HCI Bibliography : Logo and Motto

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The HCI Bibliography logo was created by the Project Director, Gary Perlman, so that he could make buttons to give to HCI Bibliography Volunteers.

The bloodshot eye in the center depicts the eyes of a volunteer validator after a long and fruitful session. Oscar-nominated animator Janet Perlman provided examples of bloodshot eyes, which were redrawn in CorelDraw.

A detailed version of the HCIBIB logo is available.

The HCI Bibliography Motto

The HCI Bibliography motto:
bibliotheca magnetica patens omnibus hominis-ordinatorisque societas
was designed by the Project Director, Gary Perlman, and a graduate student, Bret Workman, from the Classics Department at The Ohio State University.

The motto is Latin for, roughly, free-access electronic library on human-computer interaction.

(BIB-LEO-TEKA) This means library
(MAG-NIT-ICA) This is as close as we could come in Latin to electronic.
patens omnibus
Patens, like patent, (PA-TENSE OM-NI-BUS) means an open disclosure, and omnibus means for everyone.
(HOM-IN-US OR-DIN-A-TOR-ISS-KWAY) The hominis part refers to humans, while the ordinatorisque part is as close as we could come to what computers do; literally, it means that which puts things into order, and is similar to the French word for computer, ordinateur.
(SO-KEE-AY-TAS) The classics student who helped me asked me if the interaction was more cooperative or antagonistic, which struck me as an interesting issue. The term societas refers to a cooperative interaction.