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Proceedings of the 2004 International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility (W4A)

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2004 international cross-disciplinary workshop on Web accessibility (W4A)
Note:Accessible Layout - The Tension Between Accessibility and Visual Design
Editors:Simon Harper; Yeliz Yesilada; Carole Goble
Location:New York, New York
Standard No:ISBN 1-58113-903-9; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: W4A04
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. Accessibility
  2. Design
  3. Guidelines


The user experience: designs and adaptations BIBAFull-Text 1-11
  Vicki L. Hanson
Tension, what tension?: Website accessibility and visual design BIBAFull-Text 13-18
  Helen Petrie; Fraser Hamilton; Neil King
A no-frills approach for accessible Web-based learning material BIBAFull-Text 19-27
  Valeria Mirabella; Stephen Kimani; Tiziana Catarci


Accessibility and design: a failure of the imagination BIBAFull-Text 29-37
  Bob Regan
An accessible method of hiding HTML content BIBAFull-Text 39-43
  Paul Ryan Bohman; Shane Anderson
Proving the validity and accessibility of dynamic web-pages BIBAFull-Text 45-49
  R. G. Stone; J. Dhiensa


Web accessibility highlights and trends BIBAFull-Text 51-55
  Judy Brewer
Designing search engine user interfaces for the visually impaired BIBAFull-Text 57-66
  Barbara Leporini; Patrizia Andronico; Marina Buzzi
The semantic web, web accessibility, and device independence BIBAFull-Text 67-73
  Lisa Seeman