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Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Note:Crete University Press - Adjunct proceedings ISBN 9-6052-4166-8 - 304 pages
Editors:Don Harris; Vincent Duffy; Michael Smith; Constantine Stephanidis
Location:Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Dates:2003-Jun-22 to 2003-Jun-27
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISBN 0-8058-4932-7; hcibib: HCII03-3
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  1. HCII 2003-06-22 Volume 3
    1. Human-centred computing : cognitive, social and ergonomic aspects

HCII 2003-06-22 Volume 3

Human-centred computing : cognitive, social and ergonomic aspects

Position of the arm and the musculoskeletal disorders BIB 3-7
  A. Aaras; G. Horgen
Physical Environments for Human Computer Interaction in Scandinavia BIB 8-12
  S. E. Andersen
Engineering Workplaces: Advanced Workplace Concept BIB 13-17
  W. Baumeister
Interactions of Visual and Motor Demands on Reaching Actions at Workstations BIB 18-22
  M. J. Dainoff; L. Mark; D. Gardner
Two Field Trials of Brief Rest Breaks to Reduce Musculoskeletal Symptoms BIB 23-27
  J. Faucett; J. Meyers; J. Miles; I. Janowitz; F. Fathallah
VDU-work and the preferred line-of-sight after long term exposure to different monitor placements BIB 28-32
  K. I. Fostervold
Anisotropic characteristics of LCD TFTs and their impact on visual performance: "Everything's superior with TFTs?" BIB 33-37
  T. Groeger; M. Ziefle; D. Sommer
Reduced productivity due to musculoskeletal symptoms: Associations with workplace and individual factors among white collar computer users BIB 38-42
  M. Hagberg; E. W. Tornqvist; A. Toomingas
Support of Creative Knowledge Workers in Flexible Office Environments Through a Positioning System BIB 43-47
  U.-E. Haner; A. Greisle
Use of Electronic Performance Monitoring to Promote Individual and Team-managed Rest Breaks: a Summary of Laboratory Research BIB 48-52
  R. Henning
Visual Discomfort Among VDU-users wearing Single Vision Lenses compared to VDU-progressive Lenses? BIB 53-57
  G. Horgen; A. Aaras; M. Thoresen
Effect of Bezel Reflectance on People Using a Computer Monitor BIB 58-62
  C. Hunter; P. R. Boyce; J. Watt H
Stress in the Office: the Influence of Software-Ergonomic Quality BIB 63-67
  J. Hurtienne; J. Prumper
Flexible Working Hours, Stress Factors and Well-being among IT Professionals BIB 68-72
  P. Huuhtanen; M. Kivisto
The effect of mental demand on performance and muscle activity during computer use BIB 73-77
  B. Jensen; B. Laursen; A. H. Garde; A. Jorgensen
Information Technology and Moral Stress - How to Avoid Moral Stress and How to Promote Health BIB 78-82
  I. Kavathatzopoulos; J. Persson; C. Aborg
Can Computer Work Retard Aging? BIB 83-87
  U. Kristijuhan
Effects of data system changes on job characteristics and well-being of hospital personnel - A longitudinal study BIB 88-92
  K. Lindstrom; M. Turpeinen; J. Kinnunen
An Observational and Interview Study on Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Uses by Clinicians in Different Contexts BIB 93-97
  Y.-C. Lu; Y. Xiao; A. Sears; J. Jacko
Task Performance with a Wearable Augmented Reality Interface for Welding BIB 98-102
  H. Luczak; M. Park; B. Balazs; S. Wiedenmaier; L. Schmidt
The effect of alternative keyboards on musculoskeletal symptoms and disorders BIB 103-107
  S. Moore; N. Swanson
Human Characteristics of Pointing an Object on Small Screen of Personal Digital Assistant by Pen Based Interface BIB 108-112
  K. Morimoto; T. Kurokawa; A. Mukae
Changing Requirements of Laboratory Design BIB 113-117
  I. M. Muller; C. Heinekamp
What is the Most Beneficial Type of Recreation for Computer Operators? BIB 118-122
  I. Ogawa; T. Sakamoto
Computer Input with Gesture Recognition: Comfort and Pain Ratings of Hand Postures BIB 123-127
  D. Rempel; E. Hertzer; R. Brewer
Impact of Information Technology on Work Processes and Job Characteristics in the Printing Industry BIB 128-132
  P. Seppala
Situated Interaction with Ambient Information: Facilitating Awareness and Communication in Ubiquitous Work Environments BIB 133-137
  N. Streitz; C. Rocker; T. Prante; R. Stenzel; D. van Alphen
Quantitative Evaluation of Emotional Reaction Induced by Visual Stimulation Based on Cross-Correlation between Blood Pressure and Heart Rate BIB 138-142
  N. Sugita; M. Yoshizawa; A. Tanaka; K.-i. Abe; T. Yambe; S.-i. Nitta
World Wide Web and Sustainable Workplaces with Visual Display Units BIB 143-147
  H. Taal
The User-Computer Relation as an Anticipator of Musculoskeletal Strain in VDU Work BIB 148-152
