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Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Dates:1989-Sep-18 to 1989-Sep-22
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-88079-8 (Set); ISBN 0-444-88077-1 (V.1); ISBN 0-444-88078-X (V.2);; hcibib: HCII89
  1. HCII 1989-09-18 Volume 2
    1. Designing and Using Human-Computer Interfaces and Knowledge Based Systems; Dialogue Design
    2. Designing and Using Human-Computer Interfaces and Knowledge Based Systems; Expert Systems

HCII 1989-09-18 Volume 2

Designing and Using Human-Computer Interfaces and Knowledge Based Systems; Dialogue Design

Usability Engineering at a Discount BIBA 394-401
  Jakob Nielsen
Fuzzy Data and Communication in Human-Computer Interaction: For Bad or For Good BIBA 402-409
  W. Karwowski; E. Kosiba; S. Benabdallah; G. Salvendy
How Do We Trust Machine Advice? BIBA 410-419
  F. Javier Lerch; Michael J. Prietula
Computer Interface for Severe Language Disability BIBA 420-427
  C. Goodenough-Trepagnier
EASE: A User Interface for the Elderly BIBA 428-435
  M. Christensen; S. Chaudhary; R. Gottshall; J. Hartman; D. Yatcilla
Constraining Ambiguity in a Specification Entry System BIBA 436-442
  Cheryl Street; Walling Cyre
Webs, Trees, and Stacks: How Hypermedia System Design Effect Hypermedia Content BIBA 443-449
  Paul Kahn
Human-Computer Interface Technology in Engineering/Construction BIBA 450-456
  Christopher Tilley
Designing the Electronic Book: Human Psychology and Information Structures for Hypermedia BIBA 457-464
  Charles B. Kreitzberg
Barriers to the Evolution to the Electronic Information Era BIBA 465-472
  Louis J. O'Korn
A Method for Processing Subjective Issues of Users -- A User Model and Analogical Reasoning BIBA 473-478
  Morio Nagata; Tatsuya Imai
Preliminary Explorations in the Development and Use of a Human Performance Model for Controlling the Critical Operations of a Flexible Manufacturing System BIBA 479-486
  Nobuto Nakamura; Gavriel Salvendy
Multi-Dimensional Outlining BIBA 487-493
  K. Danielsen
The Paper-Like Interface BIBA 494-501
  Catherine G. Wolf; James R. Rhyne; Hamed A. Ellozy
Natural Language in a Desktop Environment BIBA 502-509
  Marilyn A. Walker
The Perception and Tracking of State Changes in Complex Systems BIBA 510-517
  S. P. Davies; J. M. Findlay; A. J. Lambert
Definition and Validation of User Interfaces BIBA 518-525
  M. Schlumberger
Experimental Implementation Techniques for User Interface Adaptation BIBA 526-532
  T. T. Carey; A. H. Borr; C. H. Graham
A User Interface Management System for Rapid Prototyping and Generation of Dialog Managers BIBA 533-540
  Johann Burgstaller; Joachim Grollmann; Franz Kapsner
Rapid Prototyping Based on the Deferred Design Methodology for an Adaptive User Interface BIBA 541-548
  Peter E. Jones
Rapid Prototyping for Design and Evaluation of Human-Machine Interfaces BIBA 549-556
  Annette Knauper
A Proposal of Human Interface Architecture for Advanced Information Processing Systems BIBA 557-564
  Kazuhisa Watanabe; Isamu Yoroizawa; Makoto Kosugi
Using Task Context to Support an Adaptable Interface BIBA 565-573
  Dirk E. Mahling; Lawrence S. Lefkowitz
The Development of the UNIX-Based User Interface Generator BIBA 574-581
  Baogang Zhou
The Relation of Psychological Theory to Human-Computer Interaction Standards BIBA 582-588
  J. Karat
Guidelines for Dialogue Design BIBA 589-596
  James R. Williams
High-Level User-Interface Objects BIBA 597-604
  I. D. Benest; D. Dukic
USIT: A Toolkit for User Interface Toolkits BIBA 605-612
  Michael Herczeg
Designing Human Interfaces with HyperCard BIBA 613-619
  Ronald R. Mourant
The Notebook: A New Model for the User Interface BIBA 620-626
  Christopher Fox; Vivian Gonzalez
User Interface in Marco Economic Analysis Software System BIBA 627-634
  Xia Shaowei; Hu Fangqi; Xie Hang
Tools for Mapping User Interfaces BIBA 635-642
  Masanobu Ogata; Toru Aihara; Nobuko Kishi; Yeong-Chang Lien
A Systematic Approach to Human Computer Interaction Analysis BIBA 643-650
  Fang Sheng Liu
Complementary Methods for the Iterative Design of Interactive Systems BIBA 651-658
  M. D. Harrison; C. R. Roast; P. C. Wright
Interactive Integrated Design -- Visualization of Form and Process BIBA 659-666
  John Williams; Alex Pentland; Jerome Connor
Empirically Determined Guidelines for Use of Human-Computer Interface Recording Techniques BIBA 667-674
  H. Rex Hartson; Deborah Hix; Susan Stoff
The Recent Development of Inputting Systems for the Chinese Characters and its Psychological Foundation BIBA 675-680
  L. Xu; W. Li

