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Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ECSCW'03 European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:Kari Kuutti
Location:Helsinki, Finland
Dates:2003-Sep-14 to 2003-Sep-18
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishers
Standard No:ISBN 1-4020-1573-9; hcibib: ECSCW03
Links:Online Proceedings
Pruning the Answer Garden: Knowledge sharing in maintenance engineering BIB 1-20
  V. Pipek; V. Wulf
Discovery of implicit and explicit connections between people using email utterance BIB 21-40
  R. McArthur; P. Bruza
Applying cyber-archaeology BIB 41-60
  Q. Jones
Dependable red hot action BIB 61-80
  K. Clarke; J. Hughes; D. Martin; M. Rouncefield; I. Sommerville; C. Gurr; M. Hartswood; R. Procter; R. Slack; A. Voss
Reconsidering common ground: Examining Clark's contribution theory in the OR BIB 81-98
  T. Koschmann; C. D. LeBaron
Group-to-group distance collaboration: Examining the "Space Between" BIB 99-118
  G. Mark; S. Abrams; N. Nassif
Informing the development of calendar systems for domestic use BIB 119-138
  A. Crabtree; T. Hemmings; T. Rodden; J. Mariani
Supporting collaboration ubiquitously: An augmented learning environment for architecture students BIB 139-158
  G. Iacucci; I. Wagner
System guidelines for co-located, collaborative work on a tabletop display BIB 159-178
  S. D. Scott; K. D. Grant; R. L. Mandryk
Assembling history: Achieving coherent experiences with diverse technologies BIB 179-198
  M. Fraser; D. Stanton; K. H. Ng; S. Benford; C. O. Malley; J. Bowers; G. Taxen; K. Ferris; J. Hindmarsh
Learning and living in the "New office" BIB 199-218
  E. Bjerrum; S. Bødker
Seeing what your are hearing: Co-ordinating responses to trouble reports in network troubleshooting BIB 219-238
  S. Whittaker; B. Amento
When can I expect an email response? A study of rhythms in email usage BIB 239-258
  J. R. Tyler; J. C. Tang
Multi-team facilitation of very large-scale distributed meetings BIB 259-276
  D. R. Millen; M. A. Fontaine
Proving correctness of transformation functions in real-time groupware BIB 277-294
  A. Imine; P. Molli; G. Oster; M. Rusinowitch
Awareness in context BIB 295-314
  T. Gross; W. Prinz
Customizable collaborative editor relying on treeOPT algorithm BIB 315-334
  C.-L. Ignat; M. C. Norrie
Tourism and mobile technology BIB 335-354
  B. Brown; M. Chalmers
Moving to get aHead: Local mobility and collaborative work BIB 355-374
  J. E. Bardram; C. Bossen
'Repairing' the Machine: A case study of evaluating computer-aided detection tools in breast screening BIB 375-394
  M. Hartswood; R. Procter; M. Rouncefield; R. Slack; J. Soutter; A. Voss