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This file contains copyright information for materials in the HCI Bibliography and information about how and where to contact publishers. Although we have tried to provide accurate address and subscription information, omissions and errors are inevitable. If the widespread dissemination of extended bibliographic information increases the sales of published works, then it will be good evidence that one of the main goals of the HCI Bibliography Project, that of increasing access to published works, will have been achieved.

Links to Publisher Information

The Project gratefully acknowledges the copyright permissions granted by the following publishers, and their donations of publications for data entry. The hotlinks will search the HCI Bibliography database for more information about the publisher.
  1. Ablex Publishing
  2. Academic Press (AP)
  3. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  4. Butterworth-Heinemann, Ltd.
  5. Cambridge University Press
  6. Elsevier Science Publishers, (North-Holland)
  7. Ergonomics Society of Australia
  8. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFS / HFES)
  9. International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information
  10. Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  11. Intellect Ltd.
  12. Kluwer Academic Publishers
  13. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (LEA)
  14. MIT Press
  15. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc.
  16. Springer-Verlag
  17. Taylor & Francis Ltd.
  18. Taylor & Graham Publishing
  19. John Wiley & Sons

Why Should Publishers Donate Books or Proceedings to the HCIBIB?

  1. The Place to Find HCI Publications. The HCI Bibliography, with over 19,500 entries on Human-Computer Interaction, is the primary source of HCI information for many researchers. If a publication is not in the database, it may not be known to a researcher, and may not be requested for loan or purchase. There have been over 100,000 searches of the database between CHI 98 and CHI 99; none retrieved records for publications missing from the database.
  2. No Budget for Acquisitions. The HCI Bibliography Project is a free service, with no budget for acquisitions, so it depends on having free access to materials. While some materials are available because of local subscriptions, many publications cannot be added to the database without publisher assistance. Additionally, the HCI Bibliography depends on receiving permissions from copyright holders free of charge so that it can offer a free online service.
  3. Links from Publications to Publishers. The HCI Bibliography provides a variety of links to help researchers find publications and their publishers. There are links from records to containing publications (e.g., from articles to journal/proceedings); links from books to publishers records (with phone, fax, website, and address information), and links from publishers to other HCI-related books from the same publisher. The HCI Bibliography is dedicated to providing researchers with easy and immediate access to useful information.
  4. Unaffiliated Site and Service. The HCI Bibliography is not affiliated with any particular publisher or organization. It will accept materials and allow researchers to search for any legally available materials that are useful to the HCI community.

Copyright Notice

We are sensitive to the rights and needs of publishers, and we intend that materials will be included in the HCI Bibliography only if their publishers (i.e., copyright holders) permit it. Certain publishers automatically grant free non-commercial use of even extended bibliographic information (e.g., IEEE and ACM, publishers of journals and conference proceedings). Many other publishers have graciously granted to the HCI Bibliography royalty-free non-commercial use of their copyrighted material. The contents of the HCI Bibliography can be copied and distributed free of charge, and only copied and distributed free of charge.

Please be advised that most of the material in the HCI Bibliography is copyrighted, and is not in the public domain. The rights to copy and distribute these materials have been granted by the publishers for non-commercial use. These rights have been granted to the HCI Bibliography Project, not to others. The HCI Bibliography Project does not have the right to grant any permissions. To redistribute, republish or make commercial use of the materials requires written permission from the copyright owners. Redistribution of copyrighted materials (specifically, abstracts and tables of contents) from sites other than the HCI Bibliography might be construed as a copyright infringement and may be subject to legal action, regardless of the motivation of the infringer, and regardless of the amount charged (if anything) for distribution. While it is beyond the resources and goals of the HCI Bibliography Project to interpret and/or police such violations, it is the policy of the project to warn infringers of the risks.