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Psychnology 5

Editors:Luciano Gamberini; Giuseppe Riva; Anna Spagnolli
Standard No:ISSN 1720-7525
Links:www.psychnology.org | Table of Contents
  1. psychnology 2007 Volume 5 Issue 1
  2. psychnology 2007 Volume 5 Issue 2
  3. psychnology 2007 Volume 5 Issue 3

psychnology 2007 Volume 5 Issue 1

Mobile Media and Communication

Editorial Preface BIBPDF 5-6
  Ilkka Arminen
Is It Fun to Go to Sydney? Common-Sense Knowledge of Social Structures and WAP BIBAKPHP 7-31
  Ilpo Koskinen
Texters not Talkers: Phone Call Aversion among Mobile Phone Users BIBAKPHP 33-57
  Ruth Rettie
Discourses on Mobility and Technological Mediation: The Texture of Ubiquitous Interaction BIBAKPHP 59-81
  Giuseppina Pellegrino
Mobile Fantasies on Film: Gathering Metaphoric Evidence of Mobile Symbiosis and the Mobile Imaginary BIBAKPHP 83-99
  Kathleen M. Cumiskey

psychnology 2007 Volume 5 Issue 2

Extended Television: A Study of How Investigations of Use Can Inform Design Processes in Nursing Homes BIBAKPHP 105-132
  Peter Abdelmassih Waller
Development and Evaluation of a Method Employed to Identify Internal State Utilizing Eye Movement Data BIBAKPHP 133-164
  Noriyuki Aoyama; Tadahiko Fukuda
A First-time Wireless Internet Connection: More Than Just Clicking on a Link BIBAKPHP 165-195
  Dimitri Voilmy; Karine Lan Hing Ting
Identifying the (Tele)Presence Literature BIBAKPHP 197-206
  Matthew Lombard; Matthew T. Jones
Searching for Information on PDA in a Naturalistic Environment with or without Music BIBAKPHP 207-222
  Andrea Zucchi; Luciano Gamberini

psychnology 2007 Volume 5 Issue 3

Selected Papers from CHItaly07

Psychological Implications of Domestic Assistive Technology for the Elderly BIBAKPHP 229-252
  Amedeo Cesta; Gabriella Cortellessa; M. Vittoria Giuliani; Federico Pecora; Massimiliano Scopelliti; Lorenza Tiberio
Simple, Fast, Cheap: Success Factors for Interactive Multimedia Tools BIBAKPHP 253-269
  Davide Bolchini; Nicoletta Di Blas; Franca Garzotto; Paolo Paolini; Aldo Torrebruno
On Line Collaboration for Building a Teacher Professional Identity BIBAKPHP 271-284
  Valentina Grion; Bianca Maria Varisco
Risk Management Persuasive Technologies: The case of a Technologically Advanced High-Risk Chemical Plant BIBAKPHP 285-297
  Fabiana Vernero; Roberto Montanari

Other Contents

Market Relations, Non-Market Relations and Free Software BIBAKPHP 299-309
  Andres Baravalle; Sarah Chambers