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Psychnology 3

Editors:Luciano Gamberini; Giuseppe Riva; Anna Spagnolli
Standard No:ISSN 1720-7525
Links:www.psychnology.org | Table of Contents
  1. psychnology 2005 Volume 3 Issue 1
  2. psychnology 2005 Volume 3 Issue 2
  3. psychnology 2005 Volume 3 Issue 3

psychnology 2005 Volume 3 Issue 1

Space, Place & Technology: Presence in Mediated Experiences

Editorial Preface BIBPDF 3-5
A Place for Presence. Understanding the Human Involvement in Mediated Interactive Environments BIBAKPDF 6-15
  Anna Spagnolli; Luciano Gamberini
Presence and Embodiment in Mobile Phone Communication BIBAKPDF 16-34
  Ruth M. Rettie
Responsive Environments, Place and Presence BIBAKPDF 35-73
  Rod McCall; Shaleph O'Neill; Fiona Carroll; David Benyon; Michael Smyth
Spacing the Boundary: An Exploration of Perforated Virtual Spaces BIBAKPDFvideo 1video 2 74-89
  Petra Gemeinboeck; Roland Blach
The Third Pole of the Sense of Presence: Comparing Virtual and Imagery Spaces BIBAKPDF 90-100
  Rosa M. Banos; Cristina Botella; Belen Guerriero; Victor Liano; Mariano Alcaniz; Beatriz Rey

Other contents

A Preliminary Study on the Use of an Adaptive Display for the Treatment of Emotional Disorders BIBAKPDFvideo 101-112
  Beatriz Rey; Javier Montesa; Mariano Alcaniz; Rosa Banos; Cristina Botella

psychnology 2005 Volume 3 Issue 2

Space, Place & Technology: Presence in Mediated Experiences

Editorial Preface BIBPDF 116-117
A Review of How Space Affords Socio-Cognitive Processes during Collaboration BIBAKPDF 118-148
  Nicolas Nova
Presence, Place and the Virtual Spectacle BIBAKPDF 149-161
  Shalep O'Neill
Learning Together "There"-Hybrid "Place" as a Conceptual Vantage Point for Understanding Virtual Learning Communities in Higher Education Context BIBAKPDF 162-180
  Johanna Poysa; Joost Lowyck; Paivi Hakkinen
Presence and Mediated Spaces: A Review BIBAKPDF 181-199
  Lucia A. Reno

Other Contents

Some Reflections on Learning and E-learning BIBAKPDF 200-222
  Cristina Zucchermaglio; Francesca Alby

psychnology 2005 Volume 3 Issue 3

The Digital Divide

Editorial Preface BIBPDF 226-227
Virtual enclaves or global networks? The role of Information and Communication Technologies in development cooperation BIBAKPDF 228-242
  Iginio Gagliardone
Gender differences of the Internet-related Stereotypes in Russia BIBAKPDF 243-264
  Olga V. Mitina; Alexander E. Voiskounsky
Internet usage and gender digital divide in a Romanian students' sample BIBAKPDF 265-291
  Ioana Codoban

Other Contents

The Impact of Telepresence on Cultural Transmission through Bishoujo Games BIBAKPDF 292-311
  Matthew T. Jones
The effect of the Emotion-related Channel in 3D Virtual Communication Environments BIBAKPDF 312-327
  Mikio Kamada; Mioko Ambe; Katsushige Hata; Eiju Yamada; Yuichi Fujimura