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Proceedings of the Fifth European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Fullname:Proceedings of ECSCW'97 European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Editors:John A. Hughes; Wolfgang Prinz; Tom Rodden
Location:Lancaster, UK
Dates:1997-Sep-07 to 1997-Sep-11
Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publishers
Standard No:ISBN 0-7923-4638-6; hcibib: ECSCW97
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Home Page (defunct)
  1. Conceptualizing and Designing for Cooperative Work
  2. Shared Information Spaces
  3. Cooperation in Real and Virtual Worlds
  4. Formalisms and Mediation
  5. Objects, Spaces and Bodies
  6. Sharing: Information and Process
  7. The Influence of Devices and Environments
  8. Cooperation and Access Coordination

Conceptualizing and Designing for Cooperative Work

The Production of Order and the Order of Production BIB 1-16
  Graham Button; Wes Sharrock
Plans as Situated Action: An Activity Theory Approach to Workflow Systems BIB 17-32
  Jakob E. Bardram
Rethinking CSCW systems: The Architecture of MILANO BIB 33-48
  Alessandra Agostini; Giorgio De Michelis; Maria Antonietta Grasso

Shared Information Spaces

Effects of the amount of shared information on communication efficiency in side by side and remote help dialogues BIB 49-64
  Laurent Karsenty
MetaWeb: Bringing synchronous groupware to the World Wide Web BIB 65-80
  Jonathan Trevor; Thomas Koch; Gerd Woetzel
Constructing Common Information Spaces BIB 81-96
  Liam Bannon; Susanne Bødker

Cooperation in Real and Virtual Worlds

Task Conflict and Language Differences: Opportunities for Videoconferencing BIB 97-108
  Gayna Williams
The Social Construction and Visualisation of a New Norwegian Offshore Installation BIB 109-124
  Vidar Hepso
Staging a Public Poetry Performance in a Collaborative Virtual Environment BIB 125-140
  Steve Benford; Chris Greenhalgh; Dave Snowdon; Adrian Bullock

Formalisms and Mediation

On Distribution, Drift and the Electronic Medical Record: Some Tools for a Sociology of the Formal BIB 141-156
  Marc Berg
Tailoring Cooperation Support through Mediators BIB 157-172
  Anja Syri
Doing Software Development: Occasions for Automation and Formalisation BIB 173-188
  Rebecca E. Grinter

Objects, Spaces and Bodies

Introducing Third Party Objects into the Spatial Model of Interaction BIB 189-204
  Steve Benford; Chris Greenhalgh
Cooperative Work and Lived Cognition: A Taxonomy of Embodied Actions BIB 205-220
  Toni Robertson
Aether: An Awareness Engine for CSCW BIB 221-236
  Ovidiu Sandor; Christian Bogdan; John Bowers

Sharing: Information and Process

Providing Flexible Services for Managing Shared State in Collaborative Systems BIB 237-252
  Hyong Sop Shim; Robert W. Hall; Atul Prakash; Farnam Jahanian
Supporting Groupware Conventions through Contextual Awareness BIB 253-268
  Gloria Mark; Ludwin Fuchs; Markus Sohlenkamp
Supporting the Flow of Information Through Constellations of Interaction BIB 269-280
  Tony Salvador; Sara Bly

The Influence of Devices and Environments

Supporting cooperative working using shared notebooks BIB 281-296
  Phil Turner; Susan Turner
Does `roomware' matter? Investigating the role of personal and public information devices and their combination in meeting room collaboration BIB 297-312
  Norbert A. Streitz; Petra Rexroth; Torsten Holmer
Analysing movement and world transitions in virtual reality teleconferencing BIB 313-328
  Chris Greenhalgh

Cooperation and Access Coordination

Designing for Cooperation at a Radio Station BIB 329-344
  Finn Kensing; Jesper Simonsen; Keld Bødker
A Group-based Authorization Model for Cooperative Systems BIB 345-360
  Klaas Sikkel
Gatherers of Information: The Mission Process at the International Monetary Fund BIB 361-376
  Richard H. R. Harper