study in the Usability Evaluation BIB 612-616
  M. Ogino; M. Tago; R. Shimamura
Development of Safety Support System for Nuclear Power Plant (Fault-Tolerant Automation System) BIB 617-621
  K. Ito; T. Nagai; H. Okamoto
A Human-Machine System for Nuclear Power Plant Operation BIB 622-626
  Y. Ohga; H. Yuchi; Y. Hayashi; A. Maeda; S. Utena
Process Model-based Operator Advisor for Nuclear Power Plants BIB 627-631
  N. Naito; Y. Sonoda; Y. Hirose; N. Mori
Defining Interface Transparency Through Task Flow BIB 632-636
  C. Baber; N. Stanton
The Study on the Design of Automatic Procedure Explorer and the Interface During Accident in Nuclear Power Plant BIB 637-641
  Y. Kawabe; Y. Niwa; H. Yoshikawa
Towards Human-Centred Requirements Management in Distributed Design BIB 642-646
  M. Johnson
What do Users Actually Evaluate when Evaluating Computer Programs? Defining the Dimensions in HCI by Qualitative Attitude Research BIB 647-651
  S. Tamminen
Toward a Human Factor Design Framework to Support the Design of Flight Decks BIB 652-656
  F. Buratto; M. Chater; R. Israel
EmuGen: A Generator for Multiple-User Interfaces BIB 657-661
  A. Brandl
Analysis, Design and Evaluation of User-Centered Engineering Tools in Industrial Automation BIB 662-666
  A. During; T. Komischke; C. Wittenberg
User Centred Design for ERP Users: At the Crossroads of Flexibility and Efficiency BIB 667-671
  A. Ramirez
Exploring Task Meaningfulness in Process-Oriented Organizations BIB 672-676
  C. Hajnal
e-CRM as a Complex Human-Computer Interactive System BIB 677-681
  C. H. Davis
More than Only the User: Other Important Considerations for Implementing ICT in Organizations BIB 682-686
  F. B. P. Moro
Preserving the Freedom of Paper in a Computer-Based Sketch Tool BIB 687-691
  C. J. Alvarado; R. Davis
A Framework for Integrating Student Learning Styles, Instructor Pedagogy and Computer Supported Learning Technology BIB 692-696
  R. Benbunan-Fich; L. Steizer
Diagnostic Methods in Distance Education and Non-Traditional Learning Environments BIB 697-700
  P. Callahan
Teaching and Learning in a Technology Assisted Environment: Learning Outcomes and Cost Effectiveness of Instructional Technology Initiatives at Rutgers University BIB 701-704
  G. A. Gigliotti; A. O'Donnell; M. A. Devanas; J. P. Delaney
Computers as Cultural Artifacts and Their Impact on Learning BIB 705-709
  I. M. Chisholm
Adaptive Hypermedia Presentation Modeling for Domain Ontologies BIB 710-714
  J. A. Macias; P. Castells
Interactions Between Students and Support Agents for Online Learning BIB 715-719
  J. Whatley; M. Beer; G. Staniford
Storytelling at a Distance BIB 720-724
  L. Neal
Information Literacy and Telelearning: A Case Study of Teachers Use of an Electronic Tool BIB 725-729
  J. Henri; J. Messing; K. Eustace
Supporting Peer Help and Collaboration in a Mobile Environment BIB 730-734
  J. Vassileva; R. Deters
Graphical Interfaces for Constructionist Learning Environments BIB 735-739
  R. H. Kemp; T. Stewart; C. Allan
Web-Based Testing: Providing Learners with Customized Feedback and Instructors with a Powerful Tool for Constructing Tests BIB 740-744
  P. Zaharias; A. Poulymenakou; K. Samiotis
Designing an Intelligent Tutoring System for Database Modelling BIB 745-749
  P. Suraweera; A. Mitrovic
Students Teach Students in Japanese-German Distance Learning Settings Including Video Conferences BIB 750-754
  K.-D. Graf
