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DL'99: Proceedings of the 4th ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries

Fullname:4th ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries
Location:Berkeley, California, USA
Dates:1999-Aug-11 to 1999-Aug-14
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-231-X; ACM Order Number 606001; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DL99
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  1. Testbeds
  2. IR / Multimedia
  3. User / Social Issues
  4. Links / Citations and User Interfaces
  5. Multimedia
  6. Multiple Collections/Sources
  7. Panel
  8. Posters
  9. Workshops


The Computing Research Repository: Promoting the Rapid Dissemination and Archiving of Computer Science Research BIBPDF 3-11
  Joseph Y. Halpern; Carl Lagoze
VARIATIONS: A Digital Music Library System at Indiana University BIBPDF 12-19
  Jon W. Dunn; Constance A. Mayer
A Digital Library for Authors: Recent Progress of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations BIBPDF 20-27
  Constantinos Phanouriou; Neill A. Kipp; Ohm Sornil; Paul Mather; Edward A. Fox
A Prototype Implementation of Archival Intermemory BIBPDF 28-37
  Yuan Chen; Jan Edler; Andrew Goldberg; Allan Gottlieb; Sumeet Sobti; Peter Yianilos

IR / Multimedia

Semantic Indexing for a Complete Subject Discipline BIBPDF 39-48
  Yi-Ming Chung; Qin He; Kevin Powell; Bruce Schatz
Scalable Collection Summarization and Selection BIBPDF 49-58
  R. Dolin; D. Agrawal; E. El Abbadi
Vocal Access to a Newspaper Archive: Design Issues and Preliminary Investigations BIBPDF 59-66
  Fabio Crestani
Multimedia Description Framework (MDF) for Content Description of Audio/Video Documents BIBPDF 67-75
  Michael J. Hu; Ye Jian

User / Social Issues

Introducing a Digital Library Reading Appliance into a Reading Group BIBPDF 77-84
  Catherine C. Marshall; Morgan N. Price; Gene Golovchinsky; Bill N. Schilit
Multimodal Surrogates for Video Browsing BIBPDF 85-93
  Wei Ding; Gary Marchionini; Dagobert Soergel
Making Digital Libraries Go: Comparing use Across Genres BIBPDF 94-103
  Ann Peterson Bishop

Links / Citations and User Interfaces

A System for Automatic Personalized Tracking of Scientific Literature on the Web BIBPDF 105-113
  Kurt D. Bollacker; Steve Lawrence; C. Lee Giles
Topic-Based Browsing within a Digital Library using Keyphrases BIBPDF 114-121
  Steve Jones; Gordon Paynter
A Scrollbar-Based Visualization for Document Navigation BIBPDF 122-129
  Donald Byrd
Does Zooming Improve Image Browsing? BIBPDF 130-137
  Tammara T. A. Combs; Benjamin B. Bederson


Learnable Visual Keywords for Image Classification BIBPDF 139-145
  Joo-Hwee Lim
A New Ranking Principle for Multimedia Information Retrieval BIBPDF 146-151
  Martin Wechsler; Peter Schauble
Musical Information Retrieval using Melodic Surface BIBPDF 152-160
  Massimo Melucci; Nicola Orio
Towards a Digital Library of Popular Music BIBPDF 161-169
  David Bainbridge; Craig G. Nevill-Manning; Ian H. Witten; Lloyd A. Smith; Rodger J. McNab

Multiple Collections/Sources

Using Query Mediators for Distributed Searching in Federated Digital Libraries BIBPDF 171-178
  Naomi Dushay; James C. French; Carl Lagoze
A Patent Search and Classification System BIBPDF 179-187
  Leah S. Larkey
Digital Library Technology for Locating and Accessing Scientific Data BIBPDF 188-194
  Robert E. McGrath; Joe Futrelle; Ray Plante; Damien Guillaume
User Preferences when Searching Individual and Integrated Full-Text Databases BIBPDF 195-203
  Soyeon Park


Visions for a Digital Library for Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education (SMETE) BIBPDF 205
  Alice M. Agogino
The Future of Digital Library Research BIBPDF 206
  Barry M. Leiner