Designing and Using Human-Computer Interfaces and Knowledge Based Systems; Expert Systems

Knowledge Representation in Expert System Interfaces Based on Problem Characteristics BIBA 683-690
  David Gibson; Gavriel Salvendy
Evaluation of Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems: An Organization Design Perspective BIBA 691-698
  F. Sainfort; J. Deichtmann; S. Potthoff
CHESS: The Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System BIBA 699-705
  D. H. Gustafson; K. Bosworth
Expert System for Diagnosing Malfunctions in Fluid Power Systems BIBA 706-711
  L. D. Gaultney; P. Tekola
A Knowledge-Based Approach to Phonetic Speech Recognition for the Speech Impaired BIBA 712-719
  D. M. Kaminski
An Evaluation of User Interfaces for Interactive Knowledge Acquisition for Expert Scheduling Systems BIBA 720-726
  Yuehwern Yih; Arne Thesen
The Process of Knowledge Discovery in System Design BIBA 727-734
  Raymonde Guindon
The VPA Method: A Method for Formal Verbal Protocol Analysis BIBA 735-742
  Yousuke Kinoe
Using the Thinking-Aloud Method in System Development BIBA 743-750
  Anker Helms Jorgensen
Self-Adaptation Method in an Intelligent User Interface BIBA 751-758
  Rei Hamakawa; Youichi Miyashita
Operating Tasks on Microcomputers: From Analysis of User's Reasoning to Computer Design BIBA 759-766
  F. Jeffroy
Planning Structures for an Intelligent Help System BIBA 767-774
  Amedeo Cesta; Giovanni Romano
Rule Identification in Knowledge Engineering: A Study of an Interactive Resource Allocation Task BIBA 775-782
  Ram R. Bishu; Raymond A. Carpenter; Michael W. Riley; David J. Cochran
A Modeling Approach for Measuring Expert System Usability BIBA 783-790
  D. A. Mitta
Towards Better Interaction with Expert Systems BIBA 791-798
  Jennifer Jerrams-Smith
A Theory-Based Methodology for Analyzing Domain Suitability for Expert Systems Technology Applications BIBA 799-805
  Jay A. Horn; Richard J. Koubek; Anthony J. Cacioppo
A Fuzzy Expert System BIBA 806-813
  Jie Ren; Thomas B. Sheridan
Models of Memory: Implications for Knowledge Acquisition BIBA 814-821
  J. P. Foley; M. R. Lehto
The PIMS Process Guide BIBA 822-828
  J. Hawgood; J.-O. Hove
Automatic Generator for Enhanced Menu-Based Software -- Program-Specification-by-Examples -- BIBA 829-836
  Yukari Shirota; Tosiyasu L. Kunii
ACORD: Construction and Interrogation of Knowledge Bases Using Natural Language and Graphics BIBA 837-844
  A. Plainfosse; J. Lee
MEMOIRS: A Personal Multimedia Information System BIBA 845-852
  M. W. Lansdale; D. R. Young; C. A. Bass
An Approach to General Intelligent Interface for HCI BIBA 853-860
  Xie Li; Du Xing; Sun Zhongxiu
Prototyping Methods and Tools for the Human-Computer Interface Design of a Knowledge-Based System BIBA 861-868
  M. Langen; B. Thull; Th. Schecke; G. Rau; G. Kalff
Creating Advanced User Interfaces Using a Knowledge Based Approach BIBA 869-876
  K. Waldhor
Supporting User Interface Management in Ada: An Object-Oriented Translator for Bridging User Interface Management Systems and Ada Application Software BIBA 877-884
  R. J. Ritchie; G. Balint; D. Hood; J. Coco; H. Stein; M. Kost
An Intelligent Medium for Rule Knowledge Base Development BIBA 885-892
  A. M. Florea; C. Ioneci