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ACM Transactions on Graphics 9

Editors:R. Daniel Bergeron
Standard No:ISSN 0730-0301; T 385 A23
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  1. TOG 1990 Volume 9 Issue 1
  2. TOG 1990 Volume 9 Issue 2
  3. TOG 1990 Volume 9 Issue 3
  4. TOG 1990 Volume 9 Issue 4

TOG 1990 Volume 9 Issue 1

Research Contributions

Extending the Radiosity Method to Include Specularly Reflecting and Translucent Materials BIB 1-27
  Holly E. Rushmeier; Kenneth E. Torrance
Performing Geometric Transformations by Program Transformation BIB 28-40
  Robin A. Nicholl; Tina M. Nicholl
Knot Insertion for Beta-Spline Curves and Surfaces BIB 41-65
  Barry Joe
Simulation of Simplicity: A Technique to Cope with Degenerate Cases in Geometric Algorithms BIB 66-104
  Herbert Edelsbrunner; Ernst Peter Mucke
The Implementation of an Algorithm to Find the Convex Hull of a Set of Three-Dimensional Points BIB 105-132
  A. M. Day

The Interaction Technique Notebook

Multidimensional Icons BIB 133-137
  Tyson R. Henry; Scott E. Hudson
A Two-Dimensional View Controller BIBA 138-141
  Andrew S. Glassner
To provide a simple tool for interactive differential scaling of data within a second window and simple scrolling and zooming within that window.

TOG 1990 Volume 9 Issue 2

Special Issue on Computer-Aided Geometric Design. Part Three

Guest Editors' Introduction BIB 145-146
  Richard H. Bartels; Ronald N. Goldman

Research Contributions: Special Issue on Computer-Aided Geometric Design

Improper Intersection of Algebraic Curves BIB 147-159
  Shreeram S. Abhyankar; Srinivasan Chandrasekar; Vijaya Chandru
A Butterfly Subdivision Scheme for Surface Interpolation with Tension Control BIB 160-169
  Nira Dyn; David Levin; John A. Gregory
Solid Representation and Operation Using Extended Octrees BIB 170-197
  Pere Brunet; Isabel Navazo
Two Remarks on Tau-Splines BIB 198-211
  Dieter Lasser
On the Construction of Surfaces Interpolating Curves: I. A Method for Handling Nonconstant Parameter Curves BIB 212-225
  David R. Ferguson; Thomas A. Grandine

The Interaction Technique Notebook

The RGYB Color Geometry BIBA 226-232
  Colin Ware; William Cowan
To provide a more intuitive interface to the color gamut of a color CRT.

Letters to the Editor

Re: Comments on "Stochastic Sampling in Computer Graphics" BIB 233-236
  Theo Pavlidis
Re: Comments on "Stochastic Sampling in Computer Graphics" BIB 237-243
  Erling Wold; Kim Pepard

TOG 1990 Volume 9 Issue 3

Research Contributions

Efficient Ray Tracing of Volume Data BIB 245-261
  Marc Levoy
Rasterization of Nonparametric Curves BIB 262-277
  John D. Hobby
Computation of the Axial View of a Set of Isothetic Parallelepipeds BIB 278-300
  Franco P. Preparata; Jeffrey Scott Vitter; Mariette Yvinec
Quartic Beta-Splines BIB 301-337
  Barry Joe

The Interaction Technique Notebook

A Color Sequence Editor BIB 338-341
  Richard Guitard; Colin Ware

TOG 1990 Volume 9 Issue 4

Research Contributions

A Simple Method for Improved Color Printing of Monitor Images BIB 345-375
  Michael G. Lamming; Warren L. Rhodes
Fast Line Scan-Conversion BIB 376-388
  J. G. Rokne; Brian Wyvill; Xiaolin Wu
Contour Tracing by Piecewise Linear Approximations BIB 389-423
  David P. Dobkin; Silvio V. F. Levy; William P. Thurston; Allan R. Wilks
An Investigation of Curvature Variations Over Recursively Generated B-Spline Surfaces BIB 424-437
  A. A. Ball; D. J. T. Storry