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NIME 2004: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2004-06-03

Fullname:NIME 2004: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Editors:Yoichi Nagashima; Michael J. Lyons
Location:Hamamatsu, Japan
Dates:2004-Jun-03 to 2004-Jun-05
Standard No:ISBN 4-9902099-0-7; hcibib: NIME04
Links:Conference Website | Online Proceedings
  1. Paper Session 1
  2. Report Session 1
  3. Poster Session 1
  4. Report Session 2
  5. Paper Session 2
  6. Report Session 3
  7. Poster Session 2
  8. RENCON Session
  9. Paper Session 3
  10. Report Session 4
  11. Poster Session 3
  12. Report Session 5
  13. Demo Session

Paper Session 1

Evolving Tooka: from Experiment to Instrument BIBPDF 1-6
  Sidney Fels; Linda Kaastra; Sachiyo Takahashi; Graeme McCaig
The Electronic Sitar Controller BIBPDF 7-12
  Ajay Kapur; Ari J. Lazier; Philip Davidson; R. Scott Wilson; Perry R. Cook
Sound Feedback for Powerful Karate Training BIBPDF 13-18
  Masami Takahata; Kensuke Shiraki; Yutaka Sakane; Yoichi Takebayashi

Report Session 1

Dynamic Patching for Live Musical Performance BIBPDF 19-22
  Martin Kaltenbrunner; Gunter Geiger; Sergi Jordà
Aobachi: A New Interface for Japanese Drumming BIBPDF 23-26
  Diana Young; Ichiro Fujinaga

Poster Session 1

Daisyphone: Support for Remote Music Collaboration BIBPDF 27-30
  Nick Bryan-Kinns; Patrick G. T. Healey
Modeling an air percussion for composition and performance BIBPDF 31-34
  Christophe Havel; Myriam Desainte-Catherine
A Survey of Real-Time MIDI Performance BIBPDF 35-38
  Mark J. Nelson; Belinda Thom
Real-time Gesture Mapping in Pd Environment using Neural Networks BIBPDF 39-42
  Arshia Cont; Thierry Coduys; Cyrille Henry
The Decentralized Pianola: Evolving Mechanical Music Instruments Using a Genetic Algorithm BIBPDF 43-46
  Assaf K. Talmudi
Don't Just Play it, Grow it! Breeding Sound Synthesis and Performance Mappings BIBPDF 47-50
  James Mandelis; Phil Husbands

Report Session 2

Tree Music: Composing with GAIA BIBPDF 51-54
  Judith Shatin; David Topper
Recycling Music, Answering Back: Toward an Oral Tradition of Electronic Music BIBPDF 55-58
  Gideon D'Arcangelo
Digital Instruments and Players: Part I -- Efficiency and Apprenticeship BIBPDF 59-63
  Sergi Jordà
A New Mix of Forgotten Technology: Sound Generation, Sequencing and Performance Using an Optical Turntable BIBPDF 64-67
  Nikita Pashenkov

Paper Session 2

You're The Conductor: A Realistic Interactive Conducting System for Children BIBPDF 68-73
  Eric Lee; Teresa Marrin Nakra; Jan Borchers
PebbleBox and CrumbleBag: Tactile Interfaces for Granular Synthesis BIBPDF 74-79
  M. Sile O'Modhrain; Georg Essl
Gesture and Musical Interaction: Interactive Engagement Through Dynamic Morphology BIBPDF 80-86
  Garth Paine

Report Session 3

On the Choice of Mappings Based On Geometric Properties BIBPDF 87-91
  Doug Van Nort; Marcelo M. Wanderley; Philippe Depalle
The Squiggle: A Digital Musical Instrument BIBPDF 92-95
  Brian Sheehan

Poster Session 2

Exploration of the correspondence between visual and acoustic parameter spaces BIBPDF 96-99
  David Gerhard; Daryl H. Hepting; Matthew McKague
The Architecture of Auracle: a Real-Time, Distributed, Collaborative Instrument BIBPDF 100-103
  Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan; Jason Freeman; Kristjan Varnik; David Birchfield; Phil Burk; Max Neuhaus
Thermoscore: A New-type Musical Score with Temperature Sensation BIBPDF 104-107
  Homei Miyashita; Kazushi Nishimoto
Toward a generalized friction controller: from the bowed string to unusual musical instruments BIBPDF 108-111
  Stefania Serafin; Diana Young
ThumbTec: A New Handheld Input Device BIBPDF 112-115
  Philippe Stanislas Zaborowski
Techniques for Multi-Channel Real-Time Spatial Distribution Using Frequency-Domain Processing BIBPDF 116-119
  Ryan H. Torchia; Cort Lippe

