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Canadian Human Computer Communications Society Service Award 2007-05-29

The CHCCS/SCDHM presented Gary Perlman with its 2007 service award at the annual Graphic Interface conference in Montreal.

ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award

In 2005, ACM SIGCHI awarded its Lifetime Service Award to Gary Perlman in part for work on the HCI Bibliography.


Gary is perhaps most well known for the popular, early repository of HCI publications and bibliographic information, the HCI Bibliography. The HCI Bibliography web site has been accessed over 4.5 million times since April 4th, 1998 [through 2005]. Gary worked on the committee for the CHI 1986 conference, served as ACM BuckCHI Chair 1997-1998, ACM SIGCHI Vice-Chair for Publications 1995-97, SIGCHI Education Chair 1991-1995; participated on many conference technical program committees; and has published in and refereed for several HCI journals over many years. In addition, Gary set up the current system of SIGCHI mailing lists. Gary served on the SIGCHI Curriculum Development Group and created the web version of the group's 1992 report. Gary currently telecommutes as a Consulting Research Scientist at OCLC Online Computer Library Center, from Montreal, Canada where his focus there is on the design of useful and usable web-based bibliographic and full text retrieval tools.

Ben Shneiderman Personal Appreciation Award 1998-04-21

Ben Shneiderman, in his opening plenary for CHI'98, gave a personal appreciation award to Gary Perlman for his work on the HCI Bibliography. That was even before the search service started.

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