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You in UX 2014 2014-05-05

Fullname:YIUX 2014: You in UX Global UX Career Summit
Editors:Gayna Williams; Tracey Lovejoy
Location:World Wide Web
Dates:2014-May-05 to 2014-May-22
Standard No:YIUX14
A Conversation with Don Norman: Reflections from a UX Guru on the Profession of Design BIBADetails 1
  Don Norman
Free Advice: You Get What You Pay For BIBADetails 2
  Paolo Malabuyo
Career Conversations: Communicating Your Aspirations with Clarity and Impact BIBADetails 3
  Tonya Peck
Design and the Speed of Competition BIBADetails 4
  Patrick Whitney
Getting "There": Embracing the Evolution of UX and Design Career Opportunities BIBADetails 5
  Thomas Lockwood
PANEL -- Getting the Job You Want: Insight & Advice from UX Recruiters BIBADetails 6
  Thomas Lockwood; Bobby Morgan; Carrie Smith; Angela Yeh
Elevating UX through the Introvert/Extrovert Spectrum BIBADetails 7
  Angela Craven; SuAnne Hall
How Working Abroad Can Help You Reawaken the Designer Within BIBADetails 8
  Melora Zaner-Godsey
Deciding Whether You Want to Be an Independent UX Consultant and Succeeding If You Do! BIBADetails 9
  Cory Lebson
Using Your Powers for Good -- As a Career BIBADetails 10
  Cyd Harrell
Navigating Change by Fully Embracing the Twists and Turns BIBADetails 11
  Donna K. Flynn
Taking the Long View with UX: Successful Leadership Strategies that Involve Building Trust, Empathy, and Relationships BIBADetails 12
  Patañjali Chary
Adventures of a UX Executive: Advice, Lessons and the Superpowers You'll Need BIBADetails 13
  Catherine Courage
Career Shifts: Making a Change When You WANT to... Not When You HAVE to BIBADetails 14
  Joey Benedek
Two Shades of Green: Working at a Design Agency vs. Working on a Company UX Team BIBADetails 15
  Tjeerd Hoek
PANEL -- Moving through Management: What it Takes to Manage UXers BIBADetails 16
  Chad Maxwell; Bojana Ostojic; Ian Swinson
A Path to Success by Throwing Yourself in Completely, All the While on a Cloud of French Perfume BIBADetails 17
  Genevieve Bell
What's Holding You Back? Getting That Promotion is More Than UX Smarts BIBADetails 18
  Gayna Williams
Build a Twenty-first Century UX Career: Passion, Purpose, Profit BIBADetails 19
  Surya Vanka
UX Career Framework: 8 Dimensions to Help You Build a Plan and Move Forward BIBADetails 20
  Ian Swinson
Beyond the Money: The Joy of Using Your Skills to Help Someone BIBADetails 21
  Dana Chisnell
Empowering Teams to Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes BIBADetails 22
  Mike Tschudy
Amp up Your Credibility with Leadership Presence BIBADetails 23
  Sabina Nawaz
Changing Times: Design is Not a Nicety but a Necessity. What Does that Mean to Your Career? BIBADetails 24
  Doreen Lorenzo
From Ideas to Action You Dreamed it. Now Do It! BIBADetails 25
  Tracey Lovejoy
Shipping Innovation: Skills & Tools to Deliver on UX Vision BIBADetails 26
  Don Lindsay
Demystifying Negotiations for Creatives BIBADetails 27
  Ted Leonhardt
Managing Complexity and Making Progress -- Is This an Oxymoron? BIBADetails 28
  Sara Ortloff Khoury
PANEL -- Leveraging Organizational Savvy for UX Wins BIBADetails 29
  Rob Aseron; Melanie Fitzgerald; Christer Garbis; Jhilmil Jain
PANEL -- Starting Your Own Agency: Using Your Design Thinking Skills in a New Way BIBADetails 30
  Luis Arnal; John Payne
The Accidental Entrepreneur BIBADetails 31
  Rashmi Sinha
Feedback Without Frustration BIBADetails 32
  Scott Berkun
Adapting to Lead UX through Major Shifts and Transitions BIBADetails 33
  Robert Dietz
A Conversation with Phil Gilbert: What It Takes to Engineer Design into Corporate DNA BIBADetails 34
  Phil Gilbert