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NIME 2007: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2008-06-05

Fullname:NIME 2008: New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Editors:Antonio Camurri; Gualtiero Volpe
Location:Genova, Italy
Dates:2008-Jun-05 to 2008-May-07
Standard No:hcibib: NIME08
Links:Conference Website | Online Proceedings
Network Musics -- Play, Engagement and the Democratization of Performance BIBPDF 3-8
  David Kim-Boyle
Ten-Hand Piano: A Networked Music Installation BIBPDF 9-12
  Àlvaro Barbosa
Large-Scale Mobile Audio Environments for Collaborative Musical Interaction BIBPDF 13-18
  Mike Wozniewski; Nicolas Bouillot; Zack Settel; Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Open Sound Control: Constraints and Limitations BIBPDF 19-23
  Angelo Fraietta
SMuSIM: a Prototype of Multichannel Spatialization System with Multimodal Interaction Interface BIBPDF 24-27
  Matteo Bozzolan; Giovanni Cospito
Realtime Representation and Gestural Control of Musical Polytempi BIBPDF 28-33
  Chris Nash; Alan Blackwell
Towards Idiomatic and Flexible Score-based Gestural Control with a Scripting Language BIBPDF 34-37
  Mikael Laurson; Mika Kuuskankare
Enhancing the Visualization of Percussion Gestures by Virtual Character Animation BIBPDF 38-43
  Alexandre Bouënard; Sylvie Gibet; Marcelo M. Wanderley
Classification of Common Violin Bowing Techniques Using Gesture Data from a Playable Measurement System BIBPDF 44-48
  Diana Young
Slide Guitar Synthesizer with Gestural Control BIBPDF 49-52
  Jyri Pakarinen; Vesa Välimäki; Tapio Puputti
An Approach to Instrument Augmentation: the Electric Guitar BIBPDF 53-56
  Otso Lähdeoja
Sormina -- a New Virtual and Tangible Instrument BIBPDF 57-60
  Juhani Räisänen
Practical Hardware and Algorithms for Creating Haptic Musical Instruments BIBPDF 61-66
  Edgar Berdahl; Hans-Christoph Steiner; Collin Oldham
Considering Virtual & Physical Aspects in Acoustic Guitar Design BIBPDF 67-70
  Amit Zoran; Pattie Maes
Virtual Intimacy: Phya as an Instrument BIBPDF 71-76
  Dylan Menzies
Creating Pedagogical Etudes for Interactive Instruments BIBPDF 77-80
  Jennifer Butler
Discourse Analysis Evaluation Method for Expressive Musical Interfaces BIBPDF 81-86
  Dan Stowell; Mark D. Plumbley; Nick Bryan-Kinns
HCI Methodology For Evaluating Musical Controllers: A Case Study BIBPDF 87-90
  Chris Kiefer; Nick Collins; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
The A20: Musical Metaphors for Interface Design BIBPDF 91-96
  Olivier Bau; Atau Tanaka; Wendy E. Mackay
Low Force Pressure Measurement: Pressure Sensor Matrices for Gesture Analysis, Stiffness Recognition and Augmented Instruments BIBPDF 97-102
  Tobias Grosshauser
The Development of Motion Tracking Algorithms for Low Cost Inertial Measurement Units BIBPDF 103-106
  Giuseppe Torre; Javier Torres; Mikael Fernström
Application of new Fiber and Malleable Materials for Agile Development of Augmented Instruments and Controllers BIBPDF 107-112
  Adrian Freed
Transforming Ordinary Surfaces into Multi-touch Controllers BIBPDF 113-116
  Alain Crevoisier; Greg Kellum
A Study of Two Thereminists: Towards Movement Informed Instrument Design BIBPDF 117-121
  Nicholas Ward; Kedzie Penfield; Sile O'Modhrain; Benjamin Knapp
Towards an Affective Gesture Interface for Expressive Music Performance BIBPDF 122-127
  Vassilios-Fivos A. Maniatakos; Christian Jacquemin
Hoppsa Universum -- An Interactive Dance Installation for Children BIBPDF 128-133
  Anna Källblad; Anders Friberg; Karl Svensson; Elisabet S. Edelholm
