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Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on the World Wide Web

Fullname:Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on World Wide Web
Editors:David Lassner; Dave De Roure; Arun Iyengar
Location:Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Dates:2002-May-07 to 2002-May-11
Standard No:ISBN: 1-58113-449-5; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: WWW02
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  1. Performance
  2. Multimedia
  3. Semantic Web Services
  4. Auctions and E-commerce
  5. Crawling
  6. Hypermedia in the Small
  7. Ubiquitous WWW
  8. Extraction and Visualization
  9. Hypermedia in the Large
  10. Performance Workload Char. and Adaptation
  11. Search 1
  12. Applications
  13. Security for Web Applications and P2P
  14. Search 2
  15. Languages & Authoring for the Semantic Web
  16. XML Applications
  17. Link Analysis
  18. Advertising and Security for E-Commerce
  19. Description and Analysis
  20. Query Language for Semantic Web
  21. Mobility and Wireless Access
  22. Ontologies
  23. Browsing
  24. UI and Applications


Cooperative leases: scalable consistency maintenance in content distribution networks BIBAKFull-Text 1-12
  Anoop Ninan; Purushottam Kulkarni; Prashant Shenoy; Krithi Ramamritham; Renu Tewari
An evaluation of TCP splice benefits in web proxy servers BIBAKFull-Text 13-24
  A Marcel-Catalin Rosu; A Daniela Rosu
Clarifying the fundamentals of HTTP BIBAKFull-Text 25-36
  Jeffery C. Mogul


Streaming speech: a framework for generating and streaming 3D text-to-speech and audio presentations to wireless PDAs as specified using extensions to SMIL BIBAKFull-Text 37-44
  Stuart Goose; Sreedhar Kodlahalli; William Pechter; Rune Hjelsvold
Multimedia meets computer graphics in SMIL2.0: a time model for the web BIBAKFull-Text 45-53
  Patrick Schmitz
OCTOPUS: aggressive search of multi-modality data using multifaceted knowledge base BIBAKFull-Text 54-64
  Jun Yang; Qing Li; Yueting Zhuang

Semantic Web Services

XL: an XML programming language for web service specification and composition BIBAKFull-Text 65-76
  Daniela Florescu; Andreas Grünhagen; Donald Kossmann
Simulation, verification and automated composition of web services BIBAKFull-Text 77-88
  Srini Narayanan; Sheila A. McIlraith
Semantic web support for the business-to-business e-commerce lifecycle BIBAKFull-Text 89-98
  David Trastour; Claudio Bartolini; Chris Preist

Auctions and E-commerce

A probabilistic approach to automated bidding in alternative auctions BIBAFull-Text 99-108
  Marlon Dumas; Lachlan Aldred; Guido Governatori; Arthur ter Hofstede; Nick Russell
Law-governed peer-to-peer auctions BIBAKFull-Text 109-116
  Marcus Fontoura; Mihail Ionescu; Naftaly Minsky
Paid placement strategies for internet search engines BIBAKFull-Text 117-123
  Hemant K. Bhargava; Juan Feng


Parallel crawlers BIBAKFull-Text 124-135
  Junghoo Cho; Hector Garcia-Molina
Optimal crawling strategies for web search engines BIBAFull-Text 136-147
  J. L. Wolf; M. S. Squillante; P. S. Yu; J. Sethuraman; L. Ozsen
Accelerated focused crawling through online relevance feedback BIBAKFull-Text 148-159
  Soumen Chakrabarti; Kunal Punera; Mallela Subramanyam

Hypermedia in the Small

Fluid annotations through open hypermedia: using and extending emerging web standards BIBAKFull-Text 160-171
  Niels Olof Bouvin; Polle T. Zellweger; Kaj Grønbæk; Jock D. Mackinlay
Hunter gatherer: interaction support for the creation and management of within-web-page collections BIBAKFull-Text 172-181
  m. c. schraefel; Yuxiang Zhu; David Modjeska; Daniel Wigdor; Shengdong Zhao
Model checking cobweb protocols for verification of HTML frames behavior BIBAKFull-Text 182-190
  David Stotts; Jaime Navon

Ubiquitous WWW

Implementing physical hyperlinks using ubiquitous identifier resolution BIBAKFull-Text 191-199
  Tim Kindberg
Profiles for the situated web BIBAKFull-Text 200-209
  Lalitha Suryanarayana; Johan Hjelm
The social contract core BIBAKFull-Text 210-220
  James H. Kaufman; Stefan Edlund; Daniel A. Ford; Calvin Powers

Extraction and Visualization

Webformulate: a web-based visual continual query system BIBAKFull-Text 221-231
  Jennifer Leopold; Meg Heimovics; Tyler Palmer
A flexible learning system for wrapping tables and lists in HTML documents BIBAKFull-Text 232-241
  William W. Cohen; Matthew Hurst; Lee S. Jensen
A machine learning based approach for table detection on the web BIBAKFull-Text 242-250
  Yalin Wang; Jianying Hu

Hypermedia in the Large

The structure of broad topics on the web BIBAKFull-Text 251-262
  Soumen Chakrabarti; Mukul M. Joshi; Kunal Punera; David M. Pennock
A web-based resource migration protocol using WebDAV BIBAKFull-Text 263-271
  Michael Evans; Steven Furnell
A comparison of case-based reasoning approaches BIBAKFull-Text 272-280
  Emilia Mendes; Nile Mosley; Ian Watson

Performance Workload Char. and Adaptation

Aliasing on the world wide web: prevalence and performance implications BIBAKFull-Text 281-292
  Terence Kelly; Jeffrey Mogul
Flash crowds and denial of service attacks: characterization and implications for CDNs and web sites BIBAKFull-Text 293-304
  Jaeyeon Jung; Balachander Krishnamurthy; Michael Rabinovich
Improving web performance by client characterization driven server adaptation BIBAKFull-Text 305-316
  Balachander Krishnamurthy; Craig E. Wills

Search 1

Extracting query modifications from nonlinear SVMs BIBAKFull-Text 317-324
  Gary W. Flake; Eric J. Glover; Steve Lawrence; C. Lee Giles
Probabilistic query expansion using query logs BIBAKFull-Text 325-332
  Hang Cui; Ji-Rong Wen; Jian-Yun Nie; Wei-Ying Ma
Expert agreement and content based reranking in a meta search environment using Mearf BIBAKFull-Text 333-344
  B. Uygar Oztekin; George Karypis; Vipin Kumar


YouServ: a web-hosting and content sharing tool for the masses BIBAKFull-Text 345-354
  Roberto J., Jr. Bayardo; Rakesh Agrawal; Daniel Gruhl; Amit Somani
Dynamic coordination of information management services for processing dynamic web content BIBAKFull-Text 355-365
  In-Young Ko; Ke-Thia Yao; Robert Neches
Price modeling in standards for electronic product catalogs based on XML BIBAKFull-Text 366-375
  Oliver Kelkar; Joerg Leukel; Volker Schmitz

Security for Web Applications and P2P

Choosing reputable servents in a P2P network BIBAKFull-Text 376-386
  Fabrizio Cornelli; Ernesto Damiani; Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati; Stefano Paraboschi; Pierangela Samarati
Certified email with a light on-line trusted third party: design and implementation BIBAFull-Text 387-395
  Martín Abadi; Neal Glew
Abstracting application-level web security BIBAKFull-Text 396-407
  David Scott; Richard Sharp

Search 2

Probabilistic question answering on the web BIBAKFull-Text 408-419
  Dragomir Radev; Weiguo Fan; Hong Qi; Harris Wu; Amardeep Grewal
Searching with numbers BIBAFull-Text 420-431
  Rakesh Agrawal; Ramakrishnan Srikant
Evaluating strategies for similarity search on the web BIBAKFull-Text 432-442
  Taher H. Haveliwala; Aristides Gionis; Dan Klein; Piotr Indyk

Languages & Authoring for the Semantic Web

The Yin/Yang web: XML syntax and RDF semantics BIBAKFull-Text 443-453
  Peter Patel-Schneider; Jérôme Siméon
Unparsing RDF/XML BIBAKFull-Text 454-461
  Jeremy J. Carroll
Authoring and annotation of web pages in CREAM BIBAKFull-Text 462-473
  Siegfried Handschuh; Steffen Staab

XML Applications

An incremental XSLT transformation processor for XML document manipulation BIBAKFull-Text 474-485
  Lionel Villard; Nabil Layaïda
An event-condition-action language for XML BIBAKFull-Text 486-495
  James Bailey; Alexandra Poulovassilis; Peter T. Wood
Fast and efficient client-side adaptivity for SVG BIBAKFull-Text 496-507
  Kim Marriott; Bernd Meyer; Laurent Tardif

Link Analysis

Web page scoring systems for horizontal and vertical search BIBAKFull-Text 508-516
  Michelangelo Diligenti; Marco Gori; Marco Maggini
Topic-sensitive PageRank BIBAKFull-Text 517-526
  Taher H. Haveliwala
Improvement of HITS-based algorithms on web documents BIBAKFull-Text 527-535
  Longzhuang Li; Yi Shang; Wei Zhang

Advertising and Security for E-Commerce

Improvements in practical aspects of optimally scheduling web advertising BIBAKFull-Text 536-541
  Atsuyoshi Nakamura
A lightweight protocol for the generation and distribution of secure e-coupons BIBAKFull-Text 542-552
  Carlo Blundo; Stelvio Cimato; Annalisa De Bonis
Protecting electronic commerce from distributed denial-of-service attacks BIBAKFull-Text 553-561
  José Brustoloni

Description and Analysis

Using web structure for classifying and describing web pages BIBAKFull-Text 562-569
  Eric J. Glover; Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis; Steve Lawrence; David M. Pennock; Gary W. Flake
ChangeDetector: a site-level monitoring tool for the WWW BIBAKFull-Text 570-579
  Vijay Boyapati; Kristie Chevrier; Avi Finkel; Natalie Glance; Tom Pierce; Robert Stockton; Chip Whitmer
Template detection via data mining and its applications BIBAKFull-Text 580-591
  Ziv Bar-Yossef; Sridhar Rajagopalan

Query Language for Semantic Web

RQL: a declarative query language for RDF BIBAFull-Text 592-603
  Gregory Karvounarakis; Sofia Alexaki; Vassilis Christophides; Dimitris Plexousakis; Michel Scholl
EDUTELLA: a P2P networking infrastructure based on RDF BIBAKFull-Text 604-615
  Wolfgang Nejdl; Boris Wolf; Changtao Qu; Stefan Decker; Michael Sintek; Ambjörn Naeve; Mikael Nilsson; Matthias Palmér; Tore Risch
Translating XSLT programs to Efficient SQL queries BIBAKFull-Text 616-626
  Sushant Jain; Ratul Mahajan; Dan Suciu

Mobility and Wireless Access

Personalized pocket directories for mobile devices BIBAKFull-Text 627-638
  Doron Cohen; Michael Herscovici; Yael Petruschka; Yoëlle S. Maarek; Aya Soffer
A web middleware architecture for dynamic customization of content for wireless clients BIBAKFull-Text 639-650
  Jesse Steinberg; Joseph Pasquale
Mobile streaming media CDN enabled by dynamic SMIL BIBAKFull-Text 651-661
  Takeshi Yoshimura; Yoshifumi Yonemoto; Tomoyuki Ohya; Minoru Etoh; Susie Wee


Learning to map between ontologies on the semantic web BIBAKFull-Text 662-673
  AnHai Doan; Jayant Madhavan; Pedro Domingos; Alon Halevy
Vocabulary development for markup languages: a case study with maritime information BIBAKFull-Text 674-685
  Raphael Malyankar
A pragmatic application of the semantic web using SemTalk BIBAKFull-Text 686-692
  Christian Fillies; Gay Wood-Albrecht; Frauke Weichardt


Visualizing web site comparisons BIBAKFull-Text 693-703
  Bing Liu; Kaidi Zhao; Lan Yi
Web montage: a dynamic personalized start page BIBAKFull-Text 704-712
  Corin R. Anderson; Eric Horvitz
Building voiceXML browsers with openVXI BIBAKFull-Text 713-717
  Brian Eberman; Jerry Carter; Darren Meyer; David Goddeau

UI and Applications

A graphical user interface toolkit approach to thin-client computing BIBAKFull-Text 718-725
  Simon Lok; Steven K. Feiner; William M. Chiong; Yoav J. Hirsch
Clustering for opportunistic communication BIBAKFull-Text 726-735
  Jay Budzik; Shannon Bradshaw; Xiaobin Fu; Kristian J. Hammond
Featuring web communities based on word co-occurrence structure of communications BIBAKFull-Text 736-742
  Yukio Ohsawa; Hirotaka Soma; Yutaka Matsuo; Naohiro Matsumura; Masaki Usui