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NIME 2006: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2006-06-04

Fullname:NIME 2006: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Editors:Norbert Schnell; Frédéric Bevilacqua; Michael J. Lyons; Atau Tanaka
Location:Paris, France
Dates:2006-Jun-04 to 2006-Jun-08
Standard No:ISBN 2-84426-314-3; hcibib: NIME06
Links:Conference Website | Online Proceedings
  1. Paper Session 1: Mobile and Public
  2. Paper Session 2: Networked and Collaborative
  3. Paper Session 3: Real and Virtual, Spatial and Graphical
  4. Paper Session 4: Instrument Design
  5. Paper Session 5: Brain, Hands, and Expression
  6. Paper Session 6:
  7. Special Paper Session: Digital Interfaces for the Violin Family
  8. Poster Session 1: Sensors, Interfaces, and Mapping
  9. Poster Session 2: Gesture Controlled Audio Systems
  10. Poster Session 3: Tables and Screens
  11. Poster Session 4: Instruments, Performances, and Installations
  12. Keynotes and Panel Discussion

Paper Session 1: Mobile and Public

Mobile Music Technology: Report on an Emerging Community BIBPDF 22-25
  Lalya Gaye; Lars Erik Holmquist; Frauke Behrendt; Atau Tanaka
A Framework for Spatial Interaction in Locative Media BIBPDF 26-30
  Atau Tanaka; Petra Gemeinboeck
CaMus: Live Music Performance using Camera Phones and Visual Grid Tracking BIBPDF 31-36
  Michael Rohs; Georg Essl; Martin Roth
Pocket Gamelan: tuneable trajectories for flying sources in Mandala 3 and Mandala 4 BIBPDF 37-42
  Greg Schiemer; Mark Havryliv
Interactive Public Sound Art: a case study BIBPDF 43-48
  David Birchfield; Kelly Phillips; Assegid Kidané; David Lorig

Paper Session 2: Networked and Collaborative

Decay in Collaborative Music Making BIBPDF 114-117
  Nick Bryan-Kinns; Patrick G. T. Healey
JamSpace: Designing A Collaborative Networked Music Space for Novices BIBPDF 118-123
  Michael Gurevich
Creating a Network of Integral Music Controllers BIBPDF 124-128
  R. Benjamin Knapp; Perry R. Cook
Perturbation Techniques for Multi-Performer or Multi-Agent Interactive Musical Interfaces BIBPDF 129-133
  Matthew Burtner
Sensemble: A Wireless, Compact, Multi-User Sensor System for Interactive Dance BIBPDF 134-139
  Ryan Aylward; Joseph A. Paradiso

Paper Session 3: Real and Virtual, Spatial and Graphical

The ZKM Klangdom BIBPDF 140-143
  Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan; Joachim Gossmann; Ludger Brümmer
A framework for immersive spatial audio performance BIBPDF 144-149
  Michael Wozniewski; Zack Settel; Jeremy R. Cooperstock
An Architectural Framework for Interactive Music Systems BIBPDF 150-155
  Alexandre R. J. François; Elaine Chew
Transmodal Feedback as a New Perspective for Audio-visual Effects BIBPDF 156-161
  Christian Jacquemin; Serge de Laubier
Screen-Based Musical Interfaces as Semiotic Machines BIBPDF 162-167
  Thor Magnusson
Different Strokes: a Prototype Software System for Laptop Performance and Improvisation BIBPDF 168-171
  Mark Zadel; Gary P. Scavone
Tenori-on BIBPDF 172-175
  Yu Nishibori; Toshio Iwai

Paper Session 4: Instrument Design

Towards a Coherent Terminology and Model of Instrument Description and Design BIBPDF 220-225
  Tellef Kvifte; Alexander Refsum Jensenius
Vibrotactile Feedback in Digital Musical Instruments BIBPDF 226-229
  Mark T. Marshall; Marcelo M. Wanderley
Paper FSRs and Latex/Fabric Traction Sensors: Methods for the Development of Home-Made Touch Sensors BIBPDF 230-233
  Rodolphe Koehly; Marcelo M. Wanderley; Denis Curtil
Creating Ad Hoc Instruments with Pin&Play&Perform BIBPDF 234-239
  John Bowers; Nicolas Villar
Synthesis and control of everyday sound reconstructing Russolo's Intonarumori BIBPDF 240-245
  Stefania Serafin; Amalia de Götzen; Niels Böttcher; Steven Gelineck

