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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction jointly with the Ninth Symposium on Human Interface (Japan)
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Aug-08 to 1993-Aug-13
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-89540-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII93
  1. HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 1
    1. I. Manufacturing
    2. II. Special Applications

HCII 1993-08-08 Volume 1

I. Manufacturing

Humanufacturing -- Operator Decision Support in a CIM Environment BIBAK 2-7
  Johan Stahre
Social and Managerial Aspects of Group Work in Concurrent Engineering BIBA 8-13
  T. Adachi; L. C. Shih; T. Enkawa
Cooperation of Distributed Human Scheduler in Cellular Manufacturing Systems BIBA 14-19
  Nobuto Nakamura
A Prototyping and Development Environment for Graphical Interactive Telematic Applications BIBA 20-25
  Franco Arcieri; Michelangelo Fossa; Enrico Nardelli
Psychological Criteria for the Evaluation of Different Forms of Group Work in Advanced Manufacturing Systems BIBA 26-31
  Wolfgang G. Weber; Eberhard Ulich
Implementing Group Work in the Car Manufacturing Industry: The Foreman as a Focal Factor BIBA 32-37
  F. C. Brodbeck; S. Remdisch
Development and Evaluation of a Productivity Management System for Autonomous Work Groups in Advanced Manufacturing Systems BIBA 38-43
  M. Przygodda; K.-H. Schmidt
Autonomous Group Working within Integrated Manufacturing: A Longitudinal Investigation of Employee Role Orientations BIBA 44-49
  Sharon K. Parker; Paul R. Jackson; Toby D. Wall
A Blackboard Architecture for Human-Machine Interface in a Mining Teleoperation BIBA 50-55
  C. A. Ntuen; E. H. Park; S. M. Kim
Experiences in the Use and Implementation of Information Technology in the Printing Industry BIBA 56-61
  P. Seppala; E. Tuominen
Implementing Smart Manufacturing: Some Techniques for Designer/User Cooperation BIBA 62-67
  R. J. Badham
Managing the Human Factors that Affect Change in Manufacturing BIBA 68-73
  Jeanenne La Marsh
Anthropocentric Production Systems -- A European Response to the Challenges of Global Markets BIBA 74-79
  Peter Brodner
Workstation Designs for Reliability Centered Maintenance Decision Support BIBA 80-85
  Donald G. MacGregor
Interactive Support System for Maintenance and Repair: Diagnosis Strategies BIBA 86-89
  B. Zimolong; U. Konradt
Strategies and Training for Maintenance Personnel: Optimizing Fault Diagnosis Activities BIBA 90-95
  Karlheinz Sonntag; Niclas Schaper
Production Management Software Suitable for Group Work BIBA 96-101
  K. Mertins; B. Schallock; M. Carbon
Ergonomics in CAD Systems: A Brazilian Study of Case BIBA 102-107
  Luiza Helena; Boueri Rebello; Eduardo Romeiro Filho

