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ACM Transactions on Graphics 6

Editors:R. Daniel Bergeron
Standard No:ISSN 0730-0301; T 385 A23
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  1. TOG 1987 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. TOG 1987 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. TOG 1987 Volume 6 Issue 3
  4. TOG 1987 Volume 6 Issue 4

TOG 1987 Volume 6 Issue 1

Research Contributions

Weighted Bicubic Spline Interpolation to Rapidly Varying Data BIB 1-18
  Thomas A. Foley
Worst-Case Optimal Hidden-Surface Removal BIB 19-28
  Michael McKenna
Polyhedral Subdivision Methods for Free-Form Surfaces BIB 29-73
  Ahmad H. Nasri

The Interaction Technique Notebook

The Incrementor: A Graphical Technique for Manipulating Parameters BIBA 74-78
  Sanford Ressler
To visually organize a set of variables and to change the values of those variables.

TOG 1987 Volume 6 Issue 2

Research Contributions

A New Local Basis for Designing with Tensioned Splines BIB 81-122
  Elaine Cohen
An Experimental Comparison of RGB, YIQ, LAB, HSV, and Opponent Color Models BIB 123-158
  Michael W. Schwarz; William B. Cowan; John C. Beatty

The Interaction Technique Notebook

Adaptive 2-D Rotation Control BIBA 159-161
  Ralph D. Hill
To rotate objects rapidly and precisely to multiples of 90 degrees, yet allow accurate selection of arbitrary rotations.

TOG 1987 Volume 6 Issue 3

Special Issue on the Modeling of Natural Phenomena

Guest Editors' Introduction BIB 165-166
  A. Fournier; W. T. Reeves

Research Contributions: Special Issue on the Modeling of Natural Phenomena

Generalized Stochastic Subdivision BIB 167-190
  J. P. Lewis
Modeling and Rendering Waves: Wave-Tracing Using Beta-Splines and Reflective and Refractive Texture Mapping BIB 191-214
  Pauline Y. Ts'o; Brian A. Barsky
Modeling the Effect of the Atmosphere on Light BIB 215-237
  R. Victor Klassen

TOG 1987 Volume 6 Issue 4

Research Contributions

Digital Halftones by Dot Diffusion BIB 245-273
  Donald E. Knuth
Geometric Approaches to Nonplanar Quadric Surface Intersection Curves BIB 274-307
  James R. Miller
An Enhanced Treatment of Hidden Lines BIB 308-323
  Tomihisa Kamada; Satoru Kawai