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Proceedings of the 1991 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1991 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dates:1991-Jun-03 to 1991-Jun-07
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 0-9695338-0-2; ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI91
Links:Conference Series Home Page
Parametrizing singularly to enclose data points by a smooth parametric surface BIB 1-7
  Jörg Peters
Algorithms for B-patches BIB 8-15
  Hans-Peter Seidel
Drawing parametric curves using Chebyshev polynomials BIB 16-23
  John Buchanan; Alain Fournier
A multiple-scale stochastic modelling primitive BIB 24-31
  Jos Stam; Eugene Fiume
Gamut mapping computer generated imagery BIB 32-39
  Maureen C. Stone; William E. Wallace
A piecewise polynomial approach to shading using spectral distributions BIB 40-46
  Maria G. Raso; Alain Fournier
A spectral database for realistic image synthesis BIB 47-52
  Gary W. Meyer; Richard E. Hale
The filtering of 3D textures BIB 53-60
  John Buchanan
Differential manipulation BIB 61-67
  Michael Gleicher; Andrew Witkin
Lefty: A two-view editor for technical pictures BIB 68-76
  David Dobkin; Eleftherios Koutsofios
Design issues for line-driven text editing/annotation systems BIB 77-84
  Gary Hardock
Graphical interaction techniques in constraint-based geometric modeling BIB 85-92
  Steve Sistare
Automatic termination criteria for ray tracing hierarchies BIB 93-100
  K. R. Subramanian; Donald S. Fussell
Spatio-temporal coherence in ray tracing BIB 101-108
  J. Chapman; T. W. Calvert; J. Dill
Exploiting shadow coherence in ray tracing BIB 109-116
  Andrew Pearce; David Jevans
A ray tracing framework for global illumination systems BIB 117-128
  Peter Shirley; Kelvin Sung; William Brown
Shape and texture generation by neural network creation algorithm BIB 129-134
  J. P. Lewis
An efficient scanline visibility implementation BIB 135-142
  Andrew Woo; Steve Chall
Shading in two dimensions BIB 143-151
  Lance Williams
Sculpting with the "Ball & Mouse"; metaphor BIB 152-159
  André LeBlanc; Prem Kalra; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann; Daniel Thalmann
Fast display of octree representations of 3D objects BIB 160-167
  Jiangong Zhao; Wayne A. Davis
Complementary integration of PHIGS and a geometric modeling utility BIB 168-173
  Paul A. Elletson; Mukul Saxena
A frame buffer architecture for parallel line drawing BIB 174-179
  Xiaolin Wu
Interaction paradigms for human-computer cooperation in graphical-object modeling BIB 180-191
  Sandeep Kochhar; Joe Marks; Mark Friedell
Perceiving window geometry: An experimental study BIB 192-198
  William Cowan; Sandra Loop
Hardware support for multitasking graphics BIB 199-206
  William Cowan; Christopher Wein; Marceli Wein; Kellogg S. Booth
Groupsketch: A multi-user sketchpad for geographically distributed small groups BIB 207-215
  Saul Greenberg; Ralph Bohnet
Fitts' Law studies of directional mouse movement BIB 216-223
  James Boritz; Kellogg S. Booth; William B. Cowan
New paradigms for computing in the nineties BIB 224-229
  Ronald Baecker
Shape control in implicit modeling BIB 230-235
  Baining Guo
Controlled blending of procedural implicit surfaces BIB 236-245
  Zoran Kačić-Alesić; Brian Wyvill
Surfaces from contours: The correspondence and branching problems BIB 246-254
  David Meyers; Shelly Skinner; Kenneth Sloan
Modeling liquids and solids using thermal particles BIB 255-262
  David Tonnesen
Animation and collisions between complex deformable bodies BIB 263-270
  Marie-Paule Gascuel; Anne Verroust; Claude Puech
Establishing correspondences by topological merging: A new approach to 3-D shape transformation BIB 271-278
  James R. Kent; Richard E. Parent; Wayne E. Carlson
An application of motion design and control for physically-based animation BIB 279-286
  David Haumann; Jakub Wejchert; Kavi Arya; Bob Bacon; Al Khorasani; Alan Norton; Paula Sweeney