II. Special Applications

Operator Behavior and Supervisory Control Systems in the Chemical Process Industry BIBA 109-114
  H. C. M. Hoonhout; H. J. G. Zwaga
Analysis and Support of Fault Diagnosis Strategies BIBA 115-120
  J. A. Brinkman; T. W. van der Schaaf
How to Survive Process Control Automation: A Case Study of Integral User Participation BIBA 121-126
  Loek A. A. Bollen; Tjerk W. van der Schaaf
Developing Process Control Systems: Procedural Requirements in Design BIBA 127-132
  H. J. G. Zwaga
A Tool Set for the Verification and Early Validation of a Control Room Computer-Based Display System for Sizewell 'B' Nuclear Power Station BIBA 133-138
  P. D. Hollywell; E. M. Hickling
Managing Complexity: Display Design in Process Control BIBA 139-144
  Gina L. Lawton; David L. Morrison; Peter L. Lee
Human Factors Implications of Air Traffic Control Automation BIBA 145-150
  V. David Hopkin
HCI in Multi-Crew Aircraft BIBA 151-156
  Jennifer L. Dyck; David W. Abbott; John A. Wise
HCI in Space Systems BIBA 157-160
  F. E. Mount
Developing an Electronic International Network for Space Communication BIBA 161-166
  E. M. Hinman-Sweeney
Situational and Informational Constraints Affecting Communications with 1-1000 Second Transmission Delays BIBA 167-172
  Barrett S. Caldwell
Telemanipulation: Master-Controller Design Issues BIBA 173-178
  S. F. Wiker
Human-Computer Interaction Issues Involved with Geographic Information Systems BIBA 179-184
  S. E. Chrisman; K. O'Brien; B. Beberness; F. Mount
The Effect of Automated Intelligent Advisors on Human Decision Making in Monitoring Complex Mechanical Systems BIBA 185-190
  K. O'Brien; E. M. Feldman; F. Mount
Remote Coaching Multimedia Research Laboratory Development and Evaluation BIBA 191-195
  Richard F. Haines; Sherry L. Chuang
Ergonomics and VDT Design for Space Environments BIBA 196-200
  Joseph P., II Hale
Cognitive Model of Human-Computer Interface (HCI) Onboard Space Station Freedom (SSF) BIBA 201-206
  J. M. Loman; D. J. Bennett; C. Rogers
Virtual Reality for Improved Human-Computer Interaction in Robotics and Medicine BIBA 207-212
  H.-J. Warnecke; T. Flaig; M. Wapler
Testing the Human Computer Interface for the Telerobotic Assembly of the Space Station BIBA 213-218
  Daniel T. Wick; Nagy M. Shehad; Ankur R. Hajare
Operational Complexity of Controlling Space Vehicles BIBA 219-224
  Alex Vankov; Yuri Glazkov; Alex Rudchenko; Alex Vislotsky
A Model of Expressive Machines and its Application to Human-Robot Interaction BIBA 225-230
  Chihiro Ono; Yoshinobu Yamamoto; Yuichiro Anzai
The Active Interface for Human-Robot Interaction BIBA 231-236
  Takanori Okada; Yoshinobu Yamamoto; Yuichiro Anzai
FRECS: Interface System for Human-Robot Cooperation BIBA 237-242
  Y. Nakauchi; M. Sato; Y. Yamamoto; Y. Anzai
Constraint Processing in Human-Computer Interaction with an Emphasis on Intelligent CAD BIBA 243-248
  W. Hower; M. Rosendahl; R. Berling
Parallel Modeling: Addressing the Issues of Creative Designing in CAD Environments BIBAK 249-254
  A. R. Lehane; D. K. Wright; E. B. Lambourne
A Method of Communication Between CAD and VR Interfaces BIBA 255-260
  Michio Miwa; Miwa Fukino; Masao Kato; Takamasa Oyama
Elecpapen: An Integrated and Intelligent User Interface System for CAD BIBA 261-266
  Zhou Zhong Yu; Eng Wah Lee; Robert Gay; Jia Ye Wang; Din Yuan Liu
AUCA: A Tool for Presentation and Analysis of Simulation Results BIBA 267-272
  Erdmuthe Meyer zu Bexten; Dietmar Heinen; Claudio Moraga
Automation of Work in Dangerous Environments -- Symposium Summary BIBA 273-277
  Thomas J. Smith
Teleoperation of Heavy Equipment: Individual and Environmental Correlates of Operator Performance BIBA 278-282
  T. M. Cook
Automation in Military Aircraft BIBA 283-288
  John M. Reising; Terry J. Emerson; Robert C. Munns
Operator Interaction with Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) (With Limited Data Transmission) BIBA 289-294
  Thomas W. Haduch
Remote Operations in the Hazardous Environment of Space BIBA 295-300
  M. A. Stuart; C. E. Sampaio; R. C. Hendrich; T. F. Fleming; A. J. Legendre
Current Status of Development and Use of Tethered and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and the Potential for Further Automation BIBA 301-306
  James R. McFarlane
Automation of Mobile Equipment in Mining: A Human Factors Perspective BIBA 307-312
  Christopher M. Keran; Robert F. Randolph; Thomas J. Smith
Quantitative Usability Evaluation -- The ESPRIT MUSiC Project BIBAK 313-318
  M. Corbett; M. Macleod; M. Kelly
User-Driven Software Development: Translator's Workbench -- An Exemplar Case Study BIBA 319-324
  K. Ahmad; P. Holmes-Higgin; M. Rogers; M. Hoge; K. Le Hong; C. Huwig; R. Kese; R. Mayer
The Hyperface/Interactors User Interface Development Environment BIBA 325-330
  P. Ferrara; C. Luparia; E. Penna; R. Polillo
Modelling Users, Systems and Design Spaces (Esprit Basic Research Action 3066) BIBA 331-336
  Philip J. Barnard
JESSI -- Common-Framework JCF -- An Open Framework for Integrated CAx-Environments BIBA 337-342
  B. Steinmuller