HCI Bibliography : Data Validation

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Initially, donations of bibliographic material were sought, both from authors and from people who made their own bibliographies. Such materials were either unavailable or of limited use because of the large number of typographical errors.

In its early years, the project depended on OCR scanning followed up by a detailed validation process. After records were scanned, they were reformatted and checked by a series of automated programs. Then, volunteers followed validation instructions to correct remaining errors. To estimate the quality of data validation, a set of bugs were placed in the records to see what percentage of such known problems were detected. Results suggested that it is not possible to remove all problems from such collections, but the number of errors can be reduced to one in every 5-10 abstracted records. Typical missed errors included commas, incorrect plurals, and unfortunately, the occasional missing word, like not, but fortunately, such omissions are unlikely data entry errors.

Later in the life of the project, data has been imported from online sources, so the accuracy is very high. Oddly enough, though, typos are still corrected from the online sources, so the HCI Bibliography data can be slightly more accurate than publisher's versions.

Any remaining errors in records should be brought to the attention of the HCI Bibliography Project for correction of master files. Send corrections via electronic mail to director@hcibib.org.

Volunteer Validators

Many people have volunteered to validate the accuracy of our data. Validation is usually done in batches of 50 or more records. Validating typically requires a commitment of about four hours, and we are always interested in getting more volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to validate, send a message listing the works you would be able to validate to director@hcibib.org.
  1. Alan Edmonds - Ohio State Univ.
  2. Deb Galdes - Silicon Graphics
  3. Thom Gillespie - Univ. of California, Berkeley
  4. Jonathan Grudin - Univ. of California, Irvine
  5. Sharon Irving - Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
  6. Alison Lee - Univ. of Toronto
  7. Paul M. Mullins - Youngstown State Univ.
  8. Bill Ogden - New Mexico State Univ.
  9. Karen Ward - Oregon Graduate Institute, Beaverton, OR
  10. Virginia Peck - Carnegie-Mellon Univ.
  11. Steve Franks - Texas Instruments
  12. Hannu Erkio - Univ. of Helsinki
  13. Boniface Lau - Mitel
  14. Jurgen Koenemann-Belliveau - Rutgers University
  15. Mark Leonard - MPR Teltech
  16. Bay-Wei Chang - Stanford Univ.
  17. Pierre D. Wellner - Xerox EuroPARC
  18. William Jones - Boeing Computer Services
  19. Peter W. Foltz - Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
  20. Robert Stanley - Cognos, Inc.
  21. Marc Griffiths - Univ. of Toronto
  22. Alfredo Pinochet - Hiroshima University
  23. Peter Jones - Univ. of Western Australia
  24. Margot Lagendijk - PTT Research, Netherlands
  25. Catherine Plaisant - Univ. of Maryland
  26. Budi Yuwono - Ohio State Univ.
  27. Scott Grissom - Ohio State Univ.
  28. Andy Sears - Univ. of Maryland
  29. Andrew Patrick - Communications Research Centre, Ottawa
  30. Kate Finn - SRI International
  31. Paul Zhu - Univ. of North Carolina
  32. Won Chung - Univ. of Southern California
  33. William Garrison - Cornell Univ.
  34. Rye Senjen - Telecom Research Labs
  35. Lynne Coventry - Univ. of Stirling, Scotland
  36. Lars Oestreicher - Uppsala University, Sweden
  37. Lorraine Normore - Chemical Abstracts Service
  38. Wang-Chien Lee - Ohio State Univ.
  39. Robin Lampert - Univ. of Michigan
  40. Hiroshi Takeno - NTT Network Information Systems Labs. Japan
  41. Layne Wallace - Univ. of North Florida
  42. Masakazu Osada - Univ. of Maryland
  43. Bernd Meyer - FernUniversitaet Hagen, Germany
  44. John Atwood - Stanford Univ.
  45. Mark Chignell, Ed Brown, Lisa Barron, Rhona Charron, Gene Golovchinsky, Deborah Fels - Univ. of Toronto
  46. Dov Te'eni - Tivon, Israel
  47. Robert Vermilyer - Franklin University
  48. John Boyd - Ohio State Univ.
  49. Tim Love - Cambridge Univ.
  50. Alistair Kilgour - Heriot-Watt Univ.
  51. J. Edward Swan, II - Ohio State Univ.
  52. Wayne Uejio - General Electric
  53. Richard Potter - Univ. of Maryland
  54. Susan McIntyre - MPR TelTech Ltd.
  55. Jee-In Kim - Univ. of Pennsylvania
  56. Richard Sauvain - Xerox Corporation
  57. Christian Bastien - INRIA, France
  58. Brian Johnson - Univ. of Maryland
  59. Avi Naiman - Univ. of Rochester
  60. Joaquim Jorge - Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.
  61. David D. Stubbs - Tektronix
  62. Raghu Machiraju - Ohio State Univ.
  63. Gary MacIsaac - Univ. of British Columbia
  64. Keith Instone - Bowling Green State Univ.
  65. Christopher J. Whaley - Georgia Tech.
  66. Jon Taylor - Univ. of Manchester
  67. Srinivas Raghavan - Ohio State Univ.
  68. Rhona Charron - Univ. of Toronto
  69. Ivan Burmistrov - Moscow State Univ.
  70. Elizabeth Marshburn - AT&T
  71. Randy Trigg - Xerox PARC
  72. Matthias Ressel - Univ. Stuttgart
  73. Stephen Viller - Lancaster University, UK
  74. G. Bowden Wise - Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.
  75. Max North - Clark Atlanta Univ.
  76. Bruce Thomas - Univ. of South Australia