HCI Bibliography : Project Support

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Getting Started

The HCI Bibliography Project was supported in part by the Department of Computer and Information Science of The Ohio State University.

Much of the HCI Bibliography was entered by work-study students at OSU. Initial information was compiled for the annotated bibliography of the Software Engineering Institute's curriculum module on User Interface Development; it was the utility of this compilation that provided the motivation for the HCI Bibliography project.

Equipment Support

The HCI Bibliography gratefully acknowledges the donation from Apple Computer of a Macintosh 8100 and ColorOne scanner to meet its scanning needs. The HCI Bibliography is not in any way affiliated with Apple.

Ongoing Support

Support from ACM SIGCHI (The Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction) was instrumental in the original organization of the Project, and a scanner donation from ACM SIGCHI made the Project much more productive. Most recently, ACM SIGCHI is supporting the HCIBIB's Internet presence, based on a 1996-08-30 proposal.

Publisher Support

The Project gratefully acknowledges the copyright permissions granted by the publishers, and their donations of publications for data entry. A file (publish.html) of publisher copyright and contact information is available.

Volunteer Support

The Project most gratefully acknowledges the efforts of over 100 volunteers who have contributed data and time validating entries. We sincerely regret any omissions from our acknowledgement lists.