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NIME 2005: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2005-05-26

Fullname:NIME 2005: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Editors:Sidney Fels; Tina Blaine
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia
Dates:2005-May-26 to 2005-May-28
Standard No:ISBN 0-88865-808-7; hcibib: NIME05
Links:Conference Website | Online Proceedings
  1. Keynote Talks
  2. Papers and Report Sessions
  3. Posters
  4. Demonstrations
  5. Interactive Sound Installations

Keynote Talks

A History of Buchla's Musical Instruments BIBPDF 1
  Don Buchla
A Personal Chronology of Audiovisual Systems Research BIBPDF 2-3
  Golan Levin
Causality and Striking the Right Note BIBPDF 4
  William Buxton

Papers and Report Sessions

Not Hyper, Not Meta, Not Cyber but Infra-Instruments BIBPDF 5-10
  John Bowers; Phil Archer
Experiments with Virtual Reality Instruments BIBPDF 11-16
  Teemu Mäki-Patola; Aki Kanerva; Juha Laitinen; Tapio Takala
"iltur" -- Connecting Novices and Experts Through Collaborative Improvisation BIBPDF 17-22
  Gil Weinberg; Scott Driscoll
Multi-user Instruments: Models, Examples and Promises BIBPDF 23-26
  Sergi Jordà
The Convergence of Alternate Controllers and Musical Interfaces in Interactive Entertainment BIBPDF 27-33
  Tina Blaine
The Overtone Violin BIBPDF 34-37
  Dan Overholt
SCUBA: The Self-Contained Unified Bass Augmenter BIBPDF 38-41
  Juan Pablo Cáceres; Gautham J. Mysore; Jeffrey Treviño
Gyrotyre. A Hand-held Dynamic Computer-Music Controller Based on a Spinning Wheel BIBPDF 42-45
  Elliot Sinyor; Marcelo M. Wanderley
The Smart Controller Workbench BIBPDF 46-49
  Angelo Fraietta
A Large-Scale Networked Robotic Musical Instrument Installation BIBPDF 50-55
  Eric Singer
Teabox: A Sensor Data Interface System BIBPDF 56-59
  Jesse T. Allison; Timothy A. Place
Learning Advanced Skills on New Instruments (or practising scales and arpeggios on your NIME) BIBPDF 60-64
  Sageev Oore
Orb3 -- Adaptive Interface for Realtime Sound Synthesis & Diffusion within Socially Mediated Spaces BIBPDF 65-69
  Dan Livingstone; Eduardo Reck Miranda
Scrubber: An Interface for Friction-induced Sounds BIBPDF 70-75
  Georg Essl; M. Sile O'Modhrain
Wireless Dance Control: PAIR and WISEAR BIBPDF 76-79
  Peter Swendsen; David Topper
McBlare: A Robotic Bagpipe Player BIBPDF 80-84
  Roger B. Dannenberg; Ben Brown; Garth Zeglin; Ron Lupish
MnM: a Max/MSP mapping toolbox BIBPDF 85-88
  Frédéric Bevilacqua; Remy Muller; Norbert Schnell
A Graphical Interface for Intuitive Signal Routing BIBPDF 89-92
  Jean-Marc Pelletier
Frequency Content of Breath Pressure and Implications for Use in Control BIBPDF 93-96
  Gary P. Scavone; Andrey R. da Silva
Tangible Acoustic Interfaces and their Applications for the Design of New Musical Instruments BIBPDF 97-100
  Alain Crevoisier; Pietro Polotti
The Metasurface: Applying Natural Neighbour Interpolation to Two-to-Many Mapping BIBPDF 101-104
  Ross Bencina
On the Use of Flute Air Jet as A Musical Control Variable BIBPDF 105-108
  Andrey R. da Silva; Marcelo M. Wanderley; Gary P. Scavone
Sound and music control using haptic and visual feedback in the PHASE installation BIBPDF 109-114
  Xavier Rodet; Jean-Philippe Lambert; Roland Cahen; Thomas Gaudy; Florian Gosselin; Fabrice Guedy; Pascal Mobuchon
Sounds from Shapes: Audiovisual Performance with Hand Silhouette Contours in The Manual Input Sessions BIBPDF 115-120
  Golan Levin; Zachary Lieberman
HandySinger: Expressive Singing Voice Morphing using Personified Hand-puppet Interface BIBPDF 121-126
  Tomoko Yonezawa; Noriko Suzuki; Kenji Mase; Kiyoshi Kogure
Sonification of Facial Actions for Musical Expression BIBPDF 127-131
  Mathias Funk; Kazuhiro Kuwabara; Michael J. Lyons
Voice-controlled plucked bass guitar through two synthesis techniques BIBPDF 132-135
  Jordi Janer
Bridging the Gap Between Art and Science Education Through Teaching Electronic Musical Instrument Design BIBPDF 136-139
  Paul D. Lehrman
The [hid] toolkit: a unified framework for instrument design BIBPDF 140-143
  Hans-Christoph Steiner
User Interface Comparison for Virtual Drums BIBPDF 144-147
  Teemu Mäki-Patola
GoingPublik: Using Realtime Global Score Synthesis BIBPDF 148-151
  Arthur Clay; Thomas M. Frey; Jürg Gutknecht
Connecting strangers at a train station BIBPDF 152-155
  Ole Gregersen; Lars Pellarin; Jakob Olsen; Niels Böttcher; Michel Guglielmi; Stefania Serafin
Pocket Gamelan: a Pure Data interface for java phones BIBPDF 156-159
  Greg Schiemer; Mark Havryliv