  S. Tuomivaara; R. Ketola; P. Huuhtanen; R. Toivonen
Lighting of VDT Workstands and Users' Visual Discomfort - Results of an Experimental Study BIB 153-157
  A. Wolska
Is the trackball a serious alternative to the mouse? A comparison of trackball and mouse with regard to cursor movement performance in manipulation tasks BIB 158-164
  M. Ziefle
Human Performance in Cognitive Tasks Involving Multimodal Speech Interfaces BIB 165-169
  A. Ali; P. Marsden
Performance on Mobile Phones: Does it Depend on Proper Cognitive Mapping? BIB 170-174
  S. Bay; M. Ziefle
Developments in the Area of Cognitive Systems: Reducing the Gap Between Production Systems and Naturalistic Decision Making BIB 175-179
  N. Brannon; R. Koubek
A road-based evaluation of a Head-Up Display for presenting navigation information BIB 180-184
  G. Burnett
Analysis and Verification of Human-Automation Interfaces BIB 185-189
  A. Degani; M. Heymann
GHOST: experimenting countermeasures to cure pilots from the perseveration syndrome BIB 190-194
  F. Dehais
Source Recommendation System for Information Search and Retrieval BIB 195-199
  N. Edala; L. Koppaka; S. Narayanan; D. Loritz; R. Daley
Symbols, Signs, Messages in Ergonomics of Social Space BIB 200-204
  A. Foltarz
The automated measurement of icon complexity; a feasibility study BIB 205-209
  A. Forsythe; N. Sheehy; M. Sawey
Improving System Usability Through the Automation of User's Routine Intentions: an Image Edition Tool Case Study BIB 210-214
  A. Frery; A. Leitao; A. Furtado; F. da CA. Neto; F. De Souza; G. Andrade; J. E. de AFilho
Self-Organized Criticality of Color Information of Impressionist's Art Works BIB 215-219
  A. Fukumoto; D. S. Cai; M. Yasumura
Cognitive Aspects of Computer Aided Planning Tasks BIB 220-224
  M. Giannacourou; L. Laios
Technology as an Equalizer: Can it be Used to Improve Novice Inspection Performance? BIB 225-229
  A. Gramopadhye; A. Duchowski; J. Greenstein; S. Kaewkuekool; M. Khasawneh; S. Bowling; N. Cournia
Measuring Team Situation Awareness by means of Eye Movement Data BIB 230-234
  G. Hauland
Difference Presentation: A Method for Facilitating Users' Adaptation to Software Upgrade BIB 235-239
  H. Hayama; K. Ueda
Generating Insights from Agent-Model Emergent Behavior BIB 240-244
  R. Hill
A Case Study of two experiences of group-based student projects: Cognitive model vs. Situated learning BIB 245-249
  K.-H. Huang; K. Wang; S. Y. Chiu
Design and Implementation of Steganography based on 2-Tier File Encryption Algorithm BIB 250-254
  Y. S. Kim; Y.-M. Kim; S. G. Min; D.-K. Baik
Situation Awareness and Situation Dependent Behaviour Adjustment in the Maritime Work Domain BIB 255-259
  T. Koester
Optimizing Text Layout for Small-screens: the Effect of Hyphenation and Centering BIB 260-264
  J. Laarni
Evaluating Situation Awareness in Different Levels of Fidelity of Synthetic Environments: Virtual Cockpit Versus Conventional Flight Simulator BIB 265-269
  U. Laptaned; S. Nichols; J. Wilson
Developing a Testbed for Studying Human-Robot Interaction in Urban Search and Rescue BIB 270-274
  M. Lewis; K. Sycara; I. Nourbakhsh
Using symbol size and colour to effect performance confidence BIB 275-279
  F. Lichacz; G. Craig; L. Bridgman
User Studies on Tactile Perception of Vibrating Alert BIB 280-284
  J. Linjama; M. Puhakka; T. Kaaresoja
Identifying and Refining the Tasks in a Cockpit Data Link Model BIB 285-289
  L. Martin; S. Verma; A. Jadhav; V. Raghavan; S. Lozito
Use of a Computer Simulation Model to Predict Survival from Metastatic Cancer BIB 290-294
  L. Mehl-Madrona
A SPN-Agents based model for Functional Modeling of Brain Regions Interaction BIB 295-299
  S. Mertoguno; D. Kavraki; N. Bourbakis
Multimodal Interface for Remote Vehicles Command and Control BIB 300-304
  S. Narakesari; S. Narayanan; J. Gallimore; M. Draper
Applying an eye-tracking based process measure for analysing team situation awareness in aviation BIB 305-309
  R. Pedersen; H. Andersen
Enhancing Human-Computer-Cooperation by Grounding the Engineering Process on a Uniform, Cognitive Model BIB 310-314
  H. Putzer; R. Onken
A Methodology for Reengineering Courses for the Web BIB 315-319
  J.-M. Robert; L. Gamez; W. de Abreu Cybis
Explorations in Modeling Human Decision Making in Dynamic Contexts BIB 320-324
  L. Rothrock; A. Kirlik
Analyzing Emotional Human-Computer Interaction as Distributed Cognition: The Affective Resources model BIB 325-329
  I. Tarnanas; A. Karoulis; I. Tsoukalas
Cognition and Autonomy in Distributed Intelligent Systems BIB 330-334