Paper Session 5: Brain, Hands, and Expression

Interactive Sonification of Neural Activity BIBPDF 246-249
  Gil Weinberg; Travis Thatcher
Non haptic control of music by video analysis of hand movements: 14 years of experience with the "Caméra Musicale" BIBPDF 250-253
  Jacques Remus
MICON: A Music Stand for Interactive Conducting BIBPDF 254-259
  Jan Borchers; Aristotelis Hadjakos; Max Mühlhäuser
conga: A Framework for Adaptive Conducting Gesture Analysis BIBPDF 260-265
  Eric Lee; Ingo Grüll; Henning Kiel; Jan Borchers
Real-time CALM Synthesizer: New Approaches in Hands-Controlled Voice Synthesis BIBPDF 266-271
  Nicolas D'Alessandro; Christophe d'Alessandro; Sylvain Le Beux; Boris Doval
GRASSP: Gesturally-Realized Audio, Speech and Song Performance BIBPDF 272-276
  Bob Pritchard; Sidney Fels
The 'E' in NIME: Musical Expression with New Computer Interfaces BIBPDF 277-282
  Christopher Dobrian; Daniel Koppelman

Paper Session 6:

Hyper-shaku (Border-crossing): Towards the Multi-modal Gesture-controlled Hyper-Instrument BIBPDF 352-357
  Kirsty A. Beilharz; Joanne Jakovich; Sam Ferguson
Adapting the trombone: A suite of electro-acoustic interventions for the piece Rouse BIBPDF 358-363
  Neal Farwell
The Augmented Djembe Drum -- Sculpting Rhythms BIBPDF 364-369
  Teemu Mäki-Patola; Perttu Hämäläinen; Aki Kanerva
Children of Grainger: Leather Instruments for Free Music BIBPDF 370-375
  Stuart Favilla; Joanne Cannon
Managing Gesture and Timbre for Analysis and Instrument Control in an Interactive Environment BIBPDF 376-379
  William Hsu
Integrated Interactive Music Performance Environment BIBPDF 380-383
  Keith Hamel
Learning Musical Instrument Skills Through Interactive Sonification BIBPDF 384-389
  Sam Ferguson

Special Paper Session: Digital Interfaces for the Violin Family

Recent Developments in Violin-related Digital Musical Instruments: Where Are We and Where Are We Going? BIBPDF 390-395
  Cornelius Poepel; Dan Overholt
Composing for Hyperbow: A Collaboration Between MIT and the Royal Academy of Music BIBPDF 396-401
  Diana Young; Patrick Nunn; Artem Vassiliev
The augmented violin project: research, composition and performance report BIBPDF 402-406
  Frédéric Bevilacqua; Nicolas H. Rasamimanana; Emmanuel Fléty; Serge Lemouton; Florence Baschet
Auditory Illusion and Violin: Demonstration of a Work by Jean-Claude Risset written for Mari Kimura BIBPDF 407-408
  Mari Kimura; Jean-Claude Risset
Augmenting the Cello BIBPDF 409-413
  Adrian Freed; Frances Marie Uitti; Michael Zbyszynski; David Wessel

Poster Session 1: Sensors, Interfaces, and Mapping

Building Collaborative Graphical interFaces in the Audicle BIBPDF 49-52
  Ge Wang; Ananya Misra; Perry R. Cook
The Frequencyliator -- Distributing Structures for Networked Laptop Improvisation BIBPDF 53-56
  Pedro Rebelo; Alain Renaud
A VR Interface for Collaborative 3D Audio Performance BIBPDF 57-60
  Martin Näf; Daniel Collicott
Using the Touch Screen as a Controller for Portable Computer Music Instruments BIBPDF 61-64
  Gunter Geiger
Using MIDI to Modify Video Game Content BIBPDF 65-70
  Jukka Holm; Juha Arrasvuori; Kai Havukainen
Turntable Music in the Digital Era: Designing Alternative Tools for New Turntable Expression BIBPDF 71-74
  Takuro Mizuta Lippit
spinCycle: a Color-Tracking Turntable Sequencer BIBPDF 75-76
  Spencer Kiser
The Chopping Board: Real-time Sample Editor BIBPDF 77-78
  Jason Lee
A Tactile Closed-Loop Device for Musical Interaction BIBPDF 70-80
  Staas de Jong
PETECUBE: a Multimodal Feedback Interface BIBPDF 81-84
  Peter Bennett
The G-Spring Controller BIBPDF 85-88
  Denis Lebel; Joseph Malloch
Orbophone: a new interface for radiating sound and image BIBPDF 89-92
  Damien Lock; Greg Schiemer
the gluion, advantages of an FPGA-based sensor interface BIBPDF 93-96
  Sukandar Kartadinata
Beyond 0-5V: Expanding Sensor Integration Architectures BIBPDF 97-100
  Adrian Freed; Rimas Avizienis; Matthew Wright
Timbre interfaces using adjectives and adverbs BIBPDF 101-102
  Colin G. Johnson; Alex Gounaropoulos
SonicJumper composer BIBPDF 103-105
  D. Andrew Stewart
Towards a catalog and software library of mapping methods BIBPDF 106-109
  Hans-Christoph Steiner
LINE: Interactive Sound and Light Installation BIBPDF 110-113
  Daisuke Kobori; Kojiro Kagawa; Makoto Iida; Chuichi Arakawa