Mappe per Affetti Erranti: a Multimodal System for Social Active Listening and Expressive Performance BIBPDF 134-139
  Antonio Camurri; Corrado Canepa; Paolo Coletta; Barbara Mazzarino; Gualtiero Volpe
New Data Structure for Old Musical Open Works BIBPDF 140-143
  Sergio Canazza; Antonina Dattolo
An Agent-based System for Robotic Musical Performance BIBPDF 144-149
  Arne Eigenfeldt; Ajay Kapur
Elementary Gestalts for Gesture Sonification BIBPDF 150-153
  Maurizio Goina; Pietro Polotti
Sonically Augmented Found Objects BIBPDF 154-157
  Stefano Delle Monache; Pietro Polotti; Stefano Papetti; Davide Rocchesso
Sonified Motion Flow Fields as a Means of Musical Expression BIBPDF 158-163
  Jean-Marc Pelletier
P[a]ra[pra]xis: Poetry in Motion BIBPDF 164-167
  Josh Dubrau; Mark Havryliv
Davos Soundscape, a Location Based Interactive Composition BIBPDF 168-171
  Jan C. Schacher
uOSC: The Open Sound Control Reference Platform for Embedded Devices BIBPDF 175-180
  Andrew Schmeder; Adrian Freed
Addressing Classes by Differentiating Values and Properties in OSC BIBPDF 181-184
  Timothy Place; Trond Lossius; Alexander R. Jensenius; Nils Peters
Microphone as Sensor in Mobile Phone Performance BIBPDF 185-188
  Misra Ananya; Georg Essl; Michael Rohs
A Mobile Wireless Augmented Guitar BIBPDF 189-192
  Nicolas Bouillot; Mike Wozniewski; Zack Settel; Jeremy R. Cooperstock
A Mobile Music Environment Using a PD Compiler and Wireless Sensors BIBPDF 193-196
  Robert Jacobs; Mark Feldmeier; Joseph A. Paradiso
Gesture ≈ sound Experiments: Process and Mappings BIBPDF 197-202
  Ross Bencina; Danielle Wilde; Somaya Langley
"3rd. Pole" -- A Composition Performed via Gestural Cues BIBPDF 203-206
  Miha Ciglar
More DJ Techniques on the reactable BIBPDF 207-210
  Kjetil F. Hansen; Marcos Alonso
Developing Block-Movement, Physical-Model Based Objects for the Reactable BIBPDF 211-214
  Smilen Dimitrov; Marcos Alonso; Stefania Serafin
Real Time Gesture Learning and Recognition: Towards Automatic Categorization BIBPDF 215-218
  Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut; Samer Abdallah; Andrew Robertson; Nick Bryan-Kinns; Mark D. Plumbley
Making of VITESSIMO for Augmented Violin: Compositional Process and Performance BIBPDF 219-220
  Mari Kimura
Programming a Music Synthesizer through Data Mining BIBPDF 221-224
  Jörn Loviscach
i-Maestro: Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching for Music BIBPDF 225-228
  Kia Ng; Paolo Nesi
The HOP Sensor: Wireless Motion Sensor BIBPDF 229-232
  Bart Kuyken; Wouter Verstichel; Frederick Bossuyt; Jan Vanfleteren; Michiel Demey; Marc Leman
Sensory Chairs: A System for Biosignal Research and Performance BIBPDF 233-236
  Niall Coghlan; Benjamin Knapp
Wearable Interfaces for Cyberphysical Musical Expression BIBPDF 237-240
  Andrew B. Godbehere; Nathan J. Ward
MusicGlove: A Wearable Musical Controller for Massive Media Library BIBPDF 241-244
  Kouki Hayafuchi; Kenji Suzuki
An Elementary Method for Tablet BIBPDF 245-248
  Michael Zbyszynski
A Tabletop Waveform Editor for Live Performance BIBPDF 249-252
  Gerard Roma; Anna Xambó
Integrated Algorithmic Composition Fluid systems for including notation in music composition cycle BIBPDF 253-256
  Andrea Valle
GeoGraphy: a Real-Time, Graph-Based Composition Environment BIBPDF 257-260
  Andrea Valle
Multi-Platform Development of Audiovisual and Kinetic Installations BIBPDF 261-264
  Iannis Zannos
Performer Model: Towards a Framework for Interactive Performance Based on Perceived Intention BIBPDF 265-268