  R. Taylor
Bring Out Creativity! BIB 335-339
  A. Tedjasaputra; E. R. Sari
An Aircraft Preference Study on the Application of Vector Maps in U.S. Navy Tactical Aircraft BIB 340-344
  M. Trenchard; M. Lohrenz; S. Edwards
Task Decomposition: Why do Some Novice Users Have Difficulties in Manipulating the User-interfaces of Daily Electronic Appliances? BIB 345-349
  K. Ueda; M. Endo; H. Suzuki
Study of Wearable Computer for Subjective Visual Recording BIB 350-354
  R. Ueoka; K. Hirota; M. Hirose
Intelligent Agents as Cognitive Team Members BIB 355-359
  P. Urlings; J. Tweedale; C. Sioutis; N. Ichalkaranje; L. Jain
The Influence of Colour Coding on Information Extraction from Computer-Presented Tables BIB 360-364
  D. Van Laar; K. Chapman; M. Turner
Emergence of Shared Mental Models During Distributed Teamwork: Integration of Distributed Cognition Traces BIB 365-369
  R. Vick; M. Crosby; B. Auernheimer; M. Iding
Learning and Forgetting Aspects in Student Models of Educational Software BIB 370-374
  M. Virvou; K. Manos
Biologically Inspired Analysis of Complex Systems:Back to Nature BIB 375-379
  M. Wheatly; S. Narayanan; R. Koubek; C. Harvey; L. Rothrock; P. Smith; M. Haas; W. Nanry
Location of the Titles Matters in Performance with Tables and Graphs BIB 380-386
  L. Zhang; X. Fu; Y. Xuan; X. Yuan
Assessment and Training Using a Low Cost Driving Simulator BIB 387-391
  R. W. Allen; T. Rosenthal; G. Park; D. Fiorentino; E. Viirre
Clinical System User Interface derived from cognitive task analysis of the physicians' diagnostic process BIB 392-396
  N. Alshebel; P. Dew
Task Analysis Method of Advertising Design Process Using Computer Media Based on Cognitive Behaviour Description and Eye Tracking Technique BIB 397-401
  H. Aoki
Remote Web Usability Testing: a Proxy Approach BIB 402-406
  A. Baravalle; V. Lanfranchi
Development of an Error Management Taxonomy in ATC BIB 407-411
  T. Bove; H. Andersen
Use of a Train Signal Control Simulator to Develop a Valid Measure of Shared Mental Models BIB 412-416
  N. Bristol; S. Nichols
Scenario Development for Testing Safety Devices in Automotive Environments BIB 417-421
  P. C. Cacciabue; M. Martinetto; S. Montagna; A. Re
Designing a Pleasurable Web Pad User Interface with the Participatory Function Analysis BIB 422-426
  C.-H. Chen; H.-T. Wang; H. L. Hsu
Incorporating Cognitive Usability into Software Design Processes BIB 427-431
  M. Feary; L. Sherry; P. Polson; K. Fennel
Usability Laboratories - Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches BIB 432-436
  R. Freitag; W. Dzida; B. Majonica; K. Nebe; N. Woletz
Perceptual Distributed Multimedia Quality: A Cognitive Style Perspective BIB 437-441
  G. Ghinea; S. Chen
Definition of a Common Work Space BIB 442-446
  B. Guiost; S. Debernard; P. Millot
A Multidimensional Scale for Road Vehicle Handling Qualities BIB 447-451
  D. Harris; J. Chan-Pensley; S. McGarry
From Browsing Behavior to Usability Matters BIB 452-456
  E. Herder; B. Van Dijk
A Formal Method for Analysing Field Data and Setting the Design Requirements for Scheduling Tools BIB 457-461
  P. Higgins
Evaluating Crew Interaction via Task Performance and Eye Tracking Measures: Evidence from a Simulated Flightdeck Task BIB 462-466
  B. Hilburn; P. Hoogeboom
Input Requirements to a Performance Monitoring System BIB 467-471
  E. Hollnagel; Y. Niwa
Requirements Analysis and Task Design in Dynamic Environments BIB 472-476
  J. Hoorn; G. van der Veer
Human Factors in Web-assisted Personal Finance BIB 477-481
  I. Juvina; H. Van Oostendorp
An Evaluation Framework of Human Factors in ODL Programs BIB 482-486
  A. Karoulis; I. Tarnanas; A. Pombortsis
Making Instructions 'Visible' on the Interface: An Instructional Approach to the Acquisition and Retention of Fault-finding Skills BIB 487-491
  T. Kontogiannis; N. Linou
Reading News from a Pocket Computer: an Eye-movement Study BIB 492-496
  J. Laarni; I. Kojo; L. Karkkainen; P. Isotalus
Personal Assistant for onLine Services: Addressing human factors BIB 497-501
  J. Lindenberg; S. Nagata; M. Neerincx
The Use of Haptic Cues Within a Control Interface BIB 502-506
  S. Lomas; G. Burnett; M. Porter; S. Summerskill
Hazard Perception training in the BSM Driver-Training Simulator BIB 507-511
  S. McCormack
Scenario-based drama as a tool for investigating user requirements with application to home monitoring for elderly people BIB 512-516
  S. McKenna; F. Marquis-Faulkes; P. Gregor; A. Newell
A Human Interface for In-Vehicle Information Space Using Drivers' Eye Movements BIB 517-521
  H. Mori
