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PsychNology Journal 4

Editors:Luciano Gamberini; Giuseppe Riva; Anna Spagnolli
Standard No:ISSN 1720-7525
Links:www.psychnology.org | Table of Contents
  1. psychnology 2006 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. psychnology 2006 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. psychnology 2006 Volume 4 Issue 3

psychnology 2006 Volume 4 Issue 1

Editorial Preface BIBPDF 5-6
  Luciano Gamberini; Anna Spagnolli; Giuseppe Riva
Navigating Information Space: Web site design and lessons from the built environment BIBAKPDF 7-24
  David Benyon
Stereotypes and Gender Identity in Italian and Chilean Chat Line Rooms BIBAKPDF 25-52
  Francesca Cilento Ibarra; Carlo Galimberti
Social Network Analysis: A brief theoretical review and further perspectives in the study of Information Technology BIBAKPDF 53-86
  Francesco Martino; Andrea Spoto
Radiology Informatics and Work Flow Redesign BIBAKPDF 87-101
  Guido Vaccari; Carlo Saccavini
The PASION Project: Psychologically Augmented Social Interaction Over Networks BIBAKPDF 103-116
  Maria Cristina Brugnoli; Federico Morabito; Richard Walker; Fabrizio Davide

psychnology 2006 Volume 4 Issue 2

Emerging Trends in CyberTherapy. Introduction to the Special Issue BIBAKPDF 121-128
  Giuseppe Riva; Brenda K. Wiederhold
Using a Flexible Virtual Environment for Treating a Storm Phobia BIBAKPDF 129-144
  Cristina Botella; Rosa M. Baños; Belén Guerrero; Azucena García-Palacios; Soledad Quero; Mariano Alcañíz
The Application of a Sensory Integration Treatment Based on Virtual Reality-Tangible Interaction for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder BIBAKPDF 145-159
  Ko-Eun Jung; Hyun-Jhin Lee; Young-Sik Lee; Seong-Shim Cheong; Min-Young Choi; Dong-Soo Suh; Dongsoo Suh; Shezeen Oah; Sookhee Lee; Jang-Han Lee
The development of an integrated psychosocial approach to effective usability of 3D Virtual Environments for Cybertherapy BIBAKPDF 161-180
  Carlo Galimberti; Gloria Belloni; Matteo Cantamesse; Alberto Cattaneo; Fabiana Gatti; Maddalena Grassi; Luca Menti
Grasping Virtual Objects: a Feasibility Study for an Enactive Interface Application in Stroke BIBAKPDF 181-197
  Francesca Morganti; Karine Goulene; Andrea Gaggioli; Marco Stramba-Badiale; Giuseppe Riva

psychnology 2006 Volume 4 Issue 3

Editorial Preface: Special Issue: Designing Technology to Meet the Needs of the Older User BIBPDF 203-204
A Review of Memory Aid Devices for an Ageing Population BIBAKPDF 205-243
  Niamh Caprani; John Greaney; Nicola Porter
An investigation into Older People's Browsing Activities BIBAKPDF 245-265
  Prush Sa-nga-ngam; Sri Kurniawan
Inclusive Design and Human Factors: Designing Mobile Phones for Older Users BIBAKPDF 267-284
  Matthew Pattison; Alex Stedmon
Cognition, technology and games for the elderly: An introduction to ELDERGAMES Project BIBAKPDF 285-308
  Luciano Gamberini; Mariano Alcaniz; Giacinto Barresi; Malena Fabregat; Francisco Ibanez; Lisa Prontu
The "Augmented itineraries": Mobile services differentiating what museum has to offer BIBAKPDF 311-335
  Maria Cristina Brugnoli; Federico Morabito; Giancarlo Bo; Elena Murelli; Richard Walker; Fabrizio Davide