Image Classification and Retrieval on the World Wide Web BIBPDF 208-209
  N. Abbadeni; D. Ziou; S. Wang
Creation and Automatic Classification of a Robot-Generated Subject Index BIBPDF 210-211
  Anders Ardo; Traugott Koch
The Interagency Digital Library for Science and Engineering: A Federated Digital Library Pilot for the U.S. Government Scientist BIBPDF 212-213
  Blaine Baker; John Salerno
XML-Based Information Mediation for Digital Libraries BIBPDF 214-215
  Chaitanya Baru; Vincent Chu; Amarnath Gupta; Bertram Ludascher; Richard Marciano; Yannis Papakonstantinou; Pavel Velikhov
The Making of America II: Structural and Administrative Metadata Standards for Distributed Repositories BIBPDF 216
  Howard Besser
Just-in-Case Linking vs. Just-in-Time-Linking -- The Library Without Walls Experience BIBPDF 217-218
  Miriam Blake; Herbert Van de Sompel
Dynamic Metadata for Monitoring Digital Library Management BIBPDF 219-220
  George Buchanan; Gil Marsden; Harold Thimbleby
Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure (I2-DSI) Project: Improving Global Access to Digital Collections BIBPDF 221-222
  Bert J. Dempsey; Micah Beck; Terry Moore
Use of an Expanding Directory Interface for WWW Legal Resources BIBPDF 223-224
  Bert J. Dempsey; Barbara M. Wildemuth; Gary Geisler
WAY-Z39.50: Adaptive Access to Library Catalogues BIBPDF 225-226
  Camino Fernandez; Paloma Diaz; Ignacio Aedo; Vicente Matellan
Dimensions of Quality Management Systems in Self-Improving Communities BIBPDF 227
  Victoria Hand; Jeremy Roschelle; Roy Pea
Quality of OCR for Degraded Text Images BIBPDF 228-229
  Roger T. Hartley; Kathleen Crumpton
AQUA: Query Visualization for the NCSTRL Digital Library BIBPDF 230-231
  Laszlo Kovacs; Andras Micsik; Balazs Pataki
Distributed Error Correction BIBPDF 232
  Steve Lawrence; Kurt Bollacker; C. Lee Giles
Discovery of Similarity Computations on the Internet BIBPDF 233-234
  K. L. Liu; C. Yu; Weiyi Meng; N. Rishe
InfoWeaver: Dynamic and Tailor-Made Integration of Structured Documents, Web, and Databases BIBPDF 235-236
  Atsuyuki Morishima; Hiroyuki Kitagawa
Managing Diverse Data Formats in Digital Libraries BIBPDF 237
  John Mark Ockerbloom
Empirical Evaluation of Explicit versus Implicit Acquisition of User Profiles in Information Filtering Systems BIBPDF 238-239
  Luz Marina Quiroga; Javed Mostafa
SOMLib: A Digital Library System Based on Neural Networks BIBPDF 240-241
  Andreas Rauber; Dieter Merkl
TalkMine and the Adaptive Recommendation Project BIBPDF 242-243
  Luis Mateus Rocha
Mutant: Agents as Guides for Multiple Taxonomies in the Floristic Digital Library BIBPDF 244-245
  J. Alfredo Sanchez; Cesar A. Flores; John L. Schnase
Electronic Theses and Dissertations at the University of Virginia library BIBPDF 246-247
  Cristina W. Sharretts; James C. French
A Relational Database Interface to the World-Wide Web BIBPDF 248-249
  Ellen Spertus; Lynn Andrea Stein
"Lostness" and Digital Libraries BIBPDF 250-251
  Yin Leng Theng
Medical Information Access for the New Millennium: UMLS-Enhanced Semantic Parsing and Personalized Medical Agent BIBPDF 252-253
  Kristin M. Tolle; Gondy Leroy; Robin Sewell; Ye Fang; Dmitri Roussinov; Zoe Stavri; Hsinchun Chen
KEA: Practical Automatic Keyphrase Extraction BIBPDF 254-255
  Ian H. Witten; Gordon W. Paynter; Eibe Frank; Carl Gutwin; Craig G. Nevill-Manning
Managing Personal and Group Collections of Information BIBPDF 256-257
  Shawn R. Wolfe; Stephen D. Wragg; James R. Chen
Visualization Tools for Self-Organizing Maps BIBPDF 258-259
  Christopher C. Yang; Hsinchun Chen; K. K. Hong
Create a Large-Scale Digital Library for Geo-Referenced Information BIBPDF 260-261
  Bin Zhu; Marshall Ramsey; Hsinchun Chen; Rosie V; A Hauck; Tobun D. Ng; Bruce Schatz


Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS): NKOS Workshop at ACM DL'99, Berkeley, Saturday August 14, 1999 BIBPDF 263
  L. L. Hill; G. Hodge; J. Busch
Workshop on Organizing Web Space: An Integration of Content Search with Structure Analysis BIBPDF 264
  Yoshinori Hara; Katsumi Tanaka; Robert Wilensky
Multilingual Information Discovery and Access (MIDAS) BIBPDF 265
  Douglas W. Oard; Carol Peters
D-Lib Working Group on Metrics for Digital Libraries BIBPDF 266
  Barry M. Leiner
Second Summit on International Cooperation in Digital Libraries BIBPDF 267
  Robert M. Akscyn; Ian H. Witten