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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Dates:1989-Sep-18 to 1989-Sep-22
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-88079-8 (Set); ISBN 0-444-88077-1 (V.1); ISBN 0-444-88078-X (V.2);; hcibib: HCII89
  1. HCII 1989-09-18 Volume 1
    1. Work with Computers: Organizational, Management, Stress and Health Aspects; Organizational
    2. Work with Computers: Organizational, Management, Stress and Health Aspects; Stress
    3. Work with Computers: Organizational, Management, Stress and Health Aspects; Health

HCII 1989-09-18 Volume 1

Work with Computers: Organizational, Management, Stress and Health Aspects; Organizational

Human Factors in Information Technology -- Results from a Large Cooperative European Research Programme BIBA 3-12
  H. J. Bullinger; K.-P. Fahnrich; J. Ziegler
Research Trends of Human Interfaces in Japan in Past Decade BIBA 13-20
  Yoshio Hayashi
A Sociotechnical Framework for Integrating Social and Technical Features of Computer-Automated Manufacturing BIBA 21-27
  Ann Majchrzak; David Roitman
Technology Transfer as a Framework for Understanding Social Impacts of Computerization BIBA 28-37
  T. K. Bikson; J. D. Eveland
Use and Non-Use of VDUs -- Organization of Terminal Work. Research Findings from Swedish Cross-Site Studies in the Field of Office Automation BIBA 38-47
  G. Westlander
Knowledge Based Systems -- Organization and Psychosocial Aspects of their Introduction and Use BIBA 48-55
  Gunilla Bradley
The Technical and the Social: Their Interaction in the Development and Implementation of Office Automation Systems BIBA 56-63
  Juliet Webster
Developing Software Systems to Facilitate Social Organization BIBA 64-72
  Walt Scacchi
The Subject of Change, and the Job Content in Implementing New Technologies BIBA 73-81
  M. Vartiainen
Electronic Work Monitoring and Measurement: Recommendations for an Elective Incentive BIBA 82-89
  Richard L. Shell
Managing the Organisation's Knowledge Resources BIBA 90-97
  C. E. Siemieniuch; M. A. Sinclair
Helping Users Achieve Satisficing Goals BIBA 98-105
  Chantal Mais; Alain Giboin
The Design Development, Evaluation and Implementation of an Expert System into an Organization BIBA 106-113
  P. M. Wadsworth; K. C. Parsons
Skills and Autonomy at Different Levels of Manufacturing Technology BIBA 114-121
  P. Seppala; E. Tuominen; P. Koskinen
Action Schemata in Professional Contexts: Use and Elaboration of New Schemata in Administrative Tasks BIBA 122-129
  S. Sebillote
Computer and Telecommunications Services in Inpatient Pediatric Medicine Facility: Human Factors Issues BIBA 130-137
  George J. Boggs; Lori A. Eggert; David A. Fay
The Role and Administration of Local Area Network in Medical Computing BIBA 138-146
  D. A. Olagunju; B. Sonterre; I. F. Goldenberg
Building Life Cycle Costs in the United Stated Army BIBA 147-154
  Edgar S. Neely; Robert D. Neathammer
Microcomputer Implementation in a Developing Country: The Case of Small and Medium-Sized Columbian Firms BIBA 155-162
  Mary McEniry
Designing the Designers' Tasks: Participative Analysis and Evaluation of Software Development Tasks BIBA 163-168
  W. Hacker
The Advisory Role of Computer Meetings BIBA 169-176
  Alain Giboin
An Exploratory Study of Manager-Secretary Workteams: The Role of the System "User" vs. "Operator" BIBA 177-182
  J. G. Geirland
User-Centred Design Practice in Office Automation BIBA 183-190
  Bronwen C. Taylor; Margaret D. Galer
Action Facilitation; A Theoretical Concept and its Use in User Interface Design BIBA 191-199
  Albert G. Arnold; Robert A. Roe
User Oriented Software Development and Dialogue Design BIBA 200-207
  Philipp Spinas