  Greg Corness
Developing an "Antigenous" Art Installation Based on a Touchless Endosystem Interface BIBPDF 269-272
  Paulo C. Teles; Aidan Boyle
The 'Suspended Clarinet' with the 'Uncaused Sound': Description of a Renewed Musical Instrument BIBPDF 273-276
  Silvia Lanzalone
A Directable Performance Rendering System: Itopul BIBPDF 277-280
  Mitsuyo Hashida; Yosuke Ito; Haruhiro Katayose
Designing Ambient Musical Information Systems BIBPDF 281-284
  William R. Hazlewood; Ian Knopke
The Elbow Piano: Sonification of Piano Playing Movements BIBPDF 285-288
  Aristotelis Hadjakos; Erwin Aitenbichler; Max Mühlhäuser
UnitKeyboard: An Easily Configurable Compact Clavier BIBPDF 289-292
  Yoshinari Takegawa; Masahiko Tsukamoto
Eight Years of Practice on the Hyper-Flute: Technological and Musical Perspectives BIBPDF 293-298
  Cléo Palacio-Quintin
A Tangible Virtual Vibrating String: A Physically Motivated Virtual Musical Instrument Interface BIBPDF 299-302
  Edgar Berdahl; Julius O. Smith
Towards Participatory Design and Evaluation of Theremin-based Musical Interfaces BIBPDF 303-306
  Christian Geiger; Holger Reckter; David Paschke; Florian Schulz; Cornelius Poepel
META-EVI Innovative Performance Paths with a Wind Controller BIBPDF 307-310
  Tomás Henriques
Database and Mapping Design for Audiovisual Prepared Radio Set Installation BIBPDF 311-314
  Robin Price; Pedro Rebelo
Monalisa: "See the Sound, Hear the Image" BIBPDF 315-318
  Kazuhiro Jo; Norihisa Nagano
A Turing Test for B-Keeper: Evaluating an Interactive BIBPDF 319-324
  Andrew Robertson; Mark D. Plumbley; Nick Bryan-Kinns
Interaction with Tonal Pitch Spaces BIBPDF 325-330
  Gabriel Gatzsche; Markus Mehnert; Christian Stöcklmeier
Real-Time Raag Recognition for Interactive Music BIBPDF 331-334
  Parag Chordia; Alex Rae
Bending Common Music with Physical Models BIBPDF 335-338
  Anders Vinjar
Scoring an Interactive, Multimedia Performance Work BIBPDF 339-342
  Margaret Schedel; Alison Rootberg; Elizabeth de Martelly
Rhythmic Instruments Ensemble Simulator Generating Animation Movies Using Bluetooth Game Controller BIBPDF 345-346
  Ayaka Endo; Yasuo Kuhara
Stage-Worthy Sensor Bows for Stringed Instruments BIBPDF 347-348
  Keith A. McMillen
Plink Jet BIBPDF 349-351
  Lesley Flanigan; Andrew Doro
Oto-Shigure: An Umbrella-Shaped Sound Generator for Musical Expression BIBPDF 352-353
  Yusuke Kamiyama; Mai Tanaka; Hiroya Tanaka
The Pond: Interactive Multimedia Installation BIBPDF 354-355
  Sean Follmer; Chris Warren; Adnan Marquez-Borbon
Swing Set: Musical Controllers with Inherent Physical Dynamics BIBPDF 356-357
  Ethan Hartman; Jeff Cooper; Kyle Spratt
Video Based Recognition of Hand Gestures by Neural Networks for the Control of Sound and Music BIBPDF 358-359
  Paul Modler; Tony Myatt
beacon: Embodied Sound Media Environment for Socio-Musical Interaction BIBPDF 360-361
  Kenji Suzuki; Miho Kyoya; Takahiro Kamatani; Toshiaki Uchiyama
Prototype GO: Wireless Controller for Pure Data BIBPDF 362-363
  Eva Sjuve
From Toy to Tutor: Note-Scroller is a Game to Teach Music BIBPDF 364-365
  Robert Macrae; Simon Dixon
Gluisax: Bent Leather Band's Augmented Saxophone Project BIBPDF 366-369
  Stuart Favilla; Joanne Cannon; Tony Hicks; Dale Chant; Paris Favilla
The Cyclotactor: Towards a Tactile Platform for Musical Interaction BIBPDF 370-371
  Staas de Jong
The Musical Synchrotron: Using Wireless Motion Sensors to Study How Social Interaction Affects Synchronization with Musical Tempo BIBPDF 372-373
  Michiel Demey; Marc Leman; Frederick Bossuyt; Jan Vanfleteren