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PsychNology Journal 11

Editors:Anna Spagnolli
Standard No:ISSN 1720-7525
Links:www.psychnology.org | Table of Contents
  1. psychnology 2013 Volume 11 Issue 1
  2. psychnology 2013 Volume 11 Issue 2
  3. psychnology 2013 Volume 11 Issue 3

psychnology 2013 Volume 11 Issue 1

The Intersections of Technosciences and Social Justice BIBPDF 7-9
  David A. Banks; Ron Eglash; Daniel Lyles; Britney Summit-Gil

The Intersections of Technosciences and Social Justice

Homemade and Hell Raising Through Craft, Activism, and Do-It-Yourself Culture BIBAKPDF 11-20
  Elena Solomon
The Body Hacktivism Movement: A Talk About the Body BIBAKPDF 21-42
  Barbara Nascimento Duarte
The Social Web beyond "Walled Gardens": Interoperability, Federation and the Case of Lorea/n-1 BIBAKPDF 43-65
  Florencio Cabello; Marta G. Franco; Alex Haché
A Study of Admissions Software for Achieving Diversity BIBAKPDF 67-90
  Juan E. Gilbert; Andrea E. Johnson
Critical Ancestral Computing: A Culturally Relevant Computer Science Education BIBAKPDF 91-112
  Cueponcaxochitl Dianna Moreno Sandoval

psychnology 2013 Volume 11 Issue 2

Designing a Computer-based Rehabilitation Solution for Older Adults: The Importance of Testing Usability BIBAKPDF 119-136
  Fátima González-Palau; Manuel Franco; José M. Toribio; Raquel Losada; Esther Parra; Panagiotis Bamidis
An Integrative Model of Predictors of Enjoyment in Console versus Mobile Video Games BIBAKPDF 137-157
  Daniel M. Shafer
Current Issues and Future Directions in Methods for Studying Technology in the Home BIBAKPDF 159-184
  Tim Coughlan; Kerstin Leder Mackley; Michael Brown; Sarah Martindale; Stephan Schlögl; Becky Mallaband; John Arnott; Jettie Hoonhout; Dalila Szostak; Robin Brewer; Erika Poole; Antti Pirhonen; Val Mitchell; Sarah Pink; Nicolas Hine

psychnology 2013 Volume 11 Issue 3

LIFEisGAME Prototype: A Serious Game about Emotions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders BIBAKPDF 191-211
  Samanta Alves; António Marques; Cristina Queirós; Verónica Orvalho
Service Providers' Perceptions on the Uptake of Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT) BIBAKPDF 213-233
  Eliane Du; Ethel Quayle; Hamish Macleod
Are self-regulation and depressive symptoms predictors of problematic Internet use among first year university students? BIBAKPDF 235-249
  Rene Sebena; Olga Orosova; Jozef Benka