Different Ways of Data-Reduction for Driver Simulator Validation BIB 522-526
  T. Mulder-Helliesen; L. Dorn
The Development of a Bus Simulator for Bus Driver Training BIB 527-531
  H. Muncie; L. Dorn
An Analysis of Potential of Human Error in Hospital Work BIB 532-536
  Y. Okada
Reducing Interaction Style Errors in Task-Switching BIB 537-541
  A. Oulasvirta; H. Kuoppala
Pupil Dilation as an Indicator of Cognitive Workload in Human-Computer Interaction BIB 542-546
  M. Pomplun; S. Sunkara
Locating Relevant Categories in Web Menus: Effects of Menu Structure, Aging and Task Complexity BIB 547-551
  J.-F. Rouet; C. Ros; G. Jegou; S. Metta
Measuring Driver Fatigue and Establishing KOLINTANG Music Treatment for Decreasing Fatigue in Driver: A Preliminary Study to Develop Smart Sensor of Fatigue for Car Driver BIB 552-556
  I. Rozmi; Y. Kurniawan; I. Maakip; M. S. A. Ghani; M. J. M. Nor; D. Sulaiman
Designing for Psychological Effects: Towards Mind-Based Media and Communications Technologies BIB 557-561
  T. Saari
Effects of perceptual and semantic grouping on the acquisition of hypertext conceptual models BIB 562-566
  L. Salmeron; J. Canas; I. Fajardo; M. Gea
Predicting Design Induced Pilot Error: A comparison of SHERPA, Human Error HAZOP, HEIST and HET, a newly developed aviation specific HEI method BIB 567-571
  P. Salmon; N. Stanton; M. Young; D. Harris; J. Demagalski; A. Marshall; T. Waldmann; S. Dekker
The Presentation of Conflict Resolution Advisories to Air Traffic Controllers - A Human Factors Perspective BIB 572-576
  D. Schaefer; M. Flynn; G. Skraaning
The Man without a Face, and other Stories about Human-Centred Automation in Nuclear Process Control BIB 577-581
  G. Skraaning; A. B. M. Skjerve
Situational Awareness Displays in Driving BIB 582-586
  N. Stanton
Predicting Pilot Error: Assessing the Performance of SHERPA BIB 587-591
  N. Stanton; P. Salmon; D. Harris; J. Demagalski; A. Marshall; T. Waldmann; S. Dekker
Assessing the Effect of New Technology on Driver Behavior - a Theoretical Model BIB 592-596
  R. Stewart; D. Harris
Modeling of Knowledge Structure Transformation with First-Order Clauses in Dynamic Systems BIB 597-601
  K.-H. Tang
Mental models of search engines: How does a WWW search engine work? BIB 602-606
  A. Thatcher; M. Greyling
Generation of Cognitive Ergonomic Dynamic Hypertext for E-Learning BIB 607-611
  S. Trausan-Matu; A. Marhan; G. Iosif; I. Juvina
Operational barrier to control human error BIB 612-616
  F. Van Der Haegen
E-TRACKING: eye tracking analysis in the evaluation of e-learning systems BIB 617-621
  D. Zambarbieri
A systematic barrier removal methodology: application for transportation system BIB 622-628
  Z. Zhang; F. Van der haegen; P. Polet
Web Interfaces between users and a centralized MAS for the technological watch BIB 629-633
  E. Adam; M. Lecomte
Semantically Enhanced Hypermedia: A First Step BIB 634-638
  I. Alfaro; M. Zancanaro; A. Cappelletti; M. Nardon; A. Guerzoni
A Methodology for the Administration of a Web-Based Questionnaire BIB 639-643
  M. Antunes; E. Castro; O. Mealha
Properties of Controlling Models for Expressions Linked to Visual Knowledge BIB 644-648
  E. Bamba
Are Users Ready for Electronic Prescription Processing? BIB 649-653
  D. Bell; P. Marsden; M. Kirby
Assuring Information Quality in Industrial Enterprises: Experiments in an ERP Environment BIB 654-658
  T. Bellocci; M. Lehto; S. Nof
Visualization Techniques for Personal Tasks on Mobile Computers BIB 659-663
  G. Bieber; C. Tominski
Agent-Based User Interface Customization in a System-Mediated Collaboration Environment BIB 664-668
  H. Brocks; U. Thiel; A. Stein
Organisational Learning: An Investigation of Response to Rapid Change in a Traditional Environment BIB 669-673
  K. Buckner; E. Davenport
Explication and Legitimisation of Arguments and Outcomes in Sense-making and Innovation by Groups: Some Implications for Group Support Systems BIB 674-678
  P. Coetzee; J. Phahlamohlaka
Users driven optimization for a web-based university Management Information System BIB 679-683
  J. Del Rio Cumbreno; J. T. Gonzalez; J. F. Gonzalez; M. G. Sobradelo
A learning companion - design of personal assistance in an adaptive information and learning ambience BIB 684-688
  K. Englemeier; J. Pereira; N. Cerpa
Design of ICT support for Communities of Practice: Case study of a Trade union information system BIB 689-693
  L. Ericson; N. Hallberg; T. Timpka
Human Computer Interaction and Cooperative Learning in Mobile Environments BIB 694-698
  B. Essmann; T. Hampel
Modeling Business Information in Virtual Environment BIB 699-703