Java Power Tools: A Foundation for Interactive HCI Exploration BIB 755-759
  V. K. Proulx; R. Rasala; J. Raab
Is the Indirect Learning Possible Through the UMM Assessment Tool for UI Designer BIB 760-764
  Y. Choi; E.-S. Lee
SEGODON: A Distance Learning Support System Using Personal Computers via the Internet BIB 765-769
  J. Munemori; T. Yoshino
An Interactive Distance Learning System and its Experiments in Domestic and Overseas Applications BIB 770-774
  H. Koizumi; T. Dasai; K. D. Graf
Methods of Visualizing Paper-Relation-Diagrams Based on the Viewpoints of Users BIB 775-779
  Y. Miyadera; A. Taji; J. Yaku
Agent-based Virtual Class Room BIB 780-784
  Y. Sakakibara; S. Naka
A Framework for Personalizable Community Web Portals BIB 785-789
  M. S. Lacher; M. Koch; W. Worndl
Is Interactivity a Good Thing? Assessing its Benefits for Learning BIB 790-794
  N. Otero; Y. Rogers; B. d. Boulay
Graduating Assistance to the User in a Multimodal Educational System BIB 795-799
  E. Godbert; J.-L. Massat
Software Development for Problem Solving in Learning Contexts BIB 800-804
  J. Barojas; F. Lara; F. Gamboa; E. Jimenez
Designing eTui, A Computational Toy for Learning Reflection BIB 805-809
  J. Blat; D. Griffiths; R. Millwood; K. Popat; C. Torres; W. Wang
Supporting Learning and Instruction in Programming BIB 810-814
  S. Davies
Positive Affect and Flow Experience in Vocational Hypermedia Learning BIB 815-818
  U. Konradt
Integrating Real and Virtual Training Tools via a Graspable User Interface in Vocational Training: The Evaluation of a New Training Tool BIB 819-823
  S. Grund; S. Grote
Contextual Online Help: Elicitation of Human Experts' Strategies BIB 824-828
  A. Capobianco; N. Carbonell
An Intelligent and Distributed Virtual Training Environment BIB 829-833
  A. Cohen; C. Chen; J. Kuljis
Interactive and Multimedia Interfaces for Knowledge Management and Learning Systems: Enabling Self and Work Based Learning BIB 834-838
  K. Samiotis; A. Poulymenakou; P. Zaharias
Development of a Computer-Based On-the-Job Training Test BIB 839-843
  S. B. Morgan
"Tool-expert" Development of a Knowledge-based System for Design, Selection and Use of Non-Powered Hand Tools" BIB 844-848
  B. Kayis; N. Charoenchai
An Example of General Aviation Simulation Research for Developing Certification Criteria and Guidelines: Primary Flight Displays BIB 849-853
  D. B. Beringer; J. D. Ball
Applying Flight Simulation and Rehearsal Concepts to Enhance Aerospace Warfighting Effectiveness BIB 854-858
  T. S. Andre; W. Bennett
Advanced Embeddedd Training with Real-Time Simulation for Navy Surface Combatant Tactical Teams BIB 859-863
  D. M. Lyons; D. P. McDonald
Real-time Virtual Environment Applications for Military Maritime Training BIB 864-868
  L. Nguyen; J. Cohn; A. Mead; J. Helmick; J. Patrey
Matching Automotive Simulator Capabilities to the Emerging Associated with In-Vehicle Information Systems BIB 869-873
  J. D. Lee
Using Head Mounted Displays in Low-Cost Simulations BIB 874-878
  R. W. Allen; J. R. Hague; Z. Parseghian
Evidence of Human Cognitive Bias with Human-Computer Interaction BIB 879-883
  M. E. McBride; C. A. Ntuen
Human-Centered Design of a Non-Linear Tactical Map Display BIB 884-888
  D. Mountjoy; S. Converse; W. Marshak; C. Ntuen; J. R. Wilson
Using Ecotopic Display to Support Adaptive Interaction with Computer Agents BIB 889-893
  C. Ntuen; E. H. Park
A Functionalist Approach to Usability Evaluation of Adaptive Learning Environment BIB 894-897