Work with Computers: Organizational, Management, Stress and Health Aspects; Stress

Heart Rate Variability and Subjective Mental Workload in Flight Task Validity of Mental Workload Measurement Using H.R.V. Method BIBA 209-216
  Yasuko Itoh; Yoshio Hayashi; Ippei Tsukui; Susumu Saito
Heart Rate Variability in Remote Manipulation System BIBA 217-224
  A. Murata; S. Miyake; M. Kumashiro
Variations in EEG Activities During VDT Operation BIBA 225-232
  Sakae Yamamoto; Shigeaki Matsuoka; Tadahiro Ishikawa
Job Factors as Predictors of Stress Outcomes among VDT Users BIBA 233-240
  Pascale C. Sainfort; Michael J. Smith
A Longitudinal Study of Stress among VDT Workers: Preliminary Results BIBA 241-247
  Pascale C. Sainfort; Soo Yee Lim
A Study of the Direct and Indirect Effects of Office Ergonomics on Psychological Stress Outcomes BIBA 248-255
  Soo Yee Lim; Katherine J. S. Rogers; Michael J. Smith; Pascale C. Sainfort
Coping with Technological Change in Banking and Insurance BIBA 256-263
  K. Lindstrom; K. Pakkala; I. Torstila
Technological Change Experienced by Different Occupational and Age Groups in Banks and Insurance Companies BIBA 264-269
  P. Huutanen; T. Leino
Mental Stress with New Technology at the Workplace BIBA 270-277
  M. Kumashiro; T. Kamada; S. Miyake
A Survey of the Natural Outcomes of Unfettered Office Automation BIBA 278-283
  Janet L. Barnes-Farrell; Sara P. Weiner; Donald I. Tepas
The Co-Adaptics in Mutual Multilevel Adaption of Man-Computer Dialogues BIBA 284-290
  Valery F. Venda

Work with Computers: Organizational, Management, Stress and Health Aspects; Health

Bank Office Work and Discomforts -- Changes Due to VDT Use BIBA 292-299
  U. Bergqvist; A. Hultgren; M. Voss
Electromagnetic Fields and VDT's; Assessing the Science, A Review BIBA 300-307
  W. E. Baker
Visual Strain of VDT Operators: The Right and the Wrong BIBA 308-315
  P. Rey; A. Bousquet
Characteristics of Accommodative Response Toward Depth Sensation BIBA 316-323
  T. Takeda; T. Iida; Y. Fukui
Merits of Periodic Visual Screening Tests in VDU-Operators BIBA 324-329
  T. Laubli; H. Nibel; C. Thomas; U. Schwaninger; H. Krueger
Musculoskeletal Symptoms among VDU Operators BIBA 330-337
  J. Jeyaratnam; C. N. Ong; W. C. Kee; J. Lee; D. Koh
The Work Posture and the Postural Load of the Neck/Shoulder Muscles when Correcting Presbyopia with Different Types of Multifocal Lenses on VDU-Workers BIBAK 338-347
  Gunnar Horgen; Arne Aaras; Hans E. Fagerthun; Stig E. Larsen
Analysis of Seated Posture as a Basis for Ergonomic Design BIBA 348-354
  Marvin J. Dainoff; Leonard S. Mark
A Psycho-Physical Model for Predicting Health Effects of Female Office Workers BIBA 355-360
  Kevin E. Coray; Barbara G. F. Cohen; Chaya S. Piotrkowski
Strain Reduction at Word Processing Workplaces Using Biofeedback Techniques BIBA 361-368
  K. Landau; C. Leonhardt
Dissatisfaction with VDT Work and Ocular Subjective Discomfort of VDT Operators BIBA 369-376
  Tadeusz Marek; Czeslaw Noworol; Waldemar Karwowski
Effects of Microbreaks on Performance and Well-Being in Data Entry Work BIBA 377-380
  R. A. Henning; S. L. Sauter; G. Salvendy; E. F., Jr. Krieg