RENCON Session

Rencon 2004: Turing Test for Musical Expression BIBPDF 120-123
  Rumi Hiraga; Roberto Bresin; Keiji Hirata; Haruhiro Katayose
Using an Expressive Performance Template in a Music Conducting Interface BIBPDF 124-129
  Haruhiro Katayose; Keita Okudaira
Acappella synthesis demonstrations using RWC music database BIBPDF 130-131
  Hideki Kawahara; Hideki Banno; Masanori Morise

Paper Session 3

Aura II: Making Real-Time Systems Safe for Music BIBPDF 132-137
  Roger B. Dannenberg
"On-the-fly Programming: Using Code as an Expressive Musical Instrument" BIBPDF 138-143
  Ge Wang; Perry R. Cook
Live Cinema: Designing an Instrument for Cinema Editing as a Live Performance BIBPDF 144-149
  Michael Lew

Report Session 4

Synthesized Strings for String Players BIBPDF 150-153
  Cornelius Poepel
Mobile Music Making BIBPDF 154-156
  Atau Tanaka

Poster Session 3

Versatile sensor acquisition system utilizing Network Technology BIBPDF 157-160
  Emmanuel Fléty
In Duet with Everyday Urban Settings: A User Study of Sonic City BIBPDF 161-164
  Lalya Gaye; Lars Erik Holmquist
Issues for Designing a flexible expressive audiovisual system for real-time performance & composition BIBPDF 165-168
  Enrique Franco; Niall J. L. Griffith; Mikael Fernström
A Novel Face-tracking Mouth Controller and its Application to Interacting with Bioacoustic Models BIBPDF 169-172
  Gamhewage C. de Silva; Tamara Smyth; Michael J. Lyons
Measurement of Latency in Interactive Multimedia Art BIBPDF 173-176
  Yoichi Nagashima
ism: Improvisation Supporting System based on Melody Correction BIBPDF 177-180
  Katsuhisa Ishida; Tetsuro Kitahara; Masayuki Takeda

Report Session 5

LEMUR's Musical Robots BIBPDF 181-184
  Eric Singer; Jeff Feddersen; Chad Redmon; Bil Bowen
EyeMusic: Making Music with the Eyes BIBPDF 185-188
  Anthony J. Hornof; Linda Sato
The Slidepipe: A Timeline-Based Controller for Real-Time Sample Manipulation BIBPDF 189-192
  Mark Argo
A Theory of Modulated Objects for New Shamanic Controller Design BIBPDF 193-196
  Matthew Burtner

Demo Session

A Shape-Based Approach to Computer Vision Musical Performance Systems BIBPDF 197-198
  Jean-Marc Pelletier
Epipe: A Novel Electronic Woodwind Controller BIBPDF 199-200
  Stephen Hughes; Cormac Cannon; M. Sile O'Modhrain
SillyTone Squish Factory BIBPDF 201-202
  Geoffrey C. Morris; Sasha Leitman; Marina Kassianidou
StickMusic: Using haptic feedback with a phase vocoder BIBPDF 203-204
  Hans-Christoph Steiner
TOASTER and KROONDE: High-Resolution and High-Speed Real-time Sensor Interfaces BIBPDF 205-206
  Thierry Coduys; Cyrille Henry; Arshia Cont
The Case Study of Application of Advanced Gesture Interface and Mapping Interface, -- Virtual Musical Instrument "Le SuperPolm" and Gesture Controller "BodySuit" BIBPDF 207-208
  Suguru Goto; Takahiko Suzuki
Light Pipes: A Light Controlled MIDI Instrument BIBPDF 209-210
  Sook Young Won; Humane Chan; Jeremy Liu
Realtime Sample System for the Turntablist version 2: 16padjoystickcontroller BIBPDF 211-212
  Takuro Mizuta Lippit
The Stranglophone: Enhancing Expressiveness in Live Electronic Music BIBPDF 213-214
  Michael Eyal Sharon
Ensemble system with i-trace BIBPDF 215-216
  Tomoko Hashida; Yasuaki Kakehi; Takeshi Naemura