  B. Okoye; C. Ntuen; C. Plaisant
Lessons Learned from Usability Analysis of Adaptive Learning Simulation Environment BIB 898-902
  W. W. Winchester; C. A. Ntuen; C. Plaisant; L. Reeves
Evaluating the Human and Organizational Aspects of Information Technology Implementation in a Small Clinic BIB 903-907
  P. Carayon; P. Smith
Do Electronic Medical Records Improve the Quality of Medical Records? BIB 908-912
  B.-T. Karsh; J. W. Beasley; M. E. Hagenauer; F. Sainfort
The Foundation of a Conceptual Framework for Individuals with Disabilities BIB 913-917
  J. A. Jacko; H. S. Vitense
HCI in Health Care: Meeting the Decision Support Needs of the Clinical Care Team, Including Patients BIB 918-922
  P. F. Brennan; K. Kwaitkowski
Cognitive Load for WebTV and PC Browser BIB 923-926
  G. J. Marmet; J. A. Jacko; P. F. Brennan; K. Hamilton
The Relationship of Nurses' Cognitive and Demographic Characteristics with Reaction Times in GUI and Text-Based Clinical Information Systems BIB 927-931
  N. Staggers; D. A. Kobus
The Role of Information Presentation in Decision-Making During Anesthesia BIB 932-936
  F. A. Drews; J. Agutter; N. S. Syroid; D. R. Westenskow
Patient Perspectives as a Source of Product Planning Data BIB 937-941
  D. M. Womack
Enhancing the Report of Errors in Healthcare: A Systems Approach BIB 942-946
  D. A. Kobus
Controls of Reinforcement for Knowledge Tasks in Agile Manufacturing BIB 947-951
  E. Bamba; K. Nakazato
Application of Information Technology to Manufacturing and Human Networking BIB 952-956
  Y. Kume; M. Ito; N. Sato
Integration of Cyber Marketing and Agile Production System BIB 957-961
  K. Terashima; T. Ui
A Methodology for Quality Document Management Based on Hypertext BIB 962-966
  H. S. Jung; C. M. Joo; B. G. Lee; Y. Kume
Co-Adaptation of Human and Machine Autonomies Mediated by Ecological Environment BIB 967-971
  T. Sawaragi; Y. Horiguchi; Y. Suzui
Using Time Windows to Aid Situation Comprehension in a Highly Automated Control Environment BIB 972-975
  D. Bejarano; L. Rothrock; J. Warner
Team Intention Inference for Intelligent Interfaces BIB 976-980
  T. Kanno; K. Furuta; K. Nakata
ECHO Responds to NASA's Earth Science User Community BIB 981-985
  R. Pfister; R. Ullman; K. Wichmann
Ergonomic Evaluation of a Pre-Information System for Drivers BIB 986-990
  C. Servignat; M. Vernet
Desired Features of Future Mobile Phones--Comparison of Two Methods BIB 991-994
  L. Repokari; V. Salmela; K. Hyyppa; T. Koskinen
An Analysis of Human Computer Interaction in Vehicles BIB 995-999
  P. Roessger; J. Hofmeister
Collective Intelligence via Robotic Communication-From the Viewpoint of Computational Human Vision Modeling BIB 1000-1004
  K. Kamejima
Collective Intelligence via Robotic Communication-From the View Point of Computer Aided Education BIB 1005-1009
  H. Nakayasu
Collective Intelligence via Robotic Communication-From the View Point of Social Safety Systems BIB 1010-1014
  T. Hamada
Collective Intelligence via Robotic Communication-From the View Point of Robotic Networks BIB 1015-1019
  P. Coppin; M. Wagner; J. Li
Computer Method of Establishing the Foetus' and Infants' Age BIB 1020-1024
  B. Gworys
Laterna Magica-Future Architecture in Neuromntic Relation Pose of Customers BIB 1025-1029
  A. Foltarz
Results of a Symptom Questionnaire on Selected Departments of Office Workers at a Large Teaching and Research Institution BIB 1030-1034
  C. Alvarado; M. Sesto