Poster Session 2: Gesture Controlled Audio Systems

Towards a Gesture Description Interchange Format BIBPDF 176-179
  Alexander Refsum Jensenius; Tellef Kvifte; Rolf Inge Godøy
SensorWiki.org: A Collaborative Resource for Researchers and Interface Designers BIBPDF 180-183
  Marcelo M. Wanderley; David Birnbaum; Joseph Malloch; Elliot Sinyor; Julien Boissinot
A simple practical approach to a wireless data acquisition board BIBPDF 184-187
  Smilen Dimitrov; Stefania Serafin
Mapping strategies in DJ scratching BIBPDF 188-191
  Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen; Roberto Bresin
'GXtar', an interface using guitar techniques BIBPDF 192-195
  Loïc Kessous; Julien Castet; Daniel Arfib
Visual Methods for the Retrieval of Guitarist Fingering BIBPDF 196-199
  Anne-Marie Burns; Marcelo M. Wanderley
Combining accelerometer and video camera: Reconstruction of bow velocity profiles BIBPDF 200-203
  Erwin Schoonderwaldt; Nicolas H. Rasamimanana; Frédéric Bevilacqua
Reflective Optical Pickup For Violin BIBPDF 204-207
  Nicolas Leroy; Emmanuel Fléty; Frédéric Bevilacqua

Poster Session 3: Tables and Screens

Mary had a little scoreTable* or the reacTable* goes melodic BIBPDF 208-211
  Sergi Jordà; Marcos Alonso
Sound Rose: Creating Music and Images with a Touch Table BIBPDF 212-215
  Alain Crevoisier; Cédric Bornand; Arnaud Guichard; Seiichiro Matsumura; Chuichi Arakawa
Synthesis and Control on Large Scale Multi-Touch Sensing Displays BIBPDF 216-219
  Philip L. Davidson; Jefferson Y. Han

Poster Session 4: Instruments, Performances, and Installations

32kg: Performance Systems for a Post-Digital Age BIBPDF 283-287
  John Richards
Meta-Instrument 3: a look over 17 years of practice BIBPDF 288-291
  Serge De Laubier; Vincent Goudard
The Case Study of An Application of The System, "BodySuit" and "RoboticMusic" -- Its Introduction and Aesthetics BIBPDF 292-295
  Suguru Goto
Modal Kombat: Competition and Choreography in Synesthetic Musical Performance BIBPDF 296-299
  David Hindman
A "Ballet mécanique" for the 21st Century: Performing George Antheil's Dadaist Masterpiece with Robots BIBPDF 300-303
  Paul D. Lehrman; Eric Singer
Using the augmented trombone in "I will not kiss your f.ing flag" BIBPDF 304-307
  Serge Lemouton; Marco Stroppa; Benny Sluchin
On making and playing an electronically-augmented saxophone BIBPDF 308-313
  Sébastien Schiesser; Caroline Traube
Handheld Acoustic Filter Bank for Musical Control BIBPDF 314-317
  Tamara Smyth
Real-Time Sound Source Spatialization as used in Challenging Bodies: Implementation and Performance BIBPDF 318-321
  J. J. Nixdorf; David Gerhard
Mapping with planning agents in the Max/MSP environment: the GO/Max language BIBPDF 322-325
  Paolo Bottoni; Stefano Faralli; Anna Labella; Mario Pierro
Towards a Virtual Assistant for Performers and Stage Directors BIBPDF 326-329
  Alain Bonardi; Isis Truck; Herman Akdag
Students' projects of interactive media-installations in SUAC BIBPDF 330-333
  Yoichi Nagashima
An Acousmatic Composition Environment BIBPDF 334-337
  Morten Breinbjerg; Ole Caprani; Rasmus B. Lunding; Line Kramhoeft
Bioinformatic Feedback: performer bio-data as a driver for real-time composition BIBPDF 338-341
  Robert Hamilton
The Light Matrix: An Interface for musical expression and performance BIBPDF 342-345
  Jonathan Pak
GAINER: A reconfigurable I/O module and software libraries for education BIBPDF 346-351
  Shigeru Kobayashi; Takanori Endo; Katsuhiko Harada; Shosei Oishi

Keynotes and Panel Discussion

Living with Creative Machines: A Composer Reflects BIBPDF 414
  George Lewis
Listening to the World: Information and Aesthetics BIBPDF 414
  William W. Gaver
Manager or Musician? -- About virtuosity in live electronic music BIBPDF 415
  Michel Waisvisz