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ACM Transactions on Graphics 7

Editors:R. Daniel Bergeron
Standard No:ISSN 0730-0301; T 385 A23
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  1. TOG 1988 Volume 7 Issue 1
  2. TOG 1988 Volume 7 Issue 2
  3. TOG 1988 Volume 7 Issue 3
  4. TOG 1988 Volume 7 Issue 4

TOG 1988 Volume 7 Issue 1

Research Contributions

Geometric Continuity, Shape Parameters, and Geometric Constructions for Catmull-Rom Splines BIB 1-41
  Tony D. DeRose; Brian A. Barsky
A Hierarchical Boundary Model for Solid Object Representation BIB 42-60
  Leila de Floriani; Bianca Falcidieno
Line Drawings of Octree-Represented Objects BIB 61-75
  Jack Veenstra; Narendra Ahuja

The Interaction Technique Notebook

Charcoal Sketching: Returning Control to the Artist BIB 76-81
  Teresa W. Bleser; John L. Sibert; J. Patrick McGee

TOG 1988 Volume 7 Issue 2

Research Contributions

Conditions for Tangent Plane Continuity Over Recursively Generated B-Spline Surfaces BIB 83-102
  A. A. Ball; D. J. T. Storry
On the Power of the Frame Buffer BIB 103-128
  Alain Fournier; Donald Fussell
A Decomposable Algorithm for Contour Surface Display Generation BIB 129-148
  Michael J. Zyda

TOG 1988 Volume 7 Issue 3

Research Contributions

Multiprocessor Experiments for High-Speed Ray Tracing BIB 151-179
  Severin Gaudet; Richard Hobson; Pradeep Chilka; Thomas Calvert
Formal Specification of a Small Example Based on GKS BIB 180-197
  D. A. Duce; E. V. C. Fielding; L. S. Marshall
Composing Bezier Simplexes BIB 198-221
  Tony D. DeRose

TOG 1988 Volume 7 Issue 4

Call for Submissions to the TOG Interactive Techniques Notebook BIB 227-228
  Dan Olsen
A Video Adjunct to Transactions on Graphics BIB 229-230
  John C. Beatty

Research Contributions

A Window-Based Graphics Frame Store Architecture BIB 233-248
  Richard J. Westmore
Color Gamut Mapping and the Printing of Digital Color Images BIB 249-292
  Maureen C. Stone; William B. Cowan; John C. Beatty