  D. Folinas; V. Manthou; M. Vlachopoulou
Cyber Crime Advisory Tool - C{*CAT: a holistic approach to electronic evidence processing BIB 704-708
  S. Frings; M. Stanisic-Petrovic; J. Falkner; R. Urry; N. Mitchison
Discussion over a shared file system BIB 709-713
  Y. Furui; K. Matsunaga; K. Shidoji
The Competence Card A Tool to improve Service BIB 714-718
  W. Ganz; A.-S. Tombeil
A Group Development System for Improving Motivation, Performance and Team Climate in Virtual Teams BIB 719-723
  S. Geister; U. Konradt; G. Hertel
Intercultural virtual cooperation: Psychological challenges for coordination BIB 724-728
  E. Grant; H. Schulze; S. Haasis
Self-Administered Cooperative Knowledge Areas - Evaluation of the WWW Interface in Terms of Software Ergonomics - BIB 729-733
  T. Hampel; B. Essmann
Changing Technology - Equal Opportunities? BIB 734-738
  N. Helminen
Group Knowledge Acquisition System Using Two or More Domain Knowledge BIB 739-743
  Y. Hijikata; T. Takenaka; Y. Kusumura; S. Nishida
Auditory Pointing for Interaction with Wearable Systems BIB 744-748
  K. Hirota; M. Hirose
Audience of Local Online Newspapers in Sweden, Slovakia and Spain - a comparative study BIB 749-753
  C. Ihlstrom; J. Lundberg; F. P. Sapina
iFlashBack: A Wearable System for Reinforcing Memorization Using Interaction Records BIB 754-758
  Y. Ikei; Y. Hirose; K. Hirota; M. Hirose
Retrieval System for CAD Data on the Internet BIB 759-763
  H.-S. Jung; B.-G. Lee; C.-M. Joo
Knowledge Management: An Essential Ingredient for Learning Organisations BIB 764-768
  B. Kayis; A. Ahmed; C. Reidsema; O. Webster
Approaching Online Self-Representation in a Community of Practice BIB 769-773
  C. Kremer; J. Ramey; C. S. de Souza
Management of Information and Knowledge in Human Computer Interaction using System for Cusp Surface Analysis BIB 774-778
  Y. Kume; C.-Y. Liu; L. Cobb
Contextualizing Search Results in Networked Directories BIB 779-783
  C. Kunz; V. Botsch; J. Ziegler; S. Dieter
Methods for Estimating the Person's Busyness as Awareness Information in the Medium-sized Laboratory Environment BIB 784-788
  I. Kuramoto; Y. Shibuya; T. Takeuchi; Y. Tsujino
A Design that Meets User's Goals Creates Usable Security BIB 789-793
  A. Latva-Koivisto; Y. Kortesniemi
Integrating and Evolving a Mob: The Growth of a Smart Mob into a Wireless Community of Practice BIB 794-798
  J. Lester
Fruitful Collaborations: Integrating Research and Practice BIB 799-803
  M. Levi; G. Marchionini
Practices of KM for high-tech industry: Empirical study in Taiwan's industries BIB 804-808
  C.-Y. Liu; T.-H. Lo; Y. Kume; B. J. C. Yuan
Quality Assurance in the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Publications Office BIB 809-813
  J. McGlothlin; V. P. Anderson
Human oriented Intelligence Image Processing System for Integrated Visual Inspection BIB 814-818
  M. Nakagawa; H. Nakayasu
TV Viewing and Internet Use:Experiences from a Large-Scale Broadband Field Trial in Norway BIB 819-823
  S. Nilsen; K. Hamnes; K. Thrane; R. Ling; M. Jensen
Web LogVisualizer: a Tool for Communication and Information Management BIB 824-828
  J. Nunes; F. Zamfir; O. Mealha; B. Santos
Innovative UI Concepts for Mobile Devices BIB 829-833
  B. Otto; F. Kaiser
Observations from the Introduction of an awareness Tool into a Workplace, and from the Use of its 'Status'-field BIB 834-838
  S. Pekkola; N. Kaarilahti; P. Pohjola
Making Privacy Protocols Usable for Mobile Internet Environments BIB 839-843
  J. S. Pettersson; C. Thoren; S. Fischer-Hubner
The Conceptual Model for E-Learning Meta-Data Structure BIB 844-848
  P. Poyry; L. Repokari; H. Kautonen
Col*Leccio: Collective Bookmark Discussion Applying Social Navigation BIB 849-853
  H. Rodriguez; N. Sylvie
Cognitive Strategies and the Process of Teaching and Learning BIB 854-858
  J. Silva; V. Almeida; R. Orbolato
Towards an understanding of Common Information Spaces in Distributed and Mobile Work BIB 859-863
  G. Spinelli; J. Brodie
Adaptive and Context-Aware Information Environments based on ODIN - Using Semantic and Task Knowledge for User Interface Adaptation in Information Systems BIB 864-868
  M. Stempfhuber
Use of the Kansei Engineering Approach in a Decision Support System for the Improvement of Medium-sized Supermarket Chains BIB 869-873
  Y. Taguchi; T. Tabe
A Simple Representation of Socio-emotional Interactions to Promote On-line Community Involvement for Knowledge Sharing BIB 874-878
  S. Takao; M. Nagata
Mobile communication, image messaging and photo sharing: A preliminary comparison of Japanese and Finnish teenagers BIB 879-883
  S. Tamminen; S. Hari; K. Toiskallio
Designing and evaluating Government Websites within the context of the Electronic Democracy BIB 884-888
  B. van der Vyver
The Use and Usability of Communication, Collaboration and Knowledge Management Tools in Virtual Organizations BIB 889-893
  M. Vartiainen; M. Hakonen; N. Kokko
Putting Order to Episodic and Semantic Learning Memories:The Case for KLeOS BIB 894-898
  G. Vavoula; M. Sharples
Automated Identification and Correction of Coding Errors in an Accident Narrative Database BIB 899-903
  H. Wellman; M. Lehto; G. Sorock
Estimation of Useful Field of View on the Situation of Driving Work BIB 904-910
  K. Yamanaka; H. Nakayasu; K. Maeda
An automated system for studying brain function and brain connectivity in a clinical setting BIB 911-915
  K. Arfanakis; I. Heaton
The Clinical Perspective of Large Scale Projects: A Case Study with Pediatric Brain Tumors & Multiparametric MR Imaging BIB 916-920
  L. Astrakas; A. Tzika; F. Makedon; S. Kapidakis; S. Ye; J. Ford
Theories on the impact of Information and Communication Technology and Psychosocial Life Environment BIB 921-925
  G. Bradley
"Stressors of organizational conditions" - a new design-oriented work analysis instrument BIB 926-930
  M. Buch
Breaking New Ground in Interactive Configuration of Production Environments by the Use of Intelligent Computer Tool BIB 931-935
  F. Butke; T. Rist; W. Sihn
A System to Manage the Information Related to the Reinforced Concrete Decay BIB 936-940
  S. Colajanni; R. Corrao; A. de Vecchi; A. Giammanco
Young urban knowledge workers - Relationship between ICT and psychosocial life environment BIB 941-945
  U. Danielsson
Combining Virtual Reality with an Easy to Use and Learn Interface in a tool for Planning and Simulating Interventions in Radiologically Controlled Areas BIB 946-950
  A. de Antonio; X. Ferre; J. Ramirez
Empowering the User in Product Design with Virtual Reality BIB 951-955
  O. Demirbilek; A. Aurum
A Strategy for Formal Service Product Model Specification BIB 956-960
  K.-P. Fahnrich; S. Auer
State of the Art in Service Engineering and Management BIB 961-965
  K.-P. Fahnrich; W. Ganz; T. Meiren
Holistic development of new services BIB 966-970
  M. Freitag; T. Meiren; H. Wurps
"Job redesign" - still between work organization and work rationalization BIB 971-975
  E. Frieling; S. Stormer
Successful Business Models of Telemedical Services BIB 976-980
  H. G. Gemuenden; C. Schultz; K. Salomo; S. Salomon
Visualization of Interaction Patterns in Collaborative Knowledge Networks for Medical Applications BIB 981-985
  P. Gloor; R. Laubacher; S. Dynes; Y. Zhao
The usage of CRM system at modelling quality of products(CRM FQ - Customer Relationship Management for Quality) BIB 986-990
  M. Golinski; J. Kalkowska
Designing a Data Management System for Monitoring Camera in Emergency BIB 991-995
  Y. Hijikata; Y. Wang; S. Nishida
New Interaction Concept toward Reestablishing the Human Bonds in Daily Life BIB 996-1000
  N. Hirasawa
The Computer Human Interface as a Partner in the Doctor Patient Relationship BIB 1001-1005
  D. Hoch; S. Prady; Y. Finegan; L. Daly; J. Lester
Communicating the Company Brand in the Investor Market: The Collocational Analysis of the Case Company's Quarterly Reports BIB 1006-1010
  P. Jarvi; H. Vanharanta; C. Magnusson; A. Arppe
The Development of a CAD System for Carbon Fishing Rod BIB 1011-1015
  C.-M. Joo; H.-S. Jung; B.-G. Lee; Y. Kume
Virtual museum of informatics history in Siberia BIB 1016-1020
  V. Kasyanov; G. Nesgovorova; T. Volyanskaya
The Impact of Flexibility Management on Total Chain of Manufacturing BIB 1021-1025
  B. Kayis; S. Kara; K. Skutalakul
Interaction in a Relaxed Attitude BIB 1026-1030
  Y. Kinoe; T. Hama
Comprehension-Based Approach to HCI for Designing Interaction in Information Space BIB 1031-1035
  M. Kitajima
The Concept of New Interface Design for Elder Persons BIB 1036-1040
  D. Kobayashi; S. Yamamoto
Managing industrial service portfolios using a platform approach BIB 1041-1045
  J. R. Kuster; V. Liestmann; V. Stich
Enhancing Remote Control Performance: Enabling Tele-Presence Via a 3D Stereoscopic Display BIB 1046-1050
  K. Y. Lim; R. Quek
Intelligent Human Interface for Road Tunnel Fire Ventilation Control System BIB 1051-1055
  K. Maeda; I. Nakahori
Multi-Functional Data Collection Interfaces for Biomedical Research Collaboration BIB 1056-1060
  F. Makedon; T. Steinberg; L. Rahme; A. Tzika; H. Wishart; Y. Wang
Maintenance Support of Corporate Directories with Social-filtering BIB 1061-1065
  K. Misue; T. Ugai
SeL-Mixer: A Music Authoring Environment Fusing Virtual and Physical Activities BIB 1066-1070
  H. Mori; K. Azuma
Coordinated Interfaces for Real-time Decision Making in Hierarchical Structures BIB 1071-1075
  M. Nakatani; S. Yamazaki; S. Nishida
Future Trends of Human Interfaces for Public Facilities in Japan BIB 1076-1080
  Y. Nishikawa; S. Nishida
Visualizing Medical Imagery in Situ: Augmented Reality as X-Ray Vision BIB 1081-1085
  C. Owen; A. Tang
Implementation Studies with GUIs utilizing Fisheye Lens - Application for CCTV based Surveillance and Interactive TV - BIB 1086-1090
  N. Ozaki
New Heuristics for Improving Heuristic Evaluation BIB 1091-1095
  P. Patsula
Towards a Unified Model of Simple Physical and Virtual Environments BIB 1096-1100
  T. Pederson
Monitoring and Control of Systems by Interactive Virtual Environments BIB 1101-1105
  J. M. Quick
Web-based Toolkits for the Management of Customer Integrated Innovation BIB 1106-1110
  R. Reichwald; S. Seifert; D. Walcher
Work and Off-the-Job Acticities: An Important New Field of Work Analysis BIB 1111-1115
  M. Resch
New technology driven processes for the construction sector - the research project ViBaL BIB 1116-1120
  A. Rieck; W. Bauer
Training and Assistance to Maintenance in an Augmented Reality environment BIB 1121-1125
  B. Schwald; B. de Laval
The Internet in the home: Changing the domestic landscape BIB 1126-1130
  A. Sloane
Framing the Flightdeck of the Future: Human Factors Issues in Freeflight and Datalink BIB 1131-1135
  A. Stedmon; S. Nichols; G. Cox; H. Neale; S. Jackson; J. Wilson; T. Milne
Asymmetric Communication Mode to Realize Collaboration between Remotely Located Participants for Dealing with Failures BIB 1136-1140
  T. Tanaka; H. Yajima
Interrogating Search Engine Design using Claims Analysis and General Design Heuristics BIB 1141-1145
  Y.-L. Theng
Overview of Process Trend Analysis BIB 1146-1150
  S. Triki; B. Riera
A Study of a Southern California Wired Community: Where Technology Meets Social Utopianism BIB 1151-1155
  A. Venkatesh; S. Chen; V. M. Gonzales
Collaborative Architectural Design Supported by an Information and Knowledge Pump BIB 1156-1160
  J. Verbeke; M. Stellingwerff
Communicating in the Home: A Research Agenda for the Emerging Area of Home Informatics BIB 1161-1165
  V. Vimarlund; S. Hagglund
Knowledge Management Systems: Issues concerning collaboration BIB 1166-1170
  G. Vouros
Usability Testing in Chinese Industries BIB 1171-1175
  X. Yuan; X. Fu
Reliability Analysis and Design in Computer-Assisted Surgery BIB 1176-1180
  A. Zimolong; K. Rademacher; M. Stockheim; B. Zimolong; G. Rau
Constraint-Based Teamwork Analysis in the Software Industry BIB 1181-1185
  B. Zimolong; T. Uhle; S. Kolominski; P. Wiederhake
Prognostic Work Analysis Using a Simulation Approach BIB 1186-1192
  G. Zulch; S. Stowasser; R. Schwarz
Mining Network Quality of Service with Neural Networks BIB 1193-1197
  A. Abraham; J. Thomas; G. Ghinea
Testing Software Packages Using Mouse Clicks Controls BIB 1198-1202
  A. A. Aburas
Nine Principles for Actable Systems Design BIB 1203-1207
  P. Agerfalk
Holistic Communication Modelling: Enhancing Human-Centred Design through Empowerment BIB 1208-1212
  E. Berki; H. Isomaki; M. Jakala
The Context Quintet: Narrative Elements Applied to Context Awareness BIB 1213-1217
  K. Brooks
Software evaluation by the ergonomic assessment tool EKIDES BIB 1218-1222
  H. Bubb; I. Jastrzebska-Fraczek
Researches on Pen-Based User Interface BIB 1223-1227
  G. Dai; T. Feng; L. Jie; Q. Yanyan; A. Xiang; W. Weixin
On the relevance of 3D shapes for use as interfaces to architectural heritage data BIB 1228-1232
  I. Dudek; J.-Y. Blaise; P. Benistant
Designing a box of inspirations: a story about intecreation from an information portal for puppetry BIB 1233-1237
  K. Englmeier
Comparing Presentation Styles of Help for Shoppers on the Web BIB 1238-1242
  Q. Gao; P.-L. P. Rau; Z. Wei
Grid Transparent Windows BIB 1243-1247
  A. G. Lorente; J. R. Iglesias
Methods for exploring workplace activities and user contexts employing intermediate objects - self-photos, personal view records, and skit performance BIB 1248-1252
  K. Hasuike; E. Tamaru; M. Tozaki
An examination method of human interface using physiological information BIB 1253-1257
  Y. Hayasaka; T. Kimura; S. Ogawa; N. Segawa; K. Yamazaki; M. Miyazaki
Interactive Maps on Mobile, Location-Based Systems: Design Solutions and Usability Testing BIB 1258-1262
  F. Hermann; F. Heidmann
Searching for Patient Educational Information Using Electronic Resources: An Exploration of Nurses' Search Behavior BIB 1263-1267
  J. Jones; M. J. Smith
InfoSky: Visual Exploration of Large Hierarchical Document Repositories BIB 1268-1272
  F. Kappe; G. Droschl; W. Kienreich; V. Sabol; J. Becker; K. Andrews; M. Granitzer; K. Tochtermann; P. Auer
VisJex - a Tool for Interactive Information Visualization BIB 1273-1277
  S. Kleindienst; C. Rathke
Qualitative Evaluation of TT-Net Project BIB 1278-1282
  J. Kruckeberg; S. Goll; M. Behrends; I. Koster; H. Matthies
Computer-Supported Design Tools for Incorporating Multiple Levels of Cultural Context BIB 1283-1287
  K.-P. Lee
Towards a methodology for DSS user-centered design BIB 1288-1292
  S. Lepreux; C. Kolski; G. Queric
Concept Design of Mobile Phone for Chinese Deaf Mutes BIB 1293-1297
  Y. Li; W. Yang; R. Yang; X. Li
Computer Mediated Communication: A Study of Student Interaction with the Resources BIB 1298-1302
  L. Morris; L. Genua; G. Wood
Text comprehension processes and hypertext design BIB 1303-1307
  A. Naumann; J. Waniek; A. Brunstein; J. Krems
A method for compression of three dimensional bi-level image BIB 1308-1312
  K. Nishio; K. Kobori
Human-Human Collaborative Intentions in Learning Environment through Computer Graphics Interactions BIB 1313-1317
  C. Osuna-Gomez; L. Sheremetov; M. Romero-Salcedo
Experiments Using Combinations of Auditory Stimuli to Communicate E-mail Data BIB 1318-1322
  D. Rigas; D. Memery
Context Sensitive Interactive Systems Design: A Framework for Representation of contexts BIB 1323-1327
  K. Sato
Filter Effects of Mediating Technologies BIB 1328-1332
  G. Svendsen; B. Evjemo
Technical and Social Standards to support Appropriate Use of Digital Everyday Appliances BIB 1333-1337
  H. Tamura
A Method of Volume Metamorphosis by Using Mathematical Morphology BIB 1338-1342
  Y. Teshima; K. Kobori
Designing Self-directed Learning Environments in Museum Settings: A Context Sensitive Approach BIB 1343-1347
  K. Tichy
On the Statistical Distribution of Features in Content-Based Image Retrieval BIB 1348-1352
  G. Tsihrintzis; A. Theodossi
Dying Link BIB 1353-1357
  K. Tsukada; S. Takabayashi; T. Masui
Redesign the Data Dump - Statistical Vector Field BIB 1358-1362
  P. von Hellberg
The Mars Exploration Rover / Collaborative Information Portal BIB 1363-1367
  J. Walton; R. Filman; J. Schreiner
The Application of User-Centered Interaction Concepts to the Design of a Wireless Signal Strength Test Analyzer - A Case Study BIB 1368-1372
  H.-T. Wang; C.-H. Chen; H. L. Hsu
The WWW of Information Structures Design for Chinese Users BIB 1373-1380
  C. Zhao; K. Zhang
Evaluation Consolidation of Virtual Reality Tools and Applications within VIEW project BIB 1381-1385
  A. Amditis; I. Karaseitanidis; N. Boutsikaki; E. Bekiaris; J. Wilson
Networked VR for Virtual Heritage BIB 1386-1390
  M. Ando
Co-located interaction in virtual environments via de-coupled interfaces BIB 1391-1395
  V. Bayon; G. Griffiths
Building Virtual Environments using the Virtual Environment Development Structure: A Case Study BIB 1396-1400
  M. D. Cruz; A. Stedmon; J. Wilson; P. Modern; G. Sharples
Haptics in Museum Exhibitions BIB 1401-1405
  K. Hirota; M. Hirose
Wearable Computers and Field Museum BIB 1406-1410
  A. Hiyama; M. Hirose
Towards i-dove, an interactive support tool for building and using virtual environments with guidelines BIB 1411-1415
  P. Karampelas; D. Grammenos; A. Mourouzis; C. Stephanidis
GestureMan PS: Effect of a Head and a Pointing Stick on Robot Mediated Communication BIB 1416-1420
  H. Kuzuoka; J. Kosaka; S. Oyama; K. Yamazaki
The Factory of the Future? The Integration of Virtual Reality for Advanced Industrial Applications BIB 1421-1425
  P. Modern; A. Stedmon; M. D. Cruz; J. Wilson; G. Sharples
Virtual Prints: An Empowering Tool for Virtual Environments BIB 1426-1430
  A. Mourouzis; D. Grammenos; M. Filou; P. Papadakos; C. Stephanidis
Avatar Communication: Virtual Instructor in the Demonstration Exhibit BIB 1431-1435
  T. Ogi; T. Yamada; T. Kayahara; Y. Kurita
Two Methods and a Case Study: Human Factors Evaluations for Virtual Environments BIB 1436-1440
  A. Stedmon; M. D. Cruz; J. Tromp; J. Wilson
Design of Interaction Devices for Optical Tracking in Immersive Environments BIB 1441-1445
  O. Stefani; H. Hoffmann; J. Rauschenbach
Implementation of a Scalable Virtual Environment BIB 1446-1450
  T. Tanikawa
VIEW-IT: A VR/CAD Inspection Tool for use in Industry BIB 1451-1455
  J. Tromp; S. Nichols
Another small step for real use of virtual environments?: the VIEW of the Future project BIB 1456-1460
  J. Wilson