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PsychNology Journal 9

Editors:Luciano Gamberini; Giuseppe Riva; Anna Spagnolli
Standard No:ISSN 1720-7525
Links:www.psychnology.org | Table of Contents
  1. psychnology 2011 Volume 9 Issue 1
  2. psychnology 2011 Volume 9 Issue 2

psychnology 2011 Volume 9 Issue 1

Pervasive Technologies for Energy Awareness

Designing persuasive applications to motivate sustainable behavior in collectivist cultures BIBAKPDF 7-28
  Hiroaki Kimura; Tatsuo Nakajima
The design space of personal energy conservation assistants BIBAKPDF 29-41
  Jörn Loviscach
Kilograms or cups of tea: Comparing footprints for better CO2 understanding BIBAKPDF 43-54
  Jorge Luis Zapico; Mona Guath; Marko Turpeinen
Smart meters: A users' view BIBAKPDF 55-72
  Daniel J. Kerrigan; Luciano Gamberini; Anna Spagnolli; Giulio Jacucci

psychnology 2011 Volume 9 Issue 2

Scientometrics of Deception, Counter-deception, and Deception Detection in Cyber-space BIBAKPDF 79-122
  Frank Stech; Kristin E. Heckman; Phil Hilliard; Janice R. Ballo
Designing Integration of Sharing, Messaging, and Awareness for Mobile Users BIBAKPDF 123-135
  Giulio Jacucci
SQUARELAND: A virtual environment for investigating cognitive processes in human wayfinding BIBAKPDF 137-163
  Kai Hamburger; Markus Knauff
Complexity in an uncertain and cosmopolitan world. Rethinking personal health technology in diabetes with the Tag-it-Yourself BIBAKPDF 165-185
  Cristiano Storni