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Mailing lists and aliases on HCI topics.

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MAIL : Mailing lists and aliases on HCI topics

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  1. ACM SIGCHI CHI-Announcements Mailing List
    chi-announcements@acm.org Post to the List
    Non-commercial announcements of general interest. Subscription requests go to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  2. ACM SIGCHI chi-Educators Discussion List
    chi-educators@acm.org Post to the List
    Discussions on HCI Education. Subscription requests to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  3. ACM SIGCHI CHI-II Mailing List
    Angel R. Puerta chi-ii@acm.org
    CHI-II covers Intelligent Interfaces. Subscription mailto:requests go to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  4. ACM SIGCHI chi-Intercultural Mailing List
    chi-intercultural@acm.org Post to the List
    ACM SIGCHI Mailing List on Intercultural Issues in Human-Computer Interaction. Subscription requests to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  5. ACM SIGCHI CHI-Jobs Mailing List
    chi-jobs@acm.org Post to the List
    Announcements of HCI jobs. Subscription requests go to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  6. ACM SIGCHI chi-Kids Mailing List
    Debra Lieberman chi-kids@acm.org Post to the List
    Discussion on kids and computers. Subscription requests to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  7. ACM SIGCHI chi-Social-Action Mailing List
    ACM SIGCHI Mailing List on Social Issues in HCI. Subscription requests to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  8. ACM SIGCHI CHI-Web Mailing List
    Keith Instone chi-web@acm.org Post to the List
    CHI-Web covers HCI issues on the web. Subscription requests go to mailto:listserv#acm.org
  9. ACM SIGCHI Mailing Lists
    Gary Perlman 1998-03-20
    Information for both users and owners of SIGCHI mailing lists and aliases.
  10. ACM SIGCHI Mailing Lists and Aliases
    Gary Perlman 1997 perlman@acm.org
    Description of the SIGCHI mailing lists and aliases on the ACM LISTSERV.
  11. Cadius (online community for spanish speaking HCI professionals) Spanish Spain
    Javier Canada 2002-05-06 javier.canada@cadius.org
    Discussion list (and online community) for Spanish speaking HCI professionals.
  12. DL-Info: Digital Libraries
    Subscription requests to mailto:listproc#bush.cs.tamu.edu
  13. ergoihm@cru.fr - Ergonomie des Interfaces Homme-Machine French France
    Sebastien Medard 2000-09-15 smedard@waw.com
    French mailing list about man-machine interface and human factors. Echange d'informations sur l'ergonomie et le facteur humain.
  14. Ferguson, Louise: User Experience Consultant, City of Bits Blog United Kingdom, London
    Louise Ferguson 2004-04-19 Digital Habitats louise@louiseferguson.com
    User experience consultant with a special interest in qualitative approaches to considering users in context.
  15. HCI Mailing List from India English India, Mumbai
    Anirudha Joshi 2008-01-05 IIT Bombay anirudhaidc@gmail.com
    This group is related to human-computer interaction design. We discuss interaction design, usability, information architecture and related fields. Job and event announcements are welcome. It is primarily a group of professionals from India. Students and those not from India are welcome too.
  16. Human-Computer Interaction Jobs Yahoo Group English United States
    Beau Gould 2006-01-18 Superior Staffing Solutions beau@superiorss.com
  17. Infodesign: an Internet forum on information design
    Subscription requests to mailto:majordomo#uva.nl
  18. Interactif French France, Orsay
    Nicolas Roussel 2003-11-20 LRI/AFIHM interactif@lri.fr
    French language mailing list on HCI research Liste de diffusion francophone sur l'interaction homme-machine.
  19. LITA: Human/Machine Interface Interest Group Discussion List
    Discussion on user interfaces and usability issues in library systems. Subscription requests go to listserv@listserv.ucop.edu
  20. uietips: User Interface Engineering
    Periodic gems from Jared Spool et al. Subscribe by sending a message containing: * subscribe uietips your@email.address
  21. USABILITYMATTERS.ORG India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
    Kaladhar Bapu 2004-08-10 Usabilitymatters.org kbapu@yahoo.com
    This is a group of designers and design sensitive users from India to fight the battle for Usability. It discusses issues, events and develepments related to Usability of everyday things, Bad designs and Human-Computer Interface (HCI). This organization was founded by Kaladhar Bapu.
  22. Visual Design Mailing List
    Subscription requests to mailto:listserv#vtvm1.cc.vt.edu

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