Sustainable: a dynamic, robotic, sound installation BIBPDF 160-163
  David Birchfield; David Lorig; Kelly Phillips
CyberSong BIBPDF 164-167
  Paulo Maria Rodrigues; Luís Miguel Girão; Rolf Gehlhaar
boomBox BIBPDF 168-171
  Jamie Allen
The Wahwactor: A Voice Controlled Wah-Wah Pedal BIBPDF 172-175
  Alex Loscos; Thomas Aussenac
Location33: A Mobile Musical BIBPDF 176-179
  William B. Carter; Leslie S. Liu
Bangarama: Creating Music with Headbanging BIBPDF 180-183
  Laszlo Bardos; Stefan Korinek; Eric Lee; Jan Borchers
Network Latency Adaptive Tempo in the Public Sound Objects System BIBPDF 184-187
  Alvaro Barbosa; Jorge Cardoso; Gunter Geiger
Pin&Play&Perform: A rearrangeable tangible interface for musical composition and performance BIBPDF 188-191
  Nicolas Villar; Adam Lindsay; Hans-Werner Gellersen
Towards a Dimension Space for Musical Artifacts BIBPDF 192-195
  David Birnbaum; Rebecca Fiebrink; Joseph Malloch; Marcelo M. Wanderley
Yeah, ChucK It! => Dynamic, Controllable Interface Mapping BIBPDF 196-199
  Ge Wang; Ananya Misra; Ajay Kapur; Perry R. Cook
A Comparison of Sensor Strategies for Capturing Percussive Gestures BIBPDF 200-203
  Adam R. Tindale; Ajay Kapur; George Tzanetakis; Peter F. Driessen; W. Andrew Schloss
The Role of Time in Engineering Computer Music Systems BIBPDF 204-207
  Eric Lee; Jan Borchers
Spinner: A Simple Approach to Reconfigurable User Interfaces BIBPDF 208-211
  Shigeru Kobayashi; Masayuki Akamatsu
ixi software: The Interface as Instrument BIBPDF 212-215
  Thor Magnusson
Toward Direct Brain-Computer Musical Interfaces BIBPDF 216-219
  Eduardo Reck Miranda; Andrew Brouse
Using Music to Interact with a Virtual Character BIBPDF 220-223
  Robyn Taylor; Daniel Torres; Pierre Boulanger
ESP: A Driving Interface for Expression Synthesis BIBPDF 224-227
  Elaine Chew; Alexandre R. J. François; Jie Liu; Aaron Yang
On interface expressivity: A player based study BIBPDF 228-231
  Cornelius Poepel
REMUPP -- An Interactive Tool for Investigating Musical Properties and Relations BIBPDF 232-235
  Johnny Wingstedt; Mats Liljedahl; Stefan Lindberg; Jan Berg


Real-Time Performance Controllers for Synthesized Singing BIBPDF 236-237
  Perry R. Cook
Musical Score Generation in Valses and Etudes BIBPDF 238-239
  David Kim-Boyle
Real-Time Generation of Music Notation via Audience Interaction Using Python and GNU Lilypond BIBPDF 240-241
  Kevin C. Baird
SoniMime: Movement Sonification for Real-Time Timbre Shaping BIBPDF 242-243
  Jesse Fox; Jennifer Carlile
Precise Control on Compound Curves BIBPDF 244-245
  Robert Huott
Beat Boxing: Expressive Control for Electronic Music Performance and Musical Applications BIBPDF 246-247
  Damondrick Jack; Robert Lugo
The Airstick: A Free-Gesture ControllerUsing Infrared Sensing BIBPDF 248-249
  Ivan Franco
OROBORO: A Collaborative Bi-Manual Controller with Interpersonal Haptic Feedback BIBPDF 250-251
  Jennifer Carlile; Björn Hartmann
VIFE _alpha v.01: Real-time Visual Sound Installation performed by Glove-Gesture BIBPDF 252-253
  David Rodriguez; Ivan Rodriguez
Sonictroller BIBPDF 254-255
  David Hindman; Spencer Kiser
Haptic Music Exercises BIBPDF 256-257
  William Verplank
Multiple-Touch-Sensitive Keyboard BIBPDF 258-259
  John Eaton; Bob Moog
Smart Controller / Bell Garden Demo BIBPDF 260-261
  Angelo Fraietta
Swayway MIDI Chimes BIBPDF 262-263
  Mauricio Melo; Doria Fan
Bubbaboard and Mommaspeaker: Creating Digital Tonal Sounds from an Acoustic Percussive Instrument BIBPDF 264-265
  Derek Wang
The WiSe Box: a Multi-performer Wireless Sensor Interface using WiFi and OSC BIBPDF 266-267
  Emmanuel Fléty
Soundstone: A 3-d wireless music controller BIBPDF 268-269
  Adam Bowen

Interactive Sound Installations

Intrium BIBPDF 270
  Alain Guisan
Contemplace BIBPDF 271
  Eric Socolofsky
Mocean BIBPDF 272
  Maia Marinelli; Jared Lamenzo; Liubo Borissov
HotStepJunk BIBPDF 273
  Seiichiro Matsumura
Echology BIBPDF 274
  Meghan Deutscher; Sidney Fels; Reynald Hoskinson; Sachiyo Takahashi