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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan)
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93
  1. HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 1
    1. III. Case Studies
    2. IV. User Issues
    3. V. Methodologies

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 1

III. Case Studies

Human-Computer Interaction within the Criminal Justice System: A Study of the Probation Service BIBA 344-349
  P. J. Baugh; A. C. Gillies
A Study of Human-Computer Interaction in the Selection of Commercial Pilots for Automated Flight Decks BIBA 350-355
  Ronald E. Clark; William F., III Herlehy
The Effects of New Information Technology on Interorganisational Relations: Electronic Tax Return Lodgement in Australia BIBA 356-361
  Trevor A. Williams
The Relationship Between Secretaries' Opinions of Computing and Their Computer Performance within a United Kingdom Health-Care Setting: Implications for In-House IT Support and Training BIBA 362-367
  J. Arthur; P. Brooks
Metalearning and Metaknowledge Strategies to Produce Educational Software BIBA 368-373
  J. H. Sanchez
Hypermedia for the In-House Development of Information Systems BIBA 374-379
  N. I. Beagley; R. A. Haslam; K. C. Parsons
Toward a Cognitive Ergonomics Evaluation System of Typing Chinese Characters into Computers BIBA 380-385
  Zhang Kan; Guo Sumei; Zhao Huiling
Inferring Pilot Intent and Error as a Basis for Electronic Crew Assistance BIBA 386-391
  T. Wittig; R. Onken
A Case Study of Plan Recognition -- Command Sequences as Acts BIBA 392-397
  Y. Inoue; M. Nagata
Dual Design of Computer-Based Air Traffic Control Systems -- Examples from European Air Traffic BIBA 398-403
  B. Harendt
Integrating QFD into Software Development: A Case Study BIBA 404-409
  Jay Lundell; David Williams
Dedicated CAD for Apparel Design BIBA 410-415
  J. McCartney; B. K. Hinds; J. J. Zhang; W. Hamilton
Assessing Ergonomic Furniture in The Workplace BIBA 416-420
  George J. Boggs; Robert E. Warren; Daniel R. Lowther
Task-Oriented User Documentation Using the User Action Notation: A Case Study BIBA 421-426
  J. D. Chase; Marie Paretti; H. Rex Hartson; Deborah Hix
Do Computers Solve the Problem? Telephone vs Telefax vs Computers in Home Shopping Systems in Scandinavia BIBA 427-432
  M. A. Karlsson; M. Kaulio
Observations on Game Playing BIBA 433-437
  C. N. Quinn; M. Boeson; D. Kedzier; D. Kelmenson; R. Moser; S. Rice
From Risk to Disease: Capturing Knowledge by a Hypertext Approach BIBA 438-443
  G. Franco
The CTP Project: Computerized Textbook of Psychology BIBA 444-449
  Keiko Hatamoto; Shigekazu Ishihara; Haruo Hayashi; Shogo Sakata; Rei Ihara; Atsushi Kawamura; Akira Yamagami
Testing Acceptance and Usability of Multimedia in Man-Machine Communication: A Case Study and Guidelines BIBAK 450-455
  Kaisa Vaananen; Dave Henderson
Using QFD Techniques in User Interface Specification: First Experiences BIBA 456-461
  Pekka Ala-Siuru

IV. User Issues

The Influences of Information Processing Strategies on Human-Computer Performance BIBA 463-468
  K. M. Stanney; G. Salvendy
Metaphor Design and Cultural Diversity in Advanced User Interfaces BIBA 469-474
  Aaron Marcus
Usability Evaluation from Users' Point of View: Three Complementary Measures BIBAK 475-480
  Edo M. Houwing; Marion Wiethoff; Albert G. Arnold
Modeling Multispecialist Decision Making BIBA 481-486
  Michael Lewis; Katia Sycara
Decision Maker's Knowledge Level and the Selection of Decision Strategies in Using a Decision Support System BIBA 487-491
  Hyung-Min Michael Chung
Use of Seamless Access Protocol to Expand the Human Interface of Next-Generation Information Systems and Appliances BIBA 492-497
  G. C. Vanderheiden
Work Possibilities for Visually Impaired: The Role of Information Technology BIBA 498-503
  E. Hjelmquist; B. Jansson
Ergonomic Considerations for Communication Technologies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People BIBA 504-509
  J. E. Harkins
A Document Retrieval System for the Personal Computer BIBA 510-515
  Nikki Reynolds; Michal Cutler
Combining Asynchronous and Synchronous Collaborative Systems BIBA 516-521
  Gunnar Teege; Uwe M. Borghoff
The Relationship Between Task Structure and Choice of Navigational Aid in Human Computer Interface Design BIBA 522-527
  Rebecca S. Lipner; Gary W. Strong; Karen E. O. Strong
Articulating the Design Process: The Effects of Verbalisation Upon Design Strategies BIBA 528-533
  Simon P. Davies
User Participation in Systems Design -- Results of a Field Study BIBA 534-539
  A. Beck
Collaboration of Line and Staff in Fully Automated VLSI Factory BIBA 540-545
  Yoshimi Gamo; Wataru Susaki; Kouichi Kurokawa; Hirokazu Miyoshi; Toshio Hori
Providing Plant Design Knowledge to the Operators BIBA 546-551
  Kari Kaarela; Pertti Huuskonen; Juha Jaako
A Framework for User Customization BIBA 552-557
  Haiying Wang; Mark Green
Evaluation of Communication Methods for User Participation in Data Modeling BIBA 558-563
  Ch. Kirsch
User-Centered Guidance for Environmental Management BIBA 564-569
  David R. Eike; Jeffery A. Fox; Richard Dailey
The Effect of User Characteristics on Interface Choice BIBA 570-574
  R. C. MacGregor; H. Hasan; H. T. Liao
Work Analysis -- Perspectives on and Requirements for a Methodology BIBA 575-580
  Peter H. Carstensen; Kjeld Schmidt
Formalisms for Cognitive Modeling BIBA 581-586
  Neville Moray
A Framework for Measuring Cognitive Complexity of the Human-Machine Interface BIBA 587-592
  Yan M. Yufik; Thomas B. Sheridan
The Role of Mental Models in Complex Dynamic Environments BIBA 593-598
  Craig P. Speelman; Daniel Boase-Jelinek; Kim Kirsner
Performance, Mental Models and Background Knowledge in Mastering a Simulated Dynamic System BIBA 599-604
  Eva Carling
On Psychophysiology of Cognitive Complexity BIBA 605-610
  Leo Vekker; John A. Allen; Yan Yufik

V. Methodologies

Quantitative Measures for Evaluating Human-Computer Interfaces BIBA 612-617
  M. Rauterberg
The Fatigue Check System for VDT Workers by Measuring CFF BIBA 618-623
  Masaharu Takeda; Yoshio Hayashi; Kaoru Suzuki
A Code Key-In Time Estimation Method for College Students BIBA 624-629
  S. Kishino; Y. Hayashi
Direct Control of the Computer Through Electrodes Placed Around the Eyes BIBA 630-635
  James Gips; Peter Olivieri; Joseph Tecce
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Human Decision-Making Complexity BIBA 636-641
  Val F. Venda; Hal W. Hendrick
Quantitative Evaluation and Performance Prediction BIBA 642-647
  Yan M. Yufik; Thomas B. Sheridan; Valery F. Venda
Data Chunking and Interface Display Design BIBA 648-653
  V. Venda; L. Beltracchi
The Quadrigram as a Model for Dynamic HCI Studies and Design BIBA 654-659
  Val Venda; Doug Strong; Ian Dromey
Performance of a Usability Assessment Model: A New Zealand Case Study BIBA 660-665
  Sarah V. Burger
Problem Discovery in Usability Studies: A Model Based on the Binomial Probability Formula BIBA 666-671
  James R. Lewis
Modelling Collective User Satisfaction BIBA 672-677
  F. M. T. Brazier; Zs. Ruttkay
Explanation Evaluation Based on Referential Models BIBA 678-683
  Alain Giboin
From the User Interface to the Database Management System: Application to a Geographical Information System BIBA 684-689
  M. Mainguenaud