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Proceedings of the 2010 International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility (W4A)

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2010 international cross-disciplinary workshop on Web accessibility (W4A)
Editors:Chieko Asakawa; Hironobu Takagi; Leo Ferres; Cynthia Shelly
Location:Raleigh, North Carolina
Dates:2010-Apr-26 to 2010-Apr-27
Standard No:ISBN 1-4503-0045-6, 978-1-4503-0045-2; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: W4A10
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  1. Keynote
  2. Developing regions I
  3. Developing regions II
  4. W4A Google student awards
  5. Testing and validation
  6. Browsing technologies
  7. Video and graphics
  8. After dinner speech
  9. Keynote
  10. Web accessibility challenge
  11. Development of rich internet applications
  12. Aging


Breaking barriers to a read/write web that empowers all BIBAFull-Text 1
  Steve Bratt

Developing regions I

The spoken web application framework: user generated content and service creation through low-end mobiles BIBAKFull-Text 2
  Arun Kumar; Sheetal K. Agarwal; Priyanka Manwani

Developing regions II

Developing countries; developing experiences: approaches to accessibility for the real world BIBAKFull-Text 3
  Brian Kelly; Sarah Lewthwaite; David Sloan
Designing for auditory web access: accessibility and cellphone users BIBAKFull-Text 4
  Shari Trewin; Rachel Bellamy; John Thomas; Jonathan Brezin; John Richards; Cal Swart; Bonnie E. John
Exploring web accessibility solutions in developing regions as innovations for the benefit of all BIBAKFull-Text 5
  Shadi Abou-Zahra; Shawn Lawton Henry

W4A Google student awards

Analysis and integration of web accessibility metrics BIBAKFull-Text 6
  Maia Naftali
Facilita: reading assistance to the functionally illiterate BIBAKFull-Text 7
  Willian Massami Watanabe
Adapting web content for low-literacy readers by using lexical elaboration and named entities labeling BIBAKFull-Text 8
  Willian M. Watanabe; Arnaldo, Jr. Candido; Marcelo A. Amâncio; Matheus de Oliveira; Thiago A. S. Pardo; Renata P. M. Fortes; Sandra M. Aluísio

Testing and validation

On the testability of WCAG 2.0 for beginners BIBAKFull-Text 9
  Fernando Alonso; José Luis Fuertes; Ángel Lucas González; Loïc Martínez
Web not for all: a large scale study of web accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 10
  Rui Lopes; Daniel Gomes; Luís Carriço
Application of traditional software testing methodologies to web accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 11
  Cynthia C. Shelly; Mike Barta
An educational tool to support the accessibility evaluation process BIBAKFull-Text 12
  Christopher Bailey; Elaine Pearson

Browsing technologies

More than meets the eye: a survey of screen-reader browsing strategies BIBAKFull-Text 13
  Yevgen Borodin; Jeffrey P. Bigham; Glenn Dausch; I. V. Ramakrishnan
Modelling web navigation with the user in mind BIBAKFull-Text 14
  Ruslan Fayzrakhmanov; Max Göbel; Wolfgang Holzinger; Bernhard Krüpl; Andreas Mager; Robert Baumgartner
WebAnywhere: experiences with a new delivery model for access technology BIBAKFull-Text 15
  Jeffrey P. Bigham; Wendy Chisholm; Richard E. Ladner

Video and graphics

Interactive SIGHT into information graphics BIBAKFull-Text 16
  Seniz Demir; David Oliver; Edward Schwartz; Stephanie Elzer; Sandra Carberry; Kathleen F. McCoy
Towards collaborative annotation for video accessibility BIBAKFull-Text 17
  Pierre-Antoine Champin; Benoît Encelle; Nicholas W. D. Evans; A Magali O.-Beldame; Yannick Prié; Raphaël Troncy

After dinner speech

Dogfooding BIBAFull-Text 18
  William Loughborough


Building national public infrastructures on our way to a global inclusive infrastructure BIBAFull-Text 19
  Gregg Vanderheiden

Web accessibility challenge

Enabling the blind in virtual worlds BIBAKFull-Text 20
  William S. Carter
TextSL: a screen reader accessible interface for second life BIBAKFull-Text 21
  Bugra Oktay; Eelke Folmer
Tailored presentation of dynamic content BIBAKFull-Text 22
  Andy Brown; Caroline Jay; Simon Harper
AChecker: open, interactive, customizable, web accessibility checking BIBAKFull-Text 23
  Greg Gay; Cindy Qi Li
VizWiz: nearly real-time answers to visual questions BIBAKFull-Text 24
  Jeffrey P. Bigham; Chandrika Jayant; Hanjie Ji; Greg Little; Andrew Miller; Robert C. Miller; Aubrey Tatarowicz; Brandyn White; Samuel White; Tom Yeh
3D HapticWebBrowser: towards universal web navigation for the visually impaired BIBAKFull-Text 25
  Nikolaos Kaklanis; Konstantinos Votis; Konstantinos Moustakas; Dimitrios Tzovaras
SourceProbe: web accessibility remediation framework BIBAKFull-Text 26
  Shunguo Yan
A simple solution: solution migration from disabled to small device context BIBAKFull-Text 27
  Yeliz Yesilada; Tianyi Chen; Simon Harper
Social accessibility: the challenge of improving web accessibility through collaboration BIBAKFull-Text 28
  Daisuke Sato; Masatomo Kobayashi; Hironobu Takagi; Chieko Asakawa
Describing online videos with text-to-speech narration BIBAKFull-Text 29
  Masatomo Kobayashi; Tohru Nagano; Kentarou Fukuda; Hironobu Takagi
(Voice) website creation and access using phones BIBAKFull-Text 30
  Arun Kumar; Sheetal K. Agarwal; Priyanka Manwani; Ketki Dhanesha

Development of rich internet applications

Audio access to calendars BIBAKFull-Text 31
  Andy Brown; Caroline Jay; Simon Harper
Accessibility challenges and tool features: an IBM Web developer perspective BIBAKFull-Text 32
  Shari Trewin; Brian Cragun; Cal Swart; Jonathan Brezin; John Richards
WAI-ARIA live regions: eBuddy IM as a case example BIBAKFull-Text 33
  Peter Thiessen; Stephen Hockema


Using galvanic skin response measures to identify areas of frustration for older web 2.0 users BIBAKFull-Text 34
  Darren Lunn; Simon Harper
The potential of adaptive interfaces as an accessibility aid for older web users BIBAKFull-Text 35
  David Sloan; Matthew Tylee Atkinson; Colin Machin; Yunqiu